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# Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Module containing the various deprecated commands a builder could run."""
def _GetAllGitRepos(buildroot, debug=False):
"""Returns a list of tuples containing [git_repo, src_path]."""
manifest_tuples = []
# Gets all the git repos from a full repo manifest.
repo_cmd = "repo manifest -o -".split()
output = OldRunCommand(repo_cmd, cwd=buildroot, redirect_stdout=True,
redirect_stderr=True, print_cmd=debug)
# Extract all lines containg a project.
extract_cmd = ['grep', 'project name=']
output = OldRunCommand(extract_cmd, cwd=buildroot, input=output,
redirect_stdout=True, print_cmd=debug)
# Parse line using re to get tuple.
result_array = re.findall('.+name=\"([\w-]+)\".+path=\"(\S+)".+', output)
# Create the array.
for result in result_array:
if len(result) != 2:
Warning('Found incorrect xml object %s' % result)
# Remove pre-pended src directory from manifest.
manifest_tuples.append([result[0], result[1].replace('src/', '')])
return manifest_tuples
def _GetCrosWorkOnSrcPath(buildroot, board, package, debug=False):
"""Returns ${CROS_WORKON_SRC_PATH} for given package."""
cwd = os.path.join(buildroot, 'src', 'scripts')
equery_cmd = ('equery-%s which %s' % (board, package)).split()
ebuild_path = OldRunCommand(equery_cmd, cwd=cwd, redirect_stdout=True,
redirect_stderr=True, enter_chroot=True,
error_ok=True, print_cmd=debug)
if ebuild_path:
ebuild_cmd = ('ebuild-%s %s info' % (board, ebuild_path)).split()
cros_workon_output = OldRunCommand(ebuild_cmd, cwd=cwd,
redirect_stdout=True, redirect_stderr=True,
enter_chroot=True, print_cmd=debug)
temp = re.findall('CROS_WORKON_SRCDIR="(\S+)"', cros_workon_output)
if temp:
return temp[0]
return None
def _CreateRepoDictionary(buildroot, board, debug=False):
"""Returns the repo->list_of_ebuilds dictionary."""
repo_dictionary = {}
manifest_tuples = _GetAllGitRepos(buildroot)
Info('Creating dictionary of git repos to portage packages ...')
cwd = os.path.join(buildroot, 'src', 'scripts')
get_all_workon_pkgs_cmd = './cros_workon list --all'.split()
packages = OldRunCommand(get_all_workon_pkgs_cmd, cwd=cwd,
redirect_stdout=True, redirect_stderr=True,
enter_chroot=True, print_cmd=debug)
for package in packages.split():
cros_workon_src_path = _GetCrosWorkOnSrcPath(buildroot, board, package)
if cros_workon_src_path:
for tuple in manifest_tuples:
# This path tends to have the user's home_dir prepended to it.
if cros_workon_src_path.endswith(tuple[1]):
Info('For %s found matching package %s' % (tuple[0], package))
if repo_dictionary.has_key(tuple[0]):
repo_dictionary[tuple[0]] += [package]
repo_dictionary[tuple[0]] = [package]
return repo_dictionary
def _ParseRevisionString(revision_string, repo_dictionary):
"""Parses the given revision_string into a revision dictionary.
Returns a list of tuples that contain [portage_package_name, commit_id] to
Keyword arguments:
revision_string -- revision_string with format
'repo1.git@commit_1 repo2.git@commit2 ...'.
repo_dictionary -- dictionary with git repository names as keys (w/out git)
to portage package names.
# Using a dictionary removes duplicates.
revisions = {}
for revision in revision_string.split():
# Format 'package@commit-id'.
revision_tuple = revision.split('@')
if len(revision_tuple) != 2:
Warning('Incorrectly formatted revision %s' % revision)
repo_name = revision_tuple[0].replace('.git', '')
# Might not have entry if no matching ebuild.
if repo_dictionary.has_key(repo_name):
# May be many corresponding packages to a given git repo e.g. kernel).
for package in repo_dictionary[repo_name]:
revisions[package] = revision_tuple[1]
return revisions.items()
def _UprevFromRevisionList(buildroot, tracking_branch, revision_list, board,
"""Uprevs based on revision list."""
if not revision_list:
Info('No packages found to uprev')
packages = []
for package, revision in revision_list:
assert ':' not in package, 'Invalid package name: %s' % package
chroot_overlays = [ReinterpretPathForChroot(path) for path in overlays]
cwd = os.path.join(buildroot, 'src', 'scripts')
'--board=%s' % board,
'--tracking_branch=%s' % tracking_branch,
'--overlays=%s' % ':'.join(chroot_overlays),
'--packages=%s' % ':'.join(packages),
'--drop_file=%s' % ReinterpretPathForChroot(_PACKAGE_FILE %
{'buildroot': buildroot}),
cwd=cwd, enter_chroot=True)
def UprevPackages(buildroot, tracking_branch, revisionfile, board, overlays):
"""Uprevs a package based on given revisionfile.
If revisionfile is set to None or does not resolve to an actual file, this
function will uprev all packages.
Keyword arguments:
revisionfile -- string specifying a file that contains a list of revisions to
# Purposefully set to None as it means Force Build was pressed.
revisions = 'None'
if (revisionfile):
rev_file = open(revisionfile)
revisions =
except Exception, e:
Warning('Error reading %s, revving all' % revisionfile)
revisions = 'None'
revisions = revisions.strip()
# revisions == "None" indicates a Force Build.
if revisions != 'None':
print >> sys.stderr, 'CBUILDBOT Revision list found %s' % revisions
revision_list = _ParseRevisionString(revisions,
_CreateRepoDictionary(buildroot, board))
_UprevFromRevisionList(buildroot, tracking_branch, revision_list, board,
Info('CBUILDBOT Revving all')
_UprevAllPackages(buildroot, tracking_branch, board, overlays)