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-- The failureView consists of:
-- all failureTable columns, by original name.
-- all buildStageTable columns except build_id, and its own id (which come
-- from f.*), with non-colliding names
-- all buildTable columns, with non-colliding names
ALTER VIEW failureView AS
SELECT f.*, AS stage_name, bs.board, bs.status AS stage_status,
bs.last_updated AS stage_last_updated, bs.start_time AS stage_start_time,
bs.finish_time AS stage_finish_time, AS stage_final, AS build_id, b.last_updated AS build_last_updated, b.master_build_id,
b.buildbot_generation, b.builder_name, b.waterfall, b.build_number,
b.build_config, b.bot_hostname, b.start_time AS build_start_time,
b.finish_time AS build_finish_time, b.status AS build_status, b.build_type,
b.chrome_version, b.milestone_version, b.platform_version, b.full_version,
b.sdk_version, b.toolchain_url, AS build_final, b.metadata_url,
b.summary, b.deadline
FROM failureTable f JOIN buildStageTable bs on f.build_stage_id =
JOIN buildTable b on bs.build_id =;
INSERT INTO schemaVersionTable (schemaVersion, scriptName) VALUES
(36, '00036_alter_failure_view.sql')