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# This file is deprecated as per GLEP 56 in favor of metadata.xml. Please add
# your descriptions to your package's metadata.xml ONLY.
# * generated automatically using egencache *
app-accessibility/brltty:api - build brltty's application program interface
app-accessibility/brltty:beeper - support the console tone generator
app-accessibility/brltty:contracted-braille - support in-line contracted braille
app-accessibility/brltty:fm - support for the sound card synthesizer
app-accessibility/brltty:learn-mode - support for interactive command learn mode
app-accessibility/brltty:midi - support the musical instrument digital interface
app-accessibility/brltty:pcm - support for sound card digital audio
app-accessibility/brltty:speech - speech support
app-accessibility/eflite:16k_voice - Use a higher-quality voice.
app-accessibility/emacspeak:espeak - Adds support for the espeak tts engine
app-accessibility/festival-it:mbrola - Adds support for mbrola voices
app-accessibility/freetts:jsapi - build Java Speech API (JSAPI)
app-accessibility/freetts:mbrola - Adds support for mbrola voices
app-accessibility/gnome-speech:espeak - Adds support for the espeak speech driver (default)
app-accessibility/gnome-speech:festival - Adds support for the festival speech driver
app-accessibility/simon:kdepim - Use kde-base/kdepimlibs
app-accessibility/simon:opencv - Use media-libs/opencv
app-accessibility/simon:sphinx - Build sphinx backend (pulls app-accessibility/julius if disabled
app-accessibility/speech-dispatcher:espeak - Adds support for espeak speech engine
app-accessibility/speech-dispatcher:flite - Adds support for flite speech engine
app-accessibility/speechd-el:brltty - brltty support
app-admin/bcfg2:cheetah - Include dev-python/cheetah support
app-admin/bcfg2:genshi - Include dev-python/genshi support
app-admin/bcfg2:server - Installs scripts to be used on the server-side of this app
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_aggregation - Build the aggregation plugin (aggregate multiplte values into a single value)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_apache - Build the apache input plugin (transferred bytes, handled requests, detailed scoreboard statistics)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_apcups - Build the apcups input plugin (UPS charge, load, input/output/battery voltage, etc.)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_ascent - Build the ascent input plugin (statistics about a free server for World of Warcraft)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_battery - Build the battery input plugin (charge, current and voltage of ACPI and PMU based laptop batteries)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_bind - Build the bind input plugin (name server and resolver statistics)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_cgroups - Build the cgroups CPU accounting collection plugin
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_conntrack - Build the conntrack input plugin (number of nf_conntrack entries)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_contextswitch - Build the contextswitch input plugin (number of context switches done by the operating system)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_cpu - Build the cpu input plugin (time spent in the system, user, nice, idle, and related states)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_cpufreq - Build the cpufreq input plugin (CPU frequency, for laptops with speedstep or similar)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_csv - Build the csv output plugin (write to comma separated values (CSV) files)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_curl - Build the curl input plugin (parse statistics from websites using regular expressions)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_curl_json - Build the curl_json input plugin (get json data via curl and parse it)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_curl_xml - Build the curl_xml input plugin (get xml data via curl and parse it)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_dbi - Build the dbi input plugin (execute SQL statements on databases and interpret the reply)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_df - Build the df input plugin (mountpoint usage)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_disk - Build the disk input plugin (sectors read/written, number of read/write actions, average completion time of IO-operations)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_dns - Build the dns input plugin (collects statistics of your DNS traffic on port udp/53)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_email - Build the email input plugin (opens a UNIX domain socket and starts accepting connections on that socket)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_entropy - Build the entropy input plugin (available entropy on a system)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_ethstat - Build the ethstat input plugin (performance statistics of Linux ethernet cards)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_exec - Build the exec input/output plugin (executes scripts / applications and reads values back)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_filecount - Build the filecount input plugin (countd the number of files in a directory and all its subdirectories)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_fscache - Build the fscache input plugin (information about the caching infrastructure for network file-systems etc)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_gmond - Build the gmond input plugin (receive data from gmond, the client daemon of the Ganglia project)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_hddtemp - Build the hddtemp input plugin (temperature of hard disks)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_interface - Build the interface input plugin (information about traffic, packets and errors of interfaces)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_ipmi - Build the ipmi input plugin (read hardware sensors from servers using the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI))
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_iptables - Build the iptables input plugin (statistics from a ip_tables based packet filter)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_irq - Build the irq input plugin (number of times each interrupt has been handled by the os)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_java - Build the java input plugin (embeds a JVM into collectd for writing plugins)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_libvirt - Build the libvirt input plugin (statistics about virtualized guests on a system)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_load - Build the load input plugin (system load)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_logfile - Build the logfile output plugin (writes log messages to a text file)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_lvm - Build the LVM input plugin
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_madwifi - Build the madwifi input plugin (information about Atheros wireless LAN chipsets)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_match_empty_counter - Build the match_empty_counter filter plugin
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_match_hashed - Build the match_hashed filter plugin
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_match_regex - Build the match_regex filter plugin
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_match_timediff - Build the match_timediff filter plugin
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_match_value - Build the match_value filter plugin
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_mbmon - Build the mbmon input plugin (information from mainboard sensors)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_md - Build the md input plugin (disk states in Linux md devices)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_memcachec - Build the memcachec input plugin (connects to a memcached server)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_memcached - Build the memcached input plugin (connects to a memcached daemon)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_memory - Build the memory input plugin (physical memory utilization)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_multimeter - Build the multimeter input plugin (reads a voltage or current from a multimeter connected to a serial bus)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_mysql - Build the mysql input plugin (connects to an MySQL-database and issues a SHOW STATUS command)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_netlink - Build the netlink input plugin (opens a netlink socket to the Linux kernel for getting statistics)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_network - Build the network input/output plugin (communicates with other instances of collectd)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_nfs - Build the nfs input plugin (usage of the Network File System)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_nginx - Build the nginx input plugin (number of requests handled by the nginx daemon)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_notify_desktop - Build the notify_desktop output plugin (uses libnotify to display notifications to the user)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_notify_email - Build the notify_email output plugin (uses libESMTP to send notifications to a configured email address)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_ntpd - Build the ntpd input plugin (queries an NTP server)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_numa - Build the numa input plugin (statistics of the Linux Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) subsystem)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_nut - Build the nut input plugin (collects UPS statistics using the Network UPS Tools)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_olsrd - Build the olsrd input plugin (reads information about the Optimized Link State Routing daemon)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_onewire - Build the onewire input plugin (collects temperature information from sensors)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_openvpn - Build the openvpn input plugin (reads the status file printed by OpenVPN)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_oracle - Build the oracle input plugin (SQL-queries one or more Oracle database systems)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_perl - Build the perl language binding plugin (embeds a Perl interpreter into collectd for writing plugins)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_ping - Build the ping input plugin (measures network latency)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_postgresql - Build the postgresql input plugin (connects to and executes SQL statements on a PostgreSQL database)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_powerdns - Build the powerdns input plugin (connects to a local PowerDNS instance)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_processes - Build the processes input plugin (statistics about processes)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_protocols - Build the protocols input plugin (network protocols)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_python - Build the python language binding plugin (embeds a Python interpreter into collectd for writing plugins)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_routeros - Build the routeros input plugin (collect information on devices running RouterOS)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_rrdcached - Build the rrdcached input/output plugin (connects to rrdcached and submits updates for RRD files)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_rrdtool - Build the rrdtool output plugin (writes values to RRD-files)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_sensors - Build the sensors input plugin (uses lm-sensors to read hardware sensors)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_serial - Build the serial input plugin (collects the traffic on serial interfaces)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_snmp - Build the snmp input plugin (read values from network devices using SNMP)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_statsd - Build the statsd input plugin (accepts statsd-type metrics from a UDP socket)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_swap - Build the swap input plugin (amount of memory currently written to swap)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_syslog - Build the syslog output plugin (receives messages from collectd and dispatches them to syslog)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_table - Build the table input plugin (parses table-like structured plain text)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_tail - Build the tail input plugin (follows logfiles as e.g. tail -f)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_target_notification - Build the target_notification filter plugin
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_target_replace - Build the target_replace filter plugin
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_target_scale - Build the target_scale filter plugin
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_target_set - Build the target_set filter plugin
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_tcpconns - Build the tcpconns input plugin (number of TCP connections to or from a specified port)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_teamspeak2 - Build the teamspeak2 input plugin (collects traffic statistics from a teamspeak2 instance)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_ted - Build the ted input plugin (connects to The Energy Detective and reads the current power over connected power lines)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_thermal - Build the thermal input plugin (ACPI thermal zone information)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_threshold - Build the threshold plugin (checks values against configured thresholds and creates notifications if values are out of bounds)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_tokyotyrant - Build the tokyotyrant input plugin (number of records and file size from a running Tokyo Tyrant server)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_unixsock - Build the unixsock output plugin (opens a UNIX domain socket and accepts connections)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_uptime - Build the uptime input plugin (system uptime)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_users - Build the users input plugin (number of users currently logged in)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_uuid - Build the uuid plugin (tries hard to determine the UUID of the system it is running on)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_varnish - Build the varnish input plugin
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_vmem - Build the vmem input plugin (information about the virtual memory subsystem)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_vserver - Build the vserver input plugin (virtual servers running on a system)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_wireless - Build the wireless input plugin (signal quality, signal power and signal-to-noise ratio for wireless LAN cards)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_write_graphite - Build the write_graphite output plugin (sends the values collected by collectd to Carbon, the storage layer of the Graphite time-series database)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_write_http - Build the write_http output plugin (sends the values collected by collectd to a web-server)
app-admin/collectd:collectd_plugins_write_mongodb - Build the write_mongodb output plugin (sends the values collected by collectd to a MongoDB)
app-admin/collectd:contrib - Install user-contributed files in the doc directory
app-admin/conky:apcupsd - enable support for sys-power/apcupsd
app-admin/conky:audacious - enable monitoring of music played by media-sound/audacious
app-admin/conky:eve - enable support for the eve-online skill monitor
app-admin/conky:iostats - enable support for per-task I/O statistics
app-admin/conky:lua - enable if you want Lua scripting support
app-admin/conky:lua-cairo - enable if you want Lua Cairo bindings for Conky (also enables lua support)
app-admin/conky:lua-imlib - enable if you want Lua Imlib2 bindings for Conky (also enables lua and imlib support)
app-admin/conky:math - enable support for glibc's libm math library
app-admin/conky:moc - enable monitoring of music played by media-sound/moc
app-admin/conky:mpd - enable monitoring of music controlled by media-sound/mpd
app-admin/conky:nano-syntax - enable syntax highlighting for app-editors/nano
app-admin/conky:nvidia - enable reading of nvidia card temperature sensors via media-video/nvidia-settings
app-admin/conky:portmon - enable support for tcp (ip4) port monitoring
app-admin/conky:thinkpad - enable support for IBM/Lenovo notebooks
app-admin/conky:weather-metar - enable support for metar weather service
app-admin/conky:weather-xoap - enable support for metar and xoap weather service
app-admin/conky:xmms2 - enable monitoring of music played by media-sound/xmms2
app-admin/diradm:automount - Support for automount data in LDAP
app-admin/diradm:irixpasswd - Support for storing separate IRIX passwords
app-admin/elektra:gcov - Enable coverage support
app-admin/elektra:simpleini - Enable simpleini support
app-admin/elektra:yajl - Enable yajl support
app-admin/eselect-php:fpm - Enable the FastCGI Process Manager SAPI
app-admin/gkrellm:X - Build both the X11 gui (gkrellm) and the server (gkrellmd). Disabling this flag builds the server only.
app-admin/gkrellm:gnutls - Enable SSL support for mail checking with net-libs/gnutls (overrides 'ssl' USE flag)
app-admin/gkrellm:hddtemp - Enable monitoring harddrive temperatures via app-admin/hddtemp
app-admin/gkrellm:lm_sensors - Enable monitoring sensors via sys-apps/lm_sensors
app-admin/gkrellm:ntlm - Enable NTLM authentication for mail checking with net-libs/libntlm
app-admin/gkrellm:ssl - Enable SSL support for mail checking with dev-libs/openssl
app-admin/glance:swift - Adds swift storage support
app-admin/gnome-system-tools:nfs - Adds support for NFS shares
app-admin/gtkdiskfree:gtk3 - Use GTK+3 instead of 2
app-admin/hddtemp:network-cron - Monthly cronjob to update hddtemp.db.
app-admin/keepass:aot - Generate native code at build time, rather than runtime.
app-admin/lcap:lids - If you have the Linux Intrusion Detection System
app-admin/logrotate:acl - Installs acl support
app-admin/logrotate:selinux - Installs Security Enhanced Linux support
app-admin/matter:entropy - Add Entropy support
app-admin/mcollective:client - Install client utilities
app-admin/openrc-settingsd:systemd - Use the versions of dbus and polkit files provided by sys-apps/systemd
app-admin/packagekit-base:cron - Install cron script for auto-update
app-admin/packagekit-base:entropy - Enable Entropy backend
app-admin/packagekit-base:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection Enable introspection
app-admin/packagekit-base:pm-utils - Add pm-utils (suspend/resume) functionalities
app-admin/pass:X - Use x11-misc/xclip to copy passwords to the clipboard.
app-admin/pass:fish-completion - Enable fish completion support.
app-admin/pass:git - Use dev-vcs/git for password revisions.
app-admin/puppet:augeas - Enable augeas support
app-admin/puppet:diff - Enable diff support
app-admin/puppet:rrdtool - Enable rrdtool support
app-admin/puppet:shadow - Enable shadow support
app-admin/rsyslog:extras - Add support for the UDP spoofing module (omudpspoof) using net-libs/libnet
app-admin/rsyslog:relp - Add support for the Reliable Event Logging Protocol using dev-libs/librelp
app-admin/rsyslog:zeromq - Add support for the ZeroMQ input and output plugins using net-libs/zeromq
app-admin/sagan:libdnet - Add support for dev-libs/libdnet
app-admin/sagan:lognorm - Add support for log/rules normalizations via dev-libs/liblognorm
app-admin/sagan:pcap - Add support for network packet capture via net-libs/libpcap
app-admin/sagan:smtp - Build witch SMTP (E-Mail) support
app-admin/sagan:snort - Add support to interact with Snort IDE using net-analyzer/snortsam'
app-admin/sagan-rules:lognorm - Install normalize rules support with dev-libs/liblognorm
app-admin/salt:libvirt - Support managing virtual machines with app-emulation/libvirt.
app-admin/salt:mako - Add support for using the mako template engine for parsing salt states.
app-admin/salt:mongodb - Support returning data to a mongodb server.
app-admin/salt:openssl - Add support for using TLS via OpenSSL.
app-admin/salt:redis - Support returning data to a redis database.
app-admin/sshguard:ipfilter - Enable ipfilter firewall support (only for *bsd)
app-admin/sudo:offensive - Let sudo print insults when the user types the wrong password.
app-admin/sudo:sendmail - Allow sudo to send emails with sendmail.
app-admin/sysklogd:logrotate - use app-admin/logrotate for rotating logs rather than custom cron scripts
app-admin/syslog-ng:json - Enable support for JSON template formatting via dev-libs/json-glib
app-admin/syslog-ng:mongodb - Enable support for mongodb destinations
app-admin/syslog-ng:smtp - Enable support for SMTP destinations
app-admin/syslog-ng:spoof-source - Enable support for spoofed source addresses
app-admin/sysstat:cron - Install /etc/cron.d script to periodically run sar
app-admin/sysstat:isag - Install isag, the Interactive System Activity Graph tool
app-admin/testdisk:ntfs - Include the ability to read NTFS filesystems
app-admin/testdisk:reiserfs - include reiserfs reading ability
app-admin/tripwire:ssl - Adds support for Secure Socket Layer connections
app-admin/tripwire:static - Builds the package statically
app-admin/tripwire:tools - Installs app-admin/mktwpol, providing scripts for the installation/setup of tripwire, including generating the tripwire policy file and maintenance of the tripwire database
app-admin/ulogd:mysql - Build MySQL output plugin to save packets in a mysql database.
app-admin/ulogd:nfacct - Build NFACCT input plugin to support traffic accounting via nfnetlink_acct.
app-admin/ulogd:nfct - Build NFCT input plugin to support stateful flow-based via nf_conntrack_netlink.
app-admin/ulogd:nflog - Build NFLOG input plugin to support stateless packet-based logging via nfnetlink_queue.
app-admin/ulogd:pcap - Build PCAP output plugin to save packets in libpcap file format.
app-admin/ulogd:postgres - Build PGSQL output plugin to save packets in a postgres database.
app-admin/ulogd:sqlite - Build SQLITE3 output plugin to save packets in a sqlite database.
app-admin/webalizer:xtended - Include the 404 extension
app-admin/webapp-config:portage - Propagete python_targets dependencies to sys-apps/portage
app-admin/yaala:storable - Support for persistence of Perl data structures.
app-antivirus/clamav:clamdtop - A Top like tool which shows what clamd is currently scanning amongst other things
app-arch/cabextract:extra-tools - Install experimental tools: wince_info and wince_rename for examining and processing Windows CE installation cabinet header files; cabinfo for examining the structure of a cab file.
app-arch/cfv:bittorrent - Enable support for checking .torrent files
app-arch/dpkg:dselect - Build the dselect package-management frontend
app-arch/dpkg:update-alternatives - Install update-alternatives
app-arch/dump:ermt - encrypted rmt support
app-arch/file-roller:nautilus - Enable file-roller to integrate with gnome-base/nautilus by providing entries in its context menu
app-arch/file-roller:packagekit - Enable support for the distro-neutral package manager GUI app-admin/packagekit
app-arch/gzip:pic - disable optimized assembly code that is not PIC friendly
app-arch/innoextract:c++0x - Build ROOT using the C++11 standard.
app-arch/libarchive:bzip2 - Allow accessing bzip2-compressed archives through libbz2 (which comes with app-arch/bzip2). This only affects libarchive's native support: bsdtar will keep using bunzip2 as a filter if that's not built-in.
app-arch/libarchive:e2fsprogs - Use file flags from sys-fs/e2fsprogs headers instead of virtual/os-headers headers
app-arch/libarchive:nettle - Use dev-libs/nettle as crypto backend
app-arch/libarchive:zlib - Allow accessing gzip-compressed archives through sys-libs/zlib. This only affects libarchive's native support: bsdtar will keep using gunzip as a filter if that's not built-in. It's also needed for supporting extraction of ZIP files.
app-arch/libzpaq:jit - Enable just-in-time compilation for faster compression (requires SSE2)
app-arch/p7zip:rar - Enable support for non-free rar decoder
app-arch/pbzip2:symlink - Install symlinks which override app-arch/bzip2 implementation
app-arch/rar:all_sfx - Install all SFX (Self-Extracting) files rather than just the native format (allows creation of Windows EXEs on Linux ELF systems)
app-arch/rpm5:augeas - Add support for configuration files changing (app-admin/augeas)
app-arch/rpm5:keyutils - Enable for the keyring ccache using keyutils.
app-arch/rpm5:magic - Add magic file support (sys-apps/file)
app-arch/rpm5:nss - Build support for ssl/crypto handling using dev-libs/nss
app-arch/rpm5:openssl - Build support for ssl/crypto handling using dev-libs/openssl
app-arch/rpm5:pkcs11 - Build token data management utilities based on OpenCryptoki's (dev-libs/opencryptoki) PKCS#11 implementation.
app-arch/rpm5:uuid - Enable server side UUID generation (via dev-libs/ossp-uuid)
app-arch/rpm5:webdav-neon - Include support for net-libs/neon
app-arch/rpm5:xar - Build support for xar archives using app-arch/xar
app-arch/tar:minimal - just install `tar`
app-arch/unzip:natspec - Use dev-libs/libnatspec to correctly decode non-ascii file names archived in Windows.
app-arch/zip:natspec - Use dev-libs/libnatspec to correctly decode non-ascii file names archived in Windows.
app-backup/amanda:s3 - Support for backing up to the Amazon S3 system
app-backup/amanda:xfs - Support for backing up raw XFS filesystems using xfsdump
app-backup/backup-manager:s3 - Support for backing up to the Amazon S3 system
app-backup/bacula:bacula-clientonly - Disable DB support, and just build a client
app-backup/bacula:bacula-nodir - Disable building of director
app-backup/bacula:bacula-nosd - Disable building of storage daemon
app-backup/bacula:logwatch - Install support files for logwatch
app-backup/bareos:clientonly - Only install file-daemon (client)
app-backup/bareos:director - Install director
app-backup/bareos:logwatch - Install support files for logwatch
app-backup/bareos:ndmp - Enable support for NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol)
app-backup/bareos:scsi-crypto - Enable low level SCSI crypto support
app-backup/bareos:sql-pooling - Enable SQL pooling support
app-backup/bareos:storage-daemon - Install storage daemon (bareos-sd)
app-backup/boxbackup:client-only - Disable server support, and just build a client
app-backup/dar:dar32 - Enables --enable-mode=32 option, which replace infinite by 32 bit integers
app-backup/dar:dar64 - Enables --enable-mode=64 option, which replace infinite by 64 bit integers
app-backup/dar:gcrypt - Enables strong encryption support
app-backup/deja-dup:nautilus - Build gnome-base/nautilus extension
app-backup/duplicity:s3 - Support for backing up to the Amazon S3 system
app-backup/rear:udev - Have ReaR start backup when attaching your USB drive.
app-backup/spideroak-bin:headless - Build without graphic frontend
app-backup/spideroak-bin:qt-bundled - Use bundled Qt4 libraries
app-backup/tsm:hsm - Installs Tivoli Storage Manager for Space Management
app-backup/tsm:tsm_cit - IBM Tivoli Common Inventory Technology
app-backup/tsm:tsm_hw - Difference snapshot support for NetApp and N-Series file servers
app-benchmarks/jmeter:beanshell - Enable BeanShell scripting support
app-benchmarks/ltp:expect - Build against the expect library for interactive testing
app-benchmarks/ltp:open-posix - Build and install the POSIX testsuite
app-benchmarks/ltp:pm - Build and install the power management testsuite
app-benchmarks/ltp:rt - Build and install the realtime testsuite
app-benchmarks/ramspeed:pic - Force shared libraries to be built as PIC (this is slower)
app-benchmarks/sysbench:aio - Enable libaio support
app-cdr/backlite:mplayer - Add support for mplayer preview in addition to X11 and phonon
app-cdr/brasero:libburn - Enable dev-libs/libburn backend
app-cdr/brasero:nautilus - Build the gnome-base/nautilus extension
app-cdr/brasero:packagekit - Enable support for the distro-neutral package manager GUI app-admin/packagekit
app-cdr/brasero:playlist - Enable support for playlists through dev-libs/totem-pl-parser
app-cdr/brasero:tracker - Enable audio playlist search using the app-misc/tracker indexer
app-cdr/cdemu:cdemu-daemon - Pull app-cdr/cdemu-daemon dependency, useful in chroot environment (bug #315491). Do not disable until you know what you are doing.
app-cdr/cdrdao:gcdmaster - Enable building of gcdmaster application
app-cdr/cdrkit:hfs - Provide building of HFS (Apple) CD-images
app-cdr/cuetools:extras - Install additional script that tag files based on cue/toc file information
app-cdr/disc-cover:cdrom - Enable audio CD support. This is not needed to make www-apps/disc-cover work.
app-cdr/gaffitter:scripts - Install additional gaffitter scripts for external programs
app-cdr/k3b:emovix - Enable burning support for eMoviX images
app-cdr/mirage2iso:pinentry - Support app-crypt/pinentry password input backend.
app-cdr/mybashburn:normalize - Add support for normalizing audio file volume levels
app-crypt/ccid:twinserial - Enable twinserial reader
app-crypt/codecrypt:cryptopp - Build algorithms that need Crypto++ support dev-libs/crypto++
app-crypt/eid-mw:gtk - Enable the dialog pages, by using x11-libs/gtk+:2
app-crypt/eid-mw:xpi - Build and install an extension for Mozilla browsers.
app-crypt/ekeyd:minimal - Only install the ekey-egd-linux service rather than the full ekeyd package.
app-crypt/ekeyd:munin - Install a plugin for net-analyzer/munin to graph statistical data from ekeyd.
app-crypt/ekeyd:usb - Build the libusb-based userland daemon for accessing the EntropyKey (alternative to the CDC USB driver). It is suggested to use this option by default, as the CDC driver in the kernel often seems to be fragile (or the gadget implementation on the EntropyKey is too buggy), and can cause various problems.
app-crypt/gnupg:mta - Build mta support using virtual/mta.
app-crypt/gnupg:smartcard - Build scdaemon software. Enables usage of OpenPGP cards. For other type of smartcards, try app-crypt/gnupg-pkcs11-scd.
app-crypt/gnupg:usb - Build direct CCID access for scdaemon; requires dev-libs/libusb.
app-crypt/gpgme:common-lisp - Install common-lisp files
app-crypt/gpgme:pth - Enable support for GNU Portable Threads multithreading library
app-crypt/hashcat-gui:cuda - Install oclhashcat-{plus,lite}-bin to take advantage of hardware cuda support.
app-crypt/hashcat-gui:opencl - Install oclhashcat-{plus,lite}-bin to take advantage of hardware opencl support.
