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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
JSON encoder/decoder adapted for use with Google App Engine NDB.
import ndb_json
# Serialize an ndb.Query into an array of JSON objects.
query = models.MyModel.query()
query_json = ndb_json.dumps(query)
# Convert into a list of Python dictionaries.
query_dicts = ndb_json.loads(query_json)
# Serialize an ndb.Model instance into a JSON object.
entity = query.get()
entity_json = ndb_json.dumps(entity)
# Convert into a Python dictionary.
entity_dict = ndb_json.loads(entity_json)
- dateutil:
__author__ = 'Eric Higgins'
__copyright__ = 'Copyright 2013, Eric Higgins'
__version__ = '0.0.5'
__email__ = ''
__status__ = 'Development'
import base64
import datetime
import json
import re
import time
import types
import dateutil.parser
from google.appengine.ext import ndb
def encode_model(obj):
"""Encode objects like ndb.Model which have a `.to_dict()` method."""
obj_dict = obj.to_dict()
for key, val in obj_dict.iteritems():
if isinstance(val, types.StringType):
except UnicodeDecodeError:
# Encode binary strings (blobs) to base64.
obj_dict[key] = base64.b64encode(val)
return obj_dict
def encode_generator(obj):
"""Encode generator-like objects, such as ndb.Query."""
return list(obj)
def encode_key(obj):
"""Get the Entity from the ndb.Key for further encoding."""
# Note(eric): Potentially poor performance for Models w/ many KeyProperty properties.
return obj.get_async()
# Alternative 1: Convert into pairs.
#return obj.pairs()
# Alternative 2: Convert into URL-safe base64-encoded string.
#return obj.urlsafe()
def encode_future(obj):
"""Encode an ndb.Future instance."""
return obj.get_result()
def encode_datetime(obj):
"""Encode a datetime.datetime or object as an ISO 8601 format string."""
# Reformat the date slightly for better JS compatibility.
# Offset-naive dates need 'Z' appended for JS.
# objects don't have or need tzinfo, so don't append 'Z'.
zone = '' if getattr(obj, 'tzinfo', True) else 'Z'
return obj.isoformat() + zone
def encode_complex(obj):
"""Convert a complex number object into a list containing the real and imaginary values."""
return [obj.real, obj.imag]
def encode_basevalue(obj):
"""Retrieve the actual value from a ndb.model._BaseValue.
This is a convenience function to assist with the following issue:
return obj.b_val
ndb.MetaModel: encode_model,
ndb.Query: encode_generator,
ndb.QueryIterator: encode_generator,
ndb.Key: encode_key,
ndb.Future: encode_future, encode_datetime,
datetime.datetime: encode_datetime,
time.struct_time: encode_generator,
types.ComplexType: encode_complex,
ndb.model._BaseValue: encode_basevalue,
class NdbEncoder(json.JSONEncoder):
"""Extend the JSON encoder to add support for NDB Models."""
def default(self, obj):
"""Overriding the default JSONEncoder.default for NDB support."""
obj_type = type(obj)
# NDB Models return a repr to calls from type().
if obj_type not in NDB_TYPE_ENCODING and hasattr(obj, '__metaclass__'):
obj_type = obj.__metaclass__
fn = NDB_TYPE_ENCODING.get(obj_type)
if fn:
return fn(obj)
return json.JSONEncoder.default(self, obj)
def dumps(ndb_model, **kwargs):
"""Custom json dumps using the custom encoder above."""
return NdbEncoder(**kwargs).encode(ndb_model)
def dump(ndb_model, fp, **kwargs):
"""Custom json dump using the custom encoder above."""
for chunk in NdbEncoder(**kwargs).iterencode(ndb_model):
def loads(json_str, **kwargs):
"""Custom json loads function that converts datetime strings."""
json_dict = json.loads(json_str, **kwargs)
if isinstance(json_dict, list):
return map(iteritems, json_dict)
return iteritems(json_dict)
def iteritems(json_dict):
"""Loop over a json dict and try to convert strings to datetime."""
for key, val in json_dict.iteritems():
if isinstance(val, dict):
# Its a little hacky to check for specific chars, but avoids integers.
elif isinstance(val, basestring) and 'T' in val:
json_dict[key] = dateutil.parser.parse(val)
# Check for UTC.
if val.endswith(('+00:00', '-00:00', 'Z')):
# Then remove tzinfo for gae, which is offset-naive.
json_dict[key] = json_dict[key].replace(tzinfo=None)
except (TypeError, ValueError):
return json_dict