Makefile: coverage: Fix build failure

Currently, make coverage is broken due to two issues:

1. The optimization option -O0 ignores the inline specifier in
   firmware/2lib/2sha256_x86.c:46 and 52. This will violate the
   compile-time constraint "i" and cause a build failure.

Fix this issue by using -Og instead of -O0.

2. The coverage_html requires ${COV_INFO}.* files which are generated in
   coverage_init and runtests. We need to add prerequisites to prevent
   potential errors while running with "-j".

TEST=make clean && COV=1 make coverage -j

Signed-off-by: Hsuan Ting Chen <>
Change-Id: If1f9de1dbc56f36afead9045c1f95349a5fa156c
Reviewed-by: Yu-Ping Wu <>
1 file changed