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# Install minimal AppArmor profiles.
sec-policy/apparmor-profiles minimal
# Docker uses libapparmor, so this should have static libs included.
sys-libs/libapparmor static-libs
# Lakitu uses overlayfs graph driver in docker.
app-emulation/docker -device-mapper overlay
# Pigz is for faster docker image downloads:
app-emulation/docker pigz
# Btrfs is not supported on lakitu.
app-emulation/containerd -btrfs
# Docker uses tini, so this should be static
sys-process/tini static
# Use generated test key.
chromeos-base/chromeos-ssh-testkeys generated_ssh_key
# We don't use the few features this adds, and it avoids a circ dep.
sys-apps/util-linux -systemd
# procps' "systemd" support is nothing but the "ps" tool printing systemd units,
# which "systemd-cgls" can do. Disabling it avoids a circ dep.
sys-process/procps -systemd
# Enable full-featured vim.
app-editors/vim -minimal
# Docker uses libseccomp, so this should have static libs included.
sys-libs/libseccomp static-libs
# Build ebtables statically to prevent deps on its libraries.
net-firewall/ebtables static
# This removed dependency on libmix which is depricated and unsupported.
net-analyzer/netcat -crypt
# Enable 'poweroff', 'reboot' and other similar commands that control init.
# Disable split-usr to install units at /usr/lib
# Enable vanilla to have code aligned with gentoo, though it is not used
sys-apps/systemd sysv-utils -split-usr vanilla
# Disable systemd-logind session tracker
sys-auth/pambase -systemd
# Disable PAM for busybox, because it conflicts with 'static' use flag.
sys-apps/busybox -pam static
# The JavaScript SSH client implementation on GCE developer console
# ('ssh-in-browser') does not handle HPN-capable server very well, so disable
# HPN support in OpenSSH (b/64450408).
net-misc/openssh -hpn
# Enable warmstarts for rpcbind because if systemd is enabled it
# requires warmstarts flag to be enabled
net-nds/rpcbind warmstarts
# Disable oobe_config to avoid surprising users (b/112722312).
chromeos-base/chromeos-installer -oobe_config
# Disable metrics daemon.
chromeos-base/metrics -passive_metrics
# Disable kernel module signing and lockdown for dump capture kernel.
sys-kernel/dump-capture-kernel -module_sign -lockdown
# Enable full lvm2 install.
sys-fs/lvm2 -device-mapper-only
# Enable virtio balloon driver.
sys-kernel/lakitu-kernel-5_4 virtio_balloon
# Out-of-tree kernel module should use the same compiler as kernel.
sys-apps/loadpin-trigger clang
# TODO(b/117936434): Drop these once packages have migrated to Python 3.
app-admin/compute-image-packages python_targets_python2_7
app-admin/sosreport python_targets_python2_7
sys-process/audit python_targets_python2_7