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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import getpass
import logging
import optparse
from chromite.buildbot import constants
from chromite.lib import cros_build_lib
from chromite.lib import gerrit
def _FindUserEmails(helper, username=None):
"""Find the emails for a given user that gerrit knows about.
helper: GerritHelper object.
username: A gerrit username. If none, then the current username
according to getpass.getuser() will be assumed.
List of email addresses.
if not username:
username = getpass.getuser()
# Try querying both initially; if it works, we can save a query.
emails = ["%s@%s" % (username, domain)
for domain in ("", "")]
owners = ["owner:%s" % x for x in emails]
helper.Query('( %s ) limit:0' % ' OR '.join(owners))
return emails
except gerrit.GerritException:
# find the offender.
recomposed = []
for email in emails:
helper.Query("%s limit:0" % email)
except gerrit.GerritException:
if not recomposed:
raise Exception("no email addresses found for %r" % username)
return recomposed
def main(argv):
parser = optparse.OptionParser(usage=
"usage: prog [--internal|--external] [--query|--age] "
"\nIf no email addresses or usernames are given, then 'self' is assumed."
parser.add_option("-i", "--internal", default=False, action="store_true",
help="Query gerrit-int.")
parser.add_option("-e", "--external", dest="internal", action="store_false",
help="Query gerrit. Note this is the default.")
parser.add_option("--age", default="6mon",
help="Limit results to within this gerrit age query. See "
" for the age form; to see the last 3 "
"months, it would be '3mon'. Defaults to the last 6 "
parser.add_option("--query", default=None,
help="Freeform gerrit query. If specified, it overrides "
"the normal querying behaviour. Use only if you know "
"what you're doing.")
opts, args = parser.parse_args(argv)
summary_lines = []
helper = gerrit.GetGerritHelper(
constants.INTERNAL_REMOTE if opts.internal else constants.EXTERNAL_REMOTE)
# Expand args into emails or just 'self'.
if args:
recomposed_args = []
for arg in args:
if "@" not in arg:
recomposed_args.extend(_FindUserEmails(helper, arg))
target_emails = frozenset(recomposed_args)
target_emails = frozenset(_FindUserEmails(helper))
owners = ["owner:%s" % x for x in target_emails]
reviewers = ["reviewer:%s" % x for x in target_emails]
# Get owner stats.
query_tokens = []
if opts.query:
# User has provided a custom query.
cros_build_lib.Info('Looking for CLs with custom query.')
query_tokens.append("( %s )" % " OR ".join(owners))
query_tokens.append("-age:%s" % opts.age)
cros_build_lib.Info('Looking for CLs owned by %s within last %s.',
', '.join(target_emails), opts.age)
query = " AND ".join(query_tokens)
owner_changes = helper.Query(query, sort="lastUpdated")
# Create summary information about owned CLs.
summary_lines.append('\nOwner stats for %s:' % ', '.join(target_emails))
summary_lines.append(' total CLs: %i' % len(owner_changes))
stats = {}
for change in owner_changes:
status = change.status.lower()
stats[status] = stats.get(status, 0) + 1
if 'new' in stats:
stats['open'] = stats.pop('new')
for status, value in sorted(stats.iteritems(), key=lambda x:x[0]):
summary_lines.append(' %s: %i' % (status, value))
# Get reviewer stats.
cros_build_lib.Info('Looking for CLs reviewed by %s within last %s.',
', '.join(target_emails), opts.age)
query = ('( ( %s ) AND NOT ( %s ) ) AND -age:%s' %
(' OR '.join(reviewers), ' OR '.join(owners), opts.age))
reviewer_changes = helper.Query(query, current_patch=False)
lgtms = plusones = owner_lgtms = 0
for change in reviewer_changes:
# TODO(?): Still need a way to get the following info from CL:
# 1) Include LGTMs on earlier patches. It looks like that info is sort
# of included in the json returned for the following query:
# detailed_cl = helper.Query(cl.gerrit_number, current_patch=False)
# But that info is not preserved in GerritPatch class.
# 2) Count the number of comments (by targets) on this CL. It is not
# clear how to get that included in the json response.
# Loop through all "approvals" on CL. These include the code-review value,
# the verified value, and the commit-queue value.
# pylint: disable=W0212
lgtmed = plusoned = owner_lgtmed = False
for approval in change._approvals:
approval_type = approval.get('type')
approval_value = int(approval.get('value', 0))
lgtm = ('CRVW', 2) == (approval_type, approval_value)
plusone = ('CRVW', 1) == (approval_type, approval_value)
approval_email = approval['by'].get('email')
# See if this approval was given by the target person or people.
if approval_email in target_emails:
lgtmed = lgtmed or lgtm
plusoned = plusoned or plusone
# See if this approval was given by the owner of the CL.
if approval_email and change.owner_email == approval_email:
owner_lgtmed = owner_lgtmed or lgtm
if plusoned:
plusones += 1
if lgtmed:
lgtms += 1
elif owner_lgtmed:
# Only counter owner LGTMs that were not also LGTM by target.
owner_lgtms += 1
# Create summary information about reviewed CLs.
summary_lines.append('\nReviewer stats for %s:' % ', '.join(target_emails))
summary_lines.append('Only stats for final (committed) patch are available.')
summary_lines.append(' Total CLs: %i (listed as reviewer)' %
summary_lines.append(' LGTMs: %i' % lgtms)
summary_lines.append(' +1s : %i' % plusones)
summary_lines.append(' LGTMs from CL owners (possibly carried forward): %i' %
cros_build_lib.Info('\n%s', '\n'.join(summary_lines))