check_ethernet.hook: stop honoring shill-start.lock

All users should have migrated to using
/run/autotest_pause_ethernet_hook, which is a more useful superset of
this lock. Some are using both (for now), but that still means we can
just honor one of them.


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diff --git a/recover_duts/hooks/check_ethernet.hook b/recover_duts/hooks/check_ethernet.hook
index b36edbe..f5758b9 100755
--- a/recover_duts/hooks/check_ethernet.hook
+++ b/recover_duts/hooks/check_ethernet.hook
@@ -7,7 +7,6 @@
 set -e
 # See do_suspend() in src/third_party/autotest/files/client/cros/power/
@@ -209,14 +208,6 @@
 restart_connection_manager() {
-  # NB: -e will fail on a dangling symlink. That's deliberate. The
-  # symlink should point at /proc/<locker's PID>. And if that path is
-  # gone, the locker has exited, and the lock is stale.
-  if [ -e "${SHILL_START_LOCK_PATH}" ]; then
-    lock_holder=$(readlink "${SHILL_START_LOCK_PATH}")
-    info_msg "Ignoring restart request; lock held by ${lock_holder}"
-    return
-  fi
   initctl stop shill || info_msg "Shill was not running."
   initctl start shill