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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Utilities for managing the toolchains in the chroot."""
from __future__ import print_function
import os
import subprocess
import sys
from chromite.lib import constants
from chromite.lib import cros_build_lib
from chromite.lib import cros_logging as logging
from chromite.lib import gs
from chromite.lib import osutils
from chromite.lib import portage_util
from chromite.lib import toolchain_list
from chromite.utils import key_value_store
if cros_build_lib.IsInsideChroot():
# Only import portage after we've checked that we're inside the chroot.
# Outside may not have portage, in which case the above may not happen.
# We'll check in main() if the operation needs portage.
# pylint: disable=import-error
import portage
assert sys.version_info >= (3, 6), 'This module requires Python 3.6+'
class Error(Exception):
"""Base exception class for this module."""
class UnknownToolchainError(Error):
"""Missing a required package."""
class ToolchainInstallError(Error, cros_build_lib.RunCommandError):
"""An error when installing a toolchain."""
def __init__(self, msg, result, exception=None, tc_info=None):
"""ToolchainInstallError init.
msg (str): Error message.
result (cros_build_lib.CommandResult): The command result.
exception (Exception): The original exception.
tc_info (list): A list of the failed packages' package_info.CPVs.
super(ToolchainInstallError, self).__init__(msg, result, exception)
self.failed_toolchain_info = tc_info
def GetHostTuple():
"""Returns compiler tuple for the host system."""
return portage.settings['CHOST']
# Tree interface functions. They help with retrieving data about the current
# state of the tree:
def GetAllTargets():
"""Get the complete list of targets.
The list of cross targets for the current tree
targets = GetToolchainsForBoard('all')
# Remove the host target as that is not a cross-target. Replace with 'host'.
del targets[GetHostTuple()]
return targets
def GetToolchainsForBoard(board, buildroot=constants.SOURCE_ROOT):
"""Get a dictionary mapping toolchain targets to their options for a board.
board: board name in question (e.g. 'daisy').
buildroot: path to buildroot.
The list of toolchain tuples for the given board
overlays = portage_util.FindOverlays(
constants.BOTH_OVERLAYS, None if board in ('all', 'sdk') else board,
toolchains = toolchain_list.ToolchainList(overlays=overlays)
targets = toolchains.GetMergedToolchainSettings()
if board == 'sdk':
targets = FilterToolchains(targets, 'sdk', True)
return targets
def GetToolchainTupleForBoard(board, buildroot=constants.SOURCE_ROOT):
"""Gets a tuple for the default and non-default toolchains for a board.
board: board name in question (e.g. 'daisy').
buildroot: path to buildroot.
The tuples of toolchain targets ordered default, non-default for the board.
toolchains = GetToolchainsForBoard(board, buildroot)
return (list(FilterToolchains(toolchains, 'default', True)) +
list(FilterToolchains(toolchains, 'default', False)))
def FilterToolchains(targets, key, value):
"""Filter out targets based on their attributes.
targets: dict of toolchains
key: metadata to examine
value: expected value for metadata
dict where all targets whose metadata |key| does not match |value|
have been deleted
return dict((k, v) for k, v in targets.items() if v[key] == value)
def GetSdkURL(for_gsutil=False, suburl=''):
"""Construct a Google Storage URL for accessing SDK related archives
for_gsutil: Do you want a URL for passing to `gsutil`?
suburl: A url fragment to tack onto the end
The fully constructed URL
return gs.GetGsURL(constants.SDK_GS_BUCKET, for_gsutil=for_gsutil,
def GetArchForTarget(target):
"""Returns the arch used by the given toolchain.
target: a toolchain.
ret =['crossdev', '--show-target-cfg', target],
capture_output=True, quiet=True, encoding='utf-8')
return key_value_store.LoadData(ret.stdout).get('arch')
def InstallToolchain(sysroot, toolchain=None, force=False, configure=True):
"""Simplified entry point for the toolchain installation process."""
if not cros_build_lib.IsInsideChroot():
# Build the command to run inside the chroot instead.
cmd = [os.path.join(constants.CHROMITE_BIN_DIR, 'install_toolchain'),
'--sysroot', sysroot.path]
if toolchain:
if force:
if not configure:
cmd.append('--noconfigure'), enter_chroot=True)
envvars = portage_util.PortageqEnvvars(['CHOST', 'PKGDIR'])
installer = ToolchainInstaller(force, configure, envvars['CHOST'],
installer.Install(sysroot, board_chost=toolchain)
class ToolchainInstaller(object):
"""Sysroot toolchain installer.
