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<!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "">
<name>Martin Väth</name>
<description>Upstream developer, assign bugs</description>
<name>Michael Weber</name>
<flag name="debug">Build with upstream's CXXFLAGS/LDFLAGS for debugging support; not recommended for normal use.</flag>
<flag name="dep">Make DEP=true the default which enables support for {,R,P}DEPEND but requires roughly double disk and memory.</flag>
<flag name="doc">Create description of the eix cache file additionally in html format</flag>
<flag name="optimization">Accept upstream's choices for CXXFLAGS/LDFLAGS for optimization. Absense of this USE flag does not strip user's *FLAGS</flag>
<flag name="security">This adds some checks which can prevent certain exploits if e.g. the eix code has a bug. If you use the hardened toolchain, using this flag does not increase security and can even lead to problems.</flag>
<flag name="strong-optimization">Adds several more agressive CXXFLAGS/LDFLAGS for optimization like graphite (if available). May cause trouble with some buggy compiler versions. Absense of this USE flag does not strip user's *FLAGS</flag>
<flag name="strong-security">Add many checks to prevent exploits if eix code has a bug. This will slow down eix considerably. Use only if you are paranoid or have reasons to suspect a bug.</flag>
<flag name="sqlite">Compile in support for portage's sqlite backend; to actually use it you need additional configuration of portage and eix</flag>
<flag name="swap-remote">Swap role of remote addresses in eix-remote, making the data from the first choice.</flag>
<flag name="tools">Create separate binary for script helper tools; useful if they are called extremely often</flag>