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/* Copyright 2015 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
* We centralize option parsing but may split operations into multiple files,
* so let's declare the option structures in a single place (here).
#include <stdint.h>
#include "2rsa.h"
#include "file_type.h"
struct vb2_private_key;
struct vb21_packed_key;
struct show_option_s {
struct vb2_public_key *k;
uint8_t *fv;
uint64_t fv_size;
uint32_t padding;
int strict;
int t_flag;
enum futil_file_type type;
struct vb21_packed_key *pkey;
uint32_t sig_size;
extern struct show_option_s show_option;
struct sign_option_s {
struct vb2_private_key *signprivate;
struct vb2_keyblock *keyblock;
struct vb2_packed_key *kernel_subkey;
struct vb2_private_key *devsignprivate;
struct vb2_keyblock *devkeyblock;
uint32_t version;
int version_specified;
uint32_t flags;
int flags_specified;
char *loemdir;
char *loemid;
uint8_t *bootloader_data;
uint64_t bootloader_size;
uint8_t *config_data;
uint32_t config_size;
enum arch_t arch;
int fv_specified;
uint32_t kloadaddr;
uint32_t padding;
int vblockonly;
char *outfile;
int create_new_outfile;
int inout_file_count;
char *pem_signpriv;
int pem_algo_specified;
uint32_t pem_algo;
char *pem_external;
enum futil_file_type type;
enum vb2_hash_algorithm hash_alg;
uint32_t ro_size, rw_size;
uint32_t ro_offset, rw_offset;
uint32_t data_size, sig_size;
struct vb2_private_key *prikey;
extern struct sign_option_s sign_option;