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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# Remove embedded controller firmware code for official devices.
# Disable audio related services.
USE="${USE} -alsa -cras"
# Disable power management.
USE="${USE} -power_management"
# Disable certain power management settings like device autosuspend or
# WiFi powersave mode.
USE="${USE} -powerknobs"
# Disable non-essential networking services.
USE="${USE} -bluetooth -network_time -nfc"
# No graphics related support by default.
USE="${USE} -egl -opengl -opengles -fonts -X"
# Disable VTs and framebuffer console in kernel.
USE="${USE} -fbconsole -vtconsole"
# No support for device mapper userland tools.
USE="${USE} -device-mapper"
# Remove unnecessary cruft.
USE="${USE} -doc -profile -profiling -python"
# Make stuff small.
USE="${USE} -attestation -buffet -cellular chromeless_tty -crash_reporting"
USE="${USE} -cros_disks cros_embedded -diagnostics -debugd -encrypted_stateful"
USE="${USE} -gdmwimax -lorgnette -memd -mist -ml_service -pam -passive_metrics"
USE="${USE} -power_management -scanner -tpm -usb_bouncer -usbguard -vpn -wimax"
USE="${USE} -perfetto"
# Disable auth frameworks.
USE="${USE} -kerberos -kerberos_daemon -system_proxy"
# Disable filesystem extensions.
USE="${USE} -drivefs -samba -smbprovider"
# Remove most of the unused firmware in kernel build (see
USE="${USE} -firmware_install"
# Don't turn on printing; among the reasons: some cups filters require bash.
USE="${USE} -cups"
# No need for input-methods and app-i18n.
USE="${USE} -ime"
# No support for zero-copy camera stack in Chrome.
USE="${USE} -video_capture_use_gpu_memory_buffer"
# Don't run Camera v3 stack.
USE="${USE} -arc-camera3"
# Disable oobe config.
USE="${USE} -oobe_config"
# Make each board select the firmware it needs.