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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2019 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Unit tests for CrOSTest."""
from __future__ import print_function
import mock
import os
from chromite.lib import constants
from chromite.lib import cros_build_lib
from chromite.lib import cros_test_lib
from chromite.lib import osutils
from chromite.lib import partial_mock
from chromite.lib import cros_test
# pylint: disable=protected-access
class CrOSTesterBase(cros_test_lib.RunCommandTempDirTestCase):
"""Base class for setup and creating a temp file path."""
def setUp(self):
"""Common set up method for all tests."""
opts = cros_test.ParseCommandLine([])
self._tester = cros_test.CrOSTest(opts)
self._tester._device.board = 'amd64-generic'
self._tester._device.image_path = self.TempFilePath(
version_str = ('QEMU emulator version 2.6.0, Copyright (c) '
'2003-2008 Fabrice Bellard')
self.rc.AddCmdResult(partial_mock.In('--version'), output=version_str)
self.ssh_port = self._tester._device.ssh_port
def TempFilePath(self, file_path):
"""Creates a temporary file path lasting for the duration of a test."""
return os.path.join(self.tempdir, file_path)
class CrOSTester(CrOSTesterBase):
"""Tests miscellaneous utility methods"""
def testStartVM(self):
"""Verify that a new VM is started before running tests."""
self._tester.start_vm = True
# Check if new VM got launched.
self.assertCommandContains([self._tester._device.qemu_path, '-enable-kvm'])
# Check if new VM is responsive.
['ssh', '-p', '9222', 'root@localhost', '--', 'true'])
def testDeployChrome(self):
"""Tests basic deploy chrome command."""
self._tester.deploy = True
self._tester.build_dir = self.TempFilePath('out_amd64-generic/Release')
self.assertCommandContains(['deploy_chrome', '--force', '--build-dir',
self._tester.build_dir, '--process-timeout',
'180', '--to', self._tester._device.device,
'--port', '9222', '--board', 'amd64-generic',
'--cache-dir', self._tester.cache_dir])
def testDeployChromeWithArgs(self):
"""Tests deploy chrome command with additional arguments."""
self._tester.deploy = True
self._tester.build_dir = self.TempFilePath('out_amd64-generic/Release')
self._tester.nostrip = True
self._tester.mount = True
self.assertCommandContains(['--nostrip', '--mount'])
def testFetchResults(self):
"""Verify that results files/directories are copied from the DUT."""
self._tester.results_src = ['/tmp/results/cmd_results',
self._tester.results_dest_dir = self.TempFilePath('results_dir')
for filename in self._tester.results_src:
self.assertCommandContains(['scp', 'root@localhost:%s' % filename,
def testFileList(self):
"""Verify that FileList returns the correct files."""
# Ensure FileList returns files when files_from is None.
files = ['/tmp/filename1', '/tmp/filename2']
self.assertEqual(files, cros_test.FileList(files, None))
# Ensure FileList returns files when files_from does not exist.
files_from = self.TempFilePath('file_list')
self.assertEqual(files, cros_test.FileList(files, files_from))
# Ensure FileList uses 'files_from' and ignores 'files'.
file_list = ['/tmp/file1', '/tmp/file2', '/tmp/file3']
osutils.WriteFile(files_from, '\n'.join(file_list))
self.assertEqual(file_list, cros_test.FileList(files, files_from))
class CrOSTesterMiscTests(CrOSTesterBase):
"""Tests miscellaneous test cases."""
@mock.patch('chromite.lib.vm.VM.IsRunning', return_value=True)
def testBasic(self, isrunning_mock):
"""Tests basic functionality."""
