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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import ConfigParser
import datetime
import json
import optparse
import os
import re
import sys
import subprocess
from errors import (VerifyException, HookFailure, PrintErrorForProject,
# C++ and friends
r".*\.c$", r".*\.cc$", r".*\.cpp$", r".*\.h$", r".*\.m$", r".*\.mm$",
r".*\.inl$", r".*\.asm$", r".*\.hxx$", r".*\.hpp$", r".*\.s$", r".*\.S$",
# Scripts
r".*\.js$", r".*\.py$", r".*\.sh$", r".*\.rb$", r".*\.pl$", r".*\.pm$",
# No extension at all, note that ALL CAPS files are black listed in
# Other
r".*\.java$", r".*\.mk$", r".*\.am$",
# avoid doing source file checks for kernel
# for ebuild trees, ignore any caches and manifest data
# ignore profiles data (like overlay-tegra2/profiles)
# ignore minified js and jquery
# Exceptions
class BadInvocation(Exception):
"""An Exception indicating a bad invocation of the program."""
# General Helpers
def _run_command(cmd, cwd=None, stderr=None):
"""Executes the passed in command and returns raw stdout output.
cmd: The command to run; should be a list of strings.
cwd: The directory to switch to for running the command.
stderr: Can be one of None (print stderr to console), subprocess.STDOUT
(combine stderr with stdout), or subprocess.PIPE (ignore stderr).
The standard out from the process.
p = subprocess.Popen(cmd, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=stderr, cwd=cwd)
return p.communicate()[0]
def _get_hooks_dir():
"""Returns the absolute path to the repohooks directory."""
if __name__ == '__main__':
# Works when file is run on its own (__file__ is defined)...
return os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__))
# We need to do this when we're run through repo. Since repo executes
# us with execfile(), we don't get __file__ defined.
cmd = ['repo', 'forall', 'chromiumos/repohooks', '-c', 'pwd']
return _run_command(cmd).strip()
def _match_regex_list(subject, expressions):
"""Try to match a list of regular expressions to a string.
subject: The string to match regexes on
expressions: A list of regular expressions to check for matches with.
Whether the passed in subject matches any of the passed in regexes.
for expr in expressions:
if (, subject)):
return True
return False
def _filter_files(files, include_list, exclude_list=[]):
"""Filter out files based on the conditions passed in.
files: list of filepaths to filter
include_list: list of regex that when matched with a file path will cause it
to be added to the output list unless the file is also matched with a
regex in the exclude_list.
exclude_list: list of regex that when matched with a file will prevent it
from being added to the output list, even if it is also matched with a
regex in the include_list.
A list of filepaths that contain files matched in the include_list and not
in the exclude_list.
filtered = []
for f in files:
if (_match_regex_list(f, include_list) and
not _match_regex_list(f, exclude_list)):
return filtered
# Git Helpers
def _get_upstream_branch():
"""Returns the upstream tracking branch of the current branch.
Error if there is no tracking branch
current_branch = _run_command(['git', 'symbolic-ref', 'HEAD']).strip()
current_branch = current_branch.replace('refs/heads/', '')
if not current_branch:
raise VerifyException('Need to be on a tracking branch')
cfg_option = 'branch.' + current_branch + '.%s'
full_upstream = _run_command(['git', 'config', cfg_option % 'merge']).strip()
remote = _run_command(['git', 'config', cfg_option % 'remote']).strip()
if not remote or not full_upstream:
raise VerifyException('Need to be on a tracking branch')
return full_upstream.replace('heads', 'remotes/' + remote)
def _get_diff(commit):
"""Returns the diff for this commit."""
return _run_command(['git', 'show', commit])
def _get_file_diff(file, commit):
"""Returns a list of (linenum, lines) tuples that the commit touched."""
output = _run_command(['git', 'show', '-p', '--no-ext-diff', commit, file])
new_lines = []
line_num = 0
for line in output.splitlines():
m = re.match(r'^@@ [0-9\,\+\-]+ \+([0-9]+)\,[0-9]+ @@', line)
if m:
line_num = int(m.groups(1)[0])
if line.startswith('+') and not line.startswith('++'):
new_lines.append((line_num, line[1:]))
if not line.startswith('-'):
line_num += 1
return new_lines
def _get_affected_files(commit):
"""Returns list of absolute filepaths that were modified/added."""
