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# Copyright 1999-2013 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/profiles/desc/xtables_addons.desc,v 1.5 2013/06/03 21:20:15 jer Exp $
# This file contains descriptions of XTABLES_ADDONS USE-EXPANDED variables.
# Keep it sorted.
account - ACCOUNT target is a high performance accounting system for large local networks
chaos - CHAOS target causes confusion on the other end by doing odd things with incoming packets
checksum - CHECKSUM target computes and fills in the checksum in a packet that lacks a checksum
condition - matches if a specific condition variable is (un)set
delude - DELUDE target will reply to a SYN packet with SYN-ACK, and to all other packets with an RST
dhcpmac - DHCPMAC target/match in conjunction with ebtables can be used to completely change all MAC addresses from and to a VMware-based virtual machine
dnetmap - DNETMAP target allows dynamic two-way 1:1 mapping of IPv4 subnets
echo - ECHO target sends back all packets it received
fuzzy - matches a rate limit based on a fuzzy logic controller (FLC)
geoip - match a packet by its source or destination country
gradm - match packets based on grsecurity RBAC status
iface - match allows to check interface states
ipmark - IPMARK target allows mark a received packet basing on its IP address
ipp2p - matches certain packets in P2P flows
ipset - enables build of ipset related modules and tools
ipset4 - enables build of ipset-4.x related modules and tools
ipset6 - enables build of ipset-6.x related modules and tools
ipv4options - match against a set of IPv4 header options
length2 - matches the length of a packet against a specific value or range of values
logmark - LOGMARK target will log packet and connection marks to syslog
lscan - match detects simple low-level scan attemps based upon the packet's contents
quota2 - match implements a named counter which can be increased or decreased on a per-match basis
pknock - match implements so-called "port knocking", a stealthy system for network authentication
psd - match attempts to detect TCP and UDP port scans (derived from Solar Designer's scanlogd)
rawnat - The RAWSNAT and RAWDNAT targets provide stateless network address translation
steal - STEAL target is like DROP, but does not throw an error when used in the OUTPUT chain
sysrq - SYSRQ target allows to remotely trigger sysrq on the local machine over the network
tarpit - TARPIT target captures and holds incoming TCP connections using no local per-connection resources
tee - TEE target will clone a packet and redirect this clone to another machine on the local network segment