# Run vm_sanity.
'ssh', '-p', '9222', 'root@localhost', '--',
def testCatapult(self):
"""Verify catapult test command."""
self._tester.catapult_tests = ['testAddResults']
'python', '/usr/local/telemetry/src/third_party/catapult/'
'telemetry/bin/run_tests', '--browser=system', 'testAddResults'
def testCatapultAsGuest(self):
"""Verify that we use the correct browser in guest mode."""
self._tester.catapult_tests = ['testAddResults']
self._tester.guest = True
'python', '/usr/local/telemetry/src/third_party/catapult/'
'telemetry/bin/run_tests', '--browser=system-guest', 'testAddResults'
def testRunDeviceCmd(self):
"""Verify a run device cmd call."""
self._tester.remote_cmd = True
self._tester.files = [self.TempFilePath('crypto_unittests')]
osutils.Touch(self._tester.files[0], mode=0o700)
self._tester.as_chronos = True
self._tester.args = ['crypto_unittests',
# Ensure target directory is created on the DUT.
self.assertCommandContains(['mkdir', '-p', '/usr/local/cros_test'])
# Ensure test ssh keys are authorized with chronos.
self.assertCommandContains(['cp', '-r', '/root/.ssh/',
# Ensure chronos has ownership of the directory.
self.assertCommandContains(['chown', '-R', 'chronos:',
# Ensure command runs in the target directory.
self.assertCommandContains('"cd /usr/local/cros_test && crypto_unittests '
# Ensure target directory is removed at the end of the test.
self.assertCommandContains(['rm', '-rf', '/usr/local/cros_test'])
def testRunDeviceCmdWithSetCwd(self):
"""Verify a run device command call when giving a cwd."""
self._tester.remote_cmd = True
self._tester.cwd = '/usr/local/autotest'
self._tester.args = ['./bin/']
# Ensure command runs in the autotest directory.
self.assertCommandContains('"cd /usr/local/autotest && ./bin/"')
def testRunDeviceCmdWithoutSrcFiles(self):
"""Verify running a remote command when src files are not specified.
The remote command should not change the working directory or create a temp
directory on the target.
self._tester.remote_cmd = True
self._tester.args = ['/usr/local/autotest/bin/']
self.assertCommandContains(['ssh', '-p', '9222',
self.assertCommandContains(['mkdir', '-p'], expected=False)
self.assertCommandContains(['"cd %s && /usr/local/autotest/bin/'
'"' % self._tester.cwd],
self.assertCommandContains(['rm', '-rf'], expected=False)
def testHostCmd(self):
"""Verify running a host command."""
self._tester.host_cmd = True
self._tester.args = ['tast', 'run', 'localhost:9222', 'ui.ChromeLogin']
# Ensure command is run and an exception is not raised if it fails.
self.assertCommandCalled(['tast', 'run', 'localhost:9222',
'ui.ChromeLogin'], error_code_ok=True)
# Ensure that --host-cmd does not invoke ssh since it runs on the host.
self.assertCommandContains(['ssh', 'tast'], expected=False)
class CrOSTesterAutotest(CrOSTesterBase):
"""Tests autotest test cases."""
def testBasicAutotest(self):
"""Tests a simple autotest call."""
self._tester.autotest = ['accessibility_Sanity']
# Check VM got launched.
self.assertCommandContains([self._tester._device.qemu_path, '-enable-kvm'])
# Checks that autotest is running.
'test_that', '--no-quickmerge', '--ssh_options',
'-F /dev/null -i /dev/null',
'localhost:9222', 'accessibility_Sanity'])
def testAutotestWithArgs(self):
"""Tests an autotest call with attributes."""
self._tester.autotest = ['accessibility_Sanity']
self._tester.results_dir = 'test_results'
self._tester._device.private_key = '.ssh/testing_rsa'
self._tester._device.log_level = 'debug'
self._tester._device.ssh_port = None
self._tester._device.device = ''
self._tester.test_that_args = ['--test_that-args',
cwd = os.path.join('/mnt/host/source',
os.path.relpath(os.getcwd(), constants.SOURCE_ROOT))
test_results_dir = os.path.join(cwd, 'test_results')
testing_rsa_dir = os.path.join(cwd, '.ssh/testing_rsa')
['test_that', '--board', 'amd64-generic', '--results_dir',
test_results_dir, '--ssh_private_key', testing_rsa_dir, '--debug',
'--whitelist-chrome-crashes', '--no-quickmerge', '--ssh_options',
'-F /dev/null -i /dev/null', '', 'accessibility_Sanity'],
enter_chroot=not cros_build_lib.IsInsideChroot())
@mock.patch('chromite.lib.cros_build_lib.IsInsideChroot', return_value=True)
def testInsideChrootAutotest(self, check_inside_chroot_mock):
"""Tests running an autotest from within the chroot."""