app-crypt/heimdal:hdb-ldap - Adds support for LDAP as a database backend
app-crypt/heimdal:otp - Adds support for one-time passwords
app-crypt/heimdal:pkinit - Adds support for PKINIT for the initial ticket
app-crypt/johntheripper:cuda - Use nvidia cuda toolkit for speeding up cracking on capable devices
app-crypt/johntheripper:opencl - Enable opencl support for speeding up cracking on capable devices
app-crypt/kstart:afs - Enables afs support which means you can acquire an afs token and set PAGs. It's recommended to set this USE if you need authenticated access to an AFS cell for your daemon/app.
app-crypt/libsecret:vala - Enable bindings for dev-lang/vala
app-crypt/mit-krb5:doc - Creates and installs the API and implementation documentation. This is only useful if you want to develop software which depends on kerberos.
app-crypt/mit-krb5:keyutils - Enable for the keyring ccache using keyutils.
app-crypt/mit-krb5:openldap - Enable support for ldap as a database backend.
app-crypt/mit-krb5:pkinit - Enable pkinit support for the initial ticket.
app-crypt/oclhashcat-lite-bin:virtualcl - Support for Mosix VirtualCL Clustering Platform
app-crypt/oclhashcat-plus-bin:virtualcl - Support for Mosix VirtualCL Clustering Platform
app-crypt/ophcrack:tables - Require the additional tables used to carry out cracking (app-crypt/ophcrack-tables)
app-crypt/ophcrack-tables:vistafree - Installs the free Vista ophcrack tables
app-crypt/ophcrack-tables:xpfast - Installs the fast XP ophcrack tables
app-crypt/ophcrack-tables:xpsmall - Installs the small free XP ophcrack tables
app-crypt/p11-kit:asn1 - Enable ASN.1 certificate support
app-crypt/p11-kit:trust - Build the trust policy module
app-crypt/seahorse:ldap - Enable seahorse to manipulate GPG keys on a LDAP server.
app-crypt/seahorse-plugins:applet - Enable seahorse applet for gnome-base/gnome-panel
app-crypt/seahorse-plugins:gedit - Enable text encryption plugin to integrate into app-editors/gedit
app-crypt/seahorse-plugins:nautilus - Enable file encryption plugin to integrate into the gnome-base/nautilus context menu
app-crypt/shishi:3des - Enable 3DES encryption/checksum type.
app-crypt/shishi:aes - Enable AES encryption/checksum types.
app-crypt/shishi:arcfour - Enable ARCFOUR encryption/checksum type.
app-crypt/shishi:des - Enable DES related encryption/checksum types.
app-crypt/shishi:md - Enable unkeyed MD4/MD5 checksum types.
app-crypt/shishi:null - Enable dummy NULL encryption/checksum type.
app-crypt/tc-play:openssl - Use openssl crypto backend.
app-crypt/tpm-tools:pkcs11 - Build Token data management utilities based on OpenCryptoki's (dev-libs/opencryptoki) PKCS#11 implementation.
app-crypt/truecrypt:asm - Enable assembly for optimization
app-dicts/aspell-be:classic - Support classic spelling by default
app-dicts/gwaei:mecab - Enable app-text/mecab support
app-dicts/gwaei:unique - Enable single instance support using dev-libs/libunique.
app-dicts/myspell-pt:preao - Use the pre ortographic agreement version of the dictionary
app-doc/csound-manual:html - Install HTML documentation
app-doc/doxygen:dot - allow to create dot graphs using media-gfx/graphviz
app-doc/doxygen:nodot - removes graphviz dependency, along with dot graphs
app-doc/linuxfromscratch:htmlsingle - Install all-on-one-page HTML version.
app-doc/pms:binary - Download pre-built files instead of building from sources
app-doc/pms:html - Generate PMS as .html as well
app-doc/tldp-howto:html - Install multi-chapter HTML docs
app-doc/tldp-howto:htmlsingle - Install all-on-one-page HTML docs
app-doc/tldp-howto:pdf - Install pdf docs
app-doc/tldp-howto:text - Install plain-text docs
app-editors/emacs:athena - Enable the MIT Athena widget set (x11-libs/libXaw)
app-editors/emacs:games - Support shared score files for games
app-editors/emacs:gconf - Use gnome-base/gconf to read the system font name
app-editors/emacs:gsettings - Use gsettings (dev-libs/glib) to read the system font name
app-editors/emacs:gtk3 - Link against version 3 of the GIMP Toolkit instead of version 2 (x11-libs/gtk+)
app-editors/emacs:gzip-el - Compress bundled Emacs Lisp source
app-editors/emacs:hesiod - Enable support for net-dns/hesiod
app-editors/emacs:imagemagick - Use media-gfx/imagemagick for image processing
app-editors/emacs:leim - Add support for Emacs input methods
app-editors/emacs:libxml2 - Use dev-libs/libxml2 to parse XML instead of the internal Lisp implementations
app-editors/emacs:pax_kernel - Enable building under a PaX enabled kernel (sys-apps/paxctl)
app-editors/emacs:sendmail - Build Emacs with MTA support
app-editors/emacs:source - Install C source files and make them available for find-function
app-editors/emacs:toolkit-scroll-bars - Use the selected toolkit's scrollbars in preference to Emacs' own scrollbars
app-editors/emacs:wide-int - Prefer wide Emacs integers (typically 62-bit). This option has an effect only on architectures where "long" and "long long" types have different size.
app-editors/emacs-vcs:athena - Enable the MIT Athena widget set (x11-libs/libXaw)
app-editors/emacs-vcs:games - Support shared score files for games
app-editors/emacs-vcs:gconf - Use gnome-base/gconf to read the system font name
app-editors/emacs-vcs:gfile - Use gfile (dev-libs/glib) for file notification
app-editors/emacs-vcs:gsettings - Use gsettings (dev-libs/glib) to read the system font name
app-editors/emacs-vcs:gtk3 - Link against version 3 of the GIMP Toolkit instead of version 2 (x11-libs/gtk+)
app-editors/emacs-vcs:gzip-el - Compress bundled Emacs Lisp source
app-editors/emacs-vcs:hesiod - Enable support for net-dns/hesiod
app-editors/emacs-vcs:imagemagick - Use media-gfx/imagemagick for image processing
app-editors/emacs-vcs:libxml2 - Use dev-libs/libxml2 to parse XML instead of the internal Lisp implementations
app-editors/emacs-vcs:pax_kernel - Enable building under a PaX enabled kernel (sys-apps/paxctl)
app-editors/emacs-vcs:source - Install C source files and make them available for find-function
app-editors/emacs-vcs:toolkit-scroll-bars - Use the selected toolkit's scrollbars in preference to Emacs' own scrollbars
app-editors/emacs-vcs:wide-int - Prefer wide Emacs integers (typically 62-bit). This option has an effect only on architectures where "long" and "long long" types have different size.
app-editors/fe:sendmail - Send mail after editor abend
app-editors/gedit:zeitgeist - Build the plugin to inject events to gnome-extra/zeitgeist
app-editors/gedit-plugins:charmap - Insert special characters just by clicking on them
app-editors/gedit-plugins:git - Shows document changes related to git's HEAD
app-editors/gedit-plugins:synctex - Synchronize between LaTeX and PDF with gedit and evince
app-editors/gedit-plugins:terminal - Embed a terminal in the bottom pane
app-editors/gvim:luajit - Use dev-lang/luajit instead of dev-lang/lua
app-editors/gvim:netbeans - Include netbeans external editor integration support
app-editors/gvim:racket - Enable support for Scheme using dev-lang/racket
app-editors/jasspa-microemacs:nanoemacs - Build NanoEmacs instead of MicroEmacs
app-editors/joe:xterm - Enable full xterm clipboard support
app-editors/latexila:latexmk - Install dev-tex/latexmk (used by default for the build tools)
app-editors/latexila:rubber - Install dev-tex/rubber (can be used for the build tools)
app-editors/leafpad:emacs - Enable Emacs key theme
app-editors/nano:debug - Enable debug messages and assert warnings. Note that these will all be sent straight to stderr rather than some logging facility.
app-editors/nano:justify - Enable justify/unjustify functions for text formatting.
app-editors/nano:magic - Add magic file support (sys-apps/file) to automatically detect appropriate syntax highlighting
app-editors/nano:minimal - Disable all fancy features, including ones that otherwise have a dedicated USE flag (such as spelling).
app-editors/tea:aspell - Enable spellchecking using app-text/aspell
app-editors/tea:hunspell - Enable spellchecking using app-text/hunspell
app-editors/vim:X - Link console vim against X11 libraries to enable title and clipboard features in xterm
app-editors/vim:luajit - Use dev-lang/luajit instead of dev-lang/lua
app-editors/vim:racket - Enable support for Scheme using dev-lang/racket
app-editors/vim:vim-pager - Install vimpager and vimmanpager links
app-editors/vim-qt:luajit - Use dev-lang/luajit instead of dev-lang/lua
app-editors/xemacs:athena - Chooses the MIT Athena widget set
app-editors/xemacs:dnd - Enables support for the x11-libs/dnd drag-n-drop library
app-editors/xemacs:eolconv - Support detection and translation of newline conventions
app-editors/xemacs:pop - Support POP for mail retrieval
app-editors/xemacs:xim - Enable X11 XiM input method
app-editors/xmlcopyeditor:guidexml - Install GuideXML templates to work with Gentoo official docs
app-editors/zile:valgrind - Enable usage of dev-util/valgrind in tests
app-emacs/anything:extensions - Install optional extensions
app-emacs/auctex:preview-latex - Use bundled preview-latex
app-emacs/bbdb:tex - Install plain TeX support files
app-emacs/calfw:howm - Add support for the app-emacs/howm note-taking tool
app-emacs/company-mode:ropemacs - Install backend for dev-python/ropemacs
app-emacs/company-mode:semantic - Install backend for semantic (app-emacs/cedet)
app-emacs/delicious:planner - Include support for app-emacs/planner
app-emacs/emacs-common-gentoo:games - Support shared score files for games
app-emacs/emhacks:jde - Enable support for Java Development Environment
app-emacs/magit:contrib - Install user-contributed files
app-emacs/org-mode:contrib - Install user-contributed files
app-emacs/org-mode:odt-schema - Install non-free schema files for OpenDocument Text exporter
app-emacs/remember:bbdb - Include support for app-emacs/bbdb
app-emacs/remember:planner - Include support for app-emacs/planner
app-emacs/slime:xref - Install xref.lisp cross-referencing tool
app-emacs/vm:bbdb - Include support for app-emacs/bbdb
app-emacs/wanderlust:bbdb - Include support for app-emacs/bbdb
app-emacs/wikipedia-mode:outline-magic - Enable support for outline-mode extensions (app-emacs/outline-magic)
app-emulation/aranym:fullmmu - Enable full 68040 MMU emulation
app-emulation/aranym:lilo - Enable Linux-m68k loader
app-emulation/aranym:usbhost - Enable NatFeat USB
app-emulation/bochs:avx - Enable support for Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX)
app-emulation/bochs:debugger - Enable debugger (slows down emulation)
app-emulation/bochs:gdb - Enable support for the remote GDB stub
app-emulation/bochs:x86-64 - Enable support for emulation of 64-bit CPUs
app-emulation/crossover-bin:capi - Enable ISDN support via CAPI
app-emulation/dosemu:fluidsynth - use media-sound/fluidsynth for MIDI emulation
app-emulation/e-uae:capslib - Add CAPS library support
app-emulation/e-uae:sdl-sound - Use media-libs/sdl-sound for audio output
app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-baselibs:development - Install pkgconfig files
app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-compat:development - Install pkgconfig files
app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-cpplibs:development - Install pkgconfig files
app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-db:development - Install pkgconfig files
app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-gstplugins:development - Install pkgconfig files
app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-gtklibs:development - Install pkgconfig files
app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-gtkmmlibs:development - Install pkgconfig files
app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-java:pax_kernel - Use paxctl to mark the JVM binaries.
app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-jna:development - Install pkgconfig files
app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-medialibs:development - Install pkgconfig files
app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-motif:development - Install pkgconfig files
app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-opengl:development - Install pkgconfig files
app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-qtlibs:development - Install pkgconfig files
app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-qtlibs:gtkstyle - Build a Qt style called GTK+ that mimics the active GTK+ theme
app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-sdl:development - Install pkgconfig files
app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-soundlibs:development - Install pkgconfig files
app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-xlibs:development - Install pkgconfig files
app-emulation/free42:alsa - Adds support for Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
app-emulation/fuse-utils:gcrypt - Use dev-libs/libgcrypt for low-level crypto of some features, including logfiles.
app-emulation/ganeti:drbd - Enable DRBD support
app-emulation/ganeti:filestorage - Enable File Storage
app-emulation/ganeti:haskell-daemons - Build haskell daemons instead of python
app-emulation/ganeti:htools - Enable htools support
app-emulation/ganeti:kvm - Enable KVM support
app-emulation/ganeti:lxc - Enable Linux Countainers support
app-emulation/ganeti:rbd - Enable rados block device support via sys-cluster/ceph
app-emulation/ganeti:sharedstorage - Enable Shared Storage support
app-emulation/ganeti:xen - Enable Xen support
app-emulation/libguestfs:erlang - Build Erlang bindings
app-emulation/libguestfs:fuse - Enable image mount support via fuse
app-emulation/libguestfs:inspect-icons - Use media-gfx/icoutilsfor acces icon file in image and inspect it
app-emulation/libguestfs:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
app-emulation/libguestfs:systemtap - Use dev-util/systemtap to inspect VM via "probes" way
app-emulation/libspectrum:gcrypt - Use dev-libs/libgcrypt for low-level crypto of some features, including logfiles.
app-emulation/libvirt:audit - support sys-process/audit
app-emulation/libvirt:firewalld - DBus interface to iptables/ebtables allowing for better runtime management of your firewall.
app-emulation/libvirt:fuse - Allow LXC to use sys-fs/fuse for mount points
app-emulation/libvirt:iscsi - Allow using an iSCSI remote storage server as pool for disk image storage
app-emulation/libvirt:libvirtd - Builds the libvirtd daemon as well as the client utilities instead of just the client utilities
app-emulation/libvirt:lvm - Allow using the Logical Volume Manager (sys-apps/lvm2) as pool for disk image storage
app-emulation/libvirt:lxc - Support management of Linux Containers virtualisation (app-emulation/lxc)
app-emulation/libvirt:macvtap - Support for MAC-based TAP (macvlan/macvtap). For networking instead of the normal TUN/TAP. It has its advantages and disadvantages. macvtap support requires very new kernels and is currently evolving. Support for this is experimental at best.
app-emulation/libvirt:nfs - Allow using Network File System mounts as pool for disk image storage
app-emulation/libvirt:numa - Use NUMA for memory segmenting via sys-process/numactl and sys-process/numad
app-emulation/libvirt:openvz - Support management of OpenVZ virtualisation (see sys-kernel/openvz-sources)
app-emulation/libvirt:parted - Allow using real disk partitions as pool for disk image storage, using sys-block/parted to create, resize and delete them.
app-emulation/libvirt:pcap - Support auto learning IP addreses for routing
app-emulation/libvirt:phyp - Support IBM HMC / IVM hypervisor via PHYP protocol
app-emulation/libvirt:qemu - Support management of QEmu virtualisation (one of app-emulation/qemu, app-emulation/qemu-kvm or app-emulation/qemu-spice)
app-emulation/libvirt:rbd - Enable rados block device support via sys-cluster/ceph
app-emulation/libvirt:uml - Support management of User Mode Linux virtualisation
app-emulation/libvirt:vepa - Virtual Ethernet Port Aggregator (VEPA) / 802.1Qbg support. Relies on macvtap support.
app-emulation/libvirt:virt-network - Enable virtual networking (NAT) support for guests. Includes all the dependencies for NATed network mode. Effectively any network setup that relies on libvirt to setup and configure network interfaces on your host. This can include bridged and routed networks ONLY if you are allowing libvirt to create and manage the underlying devices for you. In some cases this requires enabling the 'netcf' USE flag (currently unavailable).
app-emulation/libvirt:virtualbox - Support management of VirtualBox virtualisation (one of app-emulation/virtualbox or app-emulation/virtualbox-ose)
app-emulation/libvirt:xen - Support management of Xen virtualisation (app-emulation/xen)
app-emulation/libvirt-glib:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
app-emulation/libvirt-glib:vala - Enable bindings for dev-lang/vala
app-emulation/lxc:vanilla - Avoid adding Gentoo Linux-specific modifications, which include the custom init script. This is present as a flag to avoid forcing dependencies over users that might not want have them around as they use LXC in contexts where the init script is not useful.
app-emulation/open-vm-tools:doc - Generate API documentation
app-emulation/open-vm-tools:fuse - Build vmblock-fuse in favor of FUSE based blocking mechanism for DnD
app-emulation/open-vm-tools:pic - Force shared libraries to be built as PIC
app-emulation/playonlinux:winbind - Enables support for the winbind auth daemon
app-emulation/q4wine:gnome - Use the gksu sudo GUI for managing the devices
app-emulation/q4wine:icoutils - Enable icoutils support
app-emulation/q4wine:kde - Use the kdesu sudo GUI for managing the devices
app-emulation/q4wine:wineappdb - Enable Win AppDB browser subsystem
app-emulation/qemu:accessibility - Adds support for braille displays using brltty
app-emulation/qemu:aio - Enables support for Linux's Async IO
app-emulation/qemu:alsa - Enable alsa output for sound emulation
app-emulation/qemu:curl - Support ISOs / -cdrom directives vis HTTP or HTTPS.
app-emulation/qemu:fdt - Enables firmware device tree support
app-emulation/qemu:glusterfs - Enables GlusterFS cluster fileystem via sys-cluster/glusterfs
app-emulation/qemu:iscsi - Enable direct iSCSI support via net-libs/libiscsi instead of indirectly via the Linux block layer that sys-block/open-iscsi does.
app-emulation/qemu:jpeg - Enable jpeg image support for the VNC console server
app-emulation/qemu:mixemu - Enable audio mixer emulation. On Fedora, known to cause performance problems when using SDL output and ALSA. For OSS, locks the sound device from other applications.
app-emulation/qemu:ncurses - Enable the ncurses-based console
app-emulation/qemu:png - Enable png image support for the VNC console server
app-emulation/qemu:pulseaudio - Enable pulseaudio output for sound emulation
app-emulation/qemu:rbd - Enable rados block device backend support, see
app-emulation/qemu:sdl - Enable the SDL-based console
app-emulation/qemu:seccomp - Utilize sys-libs/libseccomp to enable kernel filtering of system calls to prevent malicious guests from doing damage.
app-emulation/qemu:spice - Enable Spice protocol support via app-emulation/spice
app-emulation/qemu:ssh - Enable SSH based block device support via net-libs/libssh2
app-emulation/qemu:static - Enables both 'static-softmmu' and 'static-user'
app-emulation/qemu:static-softmmu - Builds the Software MMU (system) targets as static binaries
app-emulation/qemu:static-user - Build the User targets as static binaries
app-emulation/qemu:systemtap - Enable SystemTAP/DTrace tracing
app-emulation/qemu:tci - Enable the TCG Interpreter which can speed up or slowdown workloads depending on the host and guest CPUs being emulated. In the future it will be a runtime option but for now its compile time.
app-emulation/qemu:tls - Enable TLS support for the VNC console server. For 1.4 and newer this also enables WebSocket support.
app-emulation/qemu:usb - Enable USB passthrough via dev-libs/libusbx
app-emulation/qemu:usbredir - Use sys-apps/usbredir to redirect USB devices to another machine over TCP
app-emulation/qemu:uuid - Enable UUID support in the vdi block driver
app-emulation/qemu:vde - Enable VDE-based networking
app-emulation/qemu:vhost-net - Enable accelerated networking using vhost-net, see
app-emulation/qemu:virtfs - Enable VirtFS via virtio-9p-pci / fsdev. See
app-emulation/qemu:xattr - Add support for getting and setting POSIX extended attributes, through sys-apps/attr. Requisite for the virtfs backend.
app-emulation/qemu:xen - Enables support for Xen backends
app-emulation/qemu:xfs - Support xfsctl() notification and syncing for XFS backed virtual disks.
app-emulation/spice:client - Build the spicec client app (does not reduce dependencies at the moment).
app-emulation/spice:gui - Build some GUI components (inside the guest window).
app-emulation/spice:smartcard - Enable smartcard remoting using app-emulation/libcacard
app-emulation/spice-vdagent:consolekit - Use sys-auth/consolekit to determine the master vdagentd in case of multiple running vdagentds (highly recommended)
app-emulation/uae:scsi - Enable the uaescsi.device
app-emulation/vice:ethernet - Enable ethernet emulation
app-emulation/vice:memmap - Enable extra monitor features
app-emulation/vice:xrandr - Enable support for the X xrandr extension
app-emulation/virt-manager:policykit - Enables sys-auth/polkit authentication support, required when using app-emulation/libvirt with PolicyKit authentication
app-emulation/virt-manager:sasl - Depend on the proper libraries needed to connect to SASL-enabled libvirtd instances (e.g. Kerberos-protected instances).
app-emulation/virt-manager:spice - Support connecting to SPICE-enabled virtual machines.
app-emulation/virt-manager:vnc - Support connecting to VNC-enabled virtual machines.
app-emulation/virt-viewer:spice - Support connecting to SPICE-enabled virtual machines.
app-emulation/virt-viewer:vnc - Support connecting to VNC-enabled virtual machines.
app-emulation/virtualbox:additions - Install Guest System Tools ISO
app-emulation/virtualbox:extensions - Install extension module packages
app-emulation/virtualbox:headless - Build without any graphic frontend
app-emulation/virtualbox:sdk - Enable building of SDK
app-emulation/virtualbox:vboxwebsrv - Build and install the VirtualBox webservice
app-emulation/virtualbox-bin:additions - Install Guest System Tools ISO
app-emulation/virtualbox-bin:chm - Install kchmviewer binary to enable online help (in MS CHM format)
app-emulation/virtualbox-bin:headless - Install without any graphic frontend
app-emulation/virtualbox-bin:rdesktop-vrdp - Install the rdesktop client integration
app-emulation/virtualbox-bin:sdk - Enable building of SDK
app-emulation/virtualbox-bin:vboxwebsrv - Install the VirtualBox webservice
app-emulation/virtualbox-modules:pax_kernel - Apply patch needed for pax enabled kernels
app-emulation/vmware-modules:pax_kernel - Apply patch needed for pax enabled kernels
app-emulation/vmware-player:vmware-tools - Install VMware Tools images
app-emulation/vmware-workstation:ovftool - Install OVF tool.
app-emulation/vmware-workstation:server - Install VMware Workstation Server component.
app-emulation/vmware-workstation:vix - Install VIX. The VIX API allows you to write programs and scripts that automate virtual machine operations, and run programs or manipulate files within guest operating systems.