output = _run_command(['git', 'diff', '--name-status', commit + '^!'])
files = []
for statusline in output.splitlines():
m = re.match('^(\w)+\t(.+)$', statusline.rstrip())
# Ignore deleted files, and return absolute paths of files
if ([0] != 'D'):
pwd = os.getcwd()
return files
def _get_commits():
"""Returns a list of commits for this review."""
cmd = ['git', 'log', '%s..' % _get_upstream_branch(), '--format=%H']
return _run_command(cmd).split()
def _get_commit_desc(commit):
"""Returns the full commit message of a commit."""
return _run_command(['git', 'log', '--format=%s%n%n%b', commit + '^!'])
# Common Hooks
def _check_no_long_lines(project, commit):
"""Checks that there aren't any lines longer than maxlen characters in any of
the text files to be submitted.
MAX_LEN = 80
errors = []
files = _filter_files(_get_affected_files(commit),
for afile in files:
for line_num, line in _get_file_diff(afile, commit):
# Allow certain lines to exceed the maxlen rule.
if (len(line) > MAX_LEN and
not 'http://' in line and
not 'https://' in line and
not line.startswith('#define') and
not line.startswith('#include') and
not line.startswith('#import') and
not line.startswith('#pragma') and
not line.startswith('#if') and
not line.startswith('#endif')):
errors.append('%s, line %s, %s chars' % (afile, line_num, len(line)))
if len(errors) == 5: # Just show the first 5 errors.
if errors:
msg = 'Found lines longer than %s characters (first 5 shown):' % MAX_LEN
return HookFailure(msg, errors)
def _check_no_stray_whitespace(project, commit):
"""Checks that there is no stray whitespace at source lines end."""
errors = []
files = _filter_files(_get_affected_files(commit),
for afile in files:
for line_num, line in _get_file_diff(afile, commit):
if line.rstrip() != line:
errors.append('%s, line %s' % (afile, line_num))
if errors:
return HookFailure('Found line ending with white space in:', errors)
def _check_no_tabs(project, commit):
"""Checks there are no unexpanded tabs."""
errors = []
files = _filter_files(_get_affected_files(commit),
for afile in files:
for line_num, line in _get_file_diff(afile, commit):
if '\t' in line:
errors.append('%s, line %s' % (afile, line_num))
if errors:
return HookFailure('Found a tab character in:', errors)
def _check_change_has_test_field(project, commit):
"""Check for a non-empty 'TEST=' field in the commit message."""
TEST_RE = r'\nTEST=\S+'
if not, _get_commit_desc(commit)):
msg = 'Changelist description needs TEST field (after first line)'
return HookFailure(msg)
def _check_change_has_bug_field(project, commit):
"""Check for a correctly formatted 'BUG=' field in the commit message."""
BUG_RE = r'\nBUG=([Nn]one|(chrome-os-partner|chromium|chromium-os):\d+)'
if not, _get_commit_desc(commit)):
msg = ('Changelist description needs BUG field (after first line):\n'
'BUG=chromium-os:9999 (for public tracker)\n'
'BUG=chrome-os-partner:9999 (for partner tracker)\n'
'BUG=chromium:9999 (for browser tracker)\n'
return HookFailure(msg)
def _check_change_has_proper_changeid(project, commit):
"""Verify that Change-ID is present in last paragraph of commit message."""
desc = _get_commit_desc(commit)
loc = desc.rfind('\nChange-Id:')
if loc == -1 or'\n\s*\n\s*\S+', desc[loc:]):
return HookFailure('Change-Id must be in last paragraph of description.')
def _check_license(project, commit):
"""Verifies the license header."""
year = str(
r".*? Copyright \(c\) " + year + " The Chromium OS Authors\. All rights "
r"reserved\." "\n"
r".*? Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can "
r".*? found in the LICENSE file\."
