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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""A command line interface to the ChromeOS gerrit instances
Internal Note:
To expose a function directly to the command line interface, name your function
with the prefix "UserAct".
import inspect
import os
import re
from chromite.buildbot import constants
from chromite.lib import commandline
from chromite.lib import cros_build_lib
from chromite.lib import gerrit
from chromite.lib import terminal
COLOR = None
# Map the internal names to the ones we normally show on the web ui.
'COMR': ['CQ', 'Commit Queue ',],
'CRVW': ['CR', 'Code Review ',],
'SUBM': ['S ', 'Submitted ',],
'TBVF': ['TV', 'Trybot Verified',],
'VRIF': ['V ', 'Verified ',],
# Order is important -- matches the web ui. This also controls the short
# entries that we summarize in non-verbose mode.
def red(s):
return COLOR.Color(terminal.Color.RED, s)
def green(s):
return COLOR.Color(terminal.Color.GREEN, s)
def blue(s):
return COLOR.Color(terminal.Color.BLUE, s)
def limits(cls):
"""Given a dict of fields, calculate the longest string lengths
This allows you to easily format the output of many results so that the
various cols all line up correctly.
lims = {}
for cl in cls:
for k in cl.keys():
# Use %s rather than str() to avoid codec issues.
# We also do this so we can format integers.
lims[k] = max(lims.get(k, 0), len('%s' % cl[k]))
return lims
def GetApprovalSummary(_opts, cls):
"""Return a dict of the most important approvals"""
approvs = dict([(x, '') for x in GERRIT_SUMMARY_CATS])
if 'approvals' in cls['currentPatchSet']:
for approver in cls['currentPatchSet']['approvals']:
cats = GERRIT_APPROVAL_MAP.get(approver['type'])
if not cats:
cros_build_lib.Warning('unknown gerrit approval type: %s',
cat = cats[0].strip()
val = int(approver['value'])
if not cat in approvs:
# Ignore the extended categories in the summary view.
elif approvs[cat] is '':
approvs[cat] = val
elif val < 0:
approvs[cat] = min(approvs[cat], val)
approvs[cat] = max(approvs[cat], val)
return approvs
def PrintCl(opts, cls, lims, show_approvals=True):
"""Pretty print a single result"""
if not lims:
lims = {'url': 0, 'project': 0}
status = ''
if show_approvals and not opts.verbose:
approvs = GetApprovalSummary(opts, cls)
if approvs[cat] is '':
functor = lambda x: x
elif approvs[cat] < 0:
functor = red
functor = green
status += functor('%s:%2s ' % (cat, approvs[cat]))
print '%s %s%-*s %s' % (blue('%-*s' % (lims['url'], cls['url'])), status,
lims['project'], cls['project'], cls['subject'])
if show_approvals and opts.verbose:
for approver in cls['currentPatchSet'].get('approvals', []):
functor = red if int(approver['value']) < 0 else green
n = functor('%2s' % approver['value'])
t = GERRIT_APPROVAL_MAP.get(approver['type'], [approver['type'],
print ' %s %s %s' % (n, t, approver['by']['email'])
def _MyUserInfo():
username = os.environ['USER']
emails = ['%s@%s' % (username, domain)
for domain in ('', '')]
reviewers = ['reviewer:%s' % x for x in emails]
owners = ['owner:%s' % x for x in emails]
return emails, reviewers, owners
def FilteredQuery(opts, query):
"""Query gerrit and filter/clean up the results"""
ret = []
for cl in opts.gerrit.Query(query, raw=True):
# Gerrit likes to return a stats record too.
if not 'project' in cl:
# Strip off common leading names since the result is still
# unique over the whole tree.
if not opts.verbose:
for pfx in ('chromeos', 'chromiumos', 'overlays', 'platform'):
if cl['project'].startswith('%s/' % pfx):
cl['project'] = cl['project'][len(pfx) + 1:]
if opts.sort in ('number',):
key = lambda x: int(x[opts.sort])
key = lambda x: x[opts.sort]
return sorted(ret, key=key)
def ChangeNumberToCommit(opts, idx):
"""Given a gerrit CL #, return the revision info
This is the form that the gerrit ssh interface expects.