This class installs the toolchain into the given sysroots.
def __init__(self, force, configure, cbuild, pkgdir):
"""ToolchainInstaller configuration.
|force| and |configure| alter the installer's behavior (details below).
|chost| and |pkgdir| are values fetched from the chroot that determine
which packages to install and how to fetch them.
force: bool - Whether to force the installation if already up to date.
configure: bool - Whether to write out the config files in the sysroot
when complete.
cbuild: str - The CHOST value of the chroot SDK itself.
pkgdir: str - The PKGDIR value of the chroot; the path at which package
archives are stored.
self.force = force
self.configure = configure
self.cbuild = cbuild
self.pkgdir = pkgdir
def Install(self, sysroot, board_chost=None):
"""Toolchain installation process.
Install most recent glibc version in the sysroot.
If the configure option passed to __init__ is True; the gcc and go packages
are listed in the sysroot's package.provided, and the glibc version is
stored in sysroot's LIBC_VERSION cached field. Otherwise all are left
Note: Must be run inside the chroot. Not currently asserted because
InstallToolchain is the preferred entry point.
sysroot: sysroot_lib.Sysroot - Must be a valid sysroot,
e.g. use setup_board to initialize one.
board_chost: str|None - The CHOST value to use for the board. If not
explicitly provided as an argument, must be set in the sysroot's
CHOST standard field.
# Determine the toolchain we'll be installing; e.g. i686-pc-linux-gnu,
# armv7a-softfloat-linux-gnueabi.
# Run `qlist -Iv cross-` inside the chroot for more examples.
chost = board_chost or sysroot.GetStandardField('CHOST')
if not chost:
raise ValueError('Toolchain not provided or specified in the sysroot.')
tc_info = ToolchainInfo(chost, self.cbuild)
if not self._NeedsInstalled(sysroot, tc_info):
# Up to date and not forced; nothing to do.'Cross-compiler already up to date. Nothing to do.')
# Verify we can install the required packages.
if not tc_info.gcc_version or not tc_info.libc_version:
raise UnknownToolchainError('Cannot find toolchain to install into board '
'root.')'Installing toolchain to the board root: %s', sysroot.path)
self._InstallLibc(sysroot, tc_info)
self._WriteConfigs(sysroot, tc_info)
self._UpdateProvided(sysroot, tc_info)
def _InstallLibc(self, sysroot, tc_info):
"""Install the libc package to the sysroot.
sysroot: sysroot_lib.Sysroot - The sysroot where it's being installed.
tc_info: ToolchainInfo - The toolchain being installed.
if not tc_info.IsCrossCompiler():
# Host and target toolchains match, install standard packages.
cmd = ['emerge', '--oneshot', '--nodeps', '-k',
'--root', sysroot.path, '=%s' % tc_info.libc_cpf]
except cros_build_lib.RunCommandError as e:
raise ToolchainInstallError(str(e), e.result, exception=e,
# They do not match, install appropriate cross-toolchain variant package.
# See ToolchainInfo for alternate package name build outs.
libc_path = os.path.join(self.pkgdir, '%s.tbz2' % tc_info.libc_cpf)
if not os.path.exists(libc_path):
# Install libc in chroot if it hasn't already been installed.
cmd = ['emerge', '--nodeps', '-gf', '=%s' % tc_info.libc_cpf]
self._ExtractLibc(sysroot,, libc_path)
except ToolchainInstallError as e:
e.failed_toolchain_info = [tc_info.libc_cpv]
raise e
def _ExtractLibc(self, sysroot, board_chost, libc_path):
"""Extract the libc archive to the sysroot.
sysroot: sysroot_lib.Sysroot - The sysroot where it's being installed.
board_chost: str - The board's CHOST value.
libc_path: str - The location of the libc archive.
compressor = cros_build_lib.FindCompressor(cros_build_lib.COMP_BZIP2)
if compressor.endswith('pbzip2'):
compressor = '%s --ignore-trailing-garbage=1' % compressor
with osutils.TempDir(sudo_rm=True) as tempdir:
# Extract to the temporary directory.
cmd = ['tar', '-I', compressor, '-xpf', libc_path, '-C', tempdir]
result = cros_build_lib.sudo_run(cmd, check=False, capture_output=True,
if result.returncode:
raise ToolchainInstallError('Error extracting libc: %s' % result.stdout,
# Sync the files to the sysroot to install.
# Trailing / on source to sync contents instead of the directory itself.
source = os.path.join(tempdir, 'usr', board_chost)
cmd = ['rsync', '--archive', '%s/' % source, '%s/' % sysroot.path]
result = cros_build_lib.sudo_run(cmd, check=False, capture_output=True,
if result.returncode:
raise ToolchainInstallError('Error installing libc: %s' % result.stdout,
# Make the debug directory.
debug_dir = os.path.join(sysroot.path, 'usr/lib/debug')
osutils.SafeMakedirs(debug_dir, sudo=True)
# Sync the debug files to the debug directory.
source = os.path.join(tempdir, 'usr/lib/debug/usr', board_chost)
cmd = ['rsync', '--archive', '%s/' % source, '%s/' % debug_dir]
result = cros_build_lib.sudo_run(cmd, check=False, capture_output=True,
if result.returncode:
logging.warning('libc debug info not copied: %s', result.stdout)
def _NeedsInstalled(self, sysroot, tc_info):
"""Check if the toolchain installation needs to be run."""
