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# Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Module containing helper class and methods for interacting with Gerrit."""
import itertools
import json
import logging
import operator
from chromite.buildbot import constants
from chromite.lib import cros_build_lib
from chromite.lib import git
from chromite.lib import gob_util
from chromite.lib import patch as cros_patch
gob_util.LOGGER = cros_build_lib.logger
class GerritException(Exception):
"""Base exception, thrown for gerrit failures"""
class QueryHasNoResults(GerritException):
"""Exception thrown when a query returns no results."""
class QueryNotSpecific(GerritException):
"""Thrown when a query needs to identify one CL, but matched multiple."""
class FailedToReachGerrit(GerritException):
"""Exception thrown if we failed to contact the Gerrit server."""
class GerritHelper(object):
"""Helper class to manage interaction with the gerrit-on-borg service."""
# Maximum number of results to return per query.
# Fields that appear in gerrit change query results.
MORE_CHANGES = '_more_changes'
SORTKEY = '_sortkey'
def __init__(self, host, remote, print_cmd=True):
host: Hostname (without protocol prefix) of the gerrit server.
remote: The symbolic name of a known remote git host,
taken from buildbot.contants.
print_cmd: Determines whether all RunCommand invocations will be echoed.
Set to False for quiet operation.
""" = host
self.remote = remote
self.print_cmd = bool(print_cmd)
self._version = None
def FromRemote(cls, remote, **kwds):
if remote == constants.INTERNAL_REMOTE:
host = constants.INTERNAL_GERRIT_HOST
elif remote == constants.EXTERNAL_REMOTE:
host = constants.EXTERNAL_GERRIT_HOST
raise ValueError('Remote %s not supported.' % remote)
return cls(host, remote, **kwds)
def SetReviewers(self, change, add=(), remove=(), project=None):
"""Modify the list of reviewers on a gerrit change.
change: ChangeId or change number for a gerrit review.
add: Sequence of email addresses of reviewers to add.
remove: Sequence of email addresses of reviewers to remove.
project: Deprecated.
if add:
gob_util.AddReviewers(, change, add)
if remove:
gob_util.RemoveReviewers(, change, remove)
def GetChangeDetail(self, change_num):
"""Return detailed information about a gerrit change.
change_num: A gerrit change number.
return gob_util.GetChangeDetail(, change_num, o_params=('CURRENT_REVISION', 'CURRENT_COMMIT'))
def GrabPatchFromGerrit(self, project, change, commit, must_match=True):
"""Return a cros_patch.GerritPatch representing a gerrit change.
project: The name of the gerrit project for the change.
change: A ChangeId or gerrit number for the change.
commit: The git commit hash for a patch associated with the change.
must_match: Raise an exception if the change is not found.
query = { 'project': project, 'commit': commit, 'must_match': must_match }
return self.QuerySingleRecord(change, **query)
def IsChangeCommitted(self, change, dryrun=False, must_match=False):
"""Check whether a gerrit change has been merged.
change: A gerrit change number.
dryrun: Deprecated.
must_match: Raise an exception if the change is not found. If this is
False, then a missing change will return None.
change = gob_util.GetChange(, change)
if not change:
if must_match:
raise QueryHasNoResults('Could not query for change %s' % change)
return change.get('status') == 'MERGED'
def GetLatestSHA1ForBranch(self, project, branch):
"""Return the git hash at the tip of a branch."""
url = '%s://%s/%s' % (gob_util.GERRIT_PROTOCOL,, project)
cmd = ['ls-remote', url, 'refs/heads/%s' % branch]
result = git.RunGit('.', cmd, print_cmd=self.print_cmd)
if result:
return result.output.split()[0]
except cros_build_lib.RunCommandError:
logging.error('Command "%s" failed.', ' '.join(map(repr, cmd)),
def QuerySingleRecord(self, change=None, **query_kwds):
"""Free-form query of a gerrit change that expects a single result.
dryrun: Don't query the gerrit server; just return None.
must_match: Raise an exception if the query comes back empty. If this
is False, an unsatisfied query will return None.
Refer to Query() docstring for remaining arguments.
