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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Common functions used for syncing Chrome."""
from __future__ import print_function
import os
import pprint
from chromite.cbuildbot import constants
from chromite.lib import cros_build_lib
from chromite.lib import git
from chromite.lib import osutils
def FindGclientFile(path):
"""Returns the nearest higher-level gclient file from the specified path.
path: The path to use. Defaults to cwd.
return osutils.FindInPathParents(
'.gclient', path, test_func=os.path.isfile)
def FindGclientCheckoutRoot(path):
"""Get the root of your gclient managed checkout."""
gclient_path = FindGclientFile(path)
if gclient_path:
return os.path.dirname(gclient_path)
return None
def _GetGclientURLs(internal, rev):
"""Get the URLs and deps_file values to use in gclient file.
See WriteConfigFile below.
results = []
if rev is None or git.IsSHA1(rev):
# Regular chromium checkout; src may float to origin/master or be pinned.
url = constants.CHROMIUM_GOB_URL
if rev:
url += ('@' + rev)
# TODO(szager): .DEPS.git will eventually be deprecated in favor of DEPS.
# When that happens, this could should continue to work, because gclient
# will fall back to DEPS if .DEPS.git doesn't exist. Eventually, this
# code should be cleaned up to stop referring to non-existent .DEPS.git.
results.append(('src', url, '.DEPS.git'))
if internal:
('src-internal', constants.CHROME_INTERNAL_GOB_URL, '.DEPS.git'))
elif internal:
# Internal buildspec: check out the buildspec repo and set deps_file to
# the path to the desired release spec.
url = constants.INTERNAL_GOB_URL + '/chrome/tools/buildspec.git'
results.append(('CHROME_DEPS', url, 'releases/%s/.DEPS.git' % rev))
# External buildspec: use the main chromium src repository, pinned to the
# release tag, with deps_file set to .DEPS.git (which is created by
url = constants.CHROMIUM_GOB_URL + '@refs/tags/' + rev
results.append(('src', url, '.DEPS.git'))
return results
def _GetGclientSolutions(internal, rev):
"""Get the solutions array to write to the gclient file.
See WriteConfigFile below.
urls = _GetGclientURLs(internal, rev)
solutions = []
for (name, url, deps_file) in urls:
solution = {
'name': name,
'url': url,
'custom_deps': {},
'custom_vars': {},
if deps_file:
solution['deps_file'] = deps_file
return solutions
def _GetGclientSpec(internal, rev):
"""Return a formatted gclient spec.
See WriteConfigFile below.
solutions = _GetGclientSolutions(internal=internal, rev=rev)
result = 'solutions = %s\n' % pprint.pformat(solutions)
# Horrible hack, I will go to hell for this. The bots need to have a git
# cache set up; but how can we tell whether this code is running on a bot
# or a developer's machine?
if cros_build_lib.HostIsCIBuilder():
result += "cache_dir = '/b/git-cache'\n"
return result
def WriteConfigFile(gclient, cwd, internal, rev):
"""Initialize the specified directory as a gclient checkout.
For gclient documentation, see:
gclient: Path to gclient.
cwd: Directory to sync.
internal: Whether you want an internal checkout.
rev: Revision or tag to use.
- If None, use the latest from trunk.
- If this is a sha1, use the specified revision.
- Otherwise, treat this as a chrome version string.
spec = _GetGclientSpec(internal=internal, rev=rev)
cmd = [gclient, 'config', '--spec', spec]
cros_build_lib.RunCommand(cmd, cwd=cwd)
def Revert(gclient, cwd):
"""Revert all local changes.
gclient: Path to gclient.
cwd: Directory to revert.
cros_build_lib.RunCommand([gclient, 'revert', '--nohooks'], cwd=cwd)
def Sync(gclient, cwd, reset=False):
"""Sync the specified directory using gclient.
gclient: Path to gclient.
cwd: Directory to sync.
reset: Reset to pristine version of the source code.
cmd = [gclient, 'sync', '--verbose', '--nohooks', '--transitive',
'--with_branch_heads', '--with_tags']
if reset:
cmd += ['--reset', '--force', '--delete_unversioned_trees']
cros_build_lib.RunCommand(cmd, cwd=cwd)