OWNERS: Remove `*` approval

Adding `*` to OWNERS makes Rubber Stamper not work for cherry-picks, so
we transition to something else. While coreboot and depthcharge
responsibilities are so distributed that it probably still makes sense
to allow the whole firmware team to approve (see CL:3687245 and
CL:3687246), vboot is not as platform-specific and it seems that we
mostly have a tighter group of contributors. Looking at the recent
commits, it seems that pretty much every patch was approved by one of
the existing explicitly-mentioned owners anyway, so I think it makes
sense to reduce ownership to that set. (Note that the scripts/
subdirectory already has its own additional OWNERS file managed by the
infra team, so we don't necessarily need to cover that.)


Signed-off-by: Julius Werner <jwerner@chromium.org>
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