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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Simple command line interface for chromeos gesture developers.
This is heavily dependent/copied on the gsutil cli interface to Google Storage.
Think of it as a version of gsutil with assumptions for more guided use.
Look here for documentation on Google Storage:
import logging
import pprint
import signal
import sys
import cros_gestures_constants
import cros_gestures_logging
import cros_gestures_utils
from exception import CrosGesturesException
color = cros_gestures_utils.Color()
LOG = logging.getLogger('cros_gestures')
# Setup gslib and boto by identifying gsutil/boto dirs and .boto location.
gsutil_bin_dir, boto_config = cros_gestures_utils.FindDependencies()
import boto
boto.UserAgent += '/cros_gestures'
from boto.exception import GSResponseError
from boto.exception import InvalidUriError
# We don't use the oauth2 authentication plugin directly; importing it here
# ensures that it's loaded and available by default.
_HAVE_OAUTH2 = False
from oauth2_plugin import oauth2_plugin
except ImportError:
import cros_gestures_commands
import cros_gestures_options
# Declare custom commands.
commands = {'cat': None, 'download': None, 'ls': None,
'rm': None, 'upload': None, 'ver': None}
COMMANDS_STRING = ', '.join(sorted(commands.keys()))
'cros_gestures [options] %(command)s\n%(command)s from: %(commands)s.\n\n'
'The default behavior is to group uploaded files under '
'%(gs_base)s/model/user/".\nCommon command examples include:\n\n'
'%(cat)s gesture_file [emits contents of %(gs_base)s/user/gesture_file]\n'
'%(download)s gesture_file [copies %(gs_base)s/user/gesture_file to '
'current dir]\n'
'%(ls)s [show all files under %(gs_base)s/user]\n'
'%(ls)s -L [show all files with attributes under %(gs_base)s/user]\n'
'%(upload)s dir/gesture_file [strip dir & copy gesture_file to '
'%(ver)s [show tool version numbers]' % {
'command': color.Color(cros_gestures_utils.Color.BLUE, 'command'),
'commands': color.Color(cros_gestures_utils.Color.BOLD,
'cat': color.Color(cros_gestures_utils.Color.BOLD, 'cat'),
'download': color.Color(cros_gestures_utils.Color.BOLD, 'download'),
'ls': color.Color(cros_gestures_utils.Color.BOLD, 'ls'),
'upload': color.Color(cros_gestures_utils.Color.BOLD, 'upload'),
'ver': color.Color(cros_gestures_utils.Color.BOLD, 'ver'),
'gs_base': 'gs://chromeos-gestures-trusted-dev'}
# If user enters no commands just print the usage info.
if len(sys.argv) == 1:
options, args, command_string = cros_gestures_options.ParseArgs(USAGE_STRING,
if cros_gestures_constants.debug > 1:
LOG.debug('Using\n\tGSUTIL_BIN_DIR=%s\n\tBOTO_CONFIG=%s.', gsutil_bin_dir,
LOG.debug('Accepted funtionalities:\n%s.',
# Define custom commands.
_command_inst = cros_gestures_commands.GestureCommand(gsutil_bin_dir)
NO_MAX = sys.maxint
# [command_function, min # args, max # args, file_uri_ok, gs_uri_ok]
'cat': [_command_inst.CatGestureCommand, 1, NO_MAX, True, True],
'download': [_command_inst.DownloadGestureCommand, 1, NO_MAX, True,
'ls': [_command_inst.ListGesturesCommand, 0, NO_MAX, True, True],
'rm': [_command_inst.RemoveGesturesCommand, 1, NO_MAX, True, True],
'upload': [_command_inst.UploadGestureCommand, 1, 1, True, False],
'ver': [_command_inst.VersionCommand, 0, 0, False, False]})
# Main
def main():
"""Gesture File Command Line Interface main code."""
signal.signal(signal.SIGINT, cros_gestures_utils.HandleControlC)
command, min_nargs, max_nargs, file_uri, gs_uri = commands[command_string]
# General command validation.
if len(args) < min_nargs or len(args) > max_nargs:
raise CrosGesturesException(
'Wrong number of arguments for "%s" command.' % command_string)
if not file_uri and cros_gestures_utils.HaveFileUris(args):
raise CrosGesturesException(
'"%s" command does not support "file://" URIs. '
'Did you mean to use a gs:// URI?' % command_string)
if not gs_uri and cros_gestures_commands.GestureUri.HasGSUris(args):
raise CrosGesturesException(
'"%s" command does not support gs:// URIs.' % command_string)
# Finally, run the command.
sys.exit(command(cros_gestures_utils.StripFileUris(args), options))
except CrosGesturesException, e:
if __name__ == '__main__':