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.TH fsck_ext2fs 8 2006-07-02 "Matthias Andree" "FreeBSD Ports"
.\" fsck_ext2fs.8 - manual page for fsck_ext2fs wrapper
.\" (C) Copyright 2006 by Matthias Andree <>
.\" License: This file may be redistributed in accordance with the terms
.\" of the GNU General Public License v2.
.\" Upstream $Id: fsck_ext2fs.8,v 1.3 2006/07/02 11:45:21 emma Exp $
.\" $FreeBSD: ports/sysutils/e2fsprogs/files/fsck_ext2fs.8,v 1.1 2006/07/04 15:47:51 leeym Exp $
.B fsck_ext2fs
\- compatibility wrapper for e2fsck
.B fsck_ext2fs
[\fB\-Fpfnyv\fR] [\fB\-b\fR \fIblock\fR]
\fBfsck_ext2fs\fR maps the traditional FreeBSD \fBfsck_ffs\fR options to
options with the same functionality for \fBe2fsck,\fR runs \fBe2fsck\fR
and then maps its exit status to values that FreeBSD understands.
\fBe2fsck\fR is a utility to check and repair ext2 and ext3 file
.IP \fB\-F\fR
(check foreground mode required) Immediately exits with status 1 to tell
\fBfsck\fR that ext2fs cannot be checked in the background. \fBfsck\fR
usually runs \fBfsck_*\fR programs twice, first with \fB\-F\fR to find
out if they can do background checking, then either immediately without
\fB\-F\fR for foreground checking or deferred in the background with
.IP \fB\-p\fR
(preen mode) This option suppresses adding the \fB\-f\fR option (unless
\fB\-f\fR is also given) and adds the \fB\-p\fR option to the
\fBe2fsck\fR command line. This causes \fBe2fsck\fR to automatically fix
any filesystem problems that can safely be fixed without operator
intervention. Without this option given, \fBe2fsck\fR will be run with
the \fB\-f\fR option to force a check, since interactive scan and repair
mode is the default on FreeBSD, but not on Linux where \fBe2fsck\fR
comes from.
.IP \fB\-f\fR
(force check) This option forces the check of a clean file system while
preening and is passed to \fBe2fsck\fR verbatim.
.IP \fB\-n\fR
("no" mode) This option causes the file system to be opened in read-only
mode and assume "no" as answer to all questions. This is the only way to
safely run \fBfsck\fR on a mounted ext2 or ext3 file system. This option
is passed to \fBe2fsck\fR verbatim.
.IP \fB\-y\fR
("yes" mode) This option is passed verbatim to \fBe2fsck\fR and causes
it to assume "yes" as answer to all questions. This allows the
non-interactive use of e2fsck but is rather aggressive. Use with care.
.IP \fB\-v\fR
(verbose output) This option is passed verbatim to \fBe2fsck\fR and
causes it to verbosely report its progress.
.IP "\fB\-b\fR \fIblock\fR"
(use alternate super block) This option is passed verbatim to
\fBe2fsck\fR and selects an alternate super block, for use when the
primary super block has been damaged. Please see the \fBe2fsck\fR(8)
manual page for details.
If errors remain after \fBe2fsck\fR, an invalid option or too many
options have been specified, \fBe2fsck\fR was killed with a signal or
the \fIfork\fB system call failed, \fBfsck_ext2fs\fR exits with status
EXIT_FAILURE (usually 1). If \fBe2fsck\fR cannot be started, exits with
status 127. If the file system is clean after \fBe2fsck\fR operation,
exits with status EXIT_SUCCESS (0).
This utility is merely meant as an adaptor so that \fBe2fsck\fR can be
run during the boot process, it does not support all options that
\fBe2fsck\fR offers. If you need one of its advanced options, please run
\fBe2fsck\fR directly.
.I /sbin/e2fsck
is the location of the \fBe2fsck\fR program to run.
Matthias Andree <> wrote the program and this
manual page.
The FreeBSD 6.1 command line interface for \fBfsck_ufs\fR(8).
.BR fsck (8),
.BR e2fsck (8)
.BR fsck_ufs (8).