devmode-test: update --binhost style

The shell dev_install accepts '--binhost <URI>' but the new C++
version accepts '--binohst=<URL>'.  Update the invocation here.

TEST=running uses the right binhost

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diff --git a/devmode-test/ b/devmode-test/
index 69c6aed..cd5f027 100755
--- a/devmode-test/
+++ b/devmode-test/
@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@'Running dev install in the vm.')
           ['bash', '-l', '-c',
-           '"/usr/bin/dev_install --yes --binhost %s"' % self.binhost])
+           '"/usr/bin/dev_install --yes --binhost=%s"' % self.binhost])'Verifying that python works on the image.')
       # /usr/local/bin/python symlink doesn't exist.