return self.force or not tc_info.LibcVersionsMatch(sysroot)
def _WriteConfigs(self, sysroot, tc_info):
"""Write out config updates."""
if self.configure:
sysroot.SetCachedField('LIBC_VERSION', tc_info.libc_version)
def _UpdateProvided(self, sysroot, tc_info):
"""Write the package.provided file."""
if self.configure:
content = '\n'.join(tc_info.sdk_cpfs)
pkg_provided = os.path.join(sysroot.path,
osutils.WriteFile(pkg_provided, content, makedirs=True, sudo=True)
class ToolchainInfo(object):
"""Class to manage some of the toolchain related information."""
# Package reference names.
_PKG_GCC = 'gcc'
_PKG_LIBC = 'glibc'
_PKG_GO = 'go'
_PKG_RPCSVC = 'rpcsvc'
# Standard group/package names.
_PKG_GCC: 'sys-devel/gcc',
_PKG_LIBC: 'sys-libs/glibc',
_PKG_GO: 'dev-lang/go',
_PKG_RPCSVC: 'net-libs/rpcsvc-proto',
def __init__(self, target, cbuild):
"""ToolchainInfo init.
target: str - The target cross-compiler tuple, i.e. the board's CHOST.
cbuild: str - The CHOST value of the chroot SDK itself.
""" = target
self.cbuild = cbuild
self._cpvs = {}
def libc_version(self):
return self._GetVersion(self._PKG_LIBC)
def libc_cpf(self):
return self._GetCPF(self._PKG_LIBC)
def libc_cpv(self):
return self._GetCPVObj(self._PKG_LIBC)
def gcc_version(self):
return self._GetVersion(self._PKG_GCC)
def gcc_cpf(self):
return self._GetCPF(self._PKG_GCC)
def go_version(self):
return self._GetVersion(self._PKG_GO)
def go_cpf(self):
return self._GetCPF(self._PKG_GO)
def rpcsvc_proto_version(self):
return self._GetVersion(self._PKG_RPCSVC)
def rpcsvc_proto_cpf(self):
return self._GetCPF(self._PKG_RPCSVC)
def sdk_cpfs(self):
"""Get the standard CPFs, i.e. the host, not necessarily the target."""
cpfs = [
'%s-%s' % (self._PACKAGES[self._PKG_GCC], self.gcc_version),
'%s-%s' % (self._PACKAGES[self._PKG_LIBC], self.libc_version),
if self.go_version:
cpfs.append('%s-%s' % (self._PACKAGES[self._PKG_GO], self.go_version))
if self.rpcsvc_proto_version:
cpfs.append('%s-%s' % (self._PACKAGES[self._PKG_RPCSVC],
return cpfs
def _GetCPVObj(self, pkg):
"""Return CPV object for the package."""
if pkg not in self._cpvs:
self._cpvs[pkg] = portage_util.PortageqMatch(self._GetCP(pkg))
return self._cpvs[pkg]
def _GetVersion(self, pkg):
"""Get version for the package."""
cpv = self._GetCPVObj(pkg)
return cpv.version if cpv else None
def _GetCP(self, pkg):
"""Returns the appropriate 'category/package' for the toolchain."""
return (self._PACKAGES[pkg] if not self.IsCrossCompiler() else
'cross-%(t)s/%(pkg)s' % {'t':, 'pkg': pkg})
def _GetCPF(self, pkg):
"""Get the full 'category/package-version-revision'."""
cpv = self._GetCPVObj(pkg)
return cpv.cpf if cpv else None
def LibcVersionsMatch(self, sysroot):
"""Check if the two libc package versions match.
sysroot: sysroot_lib.Sysroot - The sysroot whose libc version is checked.
bool - True iff same version installed in sdk and sysroot.
board_version = sysroot.GetCachedField('LIBC_VERSION')
toolchain_version = self.libc_version
return (board_version == toolchain_version and
(board_version or toolchain_version))
def IsCrossCompiler(self):
"""Whether the sdk and board chost values match."""
return self.cbuild !=