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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Library for running Chrome OS tests."""
from __future__ import print_function
import datetime
import os
import sys
from chromite.cli.cros import cros_chrome_sdk
from chromite.lib import chrome_util
from chromite.lib import constants
from chromite.lib import cros_build_lib
from chromite.lib import cros_logging as logging
from chromite.lib import device
from chromite.lib import osutils
from chromite.lib import path_util
from chromite.lib import vm
from chromite.lib.xbuddy import xbuddy
assert sys.version_info >= (3, 6), 'This module requires Python 3.6+'
class CrOSTest(object):
"""Class for running Chrome OS tests."""
def __init__(self, opts):
"""Initialize CrOSTest.
opts: command line options.
self.start_time = datetime.datetime.utcnow()
self.start_vm = opts.start_vm
self.cache_dir = opts.cache_dir
self.dryrun = opts.dryrun =
self.flash = opts.flash
self.public_image = opts.public_image
self.xbuddy = opts.xbuddy
self.deploy = opts.deploy
self.deploy_lacros = opts.deploy_lacros
self.nostrip = opts.nostrip
self.build_dir = opts.build_dir
self.mount = opts.mount
self.catapult_tests = opts.catapult_tests
self.guest = opts.guest
self.autotest = opts.autotest
self.tast = opts.tast
self.tast_vars = opts.tast_vars
self.tast_total_shards = opts.tast_total_shards
self.tast_shard_index = opts.tast_shard_index
self.results_dir = opts.results_dir
self.test_that_args = opts.test_that_args
self.test_timeout = opts.test_timeout
self.remote_cmd = opts.remote_cmd
self.host_cmd = opts.host_cmd
self.cwd = opts.cwd
self.files = opts.files
self.files_from = opts.files_from
self.as_chronos = opts.as_chronos
self.args = opts.args[1:] if opts.args else None
self.results_src = opts.results_src
self.results_dest_dir = opts.results_dest_dir
self.save_snapshot_on_failure = opts.save_snapshot_on_failure
self.chrome_test = opts.chrome_test
if self.chrome_test:
self.chrome_test_target = os.path.basename(opts.args[1])
self.chrome_test_deploy_target_dir = '/usr/local/chrome_test'
self.chrome_test_target = None
self.chrome_test_deploy_target_dir = None
self.staging_dir = None
self._device = device.Device.Create(opts)
def __del__(self):
self._StopVM()'Time elapsed: %s',
datetime.datetime.utcnow() - self.start_time)
def Run(self):
"""Start a VM, build/deploy, run tests, stop the VM."""
if self._device.should_start_vm:
returncode = self._RunTests()
return returncode
def _StartVM(self):
"""Start a VM if necessary.
If --start-vm is specified, we launch a new VM, otherwise we use an
existing VM.
if not self._device.should_start_vm:
if not self._device.IsRunning():
self.start_vm = True
if self.start_vm:
def _StopVM(self):
"""Stop the VM if necessary.
If --start-vm was specified, we launched this VM, so we now stop it.
if self._device and self.start_vm:
def _Build(self):
"""Build chrome."""
if not
build_target = self.chrome_test_target or 'chromiumos_preflight'['autoninja', '-C', self.build_dir, build_target],
def _Flash(self):
"""Flash device."""
if not self.flash:
if self.xbuddy:
xbuddy_path = self.xbuddy.format(board=self._device.board)
version = xbuddy.LATEST
if path_util.DetermineCheckout().type != path_util.CHECKOUT_TYPE_REPO:
# Try flashing to the full version of the board used in the Simple
# Chrome SDK if it's present in the cache. Otherwise default to using
# latest.
cache = self.cache_dir or path_util.GetCacheDir()
version = cros_chrome_sdk.SDKFetcher.GetCachedFullVersion(
cache, self._device.board) or version
suffix = ''
if self.public_image:
suffix = '-full'
xbuddy_path = 'xbuddy://remote/%s%s/%s' % (
self._device.board, suffix, version)
# Only considers skipping flashing if it's NOT for lacros-chrome tests
# because at this time, automated/CI tests can't assume that ash-chrome is
# left in a clean state and lacros-chrome depends on ash-chrome.
if not self.deploy_lacros:
# Skip the flash if the device is already running the requested version.
device_version = self._device.remote.version
_, _, requested_version, _ = xbuddy.XBuddy.InterpretPath(xbuddy_path)
# Split on the first "-" when comparing versions since xbuddy requires
# the RX- prefix, but the device may not advertise it.
if xbuddy.LATEST not in requested_version:
if (requested_version == device_version or
('-' in requested_version and
requested_version.split('-', 1)[1] == device_version)):
'Skipping the flash. Device running %s when %s was requested',
device_version, xbuddy_path)
device_name = 'ssh://' + self._device.device
if self._device.ssh_port:
device_name += ':' + str(self._device.ssh_port)
flash_cmd = [
os.path.join(constants.CHROMITE_BIN_DIR, 'cros'),
'--board', self._device.board,
], dryrun=self.dryrun)
def _Deploy(self):
"""Deploy binary files to device."""
if not and not self.deploy and not self.deploy_lacros:
if self.chrome_test:
def _DeployChrome(self):
"""Deploy lacros-chrome or ash-chrome."""
deploy_cmd = [
if self._device.ssh_port:
deploy_cmd += [
'%s:%d' % (self._device.device, self._device.ssh_port)
deploy_cmd += ['--device', self._device.device]
if self.cache_dir:
deploy_cmd += ['--cache-dir', self.cache_dir]
if self.deploy_lacros:
# By default, deploying lacros-chrome modifies the /etc/chrome_dev.conf
# file, which is desired behavior for local development, however, a
# modified config file interferes with automated testing.
deploy_cmd += ['--lacros', '--nostrip', '--skip-modifying-config-file']
if self._device.board:
deploy_cmd += ['--board', self._device.board]
if self.nostrip:
deploy_cmd += ['--nostrip']
if self.mount:
deploy_cmd += ['--mount'], dryrun=self.dryrun)
def _DeployChromeTest(self):
"""Deploy chrome test binary and its runtime files to device."""
src_dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.dirname(self.build_dir))
self._DeployCopyPaths(src_dir, self.chrome_test_deploy_target_dir,
self.build_dir, self.chrome_test_target))
def _DeployCopyPaths(self, host_src_dir, remote_target_dir, copy_paths):
"""Deploy files in copy_paths to device.
host_src_dir: Source dir on the host that files in |copy_paths| are
relative to.
remote_target_dir: Target dir on the remote device that the files in
|copy_paths| are copied to.
copy_paths: A list of chrome_utils.Path of files to be copied.
with osutils.TempDir(set_global=True) as tempdir:
self.staging_dir = tempdir
strip_bin = None
self.staging_dir, host_src_dir, strip_bin, copy_paths=copy_paths)
if self._device.remote.HasRsync():
'%s/' % os.path.abspath(self.staging_dir), remote_target_dir,
mode='rsync', inplace=True, compress=True, debug_level=logging.INFO)
'%s/' % os.path.abspath(self.staging_dir), remote_target_dir,
mode='scp', debug_level=logging.INFO)
def _RunCatapultTests(self):
"""Run catapult tests matching a pattern using run_tests.
cros_build_lib.CommandResult object.
browser = 'system-guest' if self.guest else 'system'
return self._device.remote_run([
'--browser=%s' % browser,
] + self.catapult_tests, stream_output=True)
def _RunAutotest(self):
"""Run an autotest using test_that.
cros_build_lib.CommandResult object.
