au_test_harness: Fix issue with type='path' in args does not uses the commandline module of
chromite, it uses the simpler argparse. So it can't recognize the
type='path'. This CL removes those arguments.

TEST=./ runs fine without errors indicated in
the bug.

Change-Id: I09ecab98060bd895165e56172bb8513c88cc79d9
Tested-by: Amin Hassani <>
Reviewed-by: Jason Clinton <>
Reviewed-by: Achuith Bhandarkar <>
Reviewed-by: Mike Frysinger <>
Commit-Queue: Amin Hassani <>
diff --git a/au_test_harness/ b/au_test_harness/
index 9fd964b..2e4ec71 100755
--- a/au_test_harness/
+++ b/au_test_harness/
@@ -150,6 +150,8 @@
     # In this case target_image is a not a Google Storage path.
     opts.target_image = os.path.abspath(opts.target_image)
+  opts.test_results_root = os.path.abspath(opts.test_results_root)
   if not opts.base_image:'Did not pass the base image to use. Using target instead.')
     opts.base_image = opts.target_image
@@ -169,7 +171,7 @@
                       help='Number of simultaneous jobs')
   parser.add_argument('--target_image', required=True,
                       help='path to the target image.')
-  parser.add_argument('--test_results_root', type='path', default=None,
+  parser.add_argument('--test_results_root', default=None,
                       help='Root directory to store test results.  Should '
                       'be defined relative to chroot root.')
   parser.add_argument('--test_prefix', default='test',
@@ -189,7 +191,7 @@
                       help='Run multiple test stages in parallel (applies only '
                       'to vm tests). Default: False')
-  parser.add_argument('--ssh_private_key', type='path', default=None,
+  parser.add_argument('--ssh_private_key', default=None,
                       help='Path to the private key to use to ssh into the '
                       'image as the root user.')
   parser.add_argument('--ssh_port', default=None, type=int,