app-emulation/vmware-workstation:vmware-tools - Install VMware Tools images
app-emulation/vov:gprof - build with profiling support
app-emulation/wine:capi - Enable ISDN support via CAPI
app-emulation/wine:custom-cflags - Bypass strip-flags; use at your own peril
app-emulation/wine:dos - Pull in games-emulation/dosbox to run DOS applications
app-emulation/wine:gecko - Add support for the Gecko engine when using iexplore
app-emulation/wine:mono - Add support for .NET using Wine's Mono add-on
app-emulation/wine:opencl - Enable OpenCL support
app-emulation/wine:osmesa - Add support for OpenGL in bitmaps using libOSMesa
app-emulation/wine:perl - Install helpers written in perl (winedump/winemaker)
app-emulation/wine:prelink - Run prelink on DLLs during build -- do not disable if you do not know what this means as it can break things at runtime
app-emulation/wine:realtime - Pull in sys-auth/rtkit for low-latency pulseaudio support
app-emulation/wine:run-exes - Use Wine to open and run .EXE and .MSI files
app-emulation/wine:samba - Add support for NTLM auth. see and
app-emulation/wine:udisks - Support dynamic storage devices using sys-fs/udisks
app-emulation/wine:win32 - Build a 32bit version of Wine (won't run Win64 binaries)
app-emulation/wine:win64 - Build a 64bit version of Wine (won't run Win32 binaries)
app-emulation/winetricks:rar - Pull in app-arch/unrar for extraction of rar-compressed game files
app-emulation/x48:readline - Enables support for libreadline
app-emulation/xen:efi - Adds efi boot support, requires LDFLAG -melf_x86_64 for amd64
app-emulation/xen:flask - Enable the Flask XSM module from NSA
app-emulation/xen:pae - Enable support for PAE kernels (usually x86-32 with >4GB memory)
app-emulation/xen:xsm - Enable the Xen Security Modules (XSM)
app-emulation/xen-tools:api - Build the C libxenapi bindings
app-emulation/xen-tools:flask - Enable the Flask XSM module from NSA
app-emulation/xen-tools:hvm - Enable support for hardware based virtualization (VT-x,AMD-v)
app-emulation/xen-tools:ocaml - Enable support for the ocaml language
app-emulation/xen-tools:pam - Enable pam support
app-emulation/xen-tools:pygrub - Install the pygrub boot loader
app-emulation/xen-tools:qemu - Enable IOEMU support via the use of qemu-dm
app-emulation/xen-tools:screen - Enable support for running domain U console in an app-misc/screen session
app-emulation/xen-tools:xend - Enable support the xend and xm to manage xen
app-emulation/xtrs:ldos - Install disk images for Model 4P
app-forensics/afflib:fuse - Enable extra fuse thingies
app-forensics/afflib:qemu - Enable qemu stuff
app-forensics/afflib:s3 - Enable support for Amazon S3
app-forensics/aide:audit - Enable support for sys-process/audit
app-forensics/aide:prelink - Enable support for sys-devel/prelink
app-forensics/chkrootkit:cron - Install cron script for weekly rootkit scans
app-forensics/libewf:bfio - Enables libbfio for chaining file in file handling
app-forensics/libewf:ewf - Enables the v1 API
app-forensics/libewf:fuse - Enable fuse support for ewfmount
app-forensics/libewf:rawio - Enables raw IO handling
app-forensics/libewf:uuid - Enable UUID support in the ewftools
app-forensics/openscap:nss - Prefer NSS over libgcrypt as the crypto engine
app-forensics/openscap:rpm - Compiles the RPM probes
app-forensics/openscap:sce - Enables Script Check Engine (SCE) support
app-forensics/openscap:sql - Build the sql independant probes
app-forensics/ovaldi:rpm - Enable the RPM probes
app-forensics/sleuthkit:aff - Enable extra aff formats
app-forensics/sleuthkit:ewf - Enable libewf support
app-i18n/anthy:canna-2ch - Enable support for app-dicts/canna-2ch
app-i18n/fcitx:autostart - Enable xdg-compatible autostart of fcitx
app-i18n/fcitx:enchant - Use app-text/enchant for text prediction
app-i18n/fcitx:gtk - Install GTK2 IM module
app-i18n/fcitx:gtk3 - Install GTK3 IM module
app-i18n/fcitx:introspection - Enable GObject Introspection
app-i18n/fcitx:opencc - Enable OpenCC for Chinese Transform
app-i18n/fcitx:pango - Enable support for x11-libs/pango
app-i18n/fcitx:qt4 - Install Qt4 IM module
app-i18n/fcitx:snooper - Enable Key Snooper for GTK app
app-i18n/fcitx:table - Enable Table IM
app-i18n/fcitx-configtool:gtk3 - Use GTK+3 instead of 2
app-i18n/ibus:dconf - Enable support for gnome-base/dconf
app-i18n/ibus:deprecated - install the deprecated ibus python library
app-i18n/ibus:gconf - Enable support for gnome-base/gconf
app-i18n/ibus:gtk3 - Enable support for gtk+3
app-i18n/ibus:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
app-i18n/ibus:vala - Enable support for dev-lang/vala
app-i18n/ibus-anthy:deprecated - Install deprecated pygtk2 library
app-i18n/ibus-handwrite:zinnia - Build with app-i18n/zinnia engine.
app-i18n/ibus-m17n:gtk - Build the preference interfaces, based on x11-libs/gtk+ (GTK+ 2).
app-i18n/ibus-pinyin:boost - Compile against dev-libs/boost libraries
app-i18n/ibus-pinyin:opencc - Enable support for app-i18n/opencc
app-i18n/ibus-unikey:gtk3 - Enable support for gtk+3
app-i18n/im-ja:anthy - Support for Anthy input method
app-i18n/im-ja:skk - Support for SKK input method
app-i18n/imsettings:gconf - Enable GConf support
app-i18n/imsettings:gtk3 - Enable support for x11-libs/gtk+:3
app-i18n/imsettings:xfconf - Enable integration in the Xfce desktop environment with xfce-base/xfconf
app-i18n/kimera:anthy - Support for Anthy input method
app-i18n/libskk:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
app-i18n/libtomoe-gtk:gucharmap - Enable gucharmap dictionary plugin
app-i18n/mozc:ibus - Enable support for app-i18n/ibus
app-i18n/mozc:renderer - Enable native candidate window.
app-i18n/mozc:scim - Enable support for app-i18n/scim
app-i18n/pyzy:boost - Enable support for dev-libs/boost
app-i18n/pyzy:doc - Enable support for documents
app-i18n/pyzy:opencc - Use app-i18n/opencc for input
app-i18n/scim:gtk3 - Enable support for x11-libs/gtk+:3
app-i18n/scim-anthy:gtk3 - Enable support for x11-libs/gtk+:3
app-i18n/scim-anthy:kasumi - Use Anthy dictionary maintenance tool (app-dicts/kasumi)
app-i18n/scim-tomoe:gucharmap - Enable gucharmap dictionary plugin
app-i18n/tomoe:hyperestraier - Enable support for app-text/hyperestraier
app-i18n/uim:anthy - Enable support for app-i18n/anthy input method
app-i18n/uim:eb - Enable support for dev-libs/eb
app-i18n/uim:gtk3 - Enable support for x11-libs/gtk+:3
app-i18n/uim:prime - Enable support for app-i18n/prime
app-i18n/uim:skk - Enable support for app-i18n/skk-jisyo
app-laptop/ibam:gkrellm - Enable building of app-admin/gkrellm module
app-laptop/laptop-mode-tools:scsi - Adds dependency on sdparm to control non-SATA SCSI drivers
app-laptop/pbbuttonsd:ibam - Enable support for Intelligent Battery Monitoring
app-laptop/pbbuttonsd:macbook - Enable support for the Macbook and Macbook Pro
app-laptop/prey:alarm - Module for playing an audio file
app-laptop/prey:alert - Display a warning message when the computer seems to be stolen"
app-laptop/prey:geo - Module for retrieving the physical location of the stolen computer
app-laptop/prey:lock - Lock stolen computer
app-laptop/prey:network - Get network information (active connections, traceroute) from stolen computer
app-laptop/prey:secure - Delete or hide sensitive user data
app-laptop/prey:session - Get screenshots from user session
app-laptop/prey:userpriv - Create a prey user group so regular users can access and modify the prey configuration. Use it with caution
app-laptop/prey:webcam - Use computer's webcam to take screenshots of the thief
app-laptop/thinkfan:atasmart - include libatasmart support to get disc temperature
app-laptop/tp_smapi:hdaps - Install a compatible HDAPS module
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:acetamide - Build Acetamide, the IRC protocol support
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:adiumstyles - Build support for Adium styles
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:astrality - Build Astrality, support for protocols provided by Telepathy
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:autoidler - Build support for automatic status changing according to user idle time
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:autopaste - Build Autopaste for pasting long texts to pastebins
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:birthdaynotifier - Build Birthday Notifier for you to not forget about birthdays of your contacts.
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:chathistory - Build ChatHistory which stories chat history
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:depester - Build Depester which enables to ignore MUC participants
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:embedmedia - Build EmbedMedia for embedding flash videos and images directly into chat windows
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:herbicide - Build Herbicide, a basic antispam plugin
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:hili - Build HiLi which allows to customize highlight settings in MUCs
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:isterique - Build Isterique plugin for neutralizing excessive caps lock usage
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:juick - Build plugin for the microblogging service
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:keeso - Build plugin for changing text into SoMEtHInG lIKe THiS
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:lastseen - Build plugin for client-side recording of the last online/available time
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:media - Enable media calls
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:metacontacts - Build plugin for metacontacts support
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:murm - Build Murm, the VKontakte messaging support via their native API (instead of XMPP)
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:nativeemoticons - Build support for native Azoth's emoticons packs
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:otroid - Build OTRoid, plugin for the Off-the-Record deniable encryption system
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:p100q - Build p100q, plugin for microblogging service
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:shx - Build shell command executor plugin
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:standardstyles - Build support for standard Azoth styles engine
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:vader - Bulid Vader, the MRIM (Mail.Ru Agent) protocol support plugin
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:woodpecker - Build Woodpecker, the Twitter client plugin
app-leechcraft/lc-azoth:xtazy - Build Xtazy for publishing currently playing tune
app-leechcraft/lc-blasq:deathnote - Support LiveJournal FotoBilder service
app-leechcraft/lc-blasq:rappor - Support VKontakte service
app-leechcraft/lc-blasq:spegnersi - Support Flickr service
app-leechcraft/lc-blasq:vangog - Support Picasa service
app-leechcraft/lc-blogique:hestia - Allows one to keep a local blog
app-leechcraft/lc-blogique:metida - Support for the LiveJournal blogging platform
app-leechcraft/lc-gmailnotifier:notify - Pull in a plugin to show notifications from GMail Notiifer
app-leechcraft/lc-gmailnotifier:quark - Pull in a plugin to show GMail Notifier's quark
app-leechcraft/lc-lmp:graffiti - Build media tags editor plugin
app-leechcraft/lc-lmp:guess - Enable tags encoding guessing via the libguess library
app-leechcraft/lc-lmp:mp3tunes - Build plugin for supporting the music locker service.
app-leechcraft/lc-lmp:mpris - Enable MPRIS support
app-leechcraft/lc-monocle:fb2 - Enable support for FictionBook format
app-leechcraft/lc-monocle:spectre - Enable PostScript backend for Monocle using the app-text/libspectre
app-leechcraft/lc-musiczombie:acoustid - Use media-libs/chromaprint for acoustic fingerprinting
app-leechcraft/lc-netstoremanager:googledrive - Support Google Drive storage backend
app-leechcraft/lc-netstoremanager:yandexdisk - Support Yandex.Disk storage backend
app-leechcraft/lc-poshuku:cleanweb - Build CleanWeb for ad blocking compatible with Firefox's AdBlock+.
app-leechcraft/lc-poshuku:fatape - Build FatApe, GreaseMonkey userscripts support layer.
app-leechcraft/lc-poshuku:filescheme - Build FileScheme for accessing local URLs.
app-leechcraft/lc-poshuku:fua - Build FUA for faking user agents for different hosts.
app-leechcraft/lc-poshuku:keywords - Build Keywords for adjusting search shortcuts.
app-leechcraft/lc-poshuku:onlinebookmarks - Build OnlineBookmarks for syncing bookmarks with social bookmarking services like Read It Later.
app-leechcraft/lc-poshuku:pcre - Use dev-libs/libpcre for rules matching in CleanWeb instead of slower QRegExp.
app-leechcraft/lc-poshuku:wyfv - Build WYFV for replacing Flash-based video players on some sites.
app-leechcraft/lc-vrooby:udisks - Use sys-fs/udisks:0 for block device access (e.g., automounting)
app-leechcraft/lc-vrooby:udisks2 - Use sys-fs/udisks:2 for block device access (e.g., automounting)
app-leechcraft/leechcraft-meta:de - Install components, that allow using Leechcraft as Desktop Environment
app-leechcraft/leechcraft-meta:unstable - Pull plugins from ~arch
app-misc/anki:recording - Enable support for audio recording
app-misc/anki:sound - Enable support for adding sound to cards
app-misc/binwalk:graph - Enable support for generating entropy graphs
app-misc/brewtarget:phonon - Enable sound support via media-libs/phonon or dev-qt/qtphonon
app-misc/byobu:screen - Use app-misc/screen as the default backend
app-misc/ddccontrol:ddcpci - enable direct PCI memory access (the setuid ddcpci util)
app-misc/digitemp:ds2490 - Build support for the ds2490 sensor
app-misc/digitemp:ds9097 - Build support for the ds9097 sensor
app-misc/digitemp:ds9097u - Build support for the ds9097u sensor
app-misc/emelfm2:ansi - Add support for ANSI escape sequences
app-misc/emelfm2:gtk3 - Use x11-libs/gtk:3 instead of x11-libs/gtk:2
app-misc/freemind:groovy - Build plugin for scripting via Groovy
app-misc/freemind:latex - Build plugin for inserting mathematical formulas in LaTeX syntax
app-misc/freemind:pdf - Build plugin for exporting mindmaps to SVG and PDF
app-misc/freemind:svg - Build plugin for exporting mindmaps to SVG and PDF
app-misc/gcstar:stats - Enable statistics reporting
app-misc/gcstar:tellico - Enable support for kde-misc/tellico files
app-misc/geneweb:ocamlopt - Enable ocamlopt support (dev-lang/ocaml native code compiler)
app-misc/geoclue:geonames - Install provider
app-misc/geoclue:gsmloc - Install GSM location provider
app-misc/geoclue:gtk - Install gtk-based geoclue-test-gui
app-misc/geoclue:hostip - Install provder
app-misc/geoclue:manual - Install manual provider
app-misc/geoclue:nominatim - Install provider
app-misc/geoclue:plazes - Install provider
app-misc/geoclue:skyhook - Install provider
app-misc/geoclue:yahoo-geo - Install Yahoo geolocation provider
app-misc/gnote:applet - Enable gnote applet for gnome-base/gnome-panel
app-misc/gourmet:gnome-print - <=app-misc/gourmet-0.15.9 Enable pretty Python printing with Gnome
app-misc/gourmet:i18n - >app-misc/gourmet-0.16 Enable support for i18n through elib.intl
app-misc/gourmet:ipython - >app-misc/gourmet-0.16 Enable support for the interactive Python console plugin
app-misc/gourmet:pdf - Enable export to PDF
app-misc/gourmet:print - >app-misc/gourmet-0.16 Enable pretty Python printing
app-misc/gourmet:rtf - <=app-misc/gourmet-0.15.9 Enable export to RTF
app-misc/gourmet:spell - >app-misc/gourmet-0.16 Enable support for the spell check plugin
app-misc/gourmet:web - >app-misc/gourmet-0.16 Enable support for the web import plugin
app-misc/gramps:reports - All external software that is needed for graphical reports will be installed
app-misc/gramps:webkit - Use Webkit-based rendering for geographical data view.
app-misc/graphlcd-base:g15 - Add support for app-misc/g15daemon driver (e.g. Logitech G15 Keybord)
app-misc/lcd-stuff:mpd - Add support for display of mpd controlled music (media-libs/libmpd)
app-misc/lcd4linux:mpd - Add support for display of mpd controlled music (media-libs/libmpd)
app-misc/lcdproc:ftdi - Enable support for FTDI connections in some selected LCD_DEVICES (currently hd44780)
app-misc/lcdproc:hid - Enable HID support using libhid
app-misc/lcdproc:irman - Enable support for IRMan (media-libs/libirman)
app-misc/lcdproc:lcd_devices_sdeclcd - Enable support for VLSYS M428 display
app-misc/lcdproc:lcd_devices_vlsys_m428 - Enable support for VLSYS M428 display
app-misc/lcdproc:nfs - Adds support for NFS file system
app-misc/lcdproc:seamless-hbars - Try to avoid gaps in horizontal bars
app-misc/lirc:hardware-carrier - The transmitter device generates its clock signal in hardware
app-misc/lirc:transmitter - Add transmitter support to some lirc-drivers (e.g. serial)
app-misc/mc:edit - Compile and install the mcedit application
app-misc/mc:mclib - Compile and install the shared library
app-misc/mc:sftp - Add support for sftp (uses net-libs/libssh2 for it).
app-misc/mc:slang - Use sys-libs/slang instead of sys-libs/ncurses.
app-misc/mc:xdg - Toggles mc's config dir location. Enable for $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/mc, disable for $HOME/.mc
app-misc/muttprint:doc - Builds documentation
app-misc/note:general - Add support for ascii flatfile backend
app-misc/note:text - Add support for text backend
app-misc/pax-utils:python - Install a more powerful/faster version of lddtree
app-misc/recoll:audio - Index audio files
app-misc/recoll:camelcase - Enable indexing for camelCase sentences and words
app-misc/recoll:chm - Index chm files
app-misc/recoll:dvi - Index dvi files
app-misc/recoll:ics - Index iCalendar files
app-misc/recoll:info - Index GNU info files
app-misc/recoll:inotify - Use the Linux Kernel notification subsystem for monitoring file alterations in realtime
app-misc/recoll:lyx - Index Latex lyx files
app-misc/recoll:msdoc - Index Microsoft Word documents
app-misc/recoll:msppt - Index Microsoft PowerPoint documents
app-misc/recoll:msxls - Index Microsoft Excel documents
app-misc/recoll:pdf - Index PDF documents
app-misc/recoll:rtf - Index Microsoft RTF documents
app-misc/recoll:session - Stop monitoring file alterations when X11 session terminates
app-misc/recoll:tex - Index TeX files
app-misc/recoll:wordperfect - Index WordPerfect documents
app-misc/recoll:xml - Index several XML-based formats (Abiword, FictionBook, Kword, Office OpenXML, OpenDocument, SVG)
app-misc/roadnav:festival - Enable support for app-accessibility/festival
app-misc/roadnav:flite - Enable support for app-accessibility/flite (festival-lite)
app-misc/roadnav:openstreetmap - Enable openstreetmap support
app-misc/roadnav:scripting - Enable scripting support
app-misc/screen:multiuser - Enable multiuser support (by setting correct permissions)
app-misc/screen:nethack - Express error messages in nethack style
app-misc/sphinx:id64 - use 64-bit document and word IDs
app-misc/sphinx:stemmer - Enable language stemming support
app-misc/strigi:clucene - Enable dev-cpp/clucene backend support.
app-misc/strigi:hyperestraier - Enable app-text/hyperestraier backend support.
app-misc/strigi:inotify - Enable support for inotify.
app-misc/strigi:log - Enables advanced logging through dev-libs/log4cxx.
app-misc/subsurface:linguas_da_DK - Language support for da_DK.
app-misc/subsurface:linguas_de_CH - Language support for de_CH.
app-misc/subsurface:linguas_dk - Language support for dk.
app-misc/subsurface:linguas_gsw - Language support for gsw.
app-misc/subsurface:linguas_hr_HR - Language support for hr_HR.
app-misc/subsurface:map - Adds support for OpenStreetMap maps that can be used with your dive logs.
app-misc/tablix:pvm - Add support for parallel virtual machine (sys-cluster/pvm)
app-misc/tasque:hiveminder - Allows you to use as your storage backend.
app-misc/tasque:rememberthemilk - Allows you to use as your storage backend.
app-misc/towitoko:moneyplex - Makes libtowitoko work for the moneyplex home banking software
app-misc/tracker:cue - Enable cue sheet parsing
app-misc/tracker:firefox-bookmarks - Install bookmark data miner plugin for www-client/firefox and www-client/firefox-bin
app-misc/tracker:gsf - Enable gnome-extra/libgsf based data extractor and for ODT.
app-misc/tracker:iptc - Enable extraction of IPTC data from pictures
app-misc/tracker:iso - Enable extraction of metadata from ISO disk images
app-misc/tracker:laptop - Make tracker power management aware
app-misc/tracker:libsecret - Enable libsecret support to store login credentials
app-misc/tracker:miner-fs - Enable tracker-miner-fs (required for filesystem indexing)
app-misc/tracker:nautilus - Enable tracker to integrate with gnome-base/nautilus by providing entries in its context menu
app-misc/tracker:playlist - Add support for playlists
app-misc/tracker:thunderbird - Install email data miner plugin for mail-client/thunderbird and mail-client/thunderbird-bin
app-misc/tracker:xps - Add support for XPS file format through app-text/libgxps.
app-misc/unfoo:minimal - Do not install all support archive binaries
app-misc/vifm:compatibility - Compatibility with previous versions of vifm
app-misc/vifm:extended-keys - Support for extended keys (arrows, home etc)
app-misc/vifm:gtk - Use gtk+ to determine mimetypes
app-misc/vifm:magic - Use libmagic to determine mimetypes
app-misc/vifm:vim - Install the vifm vim plugin and vim-compatible documentation
app-misc/vifm:vim-plugin - Install the vifm vim plugin
app-misc/worker:avfs - Enable support for sys-fs/avfs
app-misc/worker:magic - Add magic file support from sys-apps/file to automatically detect file types
app-misc/workrave:distribution - Enable networking. See
app-misc/zygrib:maps - Installs additional GSHHS maps for high resolution coastline data and cities
app-mobilephone/gammu:irda - Enables infrared support
app-mobilephone/gnokii:ical - Enable support for dev-libs/libical
app-mobilephone/gnokii:irda - Enable infrared support
app-mobilephone/gnokii:pcsc-lite - Enable smartcard support with sys-apps/pcsc-lite
app-mobilephone/gnokii:sms - Enable SMS support (build smsd)
app-mobilephone/obexd:nokia - Add support for Nokia backup plugin
app-mobilephone/obexd:server - Enables server installation, it's incompatible with obex-data-server provided one
app-mobilephone/smstools:stats - Enable statistic reporting
app-mobilephone/yaps:capi - Enable CAPI support
app-office/abiword:collab - Enable collaborative editing plugin
app-office/abiword:goffice - Enable goffice plugin
app-office/abiword:grammar - Enable grammar checking via dev-libs/link-grammar
app-office/abiword:map - Enable world map support through media-libs/libchamplain
app-office/abiword:math - Enable support for x11-libs/gtkmathview
app-office/abiword:openxml - Enable OpenXML support
app-office/abiword:ots - Enable Text Summarizer plugin
app-office/abiword:plugins - Enable plugins build (see for more information). If your file cannot be opened due lack of support, try enabling this.
app-office/abiword:redland - Enables support redland and raptor libs.
app-office/abiword:thesaurus - Enable thesaurus support
app-office/abiword:wordperfect - Enable wordperfect file support via app-text/libwpd
app-office/calligra:attica - Get hot stuff with dev-libs/libattica
app-office/calligra:eigen - Enable dev-cpp/eigen mathematical templates support
app-office/calligra:glew - Enable media-libs/glew opengl extension library support
app-office/calligra:glib - Enable support for C library routines from dev-libs/glib
app-office/calligra:gsf - Enable support for ODT structures extraction via gnome-extra/libgsf
app-office/calligra:kdcraw - Enable support for KDE image manipulating interface via kde-base/libkdcraw
app-office/calligra:kdepim - Enable support for KDEPIM resources integration
app-office/calligra:marble - Enable displaying of maps using Marble
app-office/calligra:okular - Enable bindings for kde-base/okular
app-office/calligra:opengtl - Enable support for transformation algorithms via media-libs/opengtl
app-office/calligra:spacenav - Enable support for the 3Dconnexion spacenav input device via dev-libs/libspnav
app-office/calligra:vc - Enable support for dev-libs/vc, could be a significant speed boost on krita
app-office/calligra:word-perfect - Enable support for various WordPerfect file formats
app-office/calligra:xbase - Enable support for xbase compatible database formats
app-office/calligra:xslt - Enable xslt and exslt support format support
app-office/glabels:barcode - Enable barcode support through external libraries.
app-office/gnucash:chipcard - Enable support for chipcard reading and processing.
app-office/gnucash:hbci - Enable HBCI support, for connecting to some internet banks
app-office/gnucash:quotes - Enable Online Stock Quote retrieval
app-office/gnucash:webkit - Use net-libs/webkit-gtk for rendering rather than gnome-extra/gtkhtml
app-office/gnumeric:libgda - Enable database support through gnome-extra/libgda.
app-office/gnumeric:perl - Enable perl plugin loader.
app-office/gnumeric:python - Enable python plugin loader.
app-office/imposter:iksemel - Enable external dev-libs/iksemel parsing support
app-office/kmymoney:hbci - Enable HBCI support using net-libs/aqbanking
app-office/kmymoney:quotes - Enable Online Stock Quote retrieval
app-office/libreoffice:gtk3 - Enable highly experimental gtk3 frontend
app-office/libreoffice:jemalloc - Use dev-libs/jemalloc for allocations
app-office/libreoffice:odk - Build the Office Development Kit
app-office/libreoffice:telepathy - Enable document colaboration features using telepathy communication framework.
app-office/libreoffice:vba - Enable support for VBA compatibility and ActiveX embedding
app-office/libreoffice:vlc - Use media-video/vlc for video embedding
app-office/libreoffice:webdav - Adds support for HTTP content adding via net-libs/neon
app-office/libreoffice-l10n:offlinehelp - Install help files locally instead of using the LibreOffice Wiki
app-office/lyx:aspell - Add support for aspell spellchecking
app-office/lyx:dia - Add support for diagrams (app-office/dia)
app-office/lyx:docbook - Add support for docbook export
app-office/lyx:dot - Add support for DOT import (media-gfx/graphviz)
app-office/lyx:enchant - Add support for enchant spellchecking wrapper (both aspell and hunspell can be used by LyX).
app-office/lyx:gnumeric - Add support for importing Gnumeric/OpenOffice/MS Excel spreadsheets into LyX.
app-office/lyx:html - Add support for HTML import
app-office/lyx:hunspell - Add support for spellchecking based on hunspell and reuse system-wide OpenOffice dictionaries. This also enable thesaurus dictionaries not accessible via aspell.