cmd = ['test_that']
if self._device.board:
cmd += ['--board', self._device.board]
if self.results_dir:
cmd += ['--results_dir', path_util.ToChrootPath(self.results_dir)]
if self._device.private_key:
cmd += ['--ssh_private_key',
if self._device.log_level == 'debug':
cmd += ['--debug']
if self.test_that_args:
cmd += self.test_that_args[1:]
cmd += [
'--ssh_options', '-F /dev/null -i /dev/null',
if self._device.ssh_port:
cmd += ['%s:%d' % (self._device.device, self._device.ssh_port)]
cmd += [self._device.device]
cmd += self.autotest
return, dryrun=self.dryrun, enter_chroot=True)
def _RunTastTests(self):
"""Run Tast tests.
cros_build_lib.CommandResult object.
# Try using the Tast binaries that the SimpleChrome SDK downloads
# automatically.
tast_cache_dir = cros_chrome_sdk.SDKFetcher.GetCachePath(
'chromeos-base', self.cache_dir, self._device.board)
if tast_cache_dir:
tast_bin_dir = os.path.join(tast_cache_dir, 'tast-cmd', 'usr', 'bin')
cmd = [os.path.join(tast_bin_dir, 'tast')]
need_chroot = False
# Silently fall back to using the chroot if there's no SimpleChrome SDK
# present.
cmd = ['tast']
need_chroot = True
if self._device.log_level == 'debug':
cmd += ['-verbose']
cmd += ['run', '-build=false', '-waituntilready',]
# If the tests are not informational, then fail on test failure.
# TODO(dhanyaganesh@): Make this less hack-y
if '!informational' in self.tast[0]:
cmd += ['-failfortests']
if not need_chroot:
# The test runner needs to be pointed to the location of the test files
# when we're using those in the SimpleChrome cache.
remote_runner_path = os.path.join(tast_bin_dir, 'remote_test_runner')
remote_bundle_dir = os.path.join(
tast_cache_dir, 'tast-remote-tests-cros', 'usr', 'libexec', 'tast',
'bundles', 'remote')
remote_data_dir = os.path.join(
tast_cache_dir, 'tast-remote-tests-cros', 'usr', 'share', 'tast',
private_key = (self._device.private_key or
assert private_key, 'ssh private key not found.'
cmd += [
'-remoterunner=%s' % remote_runner_path,
'-remotebundledir=%s' % remote_bundle_dir,
'-remotedatadir=%s' % remote_data_dir,
# Tast may make calls to gsutil during the tests. If we're outside the
# chroot, we may not have gsutil on PATH. So push chromite's copy of
# gsutil onto path during the test.
gsutil_dir = constants.CHROMITE_SCRIPTS_DIR
extra_env = {'PATH': os.environ.get('PATH', '') + ':' + gsutil_dir}
extra_env = None
if self.test_timeout > 0:
cmd += ['-timeout=%d' % self.test_timeout]
# This flag is needed when running Tast tests on VMs. Note that this check
# is only true if we're handling VM start-up/tear-down ourselves for the
# duration of the test. If the caller has already launched a VM themselves
# and has pointed the '--device' arg at it, this check will be false.
if self._device.should_start_vm:
cmd += ['-extrauseflags=tast_vm']
if self.results_dir:
results_dir = self.results_dir
if need_chroot:
results_dir = path_util.ToChrootPath(self.results_dir)
cmd += ['-resultsdir', results_dir]
if self.tast_vars:
cmd += ['-var=%s' % v for v in self.tast_vars]
if self.tast_total_shards:
cmd += [
'-totalshards=%d' % self.tast_total_shards,
'-shardindex=%d' % self.tast_shard_index
if self._device.ssh_port:
cmd += ['%s:%d' % (self._device.device, self._device.ssh_port)]
cmd += [self._device.device]
cmd += self.tast
# Don't raise an exception if the command fails.
enter_chroot=need_chroot and not cros_build_lib.IsInsideChroot())
def _RunTests(self):
"""Run tests.
Run user-specified tests, catapult tests, tast tests, autotest, or the
default, vm_sanity.
