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# Copyright 2020 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Convert local wheels to cipd packages for upload.
# This is mostly a mitigation until Chrome infra's dockerbuild supports building
# Python 3-only wheels.
set -eu
# Switch to the pip_packages/ dir.
readonly bin_dir="$(readlink -e -- "$(dirname -- "$0")")"
readonly pip_dir="${bin_dir}/../pip_packages"
cd "${pip_dir}"
# Walk each wheel that we have in the tree.
for whl in *.whl; do
# If we already created a package, skip it. Makes incremental runs nicer.
if [[ -e "${whl}.pkg" ]]; then
# In case we need to rename the wheel in the cipd package.
# The name of the cipd package itself. This is the server-side name:
# Figure out what versions of Python this wheel is compatible with, and
# name the package & bundled wheel accordingly. This follows the current
# chops conventions:
# - For source-only packages, use the right -py2/-py3/-py2_py3 suffix.
# - For binary wheels, use the vpython ABI tag in the pkg name, and then
# rename the bundled wheel so it's compatible with all vpython versions.
# This latter part is a bit funky, but it's how vpython3 currently processes
# cipd wheels: It uses the vpython ABI to select the cipd package on the
# server, and then assumes whatever wheel is inside is compatible. That's
# why we rename it to "none-any" -- to bypass python/pip's own ABI search.
# This is how chops' dockerbuild logic also works currently.
case ${whl} in
echo "Skipping ${whl}"
echo "making ${whl}.pkg"
# Create a temp dir using the layout that cipd/vpython expects for wheels:
# ./
# |- .cipdpkg/
# | `- manifest.json
# `- <the python wheel>
# Then we'll zip it up and get our cipd package!
rm -rf tmp
mkdir -p tmp/.cipdpkg
pushd tmp >/dev/null
ln "../${whl}" "${newwhl}"
cat <<EOF >.cipdpkg/manifest.json
"format_version": "1.1",
"package_name": "chromiumos/infra/virtualenv/${pkg}",
"install_mode": "symlink"
zip -q "../${whl}.pkg" "${newwhl}" .cipdpkg/manifest.json
popd >/dev/null
rm -rf tmp
echo "To upload:"
echo " cipd pkg-register <pkg file>"