# Checks that mock version has been called.
self._tester.autotest = ['accessibility_Sanity']
self._tester.results_dir = '/mnt/host/source/test_results'
self._tester._device.private_key = '/mnt/host/source/.ssh/testing_rsa'
'--results_dir', '/mnt/host/source/test_results',
'--ssh_private_key', '/mnt/host/source/.ssh/testing_rsa'])
@mock.patch('chromite.lib.cros_build_lib.IsInsideChroot', return_value=False)
def testOutsideChrootAutotest(self, check_inside_chroot_mock):
"""Tests running an autotest from outside the chroot."""
# Checks that mock version has been called.
self._tester.autotest = ['accessibility_Sanity']
# Capture the run command. This is necessary beacuse the mock doesn't
# capture the cros_sdk wrapper.
with cros_build_lib.OutputCapturer() as output:
# Check that we enter the chroot before running test_that.
'cros_sdk -- test_that --board amd64-generic --no-quickmerge'
" --ssh_options '-F /dev/null -i /dev/null' localhost:9222"
' accessibility_Sanity', output.GetStderr())
class CrOSTesterTast(CrOSTesterBase):
"""Tests tast test cases."""
def testSingleBaseTastTest(self):
"""Verify running a single tast test."""
self._tester.tast = ['ui.ChromeLogin']
self.assertCommandContains(['tast', 'run', '-build=false',
'-waituntilready', '-extrauseflags=tast_vm',
'localhost:9222', 'ui.ChromeLogin'])
def testExpressionBaseTastTest(self):
"""Verify running a set of tast tests with an expression."""
self._tester.tast = [
'(("dep:chrome" || "dep:android") && !flaky && !disabled)'
'tast', 'run', '-build=false', '-waituntilready',
'-extrauseflags=tast_vm', 'localhost:9222',
'(("dep:chrome" || "dep:android") && !flaky && !disabled)'
def testTastTestWithOtherArgs(self, check_inside_chroot_mock):
"""Verify running a single tast test with various arguments."""
self._tester.tast = ['ui.ChromeLogin']
self._tester.test_timeout = 100
self._tester._device.log_level = 'debug'
self._tester._device.ssh_port = None
self._tester._device.device = ''
self._tester.results_dir = '/tmp/results'
self.assertCommandContains(['tast', '-verbose', 'run', '-build=false',
'-waituntilready', '-timeout=100',
'-resultsdir', '/tmp/results', '',
def testTastTestSDK(self):
"""Verify running tast tests from the SimpleChrome SDK."""
self._tester.tast = ['ui.ChromeLogin']
self._tester._device.private_key = '/tmp/.ssh/testing_rsa'
tast_cache_dir = cros_test_lib.FakeSDKCache(
self._tester._device.board, 'chromeos-base')
tast_bin_dir = os.path.join(tast_cache_dir, 'tast-cmd/usr/bin')
os.path.join(tast_bin_dir, 'tast'), 'run', '-build=false',
'-waituntilready', '-remoterunner=%s'
% os.path.join(tast_bin_dir, 'remote_test_runner'),
'-remotebundledir=%s' % os.path.join(tast_cache_dir,
'-remotedatadir=%s' % os.path.join(tast_cache_dir,
'-ephemeraldevserver=false', '-keyfile', '/tmp/.ssh/testing_rsa',
'-extrauseflags=tast_vm', 'localhost:9222', 'ui.ChromeLogin'
class CrOSTesterChromeTest(CrOSTesterBase):
"""Tests chrome test test cases."""