Command execution return code.
if self.remote_cmd:
result = self._RunDeviceCmd()
elif self.host_cmd:
extra_env = {}
if self.build_dir:
extra_env['CHROMIUM_OUTPUT_DIR'] = self.build_dir
# Don't raise an exception if the command fails.
result =
self.args, check=False, dryrun=self.dryrun, extra_env=extra_env)
elif self.catapult_tests:
result = self._RunCatapultTests()
elif self.autotest:
result = self._RunAutotest()
elif self.tast:
result = self._RunTastTests()
elif self.chrome_test:
result = self._RunChromeTest()
result = self._device.remote_run(
['/usr/local/autotest/bin/'], stream_output=True)
name = self.args[0] if self.args else 'Test process''%s exited with status code %d.', name, result.returncode)
return result.returncode
def _MaybeSaveVMImage(self, result):
"""Tells the VM to save its image on shutdown if the test failed.
result: A cros_build_lib.CommandResult object from a test run.
if not self._device.should_start_vm or not self.save_snapshot_on_failure:
if not result.returncode:
def _FetchResults(self):
"""Fetch results files/directories."""
if not self.results_src:
for src in self.results_src:'Fetching %s to %s', src, self.results_dest_dir)
self._device.remote.CopyFromDevice(src=src, dest=self.results_dest_dir,
mode='scp', debug_level=logging.INFO)
def _RunDeviceCmd(self):
"""Run a command on the device.
Copy src files to /usr/local/cros_test/, change working directory to
self.cwd, run the command in self.args, and cleanup.
cros_build_lib.CommandResult object.
DEST_BASE = '/usr/local/cros_test'
files = FileList(self.files, self.files_from)
# Copy files, preserving the directory structure.
copy_paths = []
for f in files:
is_exe = os.path.isfile(f) and os.access(f, os.X_OK)
has_exe = False
if os.path.isdir(f):
if not f.endswith('/'):
f += '/'
for sub_dir, _, sub_files in os.walk(f):
for sub_file in sub_files:
if os.access(os.path.join(sub_dir, sub_file), os.X_OK):
has_exe = True
if has_exe:
copy_paths.append(chrome_util.Path(f, exe=is_exe or has_exe))
if copy_paths:
self._DeployCopyPaths(os.getcwd(), DEST_BASE, copy_paths)
# Make cwd an absolute path (if it isn't one) rooted in DEST_BASE.
cwd = self.cwd
if files and not (cwd and os.path.isabs(cwd)):
cwd = os.path.join(DEST_BASE, cwd) if cwd else DEST_BASE
self._device.remote_run(['mkdir', '-p', cwd])
if self.as_chronos:
# This authorizes the test ssh keys with chronos.
self._device.remote_run(['cp', '-r', '/root/.ssh/',
if files:
# The trailing ':' after the user also changes the group to the user's
# primary group.
self._device.remote_run(['chown', '-R', 'chronos:', DEST_BASE])
user = 'chronos' if self.as_chronos else None
if cwd:
# Run the remote command with cwd.
cmd = 'cd %s && %s' % (cwd, ' '.join(self.args))
# Pass shell=True because of && in the cmd.
result = self._device.remote_run(cmd, stream_output=True, shell=True,
result = self._device.remote_run(self.args, stream_output=True,
# Cleanup.
if files:
self._device.remote_run(['rm', '-rf', DEST_BASE])
return result
def _RunChromeTest(self):
# Stop UI in case the test needs to grab GPU.
self._device.remote_run('stop ui')
# Send a user activity ping to powerd to light up the display.
self._device.remote_run(['dbus-send', '--system', '--type=method_call',
# Run test.
chrome_src_dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.dirname(self.build_dir))
test_binary = os.path.relpath(
os.path.join(self.build_dir, self.chrome_test_target), chrome_src_dir)
test_args = self.args[1:]
command = 'cd %s && su chronos -c -- "%s %s"' % \
(self.chrome_test_deploy_target_dir, test_binary, ' '.join(test_args))
result = self._device.remote_run(command, stream_output=True)
return result
def ParseCommandLine(argv):
"""Parse the command line.
argv: Command arguments.