If query_kwds['raw'] == True, return a python dict representing the
change; otherwise, return a cros_patch.GerritPatch object.
dryrun = query_kwds.get('dryrun')
must_match = query_kwds.pop('must_match', True)
results = self.Query(change, **query_kwds)
if dryrun:
return None
elif not results:
if must_match:
raise QueryHasNoResults('Query %s had no results' % (change,))
return None
elif len(results) != 1:
raise QueryNotSpecific('Query %s returned too many results: %s'
% (change, results))
return results[0]
def Query(self, change=None, sort=None, current_patch=True, options=(),
dryrun=False, raw=False, sortkey=None, **query_kwds):
"""Free-form query for gerrit changes.
change: ChangeId, git commit hash, or gerrit number for a change.
sort: A functor to extract a sort key from a cros_patch.GerritChange
object, for sorting results.. If this is None, results will not be
current_patch: If True, ask the gerrit server for extra information about
the latest uploaded patch.
options: Deprecated.
dryrun: If True, don't query the gerrit server; return an empty list.
raw: If True, return a list of python dict's representing the query
results. Otherwise, return a list of cros_patch.GerritPatch.
sortkey: For continuation queries, this should be the '_sortkey' field
extracted from the previous batch of results.
query_kwds: A dict of query parameters, as described here:
Returns: A list of python dicts or cros_patch.GerritChange.
if options:
raise GerritException('"options" argument unsupported on gerrit-on-borg.')
url_prefix = gob_util.GetGerritFetchUrl(
# All possible params are documented at
# pylint: disable=C0301
if current_patch:
if change and change.isdigit() and not query_kwds:
if dryrun:'Would have run gob_util.GetChangeDetail(%s, %s)',, change)
return []
change = self.GetChangeDetail(change)
if change is None:
return []
patch_dict = cros_patch.GerritPatch.ConvertQueryResults(change,
if raw:
return [patch_dict]
return [cros_patch.GerritPatch(patch_dict, self.remote, url_prefix)]
if change and query_kwds.get('change'):
raise GerritException('Bad query params: provided a change-id-like query,'
' and a "change" search parameter')
if dryrun:'Would have run gob_util.QueryChanges(%s, %s, '
'first_param=%s, limit=%d)',, repr(query_kwds),
return []
moar = gob_util.QueryChanges(, query_kwds, first_param=change, sortkey=sortkey,
limit=self._GERRIT_MAX_QUERY_RETURN, o_params=o_params)
result = list(moar)
while moar and self.MORE_CHANGES in moar[-1]:
if self.SORTKEY not in moar[-1]:
raise GerritException(
'Gerrit query has more results, but is missing _sortkey field.')
sortkey = moar[-1][self.SORTKEY]
moar = gob_util.QueryChanges(, query_kwds, first_param=change, sortkey=sortkey,
limit=self._GERRIT_MAX_QUERY_RETURN, o_params=o_params)
# NOTE: Query results are served from the gerrit cache, which may be stale.
# To make sure the patch information is accurate, re-request each query
# result directly, circumventing the cache. For reference:
result = [self.GetChangeDetail(x['_number']) for x in result]
result = [cros_patch.GerritPatch.ConvertQueryResults(
x, for x in result]
if sort:
result = sorted(result, key=operator.itemgetter(sort))
if raw:
return result
return [cros_patch.GerritPatch(x, self.remote, url_prefix) for x in result]
def QueryMultipleCurrentPatchset(self, changes):
"""Query the gerrit server for multiple changes.
changes: A sequence of gerrit change numbers.
A list of cros_patch.GerritPatch.
if not changes:
url_prefix = gob_util.GetGerritFetchUrl(
for change in changes:
change_detail = self.GetChangeDetail(change)
if not change_detail:
raise GerritException('Change %s not found on server %s.'
% (change,
patch_dict = cros_patch.GerritPatch.ConvertQueryResults(
yield change, cros_patch.GerritPatch(patch_dict, self.remote, url_prefix)
def _to_changenum(change):
"""Unequivocally return a gerrit change number.
