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COS Ova Converter

COS Ova Converter is a simple interface to convert the OVA images to GCE image in a GCP project and also exports the GCE image to OVA. It is available as a Docker image.

The main motivation is to provide a simple tool for handling the OVA images during the COS preloading process using the COS Customizer as it exclusively deals with the GCE images.

How to get started

Compile COS OVA Converter


will build the COS OVA Converter application

Try COS OVA Converter

COS OVA Converter is available as a docker image (cos_ova_converter). It can be run as one of the steps in the Cloud build workflow for converting the OVA images to GCE and back to OVA from GCE images.

To convert the OVA to GCE image,

- name: 'cos-ova-converter'
  args: ['to-gce',

This will download the image specified in the input-url and creates and image with name image-name in image-project. gcs-bucket here is a workspace.

To convert the OVA from the GCE image

- name: 'cos-ova-converter'
  args: ['from-gce',

This will export the image with name source-image in image-project to destination-path as OVA. gcs-bucket here is a workspace.