List of parsed options for CrOSTest.
parser = vm.VM.GetParser()
parser.add_argument('--start-vm', action='store_true', default=False,
help='Start a new VM before running tests.')
parser.add_argument('--catapult-tests', nargs='+',
help='Catapult test pattern to run, passed to run_tests.')
parser.add_argument('--autotest', nargs='+',
help='Autotest test pattern to run, passed to test_that.')
parser.add_argument('--tast', nargs='+',
help='Tast test pattern to run, passed to tast. '
'See go/tast-running for patterns.')
parser.add_argument('--tast-var', dest='tast_vars', action='append',
help='Runtime variables for Tast tests, and the format '
'are expected to be "key=value" pairs.')
parser.add_argument('--tast-shard-index', type=int, default=0,
help='Shard index to use when running Tast tests.')
parser.add_argument('--tast-total-shards', type=int, default=0,
help='Total number of shards when running Tast tests.')
parser.add_argument('--chrome-test', action='store_true', default=False,
help='Run chrome test on device. The first arg in the '
'remote command should be the test binary name, such as '
'interactive_ui_tests. It is used for building and '
'collecting runtime deps files.')
parser.add_argument('--guest', action='store_true', default=False,
help='Run tests in incognito mode.')
parser.add_argument('--build', action='store_true', default=False,
help='Before running tests, build chrome using ninja, '
'--build-dir must be specified.')
parser.add_argument('--build-dir', type='path',
help='Directory for building and deploying chrome.')
parser.add_argument('--flash', action='store_true', default=False,
help='Before running tests, flash the device.')
parser.add_argument('--public-image', action='store_true', default=False,
help='Flash with a public image.')
help='xbuddy link to use for flashing the device. Will '
"default to the board's version used in the cros "
'chrome-sdk if available, or "latest" otherwise.')
parser.add_argument('--deploy-lacros', action='store_true', default=False,
help='Before running tests, deploy lacros-chrome, '
'--build-dir must be specified.')
parser.add_argument('--deploy', action='store_true', default=False,
help='Before running tests, deploy ash-chrome, '
'--build-dir must be specified.')
parser.add_argument('--nostrip', action='store_true', default=False,
help="Don't strip symbols from binaries if deploying.")
parser.add_argument('--mount', action='store_true', default=False,
help='Deploy ash-chrome to the default target directory '
'and bind it to the default mount directory. Useful for '
'large ash-chrome binaries.')
# type='path' converts a relative path for cwd into an absolute one on the
# host, which we don't want.
parser.add_argument('--cwd', help='Change working directory. '
'An absolute path or a path relative to CWD on the host.')
parser.add_argument('--files', default=[], action='append',
help='Files to scp to the device.')
parser.add_argument('--files-from', type='path',
help='File with list of files to copy.')
parser.add_argument('--results-src', default=[], action='append',
help='Files/Directories to copy from '
'the device into CWD after running the test.')
parser.add_argument('--results-dest-dir', type='path',
help='Destination directory to copy results to.')
parser.add_argument('--remote-cmd', action='store_true', default=False,
help='Run a command on the device.')
parser.add_argument('--as-chronos', action='store_true',
help='Runs the remote test as the chronos user on '
'the device. Only supported for --remote-cmd tests. '
'Runs as root if not set.')
parser.add_argument('--host-cmd', action='store_true', default=False,
help='Run a command on the host.')
parser.add_argument('--results-dir', type='path',
help='Autotest results directory.')
parser.add_argument('--test_that-args', action='append_option_value',
help='Args to pass directly to test_that for autotest.')
parser.add_argument('--test-timeout', type=int, default=0,
help='Timeout for running all tests (for --tast).')
