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syntax = "proto3";
option go_package = "";
package chromiumos_overlay;
// Note that all files should be specified as paths relative to the root of a
// chromiumos checkout, e.g. "src/overlays/overlay-<target>/audio/HiFi.conf".
message AudioConfig {
// The name of the audio card.
string card_name = 1;
// Path to the CRAS card configuration file.
// See
string card_config_file = 2;
// Path to the dsp.ini configuration file.
string dsp_file = 3;
// Path to the UCM file. Note that this is the UCM verb file (e.g.
// "HiFi.conf"), NOT the UCM master file (e.g. <sound card name>.conf).
string ucm_file = 4;