crossystem: support driver-level TPM2.0 simulator

After implemented the driver-level TPM2.0 simulator on VM boards, the
mount-encrypted would use the vTPM to encrypted the file system.
We would need to remove the TPM simulator NVChip when we want to
hard reset the TPM on VM.
And we don't need to remove the mount-encrypted key after we landed
the driver-level TPM simulator on all VM boards.

TEST=crossystem clear_tpm_owner_request=1
TEST=crossystem clear_tpm_owner_request // showing the right value

Cq-Depend: chromium:2576865, chromium:2638953
Signed-off-by: Yi Chou <>
Change-Id: Iba2c9b93ed9e558a9163542dfc1fbcb738c1d83d
Reviewed-by: Joel Kitching <>
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