def SetUpChromeTest(self, test_exe, test_label, test_args=None):
"""Sets configurations necessary for running a chrome test.
test_exe: The name of the chrome test.
test_label: The label of the chrome test.
test_args: A list of arguments of the particular chrome test.
self._tester.args = [test_exe] + test_args if test_args else [test_exe]
self._tester.chrome_test = True
self._tester.build_dir = self.TempFilePath('out_amd64-generic/Release')
isolate_map = self.TempFilePath('testing/buildbot/gn_isolate_map.pyl')
# Add info about the specified chrome test to the isolate map.
"%s": {
"label": "%s",
"type": "console_test_launcher",
}""" % (test_exe, test_label), makedirs=True) = True
self._tester.deploy = True
self._tester.chrome_test_target = test_exe
self._tester.chrome_test_deploy_target_dir = '/usr/local/chrome_test'
# test_label looks like //crypto:crypto_unittests.
# label_root extracts 'crypto' from the test_label in this instance.
label_root = test_label.split(':')[0].lstrip('/')
# A few files used by the chrome test.
runtime_deps = [
'./%s' % test_exe,
'gen.runtime/%s/%s/%s.runtime_deps' % (label_root, test_exe, test_exe),
# Creates the test_exe to be an executable.
osutils.Touch(os.path.join(self._tester.build_dir, runtime_deps[0]),
for dep in runtime_deps[1:]:
osutils.Touch(os.path.join(self._tester.build_dir, dep), makedirs=True)
# Mocks the output by providing necessary runtime files.
partial_mock.InOrder(['gn', 'desc', test_label]),
def CheckChromeTestCommands(self, test_exe, test_label, build_dir,
"""Checks to see that chrome test commands ran properly.
test_exe: The name of the chrome test.
test_label: The label of the chrome test.
build_dir: The directory where chrome is built.
test_args: Chrome test arguments.
# Ensure chrome is being built.
self.assertCommandContains(['autoninja', '-C', build_dir, test_exe])
# Ensure that the runtime dependencies are checked for.
self.assertCommandContains(['gn', 'desc', build_dir, test_label,
# Ensure UI is stopped so the test can grab the GPU if needed.
self.assertCommandContains(['ssh', '-p', '9222', 'root@localhost', '--',
'stop ui'])
# Ensure a user activity ping is sent to the device.
self.assertCommandContains(['ssh', '-p', '9222', 'root@localhost', '--',
'dbus-send', '--system', '--type=method_call',
args = ' '.join(test_args) if test_args else ''
# Ensure the chrome test is run.
self.assertCommandContains(['ssh', '-p', '9222', 'root@localhost', '--',
'cd /usr/local/chrome_test && su chronos -c -- '
'"out_amd64-generic/Release/%s %s"'
% (test_exe, args)])
def testChromeTestRsync(self):
"""Verify build/deploy and chrome test commands using rsync to copy."""
test_exe = 'crypto_unittests'
test_label = '//crypto:' + test_exe
self.SetUpChromeTest(test_exe, test_label)
self.CheckChromeTestCommands(test_exe, test_label, self._tester.build_dir)
# Ensure files are being copied over to the device using rsync.
self.assertCommandContains(['rsync', '%s/' % self._tester.staging_dir,
def testChromeTestSCP(self, rsync_mock):
"""Verify build/deploy and chrome test commands using scp to copy."""
test_exe = 'crypto_unittests'
test_label = '//crypto:' + test_exe
self.SetUpChromeTest(test_exe, test_label)
self.CheckChromeTestCommands(test_exe, test_label, self._tester.build_dir)
# Ensure files are being copied over to the device using scp.
self.assertCommandContains(['scp', '%s/' % self._tester.staging_dir,
def testChromeTestExeArg(self):
"""Verify build/deploy and chrome test commands when a test arg is given."""
test_exe = 'crypto_unittests'
test_label = '//crypto:' + test_exe
test_args = ['--test-launcher-print-test-stdio=auto']
self.SetUpChromeTest(test_exe, test_label, test_args)
self.CheckChromeTestCommands(test_exe, test_label, self._tester.build_dir,
class CrOSTesterParser(CrOSTesterBase):
"""Tests parser test cases."""
def CheckParserError(self, args, error_msg):
"""Checks that parser error is raised.
args: List of commandline arguments.
error_msg: Error message to check for.
