vboot: standardize legacy boot and altfw terminology

Standardize on the term "altfw" (short form) and
"alternate bootloader" (long form) in both code and

Remove the VbAltFwIndex_t enum, and replace with a
simple uint32_t.

Rename VbExLegacy to vb2ex_run_altfw, and move
to vboot2 namespace.

Rename crossystem param dev_boot_legacy to
dev_boot_altfw, but leave an alias.

Rename crossystem param dev_default_boot value
from legacy to altfw, but leave an alias.

TEST=make clean && make runtests
TEST=emerge vboot_reference and check output for:
     crossystem dev_boot_legacy=0
     crossystem dev_boot_altfw=0
     crossystem dev_default_boot=legacy
     crossystem dev_default_boot=altfw

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