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# Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Wrapper for the chromite shell.
This script is intended to run in several ways:
- Outside the chroot, it should be _copied_ to someplace that is in the
path (like depot_tools). It will search for the right chromite by looking
for a file 'chromite/shell/' upward based on the CWD.
- Inside the chroot, it might be _either_ copied to someplace in the path (since
depot_tools is in the path in the chroot) or it might run from chromite/bin
directly, which should be in the PATH. In any case, we'll look for the
real 'chromite/shell/' based on the environment variable
CROS_WORKON_SRCROOT, so it doesn't matter what the CWD is.
If you're looking at a copy and want to know where the original looks at, look
Since this script is _copied_, it should remain small and not use internal libs.
# Python imports.
import os
import sys
def Search(path):
"""Return an iterator of lists of places to look for chromite."""
if os.path.exists('/etc/debian_chroot'):
# We're in the chroot. Chromite should be in the python path inside the
# chroot, so we don't do any searching. NOTE that we purposely don't want
# CROS_WORKON_SRCROOT in the python path.
yield []
# Look in $CROS_WORKON_SRCROOT first. The idea is that a user would set
# this manually if they wanted to specify a particular version of chromite.
if 'CROS_WORKON_SRCROOT' in os.environ:
yield [os.environ['CROS_WORKON_SRCROOT']]
# Search upward until we either end up with a blank dir or the "parent" dir
# doesn't change.
prev_path = None
while path and path != prev_path:
yield [path]
path, prev_path = os.path.dirname(path), path
for path in Search(os.getcwd()):
sys.path = path + sys.path
except ImportError, e:
# Just in case there is actually something wrong with Chromite, print
# a sensible error. We match only the end of the string so that we can
# handle an error within the chromite directory.
# The full error is 'No module named (chromite.)shell.main'
# Note: If you hit the directory containing chromite on the way up, then
# the error will be 'No module named shell.main' so we must check only the
# shell.main part.
if not str(e).endswith('shell.main'):
# We've got different modules named chromite in the tree, pulling in the
# wrong one will break the right one. So unload it.
if 'chromite' in sys.modules:
del sys.modules['chromite']
sys.path = sys.path[len(path):]
# TODO(dianders): Should we actually print out the 'repo init' call that
# the user should use?
"ERROR: Couldn't find the chromite tool.\n"
"Please change to a directory inside your Chromium OS source tree\n"
"and retry. If you need to setup a Chromium OS source tree, see:\n"