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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2016 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""This file contains util functions for the auto-update lib."""
from __future__ import print_function
import re
import sys
from chromite.lib import cros_logging as logging
assert sys.version_info >= (3, 6), 'This module requires Python 3.6+'
def GetChromeosBuildInfo(lsb_release_content=None, regex=None):
"""Get chromeos build info in device under test as string. None on fail.
lsb_release_content: A string represents the content of lsb-release.
If the caller is from drone, it can pass in the file content here.
regex: A regular expression, refers to which line this func tries to fetch
from lsb_release_content.
A kind of chromeos build info in device under test as string. None on fail.
if not lsb_release_content or not regex:
return None
for line in lsb_release_content.split('\n'):
m = re.match(regex, line)
if m:
return None
def VersionMatch(build_version, release_version):
"""Compare release version from lsb-release with cros-version label.
build_version is a string based on build name. It is prefixed with builder
info and branch ID, e.g., lumpy-release/R43-6809.0.0.
release_version is retrieved from lsb-release.
These two values might not match exactly.
The method is designed to compare version for following 6 scenarios with
samples of build version and expected release version:
1. trybot non-release build (paladin, pre-cq or test-ap build).
build version: trybot-lumpy-paladin/R27-3837.0.0-b123
release version: 3837.0.2013_03_21_1340
2. trybot release build.
build version: trybot-lumpy-release/R27-3837.0.0-b456
release version: 3837.0.0
3. buildbot official release build.
build version: lumpy-release/R27-3837.0.0
release version: 3837.0.0
4. non-official paladin rc build.
build version: lumpy-paladin/R27-3878.0.0-rc7
release version: 3837.0.0-rc7
5. chrome-perf build.
build version: lumpy-chrome-perf/R28-3837.0.0-b2996
release version: 3837.0.0
6. pgo-generate build.
build version: lumpy-release-pgo-generate/R28-3837.0.0-b2996
release version: 3837.0.0-pgo-generate
TODO: This logic has a bug if a trybot paladin build failed to be
installed in a DUT running an older trybot paladin build with same
platform number, but different build number (-b###). So to conclusively
determine if a tryjob paladin build is imaged successfully, we may need
to find out the date string from update url.
build_version: Build name for cros version, e.g.
peppy-release/R43-6809.0.0 or R43-6809.0.0
release_version: Release version retrieved from lsb-release,
e.g., 6809.0.0
True if the values match, otherwise returns False.
# If the build is from release, CQ or PFQ builder, cros-version label must
# be ended with release version in lsb-release.
if build_version.endswith(release_version):
return True
# Remove R#- and -b# at the end of build version
stripped_version = re.sub(r'(R\d+-|-b\d+)', '', build_version)
# Trim the builder info, e.g., trybot-lumpy-paladin/
stripped_version = stripped_version.split('/')[-1]
# Add toolchain here since is_trybot_non_release_build cannot detect build
# like 'trybot-sentry-llvm-toolchain/R56-8885.0.0-b943'.
is_trybot_non_release_build = re.match(
r'.*trybot-.+-(paladin|pre-cq|test-ap|toolchain)', build_version)
# Replace date string with 0 in release_version
release_version_no_date = re.sub(r'\d{4}_\d{2}_\d{2}_\d+', '0',
has_date_string = release_version != release_version_no_date
is_pgo_generate_build = re.match(r'.+-pgo-generate', build_version)
# Remove |-pgo-generate| in release_version
release_version_no_pgo = release_version.replace('-pgo-generate', '')
has_pgo_generate = release_version != release_version_no_pgo
if is_trybot_non_release_build:
if not has_date_string:
logging.error('A trybot paladin or pre-cq build is expected. '
'Version "%s" is not a paladin or pre-cq build.',
return False
return stripped_version == release_version_no_date
elif is_pgo_generate_build:
if not has_pgo_generate:
logging.error('A pgo-generate build is expected. Version '
'"%s" is not a pgo-generate build.',
return False
return stripped_version == release_version_no_pgo
if has_date_string:
logging.error('Unexpected date found in a non trybot paladin or '
'pre-cq build.')
return False
# Versioned build, i.e., rc or release build.
return stripped_version == release_version