The argument may either be an number, which will be returned unchanged;
or an instance of GerritPatch, in which case the gerrit number wil be
extracted and converted to its 'external' (i.e., raw numeric) form.
if isinstance(change, cros_patch.GerritPatch):
change = cros_patch.FormatGerritNumber(change.gerrit_number,
return change
def SetReview(self, change, msg=None, labels=None, dryrun=False):
"""Update the review labels on a gerrit change.
change: A gerrit change number.
msg: A text comment to post to the review.
labels: A dict of label/value to set on the review.
dryrun: If True, don't actually update the review.
if not msg and not labels:
if dryrun:
if msg:'Would have add message "%s" to change "%s".',
msg, change)
if labels:
for key, val in labels.iteritems():'Would have set label "%s" to "%s" for change "%s".',
key, val, change)
gob_util.SetReview(, self._to_changenum(change),
msg=msg, labels=labels, notify='ALL')
def RemoveCommitReady(self, change, dryrun=False):
"""Set the 'Commit-Queue' label on a gerrit change to '0'."""
if dryrun:'Would have reset Commit-Queue label for %s', change)
gob_util.ResetReviewLabels(, self._to_changenum(change),
label='Commit-Queue', notify='OWNER')
def SubmitChange(self, change, dryrun=False):
"""Land (merge) a gerrit change."""
if dryrun:'Would have submitted change %s', change)
gob_util.SubmitChange(, self._to_changenum(change))
def AbandonChange(self, change, dryrun=False):
"""Mark a gerrit change as 'Abandoned'."""
if dryrun:'Would have abandoned change %s', change)
gob_util.AbandonChange(, self._to_changenum(change))
def RestoreChange(self, change, dryrun=False):
"""Re-activate a previously abandoned gerrit change."""
if dryrun:'Would have restored change %s', change)
gob_util.RestoreChange(, self._to_changenum(change))
def GetGerritPatchInfo(patches):
"""Query Gerrit server for patch information.
patches: a list of patch IDs to query. Internal patches start with a '*'.
A list of GerritPatch objects describing each patch. Only the first
instance of a requested patch is returned.
PatchException if a patch can't be found.
parsed_patches = {}
# First, standardize 'em.
patches = [cros_patch.FormatPatchDep(x, sha1=False, allow_CL=True)
for x in patches]
# Next, split on internal vs external.
internal_patches = [x for x in patches if x.startswith('*')]
external_patches = [x for x in patches if not x.startswith('*')]
if internal_patches:
# feed it id's w/ * stripped off, but bind them back
# so that we can return patches in the supplied ordering.
# while this may seem silly, we do this to preclude the potential
# of a conflict between gerrit instances. Since change-id is
# effectively user controlled, better safe than sorry.
helper = GetGerritHelper(constants.INTERNAL_REMOTE)
raw_ids = [x[1:] for x in internal_patches]
parsed_patches.update(('*' + k, v) for k, v in
if external_patches:
helper = GetGerritHelper(constants.EXTERNAL_REMOTE)
seen = set()
results = []
for query in patches:
# return a unique list, while maintaining the ordering of the first
# seen instance of each patch. Do this to ensure whatever ordering
# the user is trying to enforce, we honor; lest it break on cherry-picking
gpatch = parsed_patches[query]
if gpatch.change_id not in seen:
return results
def GetGerritHelper(remote, **kwargs):
"""Return a GerritHelper instance for interacting with the given remote."""
return GerritHelper.FromRemote(remote, **kwargs)
def GetGerritHelperForChange(change):
"""Return a usable GerritHelper instance for this change.
If you need a GerritHelper for a specific change, get it via this
return GetGerritHelper(change.remote)
def GetCrosInternal(**kwds):
"""Convenience method for accessing private ChromeOS gerrit."""
return GetGerritHelper(constants.INTERNAL_REMOTE, **kwds)
def GetCrosExternal(**kwds):
"""Convenience method for accessing public ChromiumOS gerrit."""
return GetGerritHelper(constants.EXTERNAL_REMOTE, **kwds)
def GetChangeRef(change_number, patchset=None):
"""Given a change number, return the refs/changes/* space for it.
change_number: The gerrit change number you want a refspec for.
patchset: If given it must either be an integer or '*'. When given,
the returned refspec is for that exact patchset. If '*' is given, it's
used for pulling down all patchsets for that change.
A git refspec.
change_number = int(change_number)
s = 'refs/changes/%02i/%i' % (change_number % 100, change_number)
if patchset is not None:
s += '/%s' % ('*' if patchset == '*' else int(patchset))
return s