vboot: Move `vb2_fw_result` definition from 2nvstorage.h to 2api.h

This patch moves the `vb2_fw_result` enum definition from 2nvstorage.h
to 2api.h as 2api.h is the only header file which is getting included
by the vb2_api.h.

The direction is to keep all required data structure needed by coreboot
inside 2api.h only.

The follow-up patch would like to implement a new API which would allow
to get the slot information and vboot logic as part of coreboot will
call into this API to retrieve this info prior storing into the elog
while booting.

TEST=Able to compile the Google/Kano board using the emerge command.

Signed-off-by: Subrata Banik <subratabanik@google.com>
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