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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "">
<maintainer type="person">
<name>Mikle Kolyada</name>
<longdescription>A full-featured web proxy cache</longdescription>
<flag name="ecap">Adds support for loadable content adaptation modules
<flag name="esi">Enable ESI for accelerators, will cause squid reverse proxies
to be capable of the Edge Acceleration Specification (</flag>
<flag name="htcp">Enable HTCP protocol</flag>
<flag name="ipf-transparent">Adds transparent proxy support for systems
using IP-Filter (only for *bsd)</flag>
<flag name="logrotate">Use <pkg>app-admin/logrotate</pkg> for rotating
<flag name="kqueue">Enables *BSD kqueue() support</flag>
<flag name="pf-transparent">Adds transparent proxy support for systems using
PF (only for *bsd)</flag>
<flag name="qos">Adds support for Quality of Service using netfilter conntrack
- see qos_flow directive for more info</flag>
<flag name="ssl-crtd">Adds support for dynamic SSL certificate generation in
SslBump environments</flag>
<flag name="tproxy">Enables real Transparent Proxy support for Linux Netfilter
<flag name="wccp">Enable Web Cache Coordination Protocol</flag>
<flag name="wccpv2">Enable Web Cache Coordination V2 Protocol</flag>