2kernel: Add vb2api_kernel_phase2 and vb2api_normal_boot

Extract the middle part of VbSelectAndLoadKernel as vb2api_kernel_phase2
and call it from VbSelectAndLoadKernel. Also, remove vb2_nv_init in
VbSelectAndLoadKernel. Furthermore, publicize vb2_normal_boot as
vb2api_normal_boot in preparation for moving the content of
VbSelectAndLoadKernel to depthcharge. Besides, when NO_BOOT is set,
manual recovery should be disallowed (unless
VB2_GBB_FLAG_FORCE_MANUAL_RECOVERY is set). Therefore, print the NO_BOOT
debug log only for the broken screen case.

TEST=make runtests

Signed-off-by: Hsin-Te Yuan <yuanhsinte@google.com>
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