app-office/lyx:luatex - Add support for LuaTeX typesetting
app-office/lyx:monolithic-build - This should speed up compilation significantly when you have enough RAM (> 600 MB)
app-office/lyx:rcs - Add support for revision control via dev-vcs/rcs
app-office/lyx:rtf - Add support for RTF import/export packages
app-office/lyx:xetex - Add support for XeTeX typesetting
app-office/rabbit:markdown - Markdown support (dev-ruby/kramdown)
app-office/rabbit:tgif - tgif support (media-gfx/tgif)
app-office/scribus:aspell - Enable support for spell checking with app-text/aspell
app-office/scribus:graphicsmagick - Add support for media-gfx/graphicsmagick
app-office/scribus:hunspell - Enable support for spell checking with app-text/hunspell
app-office/scribus:linguas_cs_CZ - Language support for cs_CZ
app-office/scribus:linguas_da_DK - Language support for da_DK
app-office/scribus:linguas_de_1901 - Language support for de_1901
app-office/scribus:linguas_de_CH - Language support for de_CH
app-office/scribus:linguas_en_AU - Language support for en_AU
app-office/scribus:linguas_lt_LT - Language support for lt_LT
app-office/scribus:linguas_pl_PL - Language support for pl_PL
app-office/scribus:linguas_sa - Language support for sa
app-office/scribus:linguas_sk_SK - Language support for sk_SK
app-office/scribus:linguas_th_TH - Language support for th_TH
app-office/scribus:minimal - Don't install headers (only required for e.g. plug-in developers)
app-office/scribus:osg - 3D redering via dev-games/openscenegraph
app-office/scribus:scripts - Install the scripts
app-office/scribus:templates - Document tamplates
app-office/scribus:tk - Install tk based scripts e.g.
app-office/texmacs:netpbm - Add support for media-libs/netpbm
app-office/texstudio:video - Use phonon for video embedding
app-pda/barry:boost - Enable boost support
app-pda/barry:desktop - Install the GUI desktop control panel
app-pda/barry:gui - Install the GUI backup tool
app-pda/barry:opensync - Install the barry-sync plugin for OpenSync 0.22
app-pda/gtkpod:clutter - Enable clutter support for displaying coverart
app-pda/gtkpod:webkit - Enable webkit support for finding coverart
app-pda/libopensync-plugin-irmc:irda - Enable infrared support
app-pda/libopensync-plugin-syncml:http - Enable http transports
app-pda/libopensync-plugin-syncml:obex - Enable obex transports
app-pda/libplist:python - Build swig-based python bindings
app-pda/libsyncml:http - Enable http transports
app-pda/libsyncml:obex - Enable obex transports
app-pda/synce-sync-engine:opensync - Enable OpenSync (app-pda/libopensync) python plug-in
app-portage/conf-update:colordiff - Use colors when displaying diffs (app-misc/colordiff)
app-portage/eix:clang - Use sys-devel/clang for building
app-portage/eix:debug - Build with upstream's CXXFLAGS/LDFLAGS for debugging support; not recommended for normal use.
app-portage/eix:dep - Make DEP=true the default which enables support for {,R,P}DEPEND but requires roughly double disk and memory.
app-portage/eix:doc - Create description of the eix cache file additionally in html format
app-portage/eix:optimization - Accept upstream's choices for CXXFLAGS/LDFLAGS for optimization. Absense of this USE flag does not strip user's *FLAGS
app-portage/eix:security - This adds some checks which can prevent certain exploits if e.g. the eix code has a bug. If you use the hardened toolchain, using this flag does not increase security and can even lead to problems.
app-portage/eix:sqlite - Compile in support for portage's sqlite backend; to actually use it you need additional configuration of portage and eix
app-portage/eix:strong-optimization - Adds several more agressive CXXFLAGS/LDFLAGS for optimization like graphite (if available). May cause trouble with some buggy compiler versions. Absense of this USE flag does not strip user's *FLAGS
app-portage/eix:strong-security - Add many checks to prevent exploits if eix code has a bug. This will slow down eix considerably. Use only if you are paranoid or have reasons to suspect a bug.
app-portage/eix:swap-remote - Swap role of remote addresses in eix-remote, making the data from the first choice.
app-portage/eix:tools - Create separate binary for script helper tools; useful if they are called extremely often
app-portage/layman:bazaar - Support dev-vcs/bzr based overlays
app-portage/layman:cvs - Support dev-vcs/cvs based overlays
app-portage/layman:darcs - Support dev-vcs/darcs based overlays
app-portage/layman:git - Support dev-vcs/git based overlays
app-portage/layman:gpg - Support app-crypt/gnupg signed overlays lists and manifests
app-portage/layman:mercurial - Support dev-vcs/mercurial based overlays
app-portage/layman:subversion - Support dev-vcs/subversion based overlays
app-portage/pfl:network-cron - Adds a cron job which does a weekly submit of the package database
app-portage/tatt:templates - Install template scripts to be used with tatt
app-shells/bash:bashlogger - Log ALL commands typed into bash; should ONLY be used in restricted environments such as honeypots
app-shells/bash:mem-scramble - Build with custom malloc/free overwriting allocated/freed memory
app-shells/bash:net - Enable /dev/tcp/host/port redirection
app-shells/bash:plugins - Add support for loading builtins at runtime via 'enable'
app-shells/pdsh:rsh - This allows the use of rsh (remote shell) and rcp (remote copy) for authoring websites. sftp is a much more secure protocol and is preferred.
app-shells/scsh-install-lib:scsh - Use a non-FHS directory layout
app-shells/shish:diet - Use dev-libs/dietlibc
app-shells/tcsh:catalogs - Add support for NLS catalogs
app-text/acroread:html - HTML support and help reading capability (only for x86).
app-text/asciidoc:highlight - Enable source code highlighting
app-text/calibre:udisks - Add run-time dependency on sys-fs/udisks in order to mount and unmount reading devices.
app-text/crm114:mew - Add support for using the mewdecode mime decoder (app-emacs/mew)
app-text/crm114:mimencode - Add support for using the mimencode mime (net-mail/metamail)
app-text/crm114:normalizemime - Add support for using the normalizemime (mail-filter/normalizemime)
app-text/cuneiform:graphicsmagick - Enables support of various input formats using media-gfx/graphicsmagick. Otherwise only uncompressed BMP files are supported.
app-text/cuneiform:imagemagick - Enables support of various input formats using media-gfx/imagemagick. Otherwise only uncompressed BMP files are supported.
app-text/dbacl:interactive - Enable the interactive mailinspect ability
app-text/dictd:judy - Build Judy-based (dev-libs/judy) plugin implementing fast "exact" and especially "lev" strategies
app-text/dictd:minimal - Don't build server but dict client, dictzip and dictfmt only.
app-text/docbook-sgml-utils:jadetex - Add support for app-text/jadetex (for processing tex files produced by the TeX backend of Jade)
app-text/docbook-xsl-ns-stylesheets:ruby - Install the Ruby-based dbtoepub script; requires an interpreter compatible with app-admin/eselect-ruby.
app-text/docbook-xsl-stylesheets:ruby - Install the Ruby-based dbtoepub script; requires an interpreter compatible with app-admin/eselect-ruby.
app-text/dvipng:t1lib - Enable support for T1lib font rendering (media-libs/t1lib)
app-text/enchant:aspell - Adds support for app-text/aspell spell checker
app-text/enchant:hunspell - Adds support for app-text/hunspell spell checker
app-text/enchant:zemberek - Adds support for app-text/zemberek-server spell checker server
app-text/evince:dvi - Enable the built-in DVI viewer
app-text/evince:gnome - Enable the use of gnome-base/gconf to honour lockdown settings
app-text/evince:nautilus - Enable property page extension in gnome-base/nautilus
app-text/evince:t1lib - Enable the Type-1 fonts for the built-in DVI viewer (media-libs/t1lib)
app-text/evince:xps - Enable XPS viewer using app-text/libgxps
app-text/getxbook:ocr - Use app-text/tesseract for optical character recognition
app-text/ghostscript-gpl:bindist - Disable dejavu support for binary distribution because of licensing issue
app-text/gtkspell:vala - Enable bindings for dev-lang/vala
app-text/gtranslator:http - Enable support for open translation plugin using net-libs/libsoup
app-text/hyperestraier:mecab - Enable app-text/mecab support for Estraier
app-text/jmupdf:system-mupdf - Link against system version of app-text/mupdf
app-text/lcdf-typetools:kpathsea - Enable integration with kpathsea search library (TeX related)
app-text/libgxps:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
app-text/liblangtag:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
app-text/libwpd:tools - Build miscellaneous tools
app-text/lodgeit:vim - Install a vim plugin allowing to paste and download from within vim
app-text/mathtex:png - Generate png images by default instead of gif
app-text/pandoc:embed_data_files - Embed data files in binary for relocatable executable.
app-text/pandoc:http-conduit - Enable downloading of resources over https.
app-text/pastebinit:crypt - Install pbputs for gpg-encrypted pastes
app-text/pdf2djvu:graphicsmagick - Enable media-gfx/graphicsmagick support
app-text/pdfgrep:unac - Removing accents and ligatures before search
app-text/pelican:markdown - Markdown support
app-text/podofo:boost - Add support for boost
app-text/poppler:introspection - Enable GObject introspection.
app-text/poppler:utils - Install command-line PDF converters and various utilities.
app-text/qpdfview:synctex - Add support for searching TeX sources
app-text/sgmltools-lite:jadetex - Add support for app-text/jadetex (for processing tex files produced by the TeX backend of Jade)
app-text/stardict:espeak - Enable text to speech synthesizer using espeak engine
app-text/stardict:gucharmap - Enable gucharmap dictionary plugin
app-text/stardict:pronounce - Install WyabdcRealPeopleTTS package (it is just many .wav files) to make StarDict pronounce English words
app-text/stardict:qqwry - Enable QQWry plugin, which provides information (in Chinese language) about geographical positions, owner, etc. for IP addresses
app-text/stardict:tools - Build and install the extra stardict tools
app-text/tesseract:linguas_chr - Enable support for the Cherokee language.
app-text/tesseract:linguas_jp - Enable support for Japanese.
app-text/tesseract:osd - Enable support orientation and script detection.
app-text/tesseract:scrollview - Enable graphics support (ScrollView).
app-text/tesseract:webp - Enable support for webp image format.
app-text/texlive:context - Add support for the ConTeXt format (dev-texlive/texlive-context)
app-text/texlive:detex - Add support for dev-tex/detex, a filter program that removes the LaTeX (or TeX) control sequences
app-text/texlive:dvi2tty - Add support for dev-tex/dvi2tty to preview dvi-files on text-only devices
app-text/texlive:dvipdfm - Add support for app-text/dvipdfm to convert DVI files to PDF
app-text/texlive:epspdf - Add support for app-text/epspdf, a tool for converting [e]ps files to pdf.
app-text/texlive:extra - Add support for extra TeXLive packages
app-text/texlive:games - Add typesetting support for games (chess, etc.) (dev-texlive/texlive-games)
app-text/texlive:graphics - Add support for several graphics packages (pgf, tikz,...)
app-text/texlive:humanities - Add LaTeX support for the humanities (dev-texlive/texlive-humanities)
app-text/texlive:jadetex - Add support for app-text/jadetex (for processing tex files produced by the TeX backend of Jade)
app-text/texlive:luatex - Add extra support for luatex
app-text/texlive:metapost - Add support for metapost: A tool for creating graphics in scalable PostScript.
app-text/texlive:music - Add support for music typesetting (dev-texlive/texlive-music)
app-text/texlive:omega - Add omega packages (dev-texlive/texlive-omega)
app-text/texlive:pdfannotextractor - Add dev-tex/pdfannotextractor support, for extracting annotations from PDF files.
app-text/texlive:pstricks - Add pstricks packages (dev-texlive/texlive-pstricks)
app-text/texlive:publishers - Add support for publishers (dev-texlive/texlive-publishers)
app-text/texlive:science - Add typesetting support for natural and computer sciences (dev-texlive/texlive-science)
app-text/texlive:tex4ht - Add support for dev-tex/tex4ht (for converting (La)TeX to (X)HTML, XML and
app-text/texlive:texi2html - Add support for app-text/texi2html which converts texi files to HTML.
app-text/texlive:xetex - Add support for XeTeX macros (dev-texlive/texlive-xetex)
app-text/texlive:xindy - Add support for app-text/xindy, a flexible indexing system
app-text/texlive-core:xetex - Add support for XeTeX: a TeX system with Unicode and modern font technologies.
app-text/u2ps:fonts - Install a more complete set of unicode fonts
app-text/wdiff:experimental - Build experimental utilities (mdiff, unify, wdiff2)
app-text/webgen:builder - Enable programmatic HTML/XML generation
app-text/webgen:highlight - Enable syntax highlighting for certain plugins
app-text/webgen:markdown - Markdown support
app-text/wgetpaste:lodgeit-default - Set one of lodgeit-like (ex services as default
app-text/wklej:vim - Install the vim plugin allowing to paste through ':Wklej'.
app-text/writerperfect:gsf - Add support for structured files using gnome-extra/libgsf
app-text/writerperfect:mspub - Add support to mspub format using app-text/libmspub
app-text/writerperfect:mwaw - Add support to mwaw formats using app-text/libmwaw
app-text/writerperfect:visio - Add support for visio format using media-libs/libvisio
app-text/writerperfect:wpg - Add support for wpg format using app-text/libwpg
app-text/writerperfect:wps - Add support for wps format using app-text/libwps
app-text/wv:tools - Install optional utilities considered deprecated in favor of using AbiWord.
app-text/xiphos:webkit - Use net-libs/webkit-gtk instead of gnome-extra/gtkhtml
app-text/yagf:cuneiform - Enable support for the app-text/cuneiform OCR engine.
app-text/yagf:tesseract - Enable support for the app-text/tesseract OCR engine.
app-text/zathura:deprecated - Use x11-libs/gtk+:2 instead of x11-libs/gtk+:3
app-text/zathura-cb:deprecated - Use x11-libs/gtk+:2 instead of x11-libs/gtk+:3
app-text/zathura-djvu:deprecated - Use x11-libs/gtk+:2 instead of x11-libs/gtk+:3
app-text/zathura-meta:cb - Install plug-in for ComicBook support
app-text/zathura-meta:deprecated - Use x11-libs/gtk+:2 instead of x11-libs/gtk+:3
app-text/zathura-pdf-mupdf:deprecated - Use x11-libs/gtk+:2 instead of x11-libs/gtk+:3
app-text/zathura-pdf-poppler:deprecated - Use x11-libs/gtk+:2 instead of x11-libs/gtk+:3
app-text/zathura-ps:deprecated - Use x11-libs/gtk+:2 instead of x11-libs/gtk+:3
app-vim/gentoo-syntax:ignore-glep31 - Remove GLEP 31 (UTF-8 file encodings) settings
app-vim/vim-latex:html - Install HTML documentation
app-vim/vim-latex:python - Enable python support which can help speed up some functionality
app-vim/youcompleteme:clang - Enable semantic support for C-family languages using sys-devel/clang
dev-cpp/glog:gflags - Use dev-cpp/gflags for flag parsing
dev-cpp/glog:unwind - Use sys-libs/libunwind for stack unwinding instead of glibc/gcc (may be more reliable on x86_64)
dev-cpp/libcmis:man - Build and install man pages.
dev-cpp/pficommon:fcgi - Build FCGI feature
dev-cpp/pficommon:mprpc - Build MessagePack RPC feature
dev-cpp/xsd:ace - Enable support for serializing to/from an ACE CDR stream
dev-db/drizzle:curl - Enable the HTTP authentication plugin (using net-misc/curl). This is needed for the tests to apply properly.
dev-db/drizzle:doc - Build the API documentation for the package, using app-doc/doxygen. Warning, this might take over an hour on slower machines.
dev-db/drizzle:gearman - Enable the gearman plugins for user-defined functions and logging (using sys-cluster/gearman).
dev-db/drizzle:haildb - Use the dev-db/haildb libraries to replace the innodb plugin storage engine with haildb (an innodb fork).
dev-db/drizzle:md5 - Enable the MD5 plugin, using dev-libs/libgcrypt; this replaces the older openssl and gnutls USE flags.
dev-db/drizzle:memcache - Enable the memcache plugin for user-defined functions and statistics in I_S tables (using dev-libs/libmemcached). Currently restricts tests because of an upstream testsuite bug.
dev-db/drizzle:pam - Enable the PAM authentication plugin (using sys-libs/pam). The configuration file created will be /etc/pam.d/drizzle.
dev-db/drizzle:v8 - Use dev-lang/v8.
dev-db/firebird:client - Install client library and header files only
dev-db/firebird:superserver - Install SuperServer
dev-db/firebird:xinetd - Install ClassicServer
dev-db/haildb:debug - Enable extra debug codepaths and assertions. If disabled, both the debug code and assertions are removed from the resulting binaries. Optimisations are untouched.
dev-db/haildb:zlib - Add support for compressed tables through sys-libs/zlib.
dev-db/hyperdex:trace-player - Build a primitive trace-replay tool
dev-db/maatkit:udf - Build the MySQL UDFs shipped with maatkit, requires non-minimal MySQL
dev-db/mariadb:big-tables - Make tables contain up to 1.844E+19 rows
dev-db/mariadb:cluster - Add support for NDB clustering (deprecated)
dev-db/mariadb:community - Enables the community features from upstream.
dev-db/mariadb:embedded - Build embedded server (libmysqld)
dev-db/mariadb:extraengine - Add support for alternative storage engines (Archive, CSV, Blackhole, Federated(X), Partition)
dev-db/mariadb:jemalloc - Use dev-libs/jemalloc for allocations.
dev-db/mariadb:latin1 - Use LATIN1 encoding instead of UTF8
dev-db/mariadb:libevent - Use libevent for connection handling
dev-db/mariadb:max-idx-128 - Raise the max index per table limit from 64 to 128
dev-db/mariadb:minimal - Install client programs only, no server
dev-db/mariadb:oqgraph - Add support for the Open Query GRAPH engine
dev-db/mariadb:pbxt - Add experimental support for PBXT storage engine
dev-db/mariadb:profiling - Add support for statement profiling (requires USE=community).
dev-db/mariadb:sphinx - Add suport for the sphinx full-text search engine
dev-db/mariadb:systemtap - Build support for profiling and tracing using dev-util/systemtap
dev-db/mariadb:test - Install upstream testsuites for end use.
dev-db/mongodb:mms-agent - Install the MongoDB Monitoring Service agent
dev-db/mongodb:sharedclient - build client shared library
dev-db/mongodb:spidermonkey - Use embedded SpiderMonkey engine (dev-lang/spidermonkey) instead of v8
dev-db/mysql:big-tables - Make tables contain up to 1.844E+19 rows
dev-db/mysql:cluster - Add support for NDB clustering (deprecated)
dev-db/mysql:community - Enables the community features from upstream.
dev-db/mysql:embedded - Build embedded server (libmysqld)
dev-db/mysql:extraengine - Add support for alternative storage engines (Archive, CSV, Blackhole, Federated(X), Partition)
dev-db/mysql:jemalloc - Use dev-libs/jemalloc for allocations.
dev-db/mysql:latin1 - Use LATIN1 encoding instead of UTF8
dev-db/mysql:max-idx-128 - Raise the max index per table limit from 64 to 128
dev-db/mysql:minimal - Install client programs only, no server
dev-db/mysql:pbxt - Add experimental support for PBXT storage engine
dev-db/mysql:profiling - Add support for statement profiling (requires USE=community).
dev-db/mysql:raid - Deprecated option, removed in the 5.0 series
dev-db/mysql:systemtap - Build support for profiling and tracing using dev-util/systemtap
dev-db/mysql:test - Install upstream testsuites for end use.
dev-db/mysql:xtradb - Add experimental support for Percona's InnoDB replacement: XtraDB
dev-db/mysql-connector-c++:gcov - Build coverage support
dev-db/pgadmin3:databasedesigner - Enable the Database Designer component
dev-db/pgbouncer:libevent - Use libevent 2.0+ and evdns as the DNS backend
dev-db/pgbouncer:udns - Use udns as the DNS backend. Supports IPv4 only.
dev-db/pgpool2:memcached - Use memcached for query caching.
dev-db/phpmyadmin:setup - Installs the phpMyAdmin setup utility. Users who don't use the utility should disable this USE flag for security reasons as the setup tool was the target of various exploits in the past.
dev-db/postgis:geos - Add the sci-libs/geos library for exact topological tests
dev-db/postgis:gtk - Build shp2pgsql-gui a graphical interface to shp2pgsql
dev-db/postgis:proj - Add the sci-libs/proj library for reprojection features
dev-db/postgresql-base:pg_legacytimestamp - Use double precision floating-point numbers instead of 64-bit integers for timestamp storage.
dev-db/postgresql-server:pg_legacytimestamp - Use double precision floating-point numbers instead of 64-bit integers for timestamp storage.
dev-db/postgresql-server:uuid - Enable server side UUID generation (via dev-libs/ossp-uuid)
dev-db/psqlodbc:iodbc - Use dev-db/libiodbc. Disable to use dev-db/unixODBC.
dev-db/recutils:curl - Enable support for remote descriptors using libcurl
dev-db/recutils:mdb - Build the mdb2rec utility
dev-db/redis:jemalloc - Use dev-libs/jemalloc for allocations.
dev-db/redis:tcmalloc - Use tcmalloc from dev-util/google-perftools for allocations.
dev-db/spatialite:geos - Add the sci-libs/geos library for exact topological tests
dev-db/spatialite:proj - Add the sci-libs/proj library for reprojection features
dev-db/spatialite:xls - Add the dev-libs/freexl library for xls import support
dev-db/sqlite:extensions - Enable support for dynamic loading of extensions
dev-db/sqlite:secure-delete - Overwrite deleted information with zeros in addition to marking the space as available for reuse. This causes a performance penalty.
dev-db/unixODBC:minimal - Disable bundled drivers and extra libraries (most users don't need these)
dev-db/unixODBC:odbcmanual - Administrator, Internal Structure, Programmer and User documentation
dev-embedded/avrdude:ftdi - Enable support for USB FTDI chips via dev-embedded/libftdi
dev-embedded/libftdi:tools - build ftdi_eeprom helper tool
dev-embedded/msp430-binutils:multislot - Allow for multiple versions of binutils to be emerged at once for same CTARGET
dev-embedded/msp430-binutils:multitarget - Adds support to binutils for cross compiling (does not work with gas)
dev-embedded/msp430-gcc:fixed-point - Enable fixed-point arithmetic support for MIPS targets in gcc (Warning: significantly increases compile time!)
dev-embedded/msp430-gcc:go - Build the GCC Go language frontend.
dev-embedded/msp430-gcc:graphite - Add support for the framework for loop optimizations based on a polyhedral intermediate representation
dev-embedded/msp430-gcc:libssp - Build SSP support into a dedicated library rather than use the code in the C library (DO NOT ENABLE THIS IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT DOES)
dev-embedded/msp430-gcc:mudflap - Add support for mudflap, a pointer use checking library
dev-embedded/msp430-gcc:multislot - Allow for SLOTs to include minor version (3.3.4 instead of just 3.3)
dev-embedded/msp430-gcc:objc - Build support for the Objective C code language
dev-embedded/msp430-gcc:objc++ - Build support for the Objective C++ language
dev-embedded/msp430-gcc:objc-gc - Build support for the Objective C code language Garbage Collector
dev-embedded/msp430-gdb:multitarget - Support all known targets in one gdb binary
dev-embedded/msp430-gdb:python - Enable support for the new internal scripting language, as well as extended pretty printers
dev-embedded/openocd:blaster - Enable support for Altera USE-Blaster
dev-embedded/openocd:dummy - Build the dummy port driver
dev-embedded/openocd:ftd2xx - Enable support for USB FTDI chips via dev-embedded/libftd2xx
dev-embedded/openocd:ftdi - Enable support for USB FTDI chips via dev-embedded/libftdi
dev-embedded/openocd:minidriver - Build the dummy minidriver
dev-embedded/openocd:parport - Enable support for parport JTAG devices
dev-embedded/openocd:presto - Enable support for AXIS PRESTO devices
dev-embedded/openocd:segger - Enable support for the Segger J-Link JTAG
dev-embedded/openocd:stlink - Enable building support for the ST-Link JTAG Programmer
dev-embedded/openocd:verbose-io - Verbose IO and comm JTAG and USB messages
dev-embedded/openocd:versaloon - Enable building support for the Versallon-lInk JTAG
dev-embedded/ponyprog:epiphany - Enable support for www-client/epiphany
dev-embedded/sdcc:boehm-gc - Enable Hans Boehm's garbage collector (dev-libs/boehm-gc)
dev-embedded/urjtag:ftd2xx - Enable support for USB FTDI chips via dev-embedded/libftd2xx
dev-embedded/urjtag:ftdi - Enable support for USB FTDI chips via dev-embedded/libftdi
dev-games/aseprite:memleak - Enable memory-leaks detector (only for developers)
dev-games/aseprite:static - Link against static version of C and C++ runtimes
dev-games/cegui:devil - Build the DevIL based ImageCodec module
dev-games/cegui:freeimage - Build the FreeImage based ImageCodec module
dev-games/cegui:irrlicht - Enable the Irrlicht renderer
dev-games/cegui:ogre - Enable the OGRE renderer
dev-games/cegui:tinyxml - Enable the Tiny XML parser module
dev-games/cegui:xerces-c - Enable the Xerces-C++ XML parser module
dev-games/cegui:zip - Enable the Minizip resource provider
dev-games/crystalspace:3ds - Enables support for .3DS files in CrystalSpace
dev-games/crystalspace:bullet - include support for Bullet library
dev-games/crystalspace:cal3d - include support for skeleton animation
dev-games/crystalspace:cegui - include support for Crazy Eddie GUI
dev-games/crystalspace:cg - NVIDIA toolkit plugin
dev-games/crystalspace:ode - include support for Open Dynamics Engine
dev-games/guichan:allegro - Build the Allegro frontend
dev-games/mygui:linguas_ru - Install some additional russian docs if 'doc' useflag enabled
dev-games/mygui:plugins - Build MyGUI plugins
dev-games/mygui:samples - Install MyGUI demos
dev-games/mygui:tools - Build the tools for development
dev-games/ode:double-precision - more precise calculations at the expense of speed
dev-games/ode:gyroscopic - enable gyroscopic term (may cause instability)
dev-games/ogre:boost - enable boost support
dev-games/ogre:cg - NVIDIA toolkit plugin
dev-games/ogre:double-precision - more precise calculations at the expense of speed
dev-games/ogre:freeimage - support images via freeimage
dev-games/ogre:gles2 - build OpenGL ES 2.x RenderSystem
dev-games/ogre:ois - pull in Object-oriented Input System library for samples
dev-games/ogre:poco - when USE=threads, use poco for threading
dev-games/ogre:tbb - when USE=threads, use tbb for threading
dev-games/ogre:tools - build+install helper tools
dev-games/ogre:zip - support zip archives
dev-games/openscenegraph:fox - Build examples using x11-libs/fox library
dev-games/openscenegraph:gdal - Enable support for sci-libs/gdal library
dev-games/openscenegraph:itk - Build dev-tcltk/itk plugin
dev-games/openscenegraph:openinventor - Build OpenInventor plugin
dev-games/openscenegraph:osgapps - Build osg applications
dev-games/openscenegraph:xrandr - Enable support for the X xrandr extension
dev-games/physfs:grp - Enable Build Engine GRP archive support
dev-games/physfs:hog - Enable Descent I/II HOG archive support
dev-games/physfs:mvl - Enable Descent I/II MVL archive support
dev-games/physfs:qpak - Enable Quake I/II QPAK archive support
dev-games/physfs:wad - Enable Doom WAD archive support
dev-games/physfs:zip - Enable ZIP archive support
dev-haskell/abstract-deque:usecas - Enable the reference implementation to use hardware compare-and-swap.