# Recreate args as a list if it is given as a string.
if isinstance(args, str):
args = [args]
# Putting cros_build_lib.OutputCapturer() before assertRaises(SystemExit)
# swallows SystemExit exception check.
with self.assertRaises(SystemExit):
with cros_build_lib.OutputCapturer() as output:
self.assertIn(error_msg, output.GetStderr())
def testParserErrorChromeTest(self):
"""Verify we get a parser error for --chrome-test when no args are given."""
self.CheckParserError('--chrome-test', '--chrome-test')
def testParserSetsBuildDir(self):
"""Verify that the build directory is set when not specified."""
test_dir = self.TempFilePath('out_amd64-generic/Release/crypto_unittests')
# Retrieves the build directory from the parsed options.
build_dir = cros_test.ParseCommandLine(
['--chrome-test', '--', test_dir]).build_dir
self.assertEqual(build_dir, os.path.dirname(test_dir))
def testParserErrorBuild(self):
"""Verify parser errors for building/deploying Chrome."""
# Parser error if no build directory is specified.
self.CheckParserError('--build', '--build-dir')
# Parser error if build directory is not an existing directory.
self.CheckParserError(['--deploy', '--build-dir', '/not/a/directory'],
'not a directory')
def testParserErrorResultsSrc(self):
"""Verify parser errors for results src/dest directories."""
# Parser error if --results-src is not absolute.
self.CheckParserError(['--results-src', 'tmp/results'], 'absolute')
# Parser error if no results destination dir is given.
self.CheckParserError(['--results-src', '/tmp/results'], 'with results-src')
# Parser error if no results source is given.
self.CheckParserError(['--results-dest-dir', '/tmp/dest_dir'],
'with results-dest-dir')
# Parser error if results destination dir is a file.
filename = '/tmp/dest_dir_file'
self.CheckParserError(['--results-src', '/tmp/results',
'--results-dest-dir', filename], 'existing file')
def testParserErrorCommands(self):
"""Verify we get parser errors when using certain commands."""
# Parser error if no test command is provided.
self.CheckParserError('--remote-cmd', 'specify test command')
# Parser error if using chronos without a test command.
self.CheckParserError('--as-chronos', 'as-chronos')
# Parser error if there are args, but no command.
self.CheckParserError('--some_test some_command',
'--remote-cmd or --host-cmd or --chrome-test')
# Parser error when additional args don't start with --.
self.CheckParserError(['--host-cmd', 'tast', 'run'], 'must start with')
def testParserErrorCWD(self):
"""Verify we get parser errors when specifying the cwd."""
# Parser error if the cwd refers to a parent path.
self.CheckParserError(['--cwd', '../new_cwd'], 'cwd cannot start with ..')
# Parser error if the cwd is not an absolute path.
self.CheckParserError(['--cwd', 'tmp/cwd'], 'cwd must be an absolute path')
def testParserErrorFiles(self):
"""Verify we get parser errors with --files."""
# Parser error when both --files and --files-from are specified.
self.CheckParserError(['--files', 'file_list', '--files-from', 'file'],
'--files and --files-from')
# Parser error when --files-from does not exist.
self.CheckParserError(['--files-from', '/fake/file'], 'is not a file')
# Parser error when a file in --files has an absolute path.
self.CheckParserError(['--files', '/etc/lsb-release'],
'should be a relative path')
# Parser error when a file has a bad path.
self.CheckParserError(['--files', '../some_file'], 'cannot start with ..')
# Parser error when a non-existent file is passed to --files.
self.CheckParserError(['--files', 'fake/file'], 'does not exist')