futility: updater: support /firmware as a raw archive

For early bring up and the lab deployment, the developers need a simple
way to update the firmware directly from the build artifacts (either
from CPFE firmware archives or /build/$BOARD/firmware) before the
firmware is pinned and available via chromeos-firmwareupdate.

To simplify the process, we want the updater to understand the layout of
files in /firmware. This change supports that as "raw archive" so
developers can update by:

  # Verify what's available.
  futility update -a /build/$BOARD/firmware --manifest

  # Update the firmware for a specific model.
  futility update -a /build/$BOARD/firmware --model $MODEL

  # On DUT, detect the model and update the firmware.
  mkdir /tmp/firmware
  tar -xvf firmware.tbz -C /tmp/firmware
  futility update -a /tmp/firmware

TEST=make; run tests

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