license_re = re.compile(LICENSE_HEADER, re.MULTILINE)
bad_files = []
files = _filter_files(_get_affected_files(commit),
for f in files:
contents = open(f).read()
if len(contents) == 0: continue # Ignore empty files
if not
if bad_files:
return HookFailure('License must match:\n%s\n' % license_re.pattern +
'Found a bad license header in these files:',
# Project-specific hooks
def _run_checkpatch(project, commit, options=[]):
"""Runs on the given project"""
hooks_dir = _get_hooks_dir()
cmd = ['%s/' % hooks_dir] + options + ['-']
p = subprocess.Popen(cmd, stdin=subprocess.PIPE, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
output = p.communicate(_get_diff(commit))[0]
if p.returncode:
return HookFailure(' errors/warnings\n\n' + output)
def _run_checkpatch_no_tree(project, commit):
return _run_checkpatch(project, commit, ['--no-tree'])
def _run_json_check(project, commit):
"""Checks that all JSON files are syntactically valid."""
for f in _filter_files(_get_affected_files(commit), [r'.*\.json']):
except Exception, e:
return HookFailure('Invalid JSON in %s: %s' % (f, e))
# Base
# A list of hooks that are not project-specific
# A dictionary of project-specific hooks(callbacks), indexed by project name.
# dict[project] = [callback1, callback2]
"chromiumos/third_party/kernel": [_run_checkpatch],
"chromiumos/third_party/kernel-next": [_run_checkpatch],
"chromiumos/third_party/u-boot": [_run_checkpatch_no_tree],
"chromiumos/platform/u-boot-vboot-integration": [_run_checkpatch_no_tree],
"chromiumos/platform/ec": [_run_checkpatch_no_tree],
"chromeos/platform/ec-private": [_run_checkpatch_no_tree],
"chromeos/autotest-tools": [_run_json_check],
# A dictionary of flags (keys) that can appear in the config file, and the hook
# that the flag disables (value)
'stray_whitespace_check': _check_no_stray_whitespace,
'long_line_check': _check_no_long_lines,
'cros_license_check': _check_license,
'tab_check': _check_no_tabs,
def _get_disabled_hooks():
"""Returns a set of hooks disabled by the current project's config file.
Expects to be called within the project root.
SECTION = 'Hook Overrides'
config = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser()
flags = config.options(SECTION)
except ConfigParser.Error:
return set([])
disable_flags = []
for flag in flags:
if not config.getboolean(SECTION, flag): disable_flags.append(flag)
except ValueError as e:
msg = "Error parsing flag \'%s\' in %s file - " % (flag, _CONFIG_FILE)
print msg + str(e)
disabled_keys = set(_DISABLE_FLAGS.iterkeys()).intersection(disable_flags)
return set([_DISABLE_FLAGS[key] for key in disabled_keys])
def _get_project_hooks(project):
"""Returns a list of hooks that need to be run for a project.
Expects to be called from within the project root.
disabled_hooks = _get_disabled_hooks()
hooks = [hook for hook in _COMMON_HOOKS if hook not in disabled_hooks]
return hooks
def _run_project_hooks(project, proj_dir=None):
"""For each project run its project specific hook from the hooks dictionary.
project: The name of project to run hooks for.
proj_dir: If non-None, this is the directory the project is in. If None,
we'll ask repo.
Boolean value of whether any errors were ecountered while running the hooks.
if proj_dir is None:
proj_dir = _run_command(['repo', 'forall', project, '-c', 'pwd']).strip()
pwd = os.getcwd()
# hooks assume they are run from the root of the project
commit_list = _get_commits()
except VerifyException as e:
PrintErrorForProject(project, HookFailure(str(e)))
return True
hooks = _get_project_hooks(project)
error_found = False
for commit in commit_list:
error_list = []
for hook in hooks:
hook_error = hook(project, commit)
if hook_error:
error_found = True
if error_list:
PrintErrorsForCommit(project, commit, _get_commit_desc(commit),
return error_found
# Main
def main(project_list, **kwargs):
"""Main function invoked directly by repo.
This function will exit directly upon error so that repo doesn't print some
obscure error message.
project_list: List of projects to run on.
kwargs: Leave this here for forward-compatibility.
found_error = False
for project in project_list:
if _run_project_hooks(project):
found_error = True
if (found_error):
msg = ('Preupload failed due to errors in project(s). HINTS:\n'
'- To disable some source style checks, and for other hints, see '
'- To upload only current project, run \'repo upload .\'')
print >> sys.stderr, msg
def _identify_project(path):
"""Identify the repo project associated with the given path.