parser.add_argument('--save-snapshot-on-failure', action='store_true',
help='Save a snapshot of the VM on test failure to '
opts = parser.parse_args(argv)
if opts.device and opts.device.port and opts.ssh_port:
parser.error('Must not specify SSH port via both --ssh-port and --device.')
if opts.chrome_test:
if not opts.args:
parser.error('Must specify a test command with --chrome-test')
if not opts.build_dir:
opts.build_dir = os.path.dirname(opts.args[1])
if or opts.deploy or opts.deploy_lacros:
if not opts.build_dir:
parser.error('Must specify --build-dir with --build or --deploy.')
if not os.path.isdir(opts.build_dir):
parser.error('%s is not a directory.' % opts.build_dir)
if opts.tast_vars and not opts.tast:
parser.error('--tast-var is only applicable to Tast tests.')
if opts.deploy and opts.deploy_lacros:
parser.error('Cannot deploy lacros-chrome and ash-chrome at the same time.')
if opts.results_src:
for src in opts.results_src:
if not os.path.isabs(src):
parser.error('results-src must be absolute.')
if not opts.results_dest_dir:
parser.error('results-dest-dir must be specified with results-src.')
if opts.results_dest_dir:
if not opts.results_src:
parser.error('results-src must be specified with results-dest-dir.')
if os.path.isfile(opts.results_dest_dir):
parser.error('results-dest-dir %s is an existing file.'
% opts.results_dest_dir)
if opts.save_snapshot_on_failure and not opts.results_dest_dir:
parser.error('Must specify results-dest-dir with save-snapshot-on-failure')
# Ensure command is provided. For e.g. to copy out to the device and run
# out/unittest:
# cros_run_test --files out --cwd out --cmd -- ./unittest
# Treat --cmd as --remote-cmd.
opts.remote_cmd = opts.remote_cmd or opts.cmd
if (opts.remote_cmd or opts.host_cmd) and len(opts.args) < 2:
parser.error('Must specify test command to run.')
if opts.as_chronos and not opts.remote_cmd:
parser.error('as-chronos only supported when running test commands.')
# Verify additional args.
if opts.args:
if not opts.remote_cmd and not opts.host_cmd and not opts.chrome_test:
parser.error('Additional args may be specified with either '
'--remote-cmd or --host-cmd or --chrome-test: %s' %
if opts.args[0] != '--':
parser.error("Additional args must start with '--': %s" % opts.args)
# Verify CWD.
if opts.cwd:
if opts.cwd.startswith('..'):
parser.error('cwd cannot start with ..')
if not os.path.isabs(opts.cwd) and not opts.files and not opts.files_from:
parser.error('cwd must be an absolute path if '
'--files or --files-from is not specified')
# Verify files.
if opts.files_from:
if opts.files:
parser.error('--files and --files-from cannot both be specified')
if not os.path.isfile(opts.files_from):
parser.error('%s is not a file' % opts.files_from)
files = FileList(opts.files, opts.files_from)
for f in files:
if os.path.isabs(f):
parser.error('%s should be a relative path' % f)
# Restrict paths to under CWD on the host. See
if f.startswith('..'):
parser.error('%s cannot start with ..' % f)
if not os.path.exists(f):
parser.error('%s does not exist' % f)
# Verify Tast.
if opts.tast_shard_index or opts.tast_total_shards:
if not opts.tast:
parser.error('Can only specify --tast-total-shards and '
'--tast-shard-index with --tast.')
if opts.tast_shard_index >= opts.tast_total_shards:
parser.error('Shard index must be < total shards.')
return opts
def FileList(files, files_from):
"""Get list of files from command line args --files and --files-from.
files: files specified directly on the command line.
files_from: files specified in a file.
Contents of files_from if it exists, otherwise files.
if files_from and os.path.isfile(files_from):
with open(files_from) as f:
files = [line.rstrip() for line in f]
return files