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These instructions assume you have a full chromeos checkout at
~/chromiumos/ OR a chromiumos one with crostools access at the root
of the repo checkout i.e. ~/chromiumos/crostools.
This README covers documentation on how to develop with and test against
a CIDB instance. Whenever you add or modify a cidb feature you should run (which requires a lock right from the build team --
please send an email before running this test). Specifically, there are two
large sets data that can be used for adding tests. Data for these are stored
in individual json files that are stored in .test_data/. Each series has a
readme that roughly describes what is in the data.
However, when adding a new test, this may not be sufficient. One thing you can
do to see what's going on is to login to the test DB where all the data series
is hosted as part of the test. You can do this by cd'ing to
crostools/cidb/cidb_test_root and running:
mysql -u `cat user.txt` -h `cat host.txt` --password=`cat password.txt` \
--ssl-ca=server-ca.pem --ssl-cert=client-cert.pem --ssl-key=client-key.pem \
At this point you can run normal SQL. To double check, run `show tables;`
You can then use the data here to create your own integration test to test
something you added to CIDB.
If for some reason you need to reset the data here (if you manipulated it),
just re-run the cidb_integration_test. Note this DB is shared against all
build developers, so play nice!
Please see ./schema.dump.readme for more information on how to read the schema.