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<maintainer type="project">
<flag name="backup">Build mariadb-backup which supports SST and hot backup of InnoDB, Aria and MyISAM including compression and encryption</flag>
<flag name="client-libs">Build the client libraries from the server package instead of the C Connector packages</flag>
<flag name="extraengine">Add support for alternative storage engines (Archive, CSV, Blackhole, Federated(X), Partition)</flag>
<flag name="galera">Enables galera replication</flag>
<flag name="innodb-lz4">Enables lz4 compression methods for InnoDB/XtraDB</flag>
<flag name="innodb-lzo">Enables lzo compression methods for InnoDB/XtraDB</flag>
<flag name="innodb-snappy">Enables snappy compression methods for InnoDB/XtraDB using <pkg>app-arch/snappy</pkg></flag>
<flag name="jdbc">Enable the CONNECT engine to access foreign databases via JDBC</flag>
<flag name="latin1">Use LATIN1 encoding instead of UTF8</flag>
<flag name="libressl">Enable SSL connections and crypto functions using <pkg>dev-libs/libressl</pkg></flag>
<flag name="mroonga">Add support for the Mroonga engine for interfacing with the Groonga text search</flag>
<flag name="numa">Enable NUMA support using sys-process/numactl (NUMA kernel support is also required)</flag>
<flag name="oqgraph">Add support for the Open Query GRAPH engine</flag>
<flag name="pam">Enable the optional PAM authentication plugin for the server</flag>
<flag name="profiling">Add support for statement profiling (requires USE=community).</flag>
<flag name="rocksdb">Add support for RocksDB; a key/value, LSM database optimized for flash storage</flag>
<flag name="server">Build the server program</flag>
<flag name="sphinx">Add suport for the sphinx full-text search engine</flag>
<flag name="sst-rsync">Add tools needed to support the rsync SST method</flag>
<flag name="sst-mariabackup">Add tools needed to support the mariabackup SST method</flag>
<flag name="sst-xtrabackup">Add tools needed to support the xtrabackup and xtrabackup-v2 SST methods</flag>
<flag name="systemtap">Build support for profiling and tracing using <pkg>dev-util/systemtap</pkg></flag>
<flag name="test">Install upstream testsuites for end use.</flag>
<flag name="tokudb">Add support for TokuDB storage engine</flag>
<flag name="yassl">Enable SSL connections and crypto functions using the bundled yaSSL</flag>