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# Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Google OAuth2 related functions."""
from __future__ import print_function
import collections
import datetime
import functools
import httplib2
import json
import logging
import os
import subprocess2
# This is what most GAE apps require for authentication.
# Gerrit and Git on * require this scope.
# Deprecated. Use OAUTH_SCOPE_EMAIL instead.
# Mockable datetime.datetime.utcnow for testing.
def datetime_now():
return datetime.datetime.utcnow()
# OAuth access token with its expiration time (UTC datetime or None if unknown).
class AccessToken(collections.namedtuple('AccessToken', [
def needs_refresh(self):
"""True if this AccessToken should be refreshed."""
if self.expires_at is not None:
# Allow 30s of clock skew between client and backend.
return datetime_now() + datetime.timedelta(seconds=30) >= self.expires_at
# Token without expiration time never expires.
return False
class LoginRequiredError(Exception):
"""Interaction with the user is required to authenticate."""
def __init__(self, scopes=OAUTH_SCOPE_EMAIL):
msg = (
'You are not logged in. Please login first by running:\n'
' luci-auth login -scopes %s' % scopes)
super(LoginRequiredError, self).__init__(msg)
def has_luci_context_local_auth():
"""Returns whether LUCI_CONTEXT should be used for ambient authentication."""
ctx_path = os.environ.get('LUCI_CONTEXT')
if not ctx_path:
return False
with open(ctx_path) as f:
loaded = json.load(f)
except (OSError, IOError, ValueError):
return False
return loaded.get('local_auth', {}).get('default_account_id') is not None
class Authenticator(object):
"""Object that knows how to refresh access tokens when needed.
scopes: space separated oauth scopes. Defaults to OAUTH_SCOPE_EMAIL.
def __init__(self, scopes=OAUTH_SCOPE_EMAIL):
self._access_token = None
self._scopes = scopes
def has_cached_credentials(self):
"""Returns True if credentials can be obtained.
If returns False, get_access_token() later will probably ask for interactive
login by raising LoginRequiredError.
If returns True, get_access_token() won't ask for interactive login.
return bool(self._get_luci_auth_token())
def get_access_token(self):
"""Returns AccessToken, refreshing it if necessary.
LoginRequiredError if user interaction is required.
if self._access_token and not self._access_token.needs_refresh():
return self._access_token
# Token expired or missing. Maybe some other process already updated it,
# reload from the cache.
self._access_token = self._get_luci_auth_token()
if self._access_token and not self._access_token.needs_refresh():
return self._access_token
# Nope, still expired. Needs user interaction.
logging.error('Failed to create access token')
raise LoginRequiredError(self._scopes)
def authorize(self, http):
"""Monkey patches authentication logic of httplib2.Http instance.
The modified http.request method will add authentication headers to each
http: An instance of httplib2.Http.
A modified instance of http that was passed in.
# Adapted from oauth2client.OAuth2Credentials.authorize.
request_orig = http.request
def new_request(
uri, method='GET', body=None, headers=None,
headers = (headers or {}).copy()
headers['Authorization'] = 'Bearer %s' % self.get_access_token().token
return request_orig(
uri, method, body, headers, redirections, connection_type)
http.request = new_request
return http
## Private methods.
def _run_luci_auth_login(self):
"""Run luci-auth login.
AccessToken with credentials.
logging.debug('Running luci-auth login')
subprocess2.check_call(['luci-auth', 'login', '-scopes', self._scopes])
return self._get_luci_auth_token()
def _get_luci_auth_token(self):
logging.debug('Running luci-auth token')
out, err = subprocess2.check_call_out(
['luci-auth', 'token', '-scopes', self._scopes, '-json-output', '-'],
stdout=subprocess2.PIPE, stderr=subprocess2.PIPE)
logging.debug('luci-auth token stderr:\n%s', err)
token_info = json.loads(out)
return AccessToken(
except subprocess2.CalledProcessError:
return None