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# Copyright 2015 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Module containing class that implements an au_worker for GCE instances."""
from __future__ import print_function
import datetime
import time
from multiprocessing import Process
from chromite.compute import gcloud
from chromite.lib import cros_build_lib
from chromite.lib import cros_logging as logging
from chromite.lib import path_util
from crostestutils.au_test_harness import au_worker
from crostestutils.au_test_harness import constants
from crostestutils.au_test_harness import update_exception
class GCEAUWorker(au_worker.AUWorker):
"""Test harness for updating GCE instances."""
_INSTANCE_PREFIX = 'test-instance-'
_IMAGE_PREFIX = 'test-image-'
def __init__(self, options, test_results_root, project=constants.GCE_PROJECT,
"""Processes GCE-specific options."""
super(GCEAUWorker, self).__init__(options, test_results_root)
# Google Cloud project and zone, in which to create the test instance.
self.gccontext = gcloud.GCContext(project, zone)
self.image = ''
self.instance = ''
self.instance_ip = ''
# Background processes that delete throw-away instances.
self.bg_delete_processes = []
def CleanUp(self):
"""Deletes throw-away instances and images"""'Waiting for all instances and images to be deleted.')
def _WaitForBackgroundDeleteProcesses():
for p in self.bg_delete_processes:
# Delete the instance/image created by the last call to UpdateImage.
_WaitForBackgroundDeleteProcesses()'All instances/images are deleted.')
def _DeleteExistingInstanceInBackground(self):
"""Deletes existing instances if any."""
def _DeleteInstance():
bg_delete = Process(target=self.gccontext.DeleteInstance,
args=(self.instance,), kwargs=dict(quiet=True))
self.instance = ''
self.instance_ip = ''
def _DeleteImage():
bg_delete = Process(target=self.gccontext.DeleteImage,
args=(self.image,), kwargs=dict(quiet=True))
self.image = ''
if self.instance:'Existing instance %s found. Deleting...', self.instance)
if self.image:
def PrepareBase(self, image_path, signed_base=False):
"""Auto-update to base image to prepare for test."""
return self.PrepareRealBase(image_path, signed_base)
def UpdateImage(self, image_path, src_image_path='', stateful_change='old',
proxy_port=None, payload_signing_key=None):
"""Updates the image on a GCE instance.
Unlike real_au_worker, this method always creates a new instance. Note that
|image_path| has to be a valid Google Cloud Storage url, e.g.,
ts = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(time.time()).strftime(
image = '%s%s' % (self._IMAGE_PREFIX, ts)
instance = '%s%s' % (self._INSTANCE_PREFIX, ts)
# Create an image from |image_path| and an instance from the image.
self.gccontext.CreateImage(image, image_path)
self.gccontext.CreateInstance(instance, image)
except gcloud.GCCommandError as e:
raise update_exception.UpdateException(
1, 'Update failed. Error: %s' % e.message)
self.instance_ip = self.gccontext.GetInstanceIP(instance)
self.instance = instance
self.image = image
def VerifyImage(self, unittest, percent_required_to_pass=100, test=''):
"""Verifies an image using test_that with verification suite."""
test_directory, _ = self.GetNextResultsPath('autotest_tests')
if not test:
test = self.verify_suite
self.TestInfo('Running test %s to verify image.' % test)
cmd = ['test_that', '--no-quickmerge', '--results_dir=%s' % test_directory,
self.instance_ip, test]
if self.ssh_private_key is not None:
cmd.append('--ssh_private_key=%s' %
result = cros_build_lib.RunCommand(cmd, error_code_ok=True,
enter_chroot=True, redirect_stdout=True,
ret = self.AssertEnoughTestsPassed(unittest, result.output,
if not ret:
return ret