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# Copyright 1999-2010 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/dev-util/boost-build/boost-build-1.42.0.ebuild,v 1.1 2010/03/03 12:32:08 djc Exp $
inherit flag-o-matic toolchain-funcs versionator
MY_PV=$(replace_all_version_separators _)
MAJOR_PV="$(replace_all_version_separators _ $(get_version_component_range 1-2))"
DESCRIPTION="A system for large project software construction, which is simple to use and powerful."
SLOT="$(get_version_component_range 1-2)"
KEYWORDS="alpha amd64 arm hppa ia64 mips ppc ppc64 s390 sh sparc x86"
IUSE="examples python"
python? ( dev-lang/python )"
pkg_setup() {
ewarn "Compilation of boost-build is known to break if {C,LD}FLAGS contain"
ewarn "extra white space (bug 293652)"
src_unpack() {
tar xjpf "${DISTDIR}/${A}" boost_${MY_PV}/tools/{jam,build/v2} || die
src_prepare() {
epatch "${FILESDIR}/boost-1.42-fix-mpich2-detection.patch"
# Remove stripping option
cd "${S}/jam/src"
sed -i -e 's|-s\b||' \
build.jam || die "sed failed"
# Force regeneration
rm jambase.c
# This patch allows us to fully control optimization
# and stripping flags when bjam is used as build-system
# We simply extend the optimization and debug-symbols feature
# with empty dummies called 'none'
cd "${S}/build/v2"
sed -i \
-e 's/\(off speed space\)/\1 none/' \
-e 's/\(debug-symbols : on off\)/\1 none/' \
tools/builtin.jam || die "sed failed"
src_compile() {
cd jam/src
local toolset
if [[ ${CHOST} == *-darwin* ]] ; then
# Using boost's generic toolset here, which respects CC and CFLAGS
append-flags -fno-strict-aliasing
# For slotting
sed -i \
-e "s|/usr/share/boost-build|/usr/share/boost-build-${MAJOR_PV}|" \
Jambase || die "sed failed"
# The build.jam file for building bjam using a bootstrapped jam0 ignores
# the LDFLAGS env var (bug #209794). We have now two options:
# a) change the cc-target definition in build.jam to include separate compile
# and link targets to make it use the LDFLAGS var, or
# b) a simple dirty workaround by injecting the LDFLAGS in the LIBS env var
# (which should not be set by us).
if [[ -z "${LDFLAGS}" ]] ; then
CC=$(tc-getCC) ./ ${toolset} $(use_with python) \
|| die "building bjam failed"
LIBS=${LDFLAGS} CC=$(tc-getCC) ./ ${toolset} \
$(use_with python) || die "building bjam failed"
src_install() {
newbin jam/src/bin.*/bjam bjam-${MAJOR_PV}
cd "${S}/build/v2"
insinto /usr/share/boost-build-${MAJOR_PV}
doins -r boost-build.jam bootstrap.jam build-system.jam site-config.jam user-config.jam \
build kernel options tools util || die
dodoc changes.txt hacking.txt release_procedure.txt \
notes/build_dir_option.txt notes/relative_source_paths.txt
if use examples ; then
insinto /usr/share/doc/${PF}
doins -r example
src_test() {
cd jam/test
./ || die "tests failed"