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Fuji Xerox PS PPD for Chrome OS
License Agreement
The license agreement for this PPD file (hereinafter referred to as the PPD
FILE) is described as follows.
1. Intellectual property rights in the PPD FILE shall remain in Fuji Xerox Co.,
Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fuji Xerox) as well as the original copyright
2. The PPD FILE can only be used with compatible Fuji Xerox products
(hereinafter referred to as the COMPATIBLE PRODUCTS) within the country of
purchase of the COMPATIBLE PRODUCTS.
3. You are required to abide by the cautions and limitations (hereinafter
referred to as the CAUTIONS AND LIMITATIONS) declared by Fuji Xerox while using
4. You are not permitted to alter or modify the whole or any part of the PPD
5. You are not permitted to distribute the PPD FILE on a communication network,
or transfer, sell, rent or license the PPD FILE to any third party.
6. Fuji Xerox, Fuji Xerox's channel partners and authorized dealers, and the
original copyright holders of the PPD FILE shall not be responsible for any
warranty or liability with respect to the PPD FILE.
Cautions and Limitations
* Caution for printing odd-number pages with 2-Sided Printing If you are
printing documents with odd-number of pages, a blank page may be added to the
last page depending on the settings of the operating system (referred to as
"OS" hereinafter). Some application software will automatically insert blank
sheet for page adjustment according to the condition for specifying print
quantities. As this behavior is a specification of the application software,
it is not possible to configure this software or the device to prevent blank
sheet from being inserted to the printout. The target device will print the
data as it is received after it is edited and printed from the client's side
according to the operating system or application software specification. If
the document data to be printed consist of blank-sheet data inserted by the
operating system or application software, this blank sheet will be counted as
part of the print data.
* Caution for printing black and white document Depending on the application
program, black and white document may be printed in color as black can be
output in process black (C=M=Y). To prevent this, it is recommended to set
[Color] to [Black & White] when printing black and white documents.
(C) Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. 2020.02.06