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# Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Tests for build_image shell script.
This script must be run from INSIDE chroot.
Sample usage:
# (inside chroot) pushd ~/trunk/src/scripts/
# run all test cases in this script
python chromite/tests/
# run all test cases in a test suite
python chromite/tests/ BuildImageTest
# run a specific test
python chromite/tests/ BuildImageTest.testWithoutBoardExit
import os
import re
import sys
import unittest
sys.path.append(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), '../lib'))
from cros_build_lib import (RunCommand, IsInsideChroot, GetChromeosVersion,
class BuildImageTest(unittest.TestCase):
"""Test suite for build_image script."""
def setUp(self):
if not IsInsideChroot():
raise RuntimeError('This script must be run from inside chroot.')
def _CheckStringPresent(self, query_list, check_stdout=False):
"""Check for presence of specific queries.
query_list: a list of strings to look for.
check_stdout: a boolean. True == use stdout from child process.
Otherwise use its stderr.
for query in query_list:
# Source error string defined in src/scripts/build_image
if check_stdout:
self.assertNotEqual(-1, self.output.find(query))
self.assertNotEqual(-1, self.error.find(query))
def _RunBuildImageCmd(self, cmd, assert_success=True):
"""Run build_image with flags.
cmd: a string.
assert_success: a boolean. True == check child process return code is 0.
False otherwise.
Info ('About to run command: %s' % cmd)
cmd_result = RunCommand(
cmd, error_ok=True, exit_code=True, redirect_stdout=True,
redirect_stderr=True, shell=True)
self.output = cmd_result.output
self.error = cmd_result.error
Info ('output =\n%r' % self.output)
Info ('error =\n%r' % self.error)
message = 'cmd should have failed! error:\n%s' % self.error
if assert_success:
self.assertEqual(0, cmd_result.returncode)
self.assertNotEqual(0, cmd_result.returncode, message)
def _VerifyOutputImagesExist(self, image_dir, image_list):
"""Verify output images exist in image_dir.
image_dir: a string, absolute path to output directory with images.
image_list: a list of strings, names of output images.
for i in image_list:
image_path = os.path.join(image_dir, i)
def testWithoutBoardExit(self):
"""Fail when no --board is specified."""
self._RunBuildImageCmd('./build_image --board=""', assert_success=False)
self._CheckStringPresent(['ERROR', '--board is required'])
def testIncompatibleInstallFlags(self):
"""Fail when both --factory_install and --dev_install are set."""
cmd = './build_image --board=x86-generic --factory_install --dev_install'
self._RunBuildImageCmd(cmd, assert_success=False)
self._CheckStringPresent(['ERROR', 'Incompatible flags'])
def testIncompatibleRootfsFlags(self):
"""Fail when rootfs partition is not large enough."""
cmd = ('./build_image --board=x86-generic --rootfs_size=100'
' --rootfs_hash_pad=10 --rootfs_partition_size=20')
self._RunBuildImageCmd(cmd, assert_success=False)
self._CheckStringPresent(['ERROR', 'bigger than partition'])
def _BuildImageForBoard(self, board, image_list):
"""Build image for specific board type.
board: a string.
image_list: a list of strings, names of output images.
cmd = './build_image --board=%s' % board
Info ('If all goes well, it takes ~5 min. to build an image...')
self._CheckStringPresent(['Image created in', 'copy to USB keyfob'],
chromeos_version_str = GetChromeosVersion(self.output)
image_dir = GetOutputImageDir(board, chromeos_version_str)
self._VerifyOutputImagesExist(image_dir, image_list)
def testBuildX86Generic(self):
"""Verify we can build an x86-generic image."""
'x86-generic', ['chromiumos_image.bin', 'chromiumos_base_image.bin'])
if __name__ == '__main__':