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  1. cos-gpu-installer-docker/
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  4. install-test-gpu.cfg

GPU Driver Installer containers for Container-Optimized OS from Google

Note: This is not an official Google product.

This repository contains scripts to build Docker containers that can be used to download, compile and install GPU drivers on Container-Optimized OS images.

How to use

Example command:

gcloud compute instances create $USER-cos-gpu-test \
    --image-family cos-stable \
    --image-project cos-cloud \
    --accelerator=type=nvidia-tesla-k80 \
    --boot-disk-size=25GB \
    --maintenance-policy=TERMINATE \
    --metadata-from-file "cos-gpu-installer-env=scripts/gpu-installer-env,user-data=install-test-gpu.cfg,run-installer-script=scripts/,run-cuda-test-script=scripts/"

The command above creates a GCE instance based on cos-stable image. Then it installs GPU driver on the instance by running a container ‘cos-gpu-installer’ which is implemented in this repository.

The GPU driver version and container image version are specified in scripts/gpu-installer-env. You can edit the file if you want to install GPU driver version or use container image other than the default.