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#!/usr/bin/env bash
drover_c "This change needs to go to branch 9999"
echo "# Here's a commit (from some.committer) that we want to 'drover'."
run git log -n 1 --pretty=fuller
echo "# Now do the 'drover'."
pcommand git drover --branch 9999 \
--cherry-pick $(git show-ref -s pick_commit)
echo "Going to cherry-pick"
echo '"""'
output git log -n 1
echo '"""'
echo "to 9999. Continue (y/n)? y"
echo "# A cl is uploaded to rietveld, where it can be reviewed before landing."
echo "About to land on 9999. Continue (y/n)? y"
echo "# The cherry-pick cl is landed on the branch 9999."