A string indicating what project is associated with the path passed in or
a blank string upon failure.
return _run_command(['repo', 'forall', '.', '-c', 'echo ${REPO_PROJECT}'],
stderr=subprocess.PIPE, cwd=path).strip()
def direct_main(args, verbose=False):
"""Run hooks directly (outside of the context of repo).
# Setup for doctests below.
# ...note that some tests assume that running pre-upload on this CWD is fine.
# TODO: Use mock and actually mock out _run_project_hooks() for tests.
>>> mydir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
>>> olddir = os.getcwd()
# OK to run w/ no arugments; will run with CWD.
>>> os.chdir(mydir)
>>> direct_main(['prog_name'], verbose=True)
Running hooks on chromiumos/repohooks
>>> os.chdir(olddir)
# Run specifying a dir
>>> direct_main(['prog_name', '--dir=%s' % mydir], verbose=True)
Running hooks on chromiumos/repohooks
# Not a problem to use a bogus project; we'll just get default settings.
>>> direct_main(['prog_name', '--dir=%s' % mydir, '--project=X'],verbose=True)
Running hooks on X
# Run with project but no dir
>>> os.chdir(mydir)
>>> direct_main(['prog_name', '--project=X'], verbose=True)
Running hooks on X
>>> os.chdir(olddir)
# Try with a non-git CWD
>>> os.chdir('/tmp')
>>> direct_main(['prog_name'])
Traceback (most recent call last):
BadInvocation: The current directory is not part of a git project.
# Check various bad arguments...
>>> direct_main(['prog_name', 'bogus'])
Traceback (most recent call last):
BadInvocation: Unexpected arguments: bogus
>>> direct_main(['prog_name', '--project=bogus', '--dir=bogusdir'])
Traceback (most recent call last):
BadInvocation: Invalid dir: bogusdir
>>> direct_main(['prog_name', '--project=bogus', '--dir=/tmp'])
Traceback (most recent call last):
BadInvocation: Not a git directory: /tmp
args: The value of sys.argv
0 if no pre-upload failures, 1 if failures.
BadInvocation: On some types of invocation errors.
desc = 'Run Chromium OS pre-upload hooks on changes compared to upstream.'
parser = optparse.OptionParser(description=desc)
parser.add_option('--dir', default=None,
help='The directory that the project lives in. If not '
'specified, use the git project root based on the cwd.')
parser.add_option('--project', default=None,
help='The project repo path; this can affect how the hooks '
'get run, since some hooks are project-specific. For '
'chromite this is chromiumos/chromite. If not specified, '
'the repo tool will be used to figure this out based on '
'the dir.')
opts, args = parser.parse_args(args[1:])
if args:
raise BadInvocation('Unexpected arguments: %s' % ' '.join(args))
# Check/normlaize git dir; if unspecified, we'll use the root of the git
# project from CWD
if opts.dir is None:
git_dir = _run_command(['git', 'rev-parse', '--git-dir'],
if not git_dir:
raise BadInvocation('The current directory is not part of a git project.')
opts.dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(git_dir))
elif not os.path.isdir(opts.dir):
raise BadInvocation('Invalid dir: %s' % opts.dir)
elif not os.path.isdir(os.path.join(opts.dir, '.git')):
raise BadInvocation('Not a git directory: %s' % opts.dir)
# Identify the project if it wasn't specified; this _requires_ the repo
# tool to be installed and for the project to be part of a repo checkout.
if not opts.project:
opts.project = _identify_project(opts.dir)
if not opts.project:
raise BadInvocation("Repo couldn't identify the project of %s" % opts.dir)
if verbose:
print "Running hooks on %s" % (opts.project)
found_error = _run_project_hooks(opts.project, proj_dir=opts.dir)
if found_error:
return 1
return 0
def _test():
"""Run any built-in tests."""
import doctest
if __name__ == '__main__':
if sys.argv[1:2] == ["--test"]:
exit_code = 0
prog_name = os.path.basename(sys.argv[0])
exit_code = direct_main(sys.argv)
except BadInvocation, e:
print >>sys.stderr, "%s: %s" % (prog_name, str(e))
exit_code = 1