cl = opts.gerrit.QuerySingleRecord(idx, raw=True)
return cl['currentPatchSet']['revision']
def IsApprover(cl, users):
"""See if the approvers in |cl| is listed in |users|"""
# See if we are listed in the approvals list. We have to parse
# this by hand as the gerrit query system doesn't support it :(
if 'approvals' not in cl['currentPatchSet']:
return False
if isinstance(users, basestring):
users = (users,)
for approver in cl['currentPatchSet']['approvals']:
if (approver['by']['email'] in users and
approver['type'] == 'CRVW' and
int(approver['value']) != 0):
return True
return False
def UserActTodo(opts):
"""List CLs needing your review"""
emails, reviewers, owners = _MyUserInfo()
cls = FilteredQuery(opts, '( %s ) status:open NOT ( %s )' %
(' OR '.join(reviewers), ' OR '.join(owners)))
cls = [x for x in cls if not IsApprover(x, emails)]
lims = limits(cls)
for cl in cls:
PrintCl(opts, cl, lims)
def UserActMine(opts):
"""List your CLs with review statuses"""
_, _, owners = _MyUserInfo()
cls = FilteredQuery(opts, '( %s ) status:new' % (' OR '.join(owners),))
lims = limits(cls)
for cl in cls:
PrintCl(opts, cl, lims)
def UserActInspect(opts, idx):
"""Inspect CL number <n>"""
PrintCl(opts, FilteredQuery(opts, idx)[0], None)
def UserActReview(opts, idx, num):
"""Mark CL <n> with code review status [-2,-1,0,1,2]"""
opts.gerrit.SetReview(idx, labels={'Code-Review': num})
def UserActVerify(opts, idx, num):
"""Mark CL <n> with verify status [-1,0,1]"""
opts.gerrit.SetReview(idx, labels={'Verified': num})
def UserActReady(opts, idx, num):
"""Mark CL <n> with ready status [-1,0,1]"""
opts.gerrit.SetReview(idx, labels={'Commit-Queue': num})
def UserActSubmit(opts, idx):
"""Submit CL <n>"""
def UserActAbandon(opts, idx):
"""Abandon CL <n>"""
def UserActRestore(opts, idx):
"""Restore CL <n> that was abandoned"""
def UserActReviewers(opts, idx, *args):
"""Add/remove reviewers' emails for CL <n> (prepend with '~' to remove)"""
emails = args
# Allow for optional leading '~'.
email_validator = re.compile(r'^[~]?%s$' % constants.EMAIL_REGEX)
add_list, remove_list, invalid_list = [], [], []
for x in emails:
if not email_validator.match(x):
elif x[0] == '~':
if invalid_list:
'Invalid email address(es): %s' % ', '.join(invalid_list))
if add_list or remove_list:
opts.gerrit.SetReviewers(idx, add=add_list, remove=remove_list)
def UserActMessage(opts, idx, message):
"""Add a message to CL <n>"""
opts.gerrit.SetReview(idx, msg=message)
def main(argv):
# Locate actions that are exposed to the user. All functions that start
# with "UserAct" are fair game.
act_pfx = 'UserAct'
actions = [x for x in globals() if x.startswith(act_pfx)]
usage = """%prog [options] <action> [action args]
There is no support for doing line-by-line code review via the command line.
This helps you manage various bits and CL status.
$ gerrit todo # List all the CLs that await your review.
$ gerrit mine # List all of your open CLs.
$ gerrit inspect 28123 # Inspect CL 28123 on the public gerrit.
$ gerrit inspect *28123 # Inspect CL 28123 on the internal gerrit.
$ gerrit verify 28123 1 # Mark CL 28123 as verified (+1).
indent = max([len(x) - len(act_pfx) for x in actions])
for a in sorted(actions):
usage += '\n %-*s: %s' % (indent, a[len(act_pfx):].lower(),
parser = commandline.OptionParser(usage=usage)
parser.add_option('-i', '--internal', default=None, action='store_true',
help='Query gerrit-int')
parser.add_option('-e', '--external', dest='internal', action='store_false',
help='Query gerrit (default)')
parser.add_option('--sort', default='number', help='Key to sort on '
'(number, project)')
parser.add_option('-v', '--verbose', default=False, action='store_true',
help='Be more verbose in output')
opts, args = parser.parse_args(argv)
if not args:
parser.error('missing action')
# pylint: disable=W0603
global COLOR
COLOR = terminal.Color(enabled=opts.color)
# TODO: This sucks. We assume that all actions which take an argument are
# a CL #. Or at least, there's no other reason for it to start with a *.
# We do this to automatically select internal vs external gerrit as this
# convention is encoded in much of our system. However, the rest of this
# script doesn't expect (or want) the leading *.
if len(args) > 1:
if args[1][0] == '*':
if opts.internal is None:
opts.internal = True
args[1] = args[1][1:]
opts.gerrit = gerrit.GetGerritHelper(
constants.INTERNAL_REMOTE if opts.internal else constants.EXTERNAL_REMOTE,
# Now look up the requested user action and run it.
cmd = args[0].lower()
args = args[1:]
functor = globals().get(act_pfx + cmd.capitalize())
if functor:
argspec = inspect.getargspec(functor)
if argspec.varargs:
if len(args) < len(argspec.args):
parser.error('incorrect number of args: %s expects at least %s' %
(cmd, len(argspec.args)))
elif len(argspec.args) - 1 != len(args):
parser.error('incorrect number of args: %s expects %s' %
(cmd, len(argspec.args) - 1))
functor(opts, *args)
except (cros_build_lib.RunCommandError, gerrit.GerritException) as e:
parser.error('unknown action: %s' % (cmd,))