dev-haskell/aeson:developer - Operate in developer mode.'
dev-haskell/aeson-pretty:lib-only - don't build 'aeson-pretty' executable.
dev-haskell/cabal-install:noprefs - Ignore 'preferred-versions' file from hackage's tarball.
dev-haskell/certificate:executable - Build the executable
dev-haskell/cgi:extensible-exceptions-in-base - Required to be enabled for >=dev-lang/ghc-7.
dev-haskell/citeproc-hs:bibutils - use Chris Putnam's app-text/bibutils
dev-haskell/citeproc-hs:embed_data_files - Embed locale files into the library (needed for windows packaging)
dev-haskell/citeproc-hs:hexpat - use dev-haskell/hexpat instead of dev-haskell/xml for XML parsing
dev-haskell/citeproc-hs:network - use dev-haskell/network and dev-haskell/http to retrieve CSL file from URIs
dev-haskell/citeproc-hs:small_base - Choose the new smaller, split-up base package.
dev-haskell/cmdargs:quotation - Build quote module
dev-haskell/cmdargs:testprog - Build the test program
dev-haskell/comonad:test-doctests - Run the doctests test suite
dev-haskell/conduit:nohandles - experimental code to use raw system calls in place of handles. Not recommended for general use
dev-haskell/cpu:executable - build 'cpuid' tool
dev-haskell/crypto-api:all_cpolys - Build all the CMAC polynomes up to 10000 bits instead of just the usual ones
dev-haskell/crypto-pubkey:benchmark - Build benchmarks.
dev-haskell/cryptohash:cryptoapi - Defines crypto-api instances
dev-haskell/distributive:lib-werror - Compile with the ghc -Werror option
dev-haskell/filestore:maxcount - Make use of a recent (>= 2.3.0) Darcs feature which vastly improves the performance of 'latest'. You should disable this flag if you plan to use gitit with an older version of Darcs, or 'latest' will raise an error.
dev-haskell/glut:usenativewindowslibraries - When compiling under Windows, use the native libraries instead of e.g. the ones coming with Cygwin.
dev-haskell/gtk:gio - Add glib's GIO bindings.
dev-haskell/happstack-server:template_haskell - Description: Template Haskell is available on this system
dev-haskell/hashable:sse4_1 - Enable optimization for SSE4_1 capable processors (Intel Core 2 Penryn and later chips)
dev-haskell/hashtables:bounds-checking - if on, use bounds-checking array accesses
dev-haskell/hashtables:portable - if on, use only pure Haskell code and no GHC extensions.
dev-haskell/hashtables:sse4_1 - Enable optimization for SSE4_1 capable processors (Intel Core 2 Penryn and later chips)
dev-haskell/hashtables:unsafe-tricks - turn on unsafe GHC tricks
dev-haskell/highlighting-kate:executable - Build the Highlight executable.
dev-haskell/highlighting-kate:pcre-light - Use the pcre-light library instead of regex-pcre-builtin.
dev-haskell/hsopenssl:fast-bignum - Enable fast moving of bignums between OpenSSL and GMP (GHC Only)
dev-haskell/hstringtemplate:quasi-quotation - Build module providing a quasi-quoter
dev-haskell/hstringtemplate:syb-with-class - Generic instances for TOSElem
dev-haskell/json:generic - Add support for generic encoder (dev-haskell/syb)
dev-haskell/json:parsec - Add support for parsing with Parsec
dev-haskell/json:pretty - Add support for using pretty printing combinators
dev-haskell/lens:benchmark-uniplate - Enable benchmarking against Neil Mitchell's uniplate library for comparative performance analysis. Defaults to being turned off to avoid the extra dependency.
dev-haskell/lens:dump-splices - Build and run the doctests test-suite.
dev-haskell/lens:inlining - Generate inline pragmas when using template-haskell. This defaults to enabled, but you can to shut it off to benchmark the relative performance impact, or as last ditch effort to address compile errors resulting from the myriad versions of template-haskell that all purport to be 2.8.
dev-haskell/lens:lib-werror - Turn on ghc-options: -Werror
dev-haskell/lens:old-inline-pragmas - Some 7.6.1-rc1 users report their TH still uses old style inline pragmas. This lets them turn on inlining.
dev-haskell/lens:safe - Disallow unsafeCoerce
dev-haskell/lens:test-doctests - Build and run the doctests test-suite.
dev-haskell/lens:test-hunit - You can disable the hunit test suite with -f-test-hunit
dev-haskell/lens:test-properties - Build the properties test if we're building tests
dev-haskell/lens:trustworthy - Assert that we are trustworthy when we can
dev-haskell/monad-control:instancest - If enabled this package will export MonadBaseControl instances for the lazy and strict ST monad. If disabled these instances are only exported when base >= 4.4. If enabled it is required that the transformer-base package exports MonadBase instances for ST. It will do this by default.
dev-haskell/monad-par:chaselev - Use Chase-Lev Deques for higher-perf work-stealing.
dev-haskell/pandoc-citeproc:bibutils - use Chris Putnam's app-text/bibutils
dev-haskell/pandoc-citeproc:embed_data_files - Embed locale files into the library (needed for windows packaging)
dev-haskell/pandoc-citeproc:hexpat - use dev-haskell/hexpat instead of dev-haskell/xml for XML parsing
dev-haskell/pandoc-citeproc:network - use dev-haskell/network and dev-haskell/http to retrieve CSL file from URIs
dev-haskell/pandoc-citeproc:small_base - Choose the new smaller, split-up base package.
dev-haskell/pandoc-citeproc:unicode_collation - Use Haskell bindings to the dev-libs/icu
dev-haskell/persistent-sqlite:systemlib - Use the system-wide sqlite library
dev-haskell/quickcheck:template_haskell - Enable additional test modules requiring Template Haskell support.
dev-haskell/rfc5051:mkunicodedata - build codes generator itself
dev-haskell/sendfile:portable - Explicitly enable portable sendfile support (implemented in Haskell)
dev-haskell/shakespeare:test_export - Test export.
dev-haskell/shakespeare-js:test_coffee - Test coffee.
dev-haskell/shakespeare-js:test_export - Test export.
dev-haskell/shakespeare-js:test_roy - Test roy.
dev-haskell/skein:big-endian - When manually selecting the endianness, use big-endian (default is little-endian).
dev-haskell/skein:force-endianness - Use a manually selected endian when compiling (see flag 'big-endian').
dev-haskell/skein:reference - Use the reference implementation instead of the optimized one.
dev-haskell/snap-core:portable - No non-haskell unportable code.
dev-haskell/snap-server:openssl - enable https support using dev-haskell/hsopenssl
dev-haskell/snap-server:portable - no non-haskell unportable code.
dev-haskell/tagsoup:download - Build with Download module.
dev-haskell/tasty:colors - Enable colorful output
dev-haskell/texmath:cgi - Build texmath-cgi executable.
dev-haskell/text:developer - operate in developer mode
dev-haskell/tls:compat - Accept SSLv2 compatible handshake
dev-haskell/unix-compat:old-time - build against old-time package
dev-haskell/vector:boundschecks - Enable bounds checking
dev-haskell/vector:internalchecks - Enable internal consistency checks at the cost of a significant performance penalty
dev-haskell/vector:unsafechecks - Enable bounds checking in unsafe operations at the cost of a significant performance penalty
dev-haskell/void:safe - dissable effective but unsafe coersions
dev-haskell/wai-app-static:print - print debug info.
dev-haskell/warp:allow-sendfilefd - Allow use of sendfileFd (not available on GNU/kFreeBSD).
dev-haskell/x11:screensaver - whether to build XScreenSaver.
dev-haskell/yaml:system-libyaml - Use system libyaml instead on generic one
dev-haskell/zip-archive:executable - Build the Zip executable.
dev-java/ant:antlr - Enable ANTLR Ant tasks
dev-java/ant:bcel - Enable bcel (bytecode manipulation) Ant tasks
dev-java/ant:commonslogging - Enable commons-logging Ant tasks
dev-java/ant:commonsnet - Enable commons-net Ant tasks
dev-java/ant:jai - Enable JAI (Java Imaging) Ant task
dev-java/ant:javamail - Enable JavaMail Ant task
dev-java/ant:jdepend - Enable Jdepend Ant tasks
dev-java/ant:jmf - Enable JMF (Java Media Framework) Ant tasks
dev-java/ant:jsch - Disable Jsch (ssh, scp and related) Ant tasks
dev-java/ant:log4j - Enable Apache log4j Ant tasks
dev-java/ant:oro - Enable Apache Oro Ant tasks
dev-java/ant:regexp - Enable Apache Regexp Ant tasks
dev-java/ant:resolver - Enable Apache Resolver Ant tasks
dev-java/ant:testutil - Enable optional test util classes
dev-java/antlr:gunit - gUnit is a "Unit Test" framework for ANTLR grammars
dev-java/antlr:script - Install a script to run antlr
dev-java/bcel:findbugs - Include performance patch for findbugs package.
dev-java/commons-collections:test-framework - Install the test framework
dev-java/commons-logging:avalon-framework - Add optional support for avalon-framework
dev-java/commons-logging:avalon-logkit - Add optional support for avalon-logkit
dev-java/commons-logging:log4j - Add optional support for log4j
dev-java/commons-logging:servletapi - Add optional support for servletapi
dev-java/commons-modeler:commons-digester - Add support for the commons-digester based Mbeans Descriptor source
dev-java/diablo-jdk:jce - Enable Java Cryptographic Extension Unlimited Strength Policy files
dev-java/ecj-gcj:native - Build a native binary along with the jar. Provides faster execution time, but needs about 1G memory and some patience to compile.
dev-java/eclipse-ecj:ant - Support using ecj in Ant builds via dev-java/ant-eclipse-ecj
dev-java/emma:launcher - Install /usr/bin/emma. Collides with sci-biology/emboss.
dev-java/fop:hyphenation - Precompile hyphenation patterns from the dev-java/offo-hyphenation package and install them as fop-hyph.jar
dev-java/fop:jai - Enable jai support
dev-java/fop:jimi - Enable jimi support
dev-java/gjdoc:xmldoclet - Also build support for the xml doclet that generates output in xml instead of the traditional html javadoc.
dev-java/gnu-classpath:alsa - Build with ALSA javax.sound.midi provider
dev-java/gnu-classpath:dssi - Build with DSSI javax.sound.midi provider
dev-java/gnu-classpath:gconf - Build with GConf preferences backend
dev-java/gnu-classpath:gjdoc - Build GJDoc, a documentation generator
dev-java/gnu-classpath:gmp - Build with GMP backend for java.math.BigInteger
dev-java/gnu-classpath:gstreamer - Build with GStreamer javax.sound.sampler provider
dev-java/gnu-classpath:gtk - Build with Gtk+ AWT peers
dev-java/gnu-classpath:qt4 - Build with Qt4 AWT peers
dev-java/gnu-classpath:xml - Build with native XML backend
dev-java/ibm-jdk-bin:javacomm - Enable Java Communications API support
dev-java/icedtea:X - Make X buildtime-only depenency.
dev-java/icedtea:alsa - Make alsa buildtime-only dependency.
dev-java/icedtea:cacao - Build CACAO virtual machine on platforms supporting HotSpot. (experimental)
dev-java/icedtea:cups - Make CUPS build-only dependency.
dev-java/icedtea:jbootstrap - If possible, recompile the final IcedTea executables with itself.
dev-java/icedtea:nsplugin - Enable browser plugin (NPPlugin), requires also the webstart flag to be enabled.
dev-java/icedtea:nss - Enable NSS security provider support.
dev-java/icedtea:pax_kernel - For building when running a PaX enabled kernel.
dev-java/icedtea:systemtap - Enable SystemTap probes in HotSpot.
dev-java/icedtea:webstart - Enable Web Start support (via NetX).
dev-java/icedtea:zero - Enable Zero assembler port (usually for non-HotSpot architectures)
dev-java/icedtea-web:gtk2 - Use x11-libs/gtk+:2 instead of x11-libs/gtk+:3
dev-java/icedtea-web:gtk3 - Use x11-libs/gtk+:3 (default)
dev-java/icedtea-web:icedtea7 - Build icedtea-7 support in addition to icedtea-6 support. Requires icedtea{-bin}-7
dev-java/icedtea-web:javascript - Enable support for using proxy auto config (PAC) files.
dev-java/icedtea-web:nsplugin - Enable the browser plugin (NPPlugin).
dev-java/itext:rtf - Build and provide libraries for rich text format
dev-java/itext:rups - Build and provide GUI for Reading/Updating PDF Syntax
dev-java/jcs:admin - Enable JCS Admin servlets
dev-java/jdbc-jaybird:jni - Build/Install JDBC Type 2 native components
dev-java/jdbc-mysql:c3p0 - Enable c3p0 support
dev-java/jdbc-mysql:log4j - Enable log4 support
dev-java/jdbc-oracle-bin:dms - Enable support for the Oracle Dynamic Monitoring Service
dev-java/jdbc-oracle-bin:ons - Enable support for the Oracle Notification Services (ONS) deamon
dev-java/jfreechart:servlet - Build a servlet using the servlet API.
dev-java/jna:awt - Enables support for Java AWT
dev-java/jna:nio-buffers - Enables support for NIO buffers
dev-java/jython:readline - Use GNU readline instead of jline
dev-java/jython:servletapi - Add optional support for servlet-api
dev-java/log4j:javamail - Build the SMTPAppender
dev-java/log4j:jms - Build the JMSAppender
dev-java/log4j:jmx - Build org.apace.log4j.jmx
dev-java/lucene:contrib - Include extra functionality from contrib/
dev-java/miglayout:swt - Add support for the SWT toolkit.
dev-java/netbeans-nb:keychain - Automatically starts keychain on netbeans start and loads specified keys so Netbeans can use them.
dev-java/oracle-jdk-bin:derby - Enable Installation of Bundled Derby (Java DB)
dev-java/oracle-jdk-bin:jce - Enable Java Cryptographic Extension Unlimited Strength Policy files
dev-java/oracle-jdk-bin:pax_kernel - Use paxctl to mark the JVM binaries.
dev-java/oracle-jre-bin:jce - Enable Java Cryptographic Extension Unlimited Strength Policy files
dev-java/oracle-jre-bin:pax_kernel - Use paxctl to mark the JVM binaries.
dev-java/proguard:ant - Ant task for using ProGuard in build.xml scripts
dev-java/proguard:j2me - Adds support for J2ME Wireless Toolkit
dev-java/rxtx:lfd - Installs and uses LockFileServer daemon (lfd)
dev-java/sun-jdk:derby - Enable Installation of Bundled Derby (Java DB)
dev-java/sun-jdk:jce - Enable Java Cryptographic Extension Unlimited Strength Policy files
dev-java/sun-jdk:pax_kernel - Use paxctl to mark the JVM binaries.
dev-java/sun-jre-bin:jce - Enable Java Cryptographic Extension Unlimited Strength Policy files
dev-java/sun-jre-bin:pax_kernel - Use paxctl to mark the JVM binaries.
dev-java/swt:webkit - Embedded browser support via net-libs/webkit-gtk:2, replacing former xulrunner-based browser.
dev-lang/bas:lr0 - Use the LR0 parser instead of the recursive descending parser
dev-lang/erlang:compat-ethread - Enable compatibility with pre-pentium 4 CPUs in the ethread library.
dev-lang/erlang:halfword - Enable halfword emulator
dev-lang/erlang:hipe - HIgh Performance Erlang extension
dev-lang/erlang:kpoll - Enable kernel polling support
dev-lang/erlang:sctp - Support for Stream Control Transmission Protocol
dev-lang/fpc:ide - Build and install the Free Pascal Compiler IDE
dev-lang/gdl:grib - Add support for the meteorological GRIB format with sci-libs/grib_api
dev-lang/gdl:gshhs - Add support for projection adn continent maps with sci-geosciences/gshhs-data
dev-lang/gdl:hdf - Add support for the Hierarchical Data Format v.4
dev-lang/gdl:proj - Add support for sci-libs/proj (geographic projections)
dev-lang/gdl:udunits - Add support for manipulating units of physical quantities
dev-lang/ghc:binary - Install the binary version directly, rather than using it to build the source version.
dev-lang/ghc:ghcbootstrap - Bootstrap from an existing GHC installation.
dev-lang/ghc:ghcmakebinary - Build with less runtime depends (bundle libffi for building bootstrap binaries).
dev-lang/ghc:llvm - Enable llvm code geenrator for ghc (-fllvm).
dev-lang/gnat-gcc:lto - Add support for link-time optimizations (unsupported, use at your own risk).
dev-lang/icc:eclipse - Install the dev-util/eclipse-sdk plugins
dev-lang/icon:iplsrc - install the icon programming library source
dev-lang/idb:eclipse - Install the dev-util/eclipse-sdk plugins
dev-lang/io:clutter - Build add-on for media-libs/clutter
dev-lang/io:editline - Build add-on for dev-libs/libedit
dev-lang/io:google - Build the google search add-on
dev-lang/io:gui - Build the Flux GUI add-on
dev-lang/io:http - Build http client add-on
dev-lang/io:image - Build add-on for images support (jpeg, png, tiff)
dev-lang/io:libxml2 - Build add-on for dev-libs/libxml2
dev-lang/io:md5sum - Build md5sum add-on
dev-lang/io:sha1 - Build sha1 add-on
dev-lang/io:twitter - Build twitter add-on
dev-lang/lazarus:minimal - Don't build extra packages from the bigide component
dev-lang/logtalk:fop - Support for generating pdf documentation using fop
dev-lang/logtalk:gnupl - Support GNU Prolog back-end compiler
dev-lang/logtalk:qupl - Support Qu-Prolog back-end compiler
dev-lang/logtalk:swipl - Support SWI-Prolog back-end compiler
dev-lang/logtalk:xsbpl - Support XSB back-end compiler
dev-lang/logtalk:xslt - Support for generating html documentation using xslt
dev-lang/logtalk:yappl - Support YAP back-end compiler
dev-lang/lua:deprecated - make deprecated data structures/routines available
dev-lang/luajit:lua52compat - Enable some upwards-compatible features from Lua 5.2 that are unlikely to break existing code.
dev-lang/mercury:erlang - Support Mercury Erlang grade
dev-lang/mlton:binary - install a binary version (need to do this once to bootstrap, until smlnj is supported)
dev-lang/mono:pax_kernel - Enable if the user plans to run the package under a pax enabled hardened kernel
dev-lang/mono:xen - Make mono generate code that is considerably faster on xen VMs but slightly slower on for normal systems.
dev-lang/path64:assembler - Build PathAS
dev-lang/path64:debugger - Build PathDB
dev-lang/path64:native - Use EKOPath/Path64 for bootstraping
dev-lang/path64:valgrind - Use dev-util/valgrind for memory debbuging
dev-lang/perl:ithreads - Enable Perl threads, has some compatibility problems
dev-lang/perl:perlsuid - Enable Perl SUID install. Has some risks associated.
dev-lang/php:cli - Enable CLI SAPI
dev-lang/php:embed - Enable embed SAPI
dev-lang/php:enchant - Add supports Enchant spelling library.
dev-lang/php:fileinfo - Add fileinfo extension support
dev-lang/php:filter - Add filter extension support
dev-lang/php:fpm - Enable the FastCGI Process Manager SAPI
dev-lang/php:gd - Adds support for gd (bundled with PHP)
dev-lang/php:hash - Enable the hash extension
dev-lang/php:intl - Enables the intl extension for extended internalization support
dev-lang/php:json - Enable JSON support
dev-lang/php:ldap-sasl - Add SASL support for the PHP LDAP extension
dev-lang/php:libmysqlclient - Use libmyslclient driver for mysql, mysqli, PDO_Mysql (not recommended)
dev-lang/php:mysqlnd - Use native driver for mysql, mysqli, PDO_Mysql
dev-lang/php:opcache - Enables built-in opcode cache, replacing pecl-apc
dev-lang/php:pdo - Enable the bundled PDO extensions
dev-lang/php:phar - Enables the phar extension to provide phar archive support
dev-lang/php:sqlite2 - Add sqlite2 support. Will be removed
dev-lang/php:xmlreader - Enable XMLReader support
dev-lang/php:xmlwriter - Enable XMLWriter support
dev-lang/php:xslt - Enable the XSL extension
dev-lang/php:zip - Enable ZIP file support
dev-lang/polyml:portable - Build the portable interpreter version of Poly/ML instead of native.
dev-lang/python:threads - Enable threading support. (DON'T DISABLE THIS UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING)
dev-lang/python:wide-unicode - Enable wide Unicode implementation which uses 4-byte Unicode characters. Switching of this USE flag changes ABI of Python and requires reinstallation of many Python modules. (DON'T DISABLE THIS UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING)
dev-lang/python:wininst - Install Windows executables required to create an executable installer for MS Windows.
dev-lang/qu-prolog:pedro - Pedro subscription/notification communications system
dev-lang/rubinius:llvm - Build with llvm. Currently the package only builds against old versions of llvm.
dev-lang/ruby:libedit - Use the dev-libs/libedit library to provide the readline extension, used for instance by the irb tool. This flag will take precedence over the readline USE flag. If neither libedit nor readline USE flags are enabled, the readline extension will not be built (and irb will lose line editing functionality).
dev-lang/ruby:rdoc - Install dev-ruby/rdoc after installing Ruby.
dev-lang/ruby:readline - Use the sys-libs/readline library to provide the readline extension, used for instance by the irb tool. This flag is meaningful only if the libedit USE flag is disabled. If neither libedit nor readline USE flags are enabled, the readline extension will not be built (and irb will lose line editing functionality).
dev-lang/ruby:rubytests - Install ruby tests that can only be run after ruby is installed
dev-lang/ruby:yaml - Use the dev-libs/libyaml library to build the psych extension, available since Ruby 1.9.2_rc2, in alternative to the bundled syck-based parser.
dev-lang/scala:binary - Install from (Gentoo-compiled) binary instead of building from sources. Set this when you run out of memory during build.
dev-lang/spidermonkey:debug - Enable assertions to allow for easier debugging of programs that link to spidermonkey -- note this will often crash software on regular end-user systems
dev-lang/spidermonkey:threadsafe - Build a threadsafe version of spidermonkey
dev-lang/swi-prolog:archive - Use libarchive for extension packs
dev-lang/swig:ccache - build ccache-swig(a fast compiler cache)
dev-lang/v8cgi:apache - Support for apache
dev-lang/v8cgi:fcgi - Support for FastCGI
dev-lang/v8cgi:memcached - Support for the memcached daemon
dev-lang/v8cgi:xerces - Use the xerces XML parser
dev-lang/vala:vapigen - Enable vala's library binding generator
dev-lang/yap:R - Enable support for connecting R to Prolog
dev-libs/DirectFB:bmp - build BMP image provider
dev-libs/DirectFB:dynload - enable dynload support
dev-libs/DirectFB:gles2 - build gles2 gfxdriver
dev-libs/DirectFB:imlib2 - build Imlib2 image provider
dev-libs/DirectFB:input_hub - provides an asynchronous interface to the input devices available and those being added/removed
dev-libs/DirectFB:mpeg2 - build MPEG2 image provider
dev-libs/DirectFB:multicore - enable multicore support
dev-libs/DirectFB:pnm - build PNM (PBM/PGM/PPM) image provider
dev-libs/STLport:boost - Enable the usage of dev-libs/boost
dev-libs/ace:ciao - Include Component Intergraced Ace ORB into the build of ace
dev-libs/ace:tao - Include the ACE ORB (CORBA stuff) (called tao) into the build of ace
dev-libs/antlr-c:debugger - Compiles debug info into the library
dev-libs/apr:older-kernels-compatibility - Enable binary compatibility with older kernels
dev-libs/apr:urandom - Use /dev/urandom instead of /dev/random
dev-libs/apr-util:nss - Install apr_crypto_nss module
dev-libs/apr-util:openssl - Install apr_crypto_openssl module
dev-libs/bitset:jemalloc - Use dev-libs/jemalloc for allocations
dev-libs/bitset:tcmalloc - Use tcmalloc from dev-util/google-perftools for allocations
dev-libs/blitz:boost - Enable usage of boost::serialization
dev-libs/boost:debug - Build and install only the debug version of the Boost libraries. Only enable this flag if you're developing against boost.
dev-libs/boost:doc - Install the full API documentation documentation. This takes over 200MB of extra disk space.
dev-libs/boost:nls - Build libboost_locale. This library requires compatible C library interfaces, which might not be provided by uClibc or other embedded libraries.
dev-libs/boost:threads - Build multi-thread-compatible libraries instead of single-threaded only.
dev-libs/boost:tools - Build and install the boost tools (bcp, quickbook, inspect, wave)
dev-libs/check:subunit - Enable support for the subunit unit test protocol
dev-libs/cyberjack:fox - Enable installation of x11-libs/fox based fxcyberjack program
dev-libs/cyrus-sasl:authdaemond - Add Courier-IMAP authdaemond unix socket support (net-mail/courier-imap, mail-mta/courier)
dev-libs/cyrus-sasl:ldapdb - Enable ldapdb plugin
dev-libs/cyrus-sasl:ntlm_unsupported_patch - Add NTLM net-fs/samba NOT supported patch
dev-libs/cyrus-sasl:openldap - Add ldap support for saslauthd
dev-libs/cyrus-sasl:sample - Enable sample client and server
dev-libs/cyrus-sasl:srp - Enable SRP authentication
dev-libs/cyrus-sasl:urandom - Use /dev/urandom instead of /dev/random
dev-libs/dbus-c++:ecore - Use Ecore integration
dev-libs/dbus-c++:glib - Use glib integration
dev-libs/e_dbus:bluetooth - Enable interfacing with net-wireless/bluez DBus API.
dev-libs/e_dbus:ofono - Enable interfacing with net-misc/ofono DBus API.
dev-libs/e_dbus:test-binaries - Enable building of test binaries for enabled features
dev-libs/ecore:ares - Enables support for asynchronous DNS using the net-dns/c-ares library
dev-libs/ecore:evas - Provides easy to use canvas by gluing media-libs/evas and various input/output systems.
dev-libs/ecore:gles - Add gles support to the ecore-evas-wayland module
dev-libs/ecore:glib - Enable dev-libs/glib eventloop support
dev-libs/ecore:inotify - Enable support for inotify
dev-libs/ecore:tslib - Build with tslib support for touchscreen devices.
dev-libs/ecore:wayland - Add support for dev-libs/wayland
dev-libs/ecore:xprint - Enable X11 Xprint support
dev-libs/eeze:utilities - Install some test utilities for mount/umount support in eeze
dev-libs/eina:default-mempool - By default use system's allocator (pass-through) instead of custom choice for Eina's own data structures.
dev-libs/eina:mempool-buddy - Compile "buddy" memory pool allocation.
dev-libs/eina:mempool-chained-pool - Compile "chained-pool" memory pool allocation.
dev-libs/eina:mempool-fixed-bitmap - Compile "fixed-bitmap" memory pool allocation.
dev-libs/eina:mempool-one-big - Compile "one-big" memory pool allocation.
dev-libs/eina:mempool-pass-through - Compile "pass-through" (system's malloc) memory pool allocation.
dev-libs/eina:valgrind - Compile in valgrind hints for smoother integration.
dev-libs/elfutils:lzma - Support automatic decompression of LZMA-compressed files and kernel images
dev-libs/elfutils:threads - Build the libraries with thread safe support
dev-libs/elfutils:utils - Install command-line utilities (all the eu-* programs)
dev-libs/fampp2:stlport - Include support for dev-libs/STLport
dev-libs/fcgi:html - Install HTML documentation
dev-libs/ferrisloki:stlport - Include support for dev-libs/STLport
dev-libs/folks:socialweb - Load web service contacts using net-libs/libsocialweb
dev-libs/folks:telepathy - Load contacts from the Telepathy framework
dev-libs/folks:tracker - Load contacts from app-misc/tracker index
dev-libs/folks:utils - Build the folks-inspect utility
dev-libs/folks:vala - Regenerate pre-generated C code from Vala source
dev-libs/folks:zeitgeist - Add support for Zeitgeist event tracking system
dev-libs/gecode:gist - Enable Gist, the Gecode Interactive Search Tool
dev-libs/geoip:city - Install the city based IP address database
dev-libs/geoip:perl-geoipupdate - Install pure perl version of geoipupdate, with Proxy Server support via the "http_proxy" environment variable and easy to customize.
dev-libs/gf2x:bindist - Disable automatic fine-tuning to local processor features like pclmul or sse2.
dev-libs/glib:systemtap - Build support for profiling and tracing using dev-util/systemtap
dev-libs/glib:utils - Install gtester-report utility to generate test report files for your software.
dev-libs/gmp:pgo - after building gmp, run some tests against to produce faster libraries -- this option will double the compile time
dev-libs/gobject-introspection:doctool - Install g-ir-doc-tool for generating documentation from introspected data
dev-libs/intel-common:compiler - Install the libraries needed for the icc and ifort compilers
dev-libs/jemalloc:stats - Enable statistics calculation/reporting
dev-libs/keybinder:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
dev-libs/leveldb:snappy - support the snappy compression library
dev-libs/libRocket:samples - Build samples
dev-libs/libappindicator:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
dev-libs/libburn:cdio - Enable EXPERIMENTAL use of libcdio as system adapter
dev-libs/libburn:track-src-odirect - Read track input with O_DIRECT (see man 2 open), this may deliver a better write performance in some situations
dev-libs/libcdio:minimal - Only build the libcdio library and little more, just to be used to link against from multimedia players. With this USE flag enabled, none of the command-line utilities are built, nor is the CDDA library.
dev-libs/libcgroup:daemon - Install the configuration tools and init/config files.
dev-libs/libcgroup:tools - Install the cgroup rules processing daemon and init/config files.
dev-libs/libdbusmenu:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
dev-libs/libdivecomputer:tools - Install tools that can be used to test the library.
dev-libs/libffi:pax_kernel - Use PaX emulated trampolines, for we can't use PROT_EXEC
dev-libs/libgdata:vala - Enable bindings for dev-lang/vala
dev-libs/libgit2:ssh - Enable SSH transport support
dev-libs/libgit2:trace - Enable tracing support
dev-libs/libgpg-error:common-lisp - Install common-lisp files
dev-libs/libgusb:vala - Enable bindings for dev-lang/vala
dev-libs/libindicate:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
dev-libs/libisoburn:cdio - Enable EXPERIMENTAL use of libcdio as system adapter
dev-libs/libisoburn:external-filters - Allow the use of external processes as file content filters (Note: this is a potential security risk)
dev-libs/libisoburn:external-filters-setuid - Also allow the use of external setuid processes as file content filters (Note: this is a potential security risk)
dev-libs/libisoburn:frontend-optional - Use dev-tcltk/bwidget which is not strictly required for the frontend
dev-libs/libisoburn:launch-frontend - Enable the tcl gui for xorriso
dev-libs/libisoburn:launch-frontend-setuid - Enable the tcl gui for xorriso under setuid
dev-libs/libisofs:verbose-debug - Enable verbose debug messages
dev-libs/libjit:interpreter - Enable the libjit interpreter
dev-libs/libjit:long-double - Enable the use of long double for jit_nfloat
dev-libs/libmail:apop - Enables the APOP authentication method
dev-libs/libmemcached:hsieh - Use Hsieh hash algorithm.
dev-libs/libmemcached:libevent - Use the libevent event loop interface.
dev-libs/libnfc:pcsc-lite - Enable NFC drivers that require pcsc-lite
dev-libs/libnl:doc - Install development documentation
dev-libs/libnl:python - Install experimental dev-lang/python bindings
dev-libs/libnl:utils - Install command line interface utils
dev-libs/libowfat:diet - Compile against dev-libs/dietlibc
dev-libs/libp11:doc - Generate and install API documentation for the package.
dev-libs/libpcre:bzip2 - Add support for pcregrep command to search within bzip2-compressed files, through sys-libs/zlib.
dev-libs/libpcre:pcre16 - Build 16 bit PCRE library.
dev-libs/libpcre:pcre32 - Build 32 bit PCRE library.
dev-libs/libpcre:readline - Add support for command line editing to pcretest, through sys-libs/readline.
dev-libs/libpcre:recursion-limit - Limit match recursion to 8192; if disabled, the default limit is used, which is the same as the match limit.
dev-libs/libpcre:zlib - Add support for pcregrep command to search within gzip-compressed files, through app-arch/gzip.
dev-libs/libpeas:gjs - Build support for loading JavaScript plugins using dev-libs/gjs
dev-libs/libpeas:glade - Install the glade catalog
dev-libs/libpeas:python - Build support for loading dev-lang/python plugins
dev-libs/libpeas:seed - Build support for loading JavaScript plugins using dev-libs/seed
dev-libs/librra:recurrence - Enable recurrence support (EXPERIMENTAL)
dev-libs/libsodium:asm - Enables assembly implementations
dev-libs/libsodium:urandom - Use /dev/urandom instead of /dev/random
dev-libs/libsqlora8:orathreads - Use Oracle threads
dev-libs/libunique:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
dev-libs/libverto:glib - Support event loops using dev-libs/glib
dev-libs/libverto:libev - Support event loops using dev-libs/libev
dev-libs/libverto:libevent - Support event loops using dev-libs/libevent
dev-libs/libverto:tevent - Support event loops using sys-libs/tevent
dev-libs/libzypp:libproxy - Use net-libs/libproxy for getting the HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxy configuration
dev-libs/link-grammar:aspell - Adds support for app-text/aspell spell checker
dev-libs/link-grammar:hunspell - Adds support for app-text/hunspell spell checker
dev-libs/log4cplus:iconv - Use inconv for wchar_t <-> char conversions. See also log4cplus's unicode.txt documentation
dev-libs/log4cplus:working-c-locale - Use the C99 locale facilities for wchar_t <-> char conversions. See also log4cplus's unicode.txt documentation
dev-libs/log4cplus:working-locale - Use C++'s std::locale for wchar_t <-> char conversions. See also log4cplus's unicode.txt documentation
dev-libs/log4cxx:smtp - Offer SMTP support via net-libs/libesmtp
dev-libs/m17n-lib:X - Builds the Graphical User Interface API and utilities for the package.
dev-libs/m17n-lib:anthy - Enable support for app-i18n/anthy input method.
dev-libs/m17n-lib:athena - Enable the MIT Athena widget set (x11-libs/libXaw)
dev-libs/m17n-lib:gd - Build API and utilities based on media-libs/gd. This flag is only meaningful if the X USE flag is also enabled.
dev-libs/m17n-lib:libotf - Use dev-libs/libotf to handle OpenType fonts
dev-libs/m17n-lib:libxml2 - Use dev-libs/libxml2 to parse XML
dev-libs/nss:utils - Install utilities included with the library
dev-libs/oniguruma:combination-explosion-check - enable combination explosion check
dev-libs/oniguruma:crnl-as-line-terminator - enable CR+NL as line terminator
dev-libs/opencryptoki:tpm - Enable support for Trusted Platform Module (TPM) using app-crypt/trousers
dev-libs/openct:debug - Add debug output to the driver library for pcsc-lite.
dev-libs/openct:pcsc-lite - Build a driver library for sys-apps/pcsc-lite, providing PC/SC API access to devices supported by OpenCT.
dev-libs/openct:udev - Install rules for sys-fs/udev to auto-start openct.
dev-libs/openobex:irda - Enable IrDA support
dev-libs/opensc:ctapi - Use CT-API for accessing Smartcard hardware.
dev-libs/opensc:libtool - Use sys-devel/libtool for dynamically loading libraries rather than the host libdl/dlopen helpers.
dev-libs/opensc:openct - Use dev-libs/openct (and CT-API) for accessing Smartcard hardware.
dev-libs/opensc:pcsc-lite - Use sys-apps/pcsc-lite (and PC/SC API) for accessing Smartcard hardware.
dev-libs/opensc:secure-messaging - Enable secure messaging.
dev-libs/openssl:bindist - Disable EC/RC5 algorithms (as they seem to be patented)
dev-libs/openssl:rfc3779 - Enable support for RFC 3779 (X.509 Extensions for IP Addresses and AS Identifiers)
dev-libs/openssl:tls-heartbeat - Enable the Heartbeat Extension in TLS and DTLS
dev-libs/pkcs11-helper:nss - Enable NSS crypto engine
dev-libs/ppl:lpsol - Build the ppl_lpsol linear programming problem solver
dev-libs/ppl:watchdog - Build the PPL Watchdog library - a C++ library for multiple, concurrent watchdog timers
dev-libs/seed:profile - Build support for profiling dev-libs/seed for development purposes
dev-libs/soprano:raptor - Enables support for media-libs/raptor RDF parser/serializer.
dev-libs/soprano:redland - Enables support for the dev-libs/redland storage backend (really slow one).
dev-libs/soprano:virtuoso - Enables support for dev-db/virtuoso storage backend.
dev-libs/starpu:cuda - Enable NVIDIA CUDA toolkit support
dev-libs/starpu:gcc-plugin - Enable GCC extension plugin (experimental)
dev-libs/starpu:opencl - Enable OpenCL support
dev-libs/tinyxml:stl - Compile with TIXML_USE_STL support
dev-libs/tntnet:sdk - Enable tntnet SDK
dev-libs/tntnet:server - Enable tntnet server daemon
dev-libs/totem-pl-parser:archive - Enables support for accessing media files in archives transparently via app-arch/libarchive
dev-libs/totem-pl-parser:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
dev-libs/totem-pl-parser:quvi - Use media-libs/quvi for parsing video links
dev-libs/ucommon:socks - Build with socks proxy support
dev-libs/udis86:pic - Force shared libraries to be built as PIC
dev-libs/weston:clients - Enable support for clients
dev-libs/weston:colord - Allow setting color managment
dev-libs/weston:drm - Enable drm compositor support
dev-libs/weston:editor - Install wayland-editor example application
dev-libs/weston:egl - Enable egl acceleration
dev-libs/weston:fbdev - Enable fbdev compositor support
dev-libs/weston:gles2 - Use GLESv2 cairo instead of full GL
dev-libs/weston:headless - Headless backend and a noop renderer, mainly for testing purposes
dev-libs/weston:rdp - Enable Remote Desktop Protocol compositor support
dev-libs/weston:resize-optimization - Increase performance, allocate more RAM. Recommended to disable on Raspberry Pi
dev-libs/weston:rpi - Raspberry Pi GPU support
dev-libs/weston:simple-clients - Enable simple-clients
dev-libs/weston:tablet - Enable interface for tablets
dev-libs/weston:unwind - Enable libunwind usage for backtraces
dev-libs/weston:view - Install wayland-view example application
dev-libs/weston:wayland-compositor - Enable Wayland compositor support
dev-libs/weston:x11 - Enable X11 compositor support
dev-libs/weston:xwayland - Enable ability support native X11 applications
dev-libs/xapian:brass - Enabled brass backend db support
dev-libs/xapian:chert - Enabled chert backend db support
dev-libs/xapian:inmemory - Enabled inmemory backend db support
dev-libs/xerces-c:iconv - Use iconv (virtual/libiconv) as message loader and transcoder (in general it would be possible to use iconv only as message loader and something else like icu or the native method as transcoder and vice-versa, but this is a less common case and hard to handle)
dev-libs/xerces-c:threads - Enable threading support through pthread (or other libraries on AIX, IRIX, HPUX, Solars). Highly recommended
dev-libs/xml-security-c:nss - Use dev-libs/nss for certain crypto operations (configureable at runtime)
dev-libs/xml-security-c:xalan - Enable support for XSLT and XPath parsing by dev-libs/xalan-c
dev-libs/xmlrpc-c:abyss - Build the Abyss mini web-server.
dev-libs/xmlrpc-c:libxml2 - Use dev-libs/libxml2 to parse XML instead of the internal expat library.
dev-libs/xmlrpc-c:threads - Controls whether to build the Abyss web-server with pthreads or fork 'threading'.
dev-libs/xmlrpc-c:tools - Build the xmlrpc* tools.
dev-libs/xmlsec:gcrypt - Install xmlsec-gcrypt library
dev-libs/xmlsec:gnutls - Install xmlsec-gnutls library
dev-libs/xmlsec:nss - Install xmlsec-nss library
dev-libs/xmlsec:openssl - Install xmlsec-openssl library
dev-libs/xqilla:faxpp - Use dev-libs/faxpp instead of Xerces-C for certain tasks
dev-libs/xqilla:htmltidy - Use app-text/htmltidy when parsing HTML
dev-libs/yaz:ziffy - Install ziffy, a promiscuous Z39.50 APDU sniffer
dev-lisp/abcl:clisp - Build Armed Bear Common Lisp using GNU CLISP
dev-lisp/abcl:cmucl - Build Armed Bear Common Lisp using CMU Common Lisp
dev-lisp/abcl:jad - Enable support for disassembling compiled code using JAD
dev-lisp/clisp:hyperspec - Use local hyperspec instead of online version
dev-lisp/clisp:new-clx - Build CLISP with support for the NEW-CLX module which is a C binding to the Xorg libraries
dev-lisp/clisp:pari - Build CLISP with support for the PARI Computer Algebra System
dev-lisp/clisp:svm - Build CLISP with support for the Support Vector Machine module
dev-lisp/cmucl:nosource - Don't include source code for CMUCL in installation
dev-lisp/cmucl:source - Include source code for CMUCL in installation
dev-lisp/ecls:gengc - Use generational garbage collection (experimental)
dev-lisp/ecls:precisegc - Use type information during garbage collection (experimental)
dev-lisp/gcl:ansi - Build a GCL with ANSI support (else build a traditional CLtL1 image)
dev-lisp/gcl:custreloc - Build a GCL which uses custom GCL code for linking
dev-lisp/gcl:dlopen - Build a GCL which uses dlopen for linking
dev-lisp/gcl:gprof - Build a GCL with profiling support
dev-lisp/sbcl:asdf - Include support for dev-lisp/asdf in SBCL
dev-lisp/sbcl:ldb - Include support for the SBCL low level debugger
dev-lisp/sbcl:pax_kernel - Enable if the user plans to run the package under a pax enabled hardened kernel
dev-lua/luarocks:curl - Uses net-misc/curl for fetching lua packages instead of net-misc/wget.
dev-lua/luarocks:openssl - Uses dev-libs/openssl for verifying lua packages instead of md5sum.
dev-lua/luvit:bundled-libs - Use bundled versions of some libraries.
dev-lua/luvit:system-libs - Use system version of dev-libs/yajl.
dev-ml/cairo-ocaml:pango - Enable support for x11-libs/pango
dev-ml/deriving-ocsigen:type-conv - Enable type-conv for the syntax extention.
dev-ml/js_of_ocaml:deriving-ocsigen - Enable deriving-ocsigen for improving the type safety.
dev-ml/lablgtk:glade - Enable libglade bindings compilation.
dev-ml/lablgtk:gnomecanvas - Enable libgnomecanvas bindings compilation.
dev-ml/lablgtk:sourceview - Enable GtkSourceView support
dev-ml/lwt:react - Enables support for dev-ml/react: Functional reactive programming (signals, events, etc.).
dev-ml/ocamlnet:cryptokit - Enables encryption support via dev-ml/cryptokit
dev-ml/ocamlnet:httpd - Enables net-httpd web server component
dev-ml/ocamlnet:zip - Enables netzip support to read/write gzip data using object channels
dev-ml/pgocaml:batteries - Enable Batteries support instead of extlib
dev-ml/tyxml:ocamlduce - Enables ocamlduce XML typechecking.
dev-perl/App-Nopaste:clipboard - copying of URLs with -x/--copy
dev-perl/App-Nopaste:github - Github authentication
dev-perl/App-Nopaste:pastebin - support
dev-perl/DBD-mysql:embedded - Support embedded server (libmysqld)
dev-perl/DBIx-Class:admin - Modules required for the DBIx::Class administrative library
dev-perl/DBIx-Class:admin_script - Modules required for the CLI DBIx::Class interface dbicadmin
dev-perl/DBIx-Class:deploy - Modules required for "deploy" in DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI and "deploymen_statements" in DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI
dev-perl/DBIx-Class:replicated - Modules required for DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Replicated
dev-perl/Eidetic:auth - Enables dev-perl/Apache-AuthTicket based cookie authentication
dev-perl/GD:animgif - Enable animated gif support
dev-perl/Graphics-ColorNames:recommended - Install recommended support modules
dev-perl/HTML-Mason:modperl - Enable www-apache/mod_perl support
dev-perl/Lab-Measurement:xpression - Install the Xpression measurement framework
dev-perl/Net-OpenSSH:sftp - Enable SFTP protocol support.
dev-perl/Net-SSH2:gcrypt - Use libgcrypt instead of openssl
dev-perl/PDL:badval - Enable bad values support
dev-perl/PDL:hdf - Enable HDF (version 4) format support
dev-perl/PDL:netpbm - Enable NETPBM and MPEG support
dev-perl/PDL:pdl2 - Build pdf2 shell (requires Devel-REPL)
dev-perl/PDL:pgplot - Enable PGPLOT plotting capabilities
dev-perl/PDL:plplot - Enable plplot plotting capabilities
dev-perl/PDL:proj - Enable projection support
dev-perl/Panotools-Script:gui - Installs GUIs for some tools
dev-perl/Sysadm-Install:hammer - Enable hammer() funtion to run a command in the shell and simulate a user hammering the ENTER key to accept defaults on prompts
dev-php/PEAR-HTTP_Download:minimal - Do not include support for PEAR-MIME_Type
dev-php/PEAR-HTTP_Download:postgres - Send postgres LOBs without buffering
dev-php/PEAR-HTTP_Request2:curl - Force dev-lang/php to be compiled with curl extension
dev-php/PEAR-HTTP_Request2:fileinfo - Force dev-lang/php to be compiled with fileinfo extension
dev-php/PEAR-HTTP_Request2:ssl - Force dev-lang/php to be compiled with ssl extension
dev-php/PEAR-HTTP_Request2:zlib - Force dev-lang/php to be compiled with zlib extension
dev-php/PEAR-PHP_Shell:auto-completion - Enable tab-completion
dev-php/ZendFramework:cli - Enables the CLI
dev-php/ZendFramework:doc - Installs the documentation
dev-php/ZendFramework:examples - Installs the examples
dev-php/ZendFramework:minimal - Installs the minimal version without Dojo toolkit, tests and demos
dev-php/eaccelerator:disassembler - Enable the eA disassembler
dev-php/eaccelerator:doccommentinclusion - If you want eAccelerator to retain doc-comments in internal php structures.
dev-php/eaccelerator:inode - Use inode-based caching
dev-php/pecl-apc:lock_pthreadmutex - Enable pthread mutex locking
dev-php/pecl-apc:lock_pthreadrw - Enable pthread read/write locking
dev-php/pecl-apc:lock_semaphore - Enable semaphore locks instead of fcntl
dev-php/pecl-apc:lock_spinlock - Enable spin locks (EXPERIMENTAL)
dev-php/pecl-apcu:lock_pthreadmutex - Enable pthread mutex locking
dev-php/pecl-apcu:lock_pthreadrw - Enable pthread read/write locking
dev-php/pecl-apcu:lock_semaphore - Enable semaphore locks instead of fcntl
dev-php/pecl-apcu:lock_spinlock - Enable spin locks (EXPERIMENTAL)
dev-php/pecl-event:extra - Add support of the Libevent extra API
dev-php/pecl-memcached:igbinary - Enable support for the igbinary serializer
dev-php/pecl-memcached:json - Enable support for json serialization
dev-php/pecl-redis:igbinary - Enables igbinary serialisation support
dev-php/smarty-docs:html - Install the documentation in HTML format
dev-php/smarty-docs:pdf - Install the documentation in PDF format
dev-python/PyFoam:extras - Enable optional dependencies
dev-python/PyQt4:X - Build QtGui, QtDesigner and QtScriptTools modules
dev-python/PyQt4:declarative - Build QtDeclarative module
dev-python/PyQt4:help - Build QtHelp module
dev-python/PyQt4:kde - Select media-libs/phonon as Phonon variant (needed for KDE)
dev-python/PyQt4:multimedia - Build QtMultimedia module
dev-python/PyQt4:opengl - Build QtOpenGL module
dev-python/PyQt4:phonon - Build phonon module
dev-python/PyQt4:script - Build QtScript module
dev-python/PyQt4:scripttools - Build QtScriptTools module
dev-python/PyQt4:sql - Build QtSql module
dev-python/PyQt4:svg - Build QtSvg module
dev-python/PyQt4:webkit - Build QtWebKit module
dev-python/PyQt4:xmlpatterns - Build QtXmlPatterns module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:contacts - Build bindings for the QtContacts module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:feedback - Build bindings for the QtFeedback module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:gallery - Build bindings for the QtGallery module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:location - Build bindings for the QtLocation module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:messaging - Build bindings for the QtMessaging module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:multimedia - Build bindings for the QtMultimediaKit module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:organizer - Build bindings for the QtOrganizer module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:publishsubscribe - Build bindings for the QtPublishSubscribe module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:sensors - Build bindings for the QtSensors module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:serviceframework - Build bindings for the QtServiceFramework module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:systeminfo - Build bindings for the QtSystemInfo module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:versit - Build bindings for the QtVersit module
dev-python/amqplib:extras - Install extra tools to generate initial Python mod from an AMQP XML file
dev-python/anyvc:bazaar - Add support for Bazaar
dev-python/anyvc:mercurial - Add support for Mercurial
dev-python/atpy:fits - Enable support for reading and FITS with dev-python/pyfits.
dev-python/atpy:votable - Enable support for reading and VOTABLE with dev-python/vo.
dev-python/bpython:urwid - Backend based on dev-python/urwid
dev-python/celery:sql - Adds SQL support
dev-python/cgkit:3ds - Enable support for importing 3D Studio models
dev-python/cvxopt:dsdp - Use interior point library sci-libs/dsdp
dev-python/cvxopt:glpk - Use GNU Linear Programming Kit sci-mathematics/glpk
dev-python/cython:numpy - Enable support for dev-python/numpy
dev-python/dap:server - Enable OpenDAP server support
dev-python/django-extensions:graphviz - Create a diagram of your database entity relationships using dev-python/pygraphviz.
dev-python/django-extensions:s3 - Upload your media files to S3.
dev-python/django-extensions:vcard - Export your users email addresses to the vcard format.
dev-python/django-tastypie:bip - An optional serialiser dev-python/biplist
dev-python/django-tastypie:digest - Library to aid in implementing HTTP Digest Authentication
dev-python/django-tastypie:lxml - An optional serialiser dev-python/lxml
dev-python/django-tastypie:oauth - Adds OAuth authentication support
dev-python/django-tastypie:yaml - An optional serialiser dev-python/yaml
dev-python/docutils:glep - Install support for GLEPs
dev-python/falcon:cython - Build cython-based python modules
dev-python/icalendar:doc - Generate examples and other extra documentation
dev-python/ipython:matplotlib - Add support for dev-python/matplotlib
dev-python/ipython:mongodb - Enable support for MongoDB via dev-python/pymongo
dev-python/ipython:nbconvert - Enable support for converting notebooks to various formats using app-text/pandoc
dev-python/ipython:notebook - Install requirements for the web notebook based on www-servers/tornado
dev-python/ipython:octave - Enable octave bridge via dev-python/oct2py
dev-python/jinja:i18n - Enables support for i18n with dev-python/Babel
dev-python/kaa-base:tls - SSL/TLS support via dev-python/tlslite
dev-python/kombu:amqplib - Enable amqplib support
dev-python/ldaptor:web - enable the web front end for ldaptor (uses dev-python/nevow)
dev-python/lxml:beautifulsoup3 - Enable support for Beautiful Soup 3
dev-python/markdown:pygments - Enable fancy pygments support
dev-python/matplotlib:excel - Pull dev-python/xlwt for the exceltools toolkit
dev-python/matplotlib:gtk3 - Use x11-libs/gtk+:3 instead of x11-libs/gtk+:2
dev-python/mpmath:matplotlib - Add support for dev-python/matplotlib
dev-python/mwlib:server - Install the daemons required when using mwlib for generating PDFs on a MediaWiki instance.
dev-python/mwlib-rl:pdftk - Enable support for app-text/pdftk, required to generate TOCs
dev-python/netaddr:cli - Enable netaddr shell with dev-python/ipython
dev-python/nose:coverage - Utilize dev-python/coverage
dev-python/numexpr:mkl - Enable support for Intel Vector Math Library, part of sci-libs/mkl.
dev-python/pandas:R - Enable support for R via dev-python/rpy
dev-python/pandas:excel - Pull a few Python packages for Microsoft Excel i/o
dev-python/pandas:html - Enable HTML i/o via dev-python/beautifulsoup
dev-python/paste:flup - enable support for flup (and therefore for various wgsi servers and middleware)
dev-python/paste:openid - enable OpenID support
dev-python/pillow:webp - Enable support for webp image format.
dev-python/psycopg:mxdatetime - Enable support for MX DateTime and use it instead of Python's built-in datetime module
dev-python/py-amqp:extras - Install extra tools to generate initial Python mod from an AMQP XML file
dev-python/pylons:genshi - Add optional genshi support
dev-python/pylons:jinja - Add optional jinja support
dev-python/pymongo:mod_wsgi - Disable the C extension to work with mod_wsgi.
dev-python/pypax:ptpax - Enable PT_PAX_FLAGS support.
dev-python/pypax:xtpax - Enable XATTR_PAX_FLAGS support.
dev-python/pyplusplus:indexing - Install indexing_suite_v2 to enhance boost python
dev-python/pypy:sandbox - Enable sandboxing functionality
dev-python/pypy:shadowstack - Use a shadow stack for finding GC roots
dev-python/pypy-bin:shadowstack - Use a shadow stack for finding GC roots
dev-python/pyquery:beautifulsoup3 - Support BeautifulSoup 3
dev-python/pyrax:keyring - adds support for the keyring auth backend
dev-python/pyside:X - Build QtGui and QtTest modules
dev-python/pyside:declarative - Build QtDeclarative module
dev-python/pyside:designer - Build QtDesigner and QtUiTools modules
dev-python/pyside:help - Build QtHelp module
dev-python/pyside:kde - Select media-libs/phonon as Phonon variant (needed for KDE)
dev-python/pyside:multimedia - Build QtMultimedia module
dev-python/pyside:opengl - Build QtOpenGL module
dev-python/pyside:phonon - Build phonon module
dev-python/pyside:script - Build QtScript module
dev-python/pyside:scripttools - Build QtScriptTools module
dev-python/pyside:sql - Build QtSql module
dev-python/pyside:svg - Build QtSvg module
dev-python/pyside:webkit - Build QtWebKit module
dev-python/pyside:xmlpatterns - Build QtXmlPatterns module
dev-python/pytables:contrib - Install user-contributed files
dev-python/pyudev:pygobject - Install PyGobject binding
dev-python/pyudev:pyqt4 - Install PyQt4 binding
dev-python/pyudev:pyside - Install PySide binding
dev-python/pyyaml:libyaml - enable libyaml support
dev-python/pyzmq:green - Enable gevent compatibility with zeromq
dev-python/pyzor:pyzord - enable support for pyzord
dev-python/rarfile:compressed - Enables the module to support compressed v3 archives by calling the app-arch/unrar.
dev-python/rdflib:redland - enable support for Redland triplestore
dev-python/restkit:cli - Install the restcli command line interface/tool, based on dev-python/ipython
dev-python/scrapy:boto - Add support for Amazon S3 via dev-python/boto
dev-python/scrapy:ibl - Use Instace Based Learning alrogirithm for automatic extraction
dev-python/simplecv:shell - Enable the iPython SimpleCV shell
dev-python/spyder:ipython - Add support for dev-python/ipython
dev-python/spyder:matplotlib - Add support for dev-python/matplotlib
dev-python/spyder:numpy - Add support for dev-python/numpy
dev-python/spyder:pep8 - Add support for dev-python/pep8
dev-python/spyder:pyflakes - Add support for dev-python/pyflakes
dev-python/spyder:pylint - Add support for dev-python/pylint
dev-python/spyder:rope - Add support for dev-python/rope
dev-python/spyder:scipy - Add support for sci-libs/scipy
dev-python/spyder:sphinx - Add support for dev-python/sphinx
dev-python/starcluster:epydoc - Enable build of apidocs in html using epydoc
dev-python/sympy:imaging - Add support for dev-python/imaging
dev-python/sympy:ipython - Add support for dev-python/ipython
dev-python/sympy:mathml - Add support for mathml
dev-python/sympy:pyglet - Use dev-python/pyglet for plots and print preview
dev-python/sympy:system-mpmath - Use mpmath from portage instead of the bundled one
dev-python/sympy:texmacs - Add app-office/texmacs interface
dev-python/tdaemon:coverage - Enable code coverage support
dev-python/translate-toolkit:html - Support conversion between po and html files
dev-python/translate-toolkit:ical - Support conversion between po and ical files
dev-python/translate-toolkit:ini - Support conversion between po and ini files
dev-python/translate-toolkit:subtitles - Support conversion between po and sub files
dev-python/twisted-core:serial - include serial port support
dev-python/vatnumber:vies - Enable VIES
dev-python/ws4py:client - Install client modules
dev-python/ws4py:server - Install server modules
dev-python/wxpython:doc - Install HTML wxWidgets docs and wxpython API reference.
dev-python/wxpython:examples - Install interactive demo module browser and sample applets.
dev-python/zsi:twisted - add support for dev-python/twisted
dev-qt/assistant:exceptions - Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop (recommended by Nokia)
dev-qt/designer:declarative - Build the qdeclarativeview plugin
dev-qt/designer:exceptions - Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop (recommended by Nokia)
dev-qt/designer:phonon - Build the phononwidgets plugin
dev-qt/designer:qt3support - Build the qt3supportwidgets plugin
dev-qt/designer:webkit - Build the qwebview plugin
dev-qt/linguist:exceptions - Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop (recommended by Nokia)
dev-qt/pixeltool:exceptions - Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop (recommended by Nokia)
dev-qt/qdbusviewer:exceptions - Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop (recommended by Nokia)
dev-qt/qt-creator:android - Build plugin for Android devices
dev-qt/qt-creator:autotools - Enable autotools project manager plugin
dev-qt/qt-creator:baremetal - Build plugin for bare metal devices
dev-qt/qt-creator:bazaar - Add support for dev-vcs/bzr version control system
dev-qt/qt-creator:clearcase - Add support for IBM ClearCase version control system (requires manual installation of ClearCase client)
dev-qt/qt-creator:cmake - Enable cmake project manager plugin
dev-qt/qt-creator:fakevim - Enable support for vim-like key bindings
dev-qt/qt-creator:ios - Build plugin for Apple iOS devices
dev-qt/qt-creator:madde - Enable integration with MADDE (Maemo Application Development and Debugging Environment)
dev-qt/qt-creator:mercurial - Add support for dev-vcs/mercurial version control system
dev-qt/qt-creator:perforce - Add support for Perforce version control system (requires manual installation of Perforce client)
dev-qt/qt-creator:python - Enable Python source code editor
dev-qt/qt-creator:qnx - Build plugin for QNX/Blackberry devices
dev-qt/qt-creator:valgrind - Add support for memory debugging using dev-util/valgrind
dev-qt/qt-meta:kde - Select media-libs/phonon as Phonon variant (needed for KDE)
dev-qt/qt-meta:opengl - Enable the QtOpenGL module
dev-qt/qt-meta:openvg - Enable the QtOpenVG module
dev-qt/qt-meta:qt3support - Enable the Qt3Support library for Qt4
dev-qt/qt-mobility:bearer - Build the QtBearer module
dev-qt/qt-mobility:bluetooth - Enable Bluetooth support in QtConnectivity and QtSystemInfo modules
dev-qt/qt-mobility:connectivity - Build the QtConnectivity module
dev-qt/qt-mobility:contacts - Build the QtContacts module
dev-qt/qt-mobility:feedback - Build the QtFeedback module
dev-qt/qt-mobility:gallery - Build the QtGallery module
dev-qt/qt-mobility:location - Build the QtLocation module
dev-qt/qt-mobility:messaging - Build the QtMessaging module
dev-qt/qt-mobility:multimedia - Build the QtMultimediaKit module
dev-qt/qt-mobility:networkmanager - Enable NetworkManager support in QtBearer and QtSystemInfo modules
dev-qt/qt-mobility:organizer - Build the QtOrganizer module
dev-qt/qt-mobility:publishsubscribe - Build the QtPublishSubscribe module
dev-qt/qt-mobility:pulseaudio - Enable PulseAudio support in QtMultimediaKit module
dev-qt/qt-mobility:qml - Build QML bindings
dev-qt/qt-mobility:sensors - Build the QtSensors module
dev-qt/qt-mobility:serviceframework - Build the QtServiceFramework module
dev-qt/qt-mobility:systeminfo - Build the QtSystemInfo module
dev-qt/qt-mobility:tools - Build various useful tools (e.g.: qcrmlgen, servicexmlgen, vsexplorer, ...)
dev-qt/qt-mobility:versit - Build the QtVersit module
dev-qt/qt3support:c++0x - Build Qt using the C++11 standard
dev-qt/qt3support:exceptions - Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop (recommended by Nokia)
dev-qt/qtbearer:c++0x - Build Qt using the C++11 standard
dev-qt/qtbearer:exceptions - Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop (recommended by Nokia)
dev-qt/qtcore:c++0x - Build Qt using the C++11 standard
dev-qt/qtcore:exceptions - Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop (recommended by Nokia)
dev-qt/qtcore:glib - Enable dev-libs/glib eventloop support
dev-qt/qtcore:qt3support - Enable the Qt3Support libraries for Qt4. Note that this does not mean you can compile pure Qt3 programs with Qt4.
dev-qt/qtdbus:c++0x - Build Qt using the C++11 standard
dev-qt/qtdbus:exceptions - Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop (recommended by Nokia)
dev-qt/qtdeclarative:c++0x - Build Qt using the C++11 standard
dev-qt/qtdeclarative:exceptions - Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop (recommended by Nokia)
dev-qt/qtdeclarative:qt3support - Enable the Qt3Support libraries for Qt4. Note that this does not mean you can compile pure Qt3 programs with Qt4.
dev-qt/qtdeclarative:webkit - Build the WebView QML component
dev-qt/qtdemo:c++0x - Build Qt using the C++11 standard
dev-qt/qtdemo:dbus - Build QtDBus examples and demos
dev-qt/qtdemo:declarative - Build QtDeclarative examples and demos
dev-qt/qtdemo:exceptions - Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop (recommended by Nokia)
dev-qt/qtdemo:multimedia - Build QtMultimedia examples and demos
dev-qt/qtdemo:opengl - Build QtOpenGL examples and demos
dev-qt/qtdemo:openvg - Build QtOpenVG examples and demos
dev-qt/qtdemo:phonon - Build Phonon examples and demos
dev-qt/qtdemo:qt3support - Build Qt3Support examples and demos
dev-qt/qtdemo:webkit - Build QtWebKit examples and demos
dev-qt/qtdemo:xmlpatterns - Build QtXmlPatterns examples and demos
dev-qt/qtgui:c++0x - Build Qt using the C++11 standard
dev-qt/qtgui:egl - Use EGL instead of default GLX to manage OpenGL contexts on the desktop
dev-qt/qtgui:exceptions - Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop (recommended by Nokia)
dev-qt/qtgui:glib - Enable dev-libs/glib eventloop support
dev-qt/qtgui:gtkstyle - Build a Qt style called GTK+ that mimics the active GTK+ theme
dev-qt/qtgui:qt3support - Enable the Qt3Support libraries for Qt4. Note that this does not mean you can compile pure Qt3 programs with Qt4.
dev-qt/qtgui:trace - Build the 'trace' graphicssystem engine which allows to record all drawing operations into a trace buffer. Later it can be replayed with the qttracereplay utility
dev-qt/qthelp:c++0x - Build Qt using the C++11 standard
dev-qt/qthelp:compat - Build the extra compatibility layer required by a few packages, see
dev-qt/qthelp:exceptions - Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop (recommended by Nokia)
dev-qt/qthelp:glib - Enable dev-libs/glib eventloop support
dev-qt/qthelp:qt3support - Enable the Qt3Support libraries for Qt4. Note that this does not mean you can compile pure Qt3 programs with Qt4.
dev-qt/qthelp:trace - Build the 'qttracereplay' utility which is required to play drawings recorded with the trace graphicssystem
dev-qt/qtmultimedia:c++0x - Build Qt using the C++11 standard
dev-qt/qtmultimedia:exceptions - Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop (recommended by Nokia)
dev-qt/qtopengl:c++0x - Build Qt using the C++11 standard
dev-qt/qtopengl:egl - Use EGL instead of default GLX to manage OpenGL contexts on the desktop
dev-qt/qtopengl:exceptions - Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop (recommended by Nokia)
dev-qt/qtopengl:qt3support - Enable the Qt3Support libraries for Qt4
dev-qt/qtopenvg:c++0x - Build Qt using the C++11 standard
dev-qt/qtopenvg:exceptions - Build with support for exceptions
dev-qt/qtopenvg:qt3support - Enable the Qt3Support libraries for Qt4
dev-qt/qtphonon:c++0x - Build Qt using the C++11 standard
dev-qt/qtphonon:exceptions - Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop (recommended by Nokia)
dev-qt/qtphonon:qt3support - Enable the Qt3Support libraries for Qt4. Note that this does not mean you can compile pure Qt3 programs with Qt4.
dev-qt/qtscript:c++0x - Build Qt using the C++11 standard
dev-qt/qtscript:exceptions - Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop (recommended by Nokia)
dev-qt/qtsql:c++0x - Build Qt using the C++11 standard
dev-qt/qtsql:exceptions - Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop (recommended by Nokia)
dev-qt/qtsql:qt3support - Enable the Qt3Support libraries for Qt4
dev-qt/qtsvg:c++0x - Build Qt using the C++11 standard
dev-qt/qtsvg:exceptions - Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop (recommended by Nokia)
dev-qt/qttest:c++0x - Build Qt using the C++11 standard
dev-qt/qttest:exceptions - Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop (recommended by Nokia)
dev-qt/qtwebkit:exceptions - Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop (recommended by Nokia)
dev-qt/qtwebkit:gstreamer - Enable HTML5 audio/video support via media-libs/gstreamer
dev-qt/qtxmlpatterns:c++0x - Build Qt using the C++11 standard
dev-ruby/barby:cairo - Add support for writing images (PNG, PS, EPS and, if supported, PDF and SVG) using dev-ruby/rcairo. Not available on JRuby.
dev-ruby/barby:png - Add support for writing PNG images using dev-ruby/chunky_png.
dev-ruby/barby:prawn - Add support for writing PDF documents using dev-ruby/prawn.
dev-ruby/barby:qrcode - Add support for QRCode 2D codes using dev-ruby/rqrcode.
dev-ruby/barby:rmagick - Add support for writing images (among others PNG, GIF and JPEG) using dev-ruby/rmagick. Not available on JRuby.
dev-ruby/facter:dmi - Use sys-apps/dmidecode to determine hardware system properties
dev-ruby/facter:pciutils - Use sys-apps/pciutils to determine hardware system properties
dev-ruby/maruku:highlight - Enable source code highlighting via dev-ruby/syntax
dev-ruby/rails:asset-pipeline - Also install the default components for the asset pipeline. These are not required but they are activated automatically in new Rails projects by default.
dev-ruby/ruby-sdl:image - Enable media-libs/sdl-image support
dev-ruby/ruby-sdl:mixer - Enable media-libs/sdl-mixer support
dev-ruby/ruby-sdl:sge - Enable sdl-sge support
dev-ruby/rubygems:server - Install support for the rubygems server
dev-scheme/bigloo:bglpkg - Build bglpkg binary, which can be use to access scmpkg servers (requires web)
dev-scheme/bigloo:calendar - Build the embedded library for calendar programming
dev-scheme/bigloo:crypto - Build the embedded cryptographic library
dev-scheme/bigloo:debug - Enable extra debug codepaths
dev-scheme/bigloo:doc - Install Bigloo Manual (HTML docs of Bigloo and r5rs)
dev-scheme/bigloo:emacs - Build and install the Bigloo Developement Environment for Emacs (aka bee-mode)
dev-scheme/bigloo:gmp - Adds support for dev-libs/gmp (GNU MP library)
dev-scheme/bigloo:java - Enable the JVM backend for the Bigloo compiler
dev-scheme/bigloo:mail - Mail library for email management (e.g. maildir and imap support)
dev-scheme/bigloo:multimedia - Build multimedia library (e.g. for managing images). Needed for dev-scheme/hop
dev-scheme/bigloo:openpgp - Build OpenPGP support (requires crypto)
dev-scheme/bigloo:packrat - Bigloo port of Tony Garnock-Jones' packrat parser (requires srfi1)
dev-scheme/bigloo:sqlite - Use the system-wide dev-db/sqlite
dev-scheme/bigloo:srfi1 - Build the srfi1 library: List library
dev-scheme/bigloo:srfi27 - Build the srfi27 library: Source of Random Bits (32bit-arch only, requires gmp)
dev-scheme/bigloo:ssl - Adds support for SSL connections through dev-libs/openssl
dev-scheme/bigloo:text - Library for dealing with text (e.g. BibTeX parser)
dev-scheme/bigloo:threads - Enable thread support, it depends on dev-libs/boehm-gc built with threads use flag
dev-scheme/bigloo:web - Library for web programming (e.g. XML, CGI parsers). Needed for dev-scheme/hop
dev-scheme/chicken:parallel-build - Enable testing parallel build mode added in 4.7.3 version. Can still be not working
dev-scheme/gauche-gl:cg - Enable NVidia Cg binding
dev-scheme/gauche-gtk:glgd - Enable GL graph draw
dev-scheme/guile:debug-freelist - Include garbage collector freelist debugging code
dev-scheme/guile:debug-malloc - Include malloc debugging code
dev-scheme/guile:deprecated - Enable deprecated features
dev-scheme/guile:discouraged - (implied by deprecated) enable merely discouraged features
dev-scheme/guile:networking - Include networking interfaces
dev-scheme/guile:regex - Include regular expression interfaces
dev-scheme/hop:debug - Enables building with debug symbols
dev-scheme/hop:ssl - Enable SSL support for hop
dev-scheme/hop:threads - Enable thread support for hop, it depends on dev-scheme/bigloo built with threads use flag.
dev-scheme/kawa:awt - Assume AWT is available
dev-scheme/kawa:echo2 - Enable support for the Echo2 web toolkit with dev-java/echo2
dev-scheme/kawa:frontend - Build "kawa" front-end program using sys-libs/readline
dev-scheme/kawa:jemacs - Build JEmacs
dev-scheme/kawa:krl - Build BRL emulation and KRL
dev-scheme/kawa:sax - Assume SAX2 is available with dev-java/sax
dev-scheme/kawa:servlets - Build support for generating servlets with dev-java/servletapi
dev-scheme/kawa:swing - Assume Swing is available
dev-scheme/kawa:swt - Assume SWT is available with dev-java/swt
dev-scheme/kawa:xqtests - Support XQuery Test Suite
dev-scheme/racket:backtrace - Support GC backtrace dumps
dev-scheme/racket:futures - Enable racket/future library for fine-grained hardware parallelism
dev-scheme/racket:places - Enable racket/place library for share-nothing parallelism and message-passing communication. Compared to futures, places are heavyweight, but they have a simpler performance model.
dev-scheme/racket:plot - Enable plot libraries
dev-scheme/racket:threads - Enable support for green threads
dev-scheme/scm:arrays - Support for arrays, uniform-arrays and uniform-vectors.
dev-scheme/scm:bignums - Support for large precision integers.
dev-scheme/scm:cautious - SCM will always check the number of arguments to interpreted closures.
dev-scheme/scm:dynamic-linking - Be able to load compiled files while running.
dev-scheme/scm:engineering-notation - Floats to display in engineering notation (exponents always multiples of 3) instead of scientific notation.
dev-scheme/scm:gsubr - generalized c arguments: for arbitrary (more then 11) arguments to C functions.
dev-scheme/scm:inexact - Support for floating point numbers.
dev-scheme/scm:ioext - Commonly available I/O extensions: line I/O, file positioning, file delete and rename, and directory functions.
dev-scheme/scm:macro - C level support for hygienic and referentially transparent macros (syntax-rules macros).
dev-scheme/scm:regex - String regular expression matching.
dev-scheme/scm:unix - Support for: nice, acct, lstat, readlink, symlink, mknod and sync.
dev-tcltk/expect-lite:debug - pull in packages needed for runtime interactive debugger
dev-tcltk/tktreectrl:shellicon - shellicon extension
dev-tex/abntex:lyx - Install with app-office/lyx layout
dev-tex/circuit_macros:script - Install cm2pdf to automatically create a correctly sized PDF from a circuit_macro m4 source
dev-tex/dot2texi:pgf - Enable support for dev-tex/pgf (The TeX Portable Graphic Format)
dev-tex/dot2texi:pstricks - Enable pstricks support
dev-util/android-ndk:legacy-toolchains - Install legacy toolchains
dev-util/anjuta:devhelp - Enable devhelp integration
dev-util/anjuta:glade - Build glade plugin for anjuta
dev-util/anjuta:packagekit - Use packagekit to search for missing tools
dev-util/anjuta:vala - Enable support for the Vala programming language
dev-util/apitrace:egl - Enable EGL support
dev-util/buildbot:irc - Add support for status delivery through an ircbot.
dev-util/buildbot:mail - Add support for watching a maildir for commits.
dev-util/buildbot:manhole - Add support for manhole (debug over ssh)
dev-util/catalyst:ccache - Enables ccache support
dev-util/coccigrep:vim - Install the coccigrep vim plugin
dev-util/codeblocks:contrib - Build additional contrib components
dev-util/cppcheck:htmlreport - install cppcheck-htmlreport
dev-util/ctags:ada - Enable Ada support
dev-util/cwdiff:a2ps - install app-text/a2ps for postscript output
dev-util/cwdiff:mercurial - install hg wdiff alias for dev-vcs/mercurial
dev-util/devhelp:gedit - Install plugin for app-editors/gedit
dev-util/dialog:minimal - Disable library, install command-line program only
dev-util/fatrace:powertop - Add powetop integration
dev-util/geany:vte - Enable Terminal support (x11-libs/vte)
dev-util/geany-plugins:commander - Enable the commander plugin which provides a command panel for rapid access to any action.
dev-util/geany-plugins:debugger - Enable the debugger plugin which interfaces with sys-devel/gdb
dev-util/geany-plugins:devhelp - Enable the devhelp plugin which integrates dev-util/devhelp
dev-util/geany-plugins:enchant - Enable spell checking using enchant
dev-util/geany-plugins:gpg - Enable geanypg plugin which integrates GPG using app-crypt/gpgme
dev-util/geany-plugins:gtkspell - Use gtkspell for dictionary support
dev-util/geany-plugins:markdown - Enable the markdown plugin which uses app-text/discount and net-libs/webkit-gtk to display a realtime preview markdown.
dev-util/geany-plugins:multiterm - Enable the multiterm plugin
dev-util/geany-plugins:scope - Enable the scope plugin which is a graphical GDB front-end
dev-util/geany-plugins:soup - Enable updatechecker and geniuspaste plugins which require net-libs/libsoup
dev-util/geany-plugins:webkit - Enable webhelper plugin which requires net-libs/webkit-gtk
dev-util/global:vim - Integrate the GNU GLOBAL source code tag system with Vim
dev-util/google-perftools:debug - Build a set of libraries with debug support (so-called debugalloc). These are available by default but are not needed unless you're actually developing using tcmalloc.
dev-util/google-perftools:largepages - Use (experimental) larger pages for tcmalloc, this increases memory usage, but should speed up the allocation/free operations.
dev-util/google-perftools:minimal - Only build the tcmalloc_minimal library, ignoring the heap checker and the profilers.
dev-util/gtk-doc:highlight - Enable source code highlighting
dev-util/gtk-doc:vim - Enable source code highlighting through app-editors/vim
dev-util/intel-ocl-sdk:tools - Install Intel Offline Compiler
dev-util/kdevelop:cmake - Enable support for CMake build system
dev-util/kdevelop:okteta - Enable hex editor plugin
dev-util/kdevelop:qthelp - Enable support for QtHelp documentation browsing
dev-util/kdevelop:reviewboard - Enable reviewboard support
dev-util/kdevplatform:reviewboard - Enable reviewboard support
dev-util/ltrace:unwind - Use sys-libs/libunwind for frame unwinding support
dev-util/meld:highlight - Enable source code highlighting via dev-python/pygtksourceview
dev-util/metro:ccache - Enable support for ccache
dev-util/metro:git - Enable support for git snapshots
dev-util/metro:threads - Enable support for pbzip2 tarball packing/unpacking
dev-util/mingw64-runtime:idl - Install idl files.
dev-util/molecule:plugins - Add plugins provided by dev-util/molecule-plugins
dev-util/monkeystudio:plugins - Build and install additional plugins
dev-util/nemiver:memoryview - Enable the optional hexadecimal memory inspection with app-editors/ghex.
dev-util/nsis:config-log - Enable the logging facility (useful in debugging installers)
dev-util/nvidia-cuda-sdk:cuda - Build CUDA binaries.
dev-util/nvidia-cuda-sdk:emulation - Build binaries for device emulation mode. These binaries will not require a CUDA-capable GPU to run.
dev-util/nvidia-cuda-sdk:opencl - Build OpenCL binaries.
dev-util/nvidia-cuda-toolkit:debugger - Installs the CUDA debugger.
dev-util/nvidia-cuda-toolkit:eclipse - Install the dev-util/eclipse-sdk plugins
dev-util/nvidia-cuda-toolkit:profiler - Installs the NVIDIA CUDA visual profiler.
dev-util/perf:audit - Enable support for sys-process/audit.
dev-util/perf:demangle - Enable C++ symbol name demangling, using libbfd from sys-devel/binutils. When this flag is enabled, the package will have to be rebuilt after every version bump of binutils.
dev-util/perf:doc - Build documentation and man pages. With this USE flag disabled, the --help parameter for perf and its sub-tools will not be available. This is optional because it depends on a few documentation handling tools that are not always welcome on user systems.
dev-util/perf:perl - Add support for Perl as a scripting language for perf tools.
dev-util/perf:unwind - Use sys-libs/libunwind for frame unwinding support.
dev-util/pkgconf:pkg-config - Install as a replacement for dev-util/pkgconfig
dev-util/pkgconf:strict - Adhere to POSIX pkg-config specification. Useful for finding uses of non-standard pkg-config invocations.
dev-util/pkgconfig:internal-glib - Use internal copy of dev-libs/glib
dev-util/pkgconfig-openbsd:pkg-config - Install as a replacement for dev-util/pkgconfig
dev-util/qdevelop:plugins - Build and install additional plugins
dev-util/reviewboard:codebase - Enables a build of the docs/codebase folder
dev-util/reviewboard:manual - Enables a build of the docs/manual folder
dev-util/reviewboard:rnotes - Enables a doc build of the release notes
dev-util/scanmem:gui - Enable the GameConqueror GUI
dev-util/schroot:btrfs - Enable support for chroots using btrfs snapshots.
dev-util/schroot:dchroot - Enables the building of a wrapper named "dchroot", replacing sys-apps/dchroot.
dev-util/schroot:lvm - Enable support for chroots using LVM snapshots.
dev-util/strace:aio - Enable dev-libs/libaio support for tracing Asynchronous I/O operations
dev-util/suse-build:symlink - Provide compatibility symlinks with original openSUSE package (might clash with other packages)
dev-util/universalindentgui:html - Add support for HTML files
dev-vcs/bzr:sftp - Enable sftp support
dev-vcs/bzr-gtk:gconf - Enable GConf support
dev-vcs/bzr-gtk:gpg - Support signing with GnuPG.
dev-vcs/bzr-gtk:nautilus - Integrate with Nautilus file manager
dev-vcs/bzr-gtk:sourceview - Enable GtkSourceView support
dev-vcs/cvs:server - Enable server support
dev-vcs/cvs2svn:bazaar - Support for dev-vcs/bzr
dev-vcs/fossil:json - Enable the JSON API of Fossil's wiki
dev-vcs/fossil:sqlite - Use the system SQLite instead of the bundled one
dev-vcs/git:blksha1 - Use the new optimized SHA1 implementation
dev-vcs/git:cgi - Install gitweb too
dev-vcs/git:curl - Support fetching and pushing (requires webdav too) over http:// and https:// protocols
dev-vcs/git:gpg - Pull in gnupg for signing -- without gnupg, attempts at signing will fail at runtime!
dev-vcs/git:gtk - Include the gitview contrib tool
dev-vcs/git:highlight - GitWeb support for app-text/highlight
dev-vcs/git:mozsha1 - Makes git use an optimized SHA1 routine from Mozilla that should be fast on non-x86 machines
dev-vcs/git:ppcsha1 - Make use of a bundled routine that is optimized for the PPC arch
dev-vcs/git:subversion - Include git-svn for dev-vcs/subversion support
dev-vcs/git:webdav - Adds support for push'ing to HTTP/HTTPS repositories via DAV
dev-vcs/git-annex:assistant - Enable git-annex assistant and watch command
dev-vcs/git-annex:dns - Enable the haskell DNS library for DNS lookup
dev-vcs/git-annex:feed - Enable podcast feed support
dev-vcs/git-annex:pairing - Enable pairing of git annex repositories
dev-vcs/git-annex:production - Enable production build (slower build; faster binary)
dev-vcs/git-annex:s3 - Enable Amazon S3 remote
dev-vcs/git-annex:tdfa - Use regex-tdfa for wildcards
dev-vcs/git-annex:testsuite - Embed the test suite into git-annex
dev-vcs/git-annex:webapp - Enable git-annex webapp
dev-vcs/git-annex:webdav - Enable webdav remote
dev-vcs/gitg:glade - Install a glade catalog file
dev-vcs/gitolite:contrib - Install user-contributed files
dev-vcs/gitolite:tools - Install tools to e.g. convert a Gitosis config to gitolite or one to check if your setup is gitolite >= 3.x compatible
dev-vcs/gitolite-gentoo:contrib - Install user-contributed files
dev-vcs/mercurial:bugzilla - Support bugzilla integration.
dev-vcs/mercurial:gpg - Support signing with GnuPG.
dev-vcs/mercurial:tk - Install dev-lang/tk for hgk script.
dev-vcs/qct:bazaar - Support for dev-vcs/bzr
dev-vcs/qct:mercurial - Support for dev-vcs/mercurial
dev-vcs/qct:monotone - Support for dev-vcs/monotone
dev-vcs/rabbitvcs:cli - Eanble console based frontend
dev-vcs/rabbitvcs:diff - Use for diff command dev-util/meld
dev-vcs/rabbitvcs:gedit - Enable plugin for app-editors/gedit
dev-vcs/rabbitvcs:nautilus - Enable extension for gnome-base/nautilus
dev-vcs/rabbitvcs:thunar - Enable extension for xfce-base/thunar
dev-vcs/subversion:ctypes-python - Build and install Ctypes Python bindings
dev-vcs/subversion:dso - Enable runtime module search
dev-vcs/subversion:extras - Install extra scripts (examples, tools, hooks)
dev-vcs/subversion:webdav-neon - Enable WebDAV support using net-libs/neon
dev-vcs/subversion:webdav-serf - Enable WebDAV support using net-libs/serf
games-action/awesomenauts:bundled-libs - Use the upstream provided bundled libraries.
games-action/beathazardultra:bundled-libs - Use the upstream provided bundled libraries.
games-action/chromium-bsu:mixer - Enables media-libs/sdl-mixer sound backend instead of media-libs/openal one.
games-action/d1x-rebirth:awe32 - Enable AWE32 support
games-action/d1x-rebirth:demo - Use the demo data instead of the full game
games-action/d1x-rebirth:linguas_de - Provides German translations for the game's briefings, robot descriptions, and outro of the original campaign
games-action/d1x-rebirth:mixer - Enable mixer support
games-action/d1x-rebirth:mpu401 - Enable MPU401 music support
games-action/d1x-rebirth:music - Support for ingame music
games-action/d1x-rebirth:opl3-musicpack - Include alternate version of the game's music, recorded with the Yamaha YMF262 OPL3 soundchip
games-action/d1x-rebirth:sc55-musicpack - Include alternate version of the game's music, recorded with the Roland Sound Canvas SC-55 MIDI module
games-action/d2x-rebirth:awe32 - Enable AWE32 support
games-action/d2x-rebirth:demo - Install games-action/descent2-demodata as well
games-action/d2x-rebirth:linguas_de - Provides German translations for the game's briefings, robot descriptions, and outro of the original campaign
games-action/d2x-rebirth:mpu401 - Enable MPU401 music support
games-action/d2x-rebirth:music - Support for ingame music
games-action/d2x-rebirth:opl3-musicpack - Include alternate version of the game's music, recorded with the Yamaha YMF262 OPL3 soundchip
games-action/d2x-rebirth:sc55-musicpack - Include alternate version of the game's music, recorded with the Roland Sound Canvas SC-55 MIDI module
games-action/hotline-miami:bundled-libs - Use bundled libraries.
games-action/hotline-miami:launcher - Install qt launcher
games-action/minetest:leveldb - Enable LevelDB backend
games-action/minetest:luajit - Use dev-lang/luajit instead of dev-lang/lua
games-action/minetest:server - Build minetest server
games-action/openlierox:breakpad - Compile with support for breakpad crash reporting system
games-action/solar2:bundled-libs - Use the upstream provided bundled libraries.
games-action/super-hexagon:bundled-libs - Use the upstream provided bundled libraries.
games-action/swordandsworcery:bundled-libs - Use the upstream provided bundled libraries.
games-action/trine2:bundled-libs - Use bundled libraries.
games-action/trine2:launcher - Install gtk+ launcher
games-arcade/bomns:editor - enables building the level editor
games-arcade/burgerspace:network - Enable client-server support
games-arcade/commandergenius:tremor - Use media-libs/tremor as ogg decoder instead of media-libs/libvorbis
games-arcade/jumpnbump:music - Enable playing of background music
games-arcade/lbreakout2:themes - Install additional themes
games-arcade/moleinvasion:music - Download and install the music files
games-arcade/performous:midi - Enable MIDI I/O support
games-arcade/performous:songs - Install a few demo songs
games-arcade/performous:tools - Install tools
games-arcade/performous:webcam - Enable Webcam support
games-arcade/slimevolley:net - Enable network support
games-arcade/smc:music - Download and install the music files
games-arcade/tuxanci:physfs - Use dev-games/physfs instead of dev-libs/libzip to load compressed data
games-arcade/tuxanci:sound - Enable sound
games-board/chessdb:tb4 - Install 4 pieces table bases
games-board/cockatrice:server - Compile server support
games-board/crafty:no-opts - Don't try to enable crazy CFLAG options
games-board/freedoko:backgrounds - Install additional background images
games-board/freedoko:gnomecards - Install the gnome-games card set
games-board/freedoko:kdecards - Install the KDE card set
games-board/freedoko:net - Enable network game support
games-board/freedoko:openclipartcards - Install the openclipartcards card set
games-board/freedoko:pysolcards - Install the PySol card set
games-board/freedoko:xskatcards - Install the XSkat card set
games-board/grhino:gtp - Install the GTP (Go/Game Text Protocol) frontend
games-board/pasang-emas:extras - Install some extra themes
games-board/pysolfc:extra-cardsets - Install extra cardsets
games-board/pysolfc:sound - Enable sound support using dev-python/pygame
games-board/spider:athena - Enable athena widgets
games-board/xboard:default-font - Install the default font that xboard uses
games-board/xboard:zippy - Enable experimental zippy client
games-emulation/generator:sdlaudio - Enable SDL Audio
games-emulation/higan:profile_accuracy - Compile a binary optimized for accuracy
games-emulation/higan:profile_balanced - Compile a binary with balanced optimization
games-emulation/higan:profile_performance - Compile a binary optimized for performance
games-emulation/mednafen:debugger - Build with internal debugger
games-emulation/snes9x:netplay - Enable playing ROMs over the network (not recommended)
games-emulation/snes9x:xrandr - Enable support for the X xrandr extension
games-emulation/vbam:link - Enable GBA linking functionality
games-emulation/yabause:qt4 - Use qt4 gui instead of gtk+
games-emulation/zsnes:debug - Enable the builtin debugger
games-emulation/zsnes:pax_kernel - Triggers a paxmarking of the binary
games-engines/frobtads:tads2compiler - Build TADS2 compiler
games-engines/frobtads:tads3compiler - Build TADS3 compiler
games-engines/odamex:master - Build master server target (advertises odamex server list)
games-engines/odamex:odalaunch - Build the wxwidgets based launcher.
games-engines/odamex:portmidi - Enable portmidi support.
games-engines/odamex:server - Build server target.
games-engines/renpy:development - Install IDE for game developers and an empty game template
games-engines/scummvm:fluidsynth - compile with support for fluidsynth
games-fps/alienarena:vidmode - Link against x11-libs/libXxf86vm. Required for full-screen support.
games-fps/darkplaces:cdsound - Enables using CD audio in the engine
games-fps/darkplaces:demo - Uses the demo data from quake1 (quake1-demodata)
games-fps/darkplaces:lights - Install and setup the updated light maps
games-fps/darkplaces:textures - Install and setup the updated textures
games-fps/doom-data:doomsday - Add wrapper to run it within doomsday
games-fps/doom3:roe - Adds support for the Resurrection of Evil expansion
games-fps/doomsday:demo - Install launcher dor doom1.wad from games-fps/doom-data
games-fps/doomsday:doom - Install launcher for jdoom game
games-fps/doomsday:fluidsynth - Build the FluidSynth sound driver
games-fps/doomsday:freedoom - Install launcher for doom1.wad from games-fps/freefoom
games-fps/doomsday:heretic - Install launcher for jheretic game
games-fps/doomsday:hexen - Install launcher for jhexen game
games-fps/doomsday:resources - Enable support for games-fps/doomsday-resources in jdoom launcher
games-fps/doomsday:snowberry - Install Snowberry doomsday front-end
games-fps/doomsday:tools - Build additional tools such as doomsday-shell, md2tool and texc
games-fps/duke3d:demo - Install the demo files
games-fps/duke3d:pic - disable optimized assembly code that is not PIC friendly
games-fps/duke3d-data:gog - Extract the data from the installer.
games-fps/eduke32:demo - Install games-fps/duke3d-demodata as well
games-fps/eduke32:gtk - Compile with gtk launcher
games-fps/eduke32:offensive - Include optional XXX texture pack (needs USE 'textures')
games-fps/eduke32:opl-musicpack - Include optional OPL (AdLib) music pack
games-fps/eduke32:samples - Install samples
games-fps/eduke32:sc55-musicpack - Include optional Roland SC-55 music pack
games-fps/eduke32:server - Compile with server support
games-fps/eduke32:textures - Include optional high-resolution textures (needs USE 'opengl')
games-fps/eduke32:tools - Build several tools for modding and development
games-fps/eduke32:vpx - Enable support for WebM VP8 Codecs (needs USE 'opengl')
games-fps/ezquake-bin:security - install the security module needed for some servers
games-fps/lsdldoom:freedoom - Install games-fps/freedoom wad file
games-fps/lsdldoom:net - Enables network game support
games-fps/lsdldoom:shareware - Install games-fps/doom-data for shareware wad file
games-fps/nexuiz:maps - Install the community map pack
games-fps/quake2-icculus:demo - Install the demo files (quake2-demodata) and configure for use
games-fps/quake2-icculus:qmax - Build the pretty version (quake max)
games-fps/quake2-icculus:rogue - Build support for the 'Ground Zero' Mission Pack (rogue)
games-fps/quake2-icculus:xatrix - Build support for the 'The Reckoning' Mission Pack (xatrix)
games-fps/quake3:mumble - Adds player-location (positional audio) support to VoIP
games-fps/quake3:teamarena - Adds support for Team Arena expansion pack
games-fps/quake3:voice - Adds VoIP support
games-fps/quake3-bin:teamarena - Adds support for Team Arena expansion pack
games-fps/quakeforge:wildmidi - enable libWildMidi support
games-fps/quakeforge:xdg - enable XDG support
games-fps/qudos:demo - Install the demo files (quake2-demodata) and configure for use
games-fps/qudos:mods - Build support for the quake2 mission packs
games-fps/qudos:qmax - Build the pretty version (quake max)
games-fps/qudos:textures - Install the enhanced textures (quake2-textures)
games-fps/rott:demo - Install the shareware version
games-fps/sauerbraten:server - Compile server support
games-fps/turtlearena:mumble - Adds player-location (positional audio) support to VoIP
games-fps/turtlearena:server - Build server target
games-fps/turtlearena:voice - Adds VoIP support
games-fps/unreal-tournament-goty:S3TC - Add the extra fancy textures to UT ... only works on certain cards (nvidia/ati/s3)
games-fps/urbanterror:server - Build server target
games-fps/warsow:angelscript - Enable AngelScript support
games-fps/warsow:irc - Enable IRC support
games-fps/warsow:server - Build server binaries additionally
games-fps/worldofpadman:maps - Install extra maps (PadPack)
games-kids/crayon-physics:bundled-libs - Use the upstream provided bundled libraries.
games-misc/katawa-shoujo:system-renpy - Use games-engines/renpy instead of the bundled one (experimental)
games-misc/little-inferno:bundled-libs - Use bundled libraries.
games-misc/xcowsay:fortune - Installs the fortune-mod xcow binary
games-mud/tf:atcp - enable ATCP support.
games-mud/tf:gmcp - enable GMCP support.
games-mud/tf:option102 - enable telnet option 102 support.
games-puzzle/cuyo:music - Enable playing of background music
games-puzzle/jag:editor - Install level editor
games-puzzle/nightsky:bundled-libs - Use the upstream provided bundled libraries.
games-puzzle/pingus:music - Enable playing of background music
games-puzzle/tiny-and-big:bundled-libs - Use the upstream provided bundled libraries.
games-puzzle/xlogical:alt_gfx - Use alternate graphics which are closer to the original Amiga version
games-roguelike/FTL:bundled-libs - Use bundled libraries.
games-roguelike/angband:sound - Enable and install sounds
games-roguelike/stone-soup:ncurses - Enable for console based build (uses ncurses).
games-roguelike/stone-soup:tiles - Enable for graphical (tiled) build.
games-roguelike/tomenet:server - Compile server support
games-rpg/arx-fatalis-data:gog - Extract the data from the installer.
games-rpg/arx-libertatis:c++0x - Build ROOT using the C++11 standard.
games-rpg/arx-libertatis:crash-reporter - Build a dev-qt/qtgui-based tool that allows to submit crash information to the upstream backtracker.
games-rpg/arx-libertatis:debug - Enable asserts and debug logging.
games-rpg/arx-libertatis:static - Link libraries statically, currently only media-libs/glew
games-rpg/arx-libertatis:tools - Build tools that can extract the game's data and save files.
games-rpg/arx-libertatis:unity-build - Build everything in one big source file, allowing for faster build times and better optimizations at the cost of higher memory usage.
games-rpg/bastion:bundled-libs - Use the upstream provided bundled libraries.
games-rpg/daimonin-client:music - Install extra music
games-rpg/drascula:sound - Install optional audio files
games-rpg/dungeon-defenders:bundled-libs - Use the upstream provided bundled libraries.
games-rpg/eternal-lands-data:bloodsuckermaps - Will install Bloodsucker's Maps in place of the official map files.
games-rpg/eternal-lands-data:music - Adds in-game music.
games-rpg/eternal-lands-data:sound - Adds in-game sound effects.
games-rpg/grimrock:bundled-libs - Use bundled libraries.
games-rpg/kqlives:cheats - Enable cheating mode
games-rpg/nwn:hou - Install the Hordes of the Underdark expansion pack
games-rpg/nwn:sou - Installs the Shadows of Undrentide expension pack
games-rpg/nwn-data:hou - Install the Hordes of the Underdark expansion pack
games-rpg/nwn-data:nowin - For those people who cant grab the 1.2 gigs of data files from a windows partition
games-rpg/nwn-data:sou - Installs the Shadows of Undrentide expension pack
games-rpg/sumwars:tools - Builds editor tools
games-rpg/valyriatear:editor - Compile the Qt editor along with the game
games-simulation/corsix-th:ffmpeg - Use ffmpeg for playing in-game cutscenes.
games-simulation/corsix-th:midi - Use SDL mixer and timidity for in-game music.
games-simulation/corsix-th:opengl - Use OpenGL for rendering.
games-simulation/corsix-th:sdl - Use SDL for rendering.
games-simulation/corsix-th:sound - Use SDL mixer for in-game sound.
games-simulation/corsix-th:truetype - Use high quality fonts.
games-simulation/flightgear:fgpanel - Enables standalone lightweight 2D-panel rendering utility
games-simulation/flightgear:jsbsim - Enables JSBSim Flight Dynamics Model (default)
games-simulation/flightgear:oldfdm - Enables deprecated Flight Dynamics Models (LaRCsim, UIUC)
games-simulation/flightgear:subversion - Enables terrasync scenery downloader
games-simulation/flightgear:udev - Enables event-based Input devices through virtual/udev
games-simulation/flightgear:utils - Builds various utilities (fgpanel, terrasync, fgviewer among others)
games-simulation/flightgear:yasim - Enables YASim Flight Dynamics Model
games-simulation/openttd:aplaymidi - Enables midi music in game, using aplaymidi as an external player
games-simulation/openttd:dedicated - Build only the openttd server, and not the client.
games-simulation/openttd:lzo - Enables LZO compression for savegames. This is only needed to load extremely old savegames. (versions before 0.2)
games-simulation/openttd:openmedia - Enables the free open media sets: OpenGFX, OpenSFX, OpenMSX, removing the requirement for proprietary TTD assets to play OpenTTD.
games-simulation/singularity:music - Install music files
games-sports/speed-dreams:xrandr - Enable support for the X xrandr extension
games-sports/xmoto:editor - Depend on inkscape, scripts to convert svg to level (svg2lvl)
games-strategy/dark-oberon:fmod - Add sound support (fmod)
games-strategy/defcon-demo:system-libs - Use system libraries instead of the ones included in the upstream distribution.
games-strategy/freeciv:auth - Add authentication capability
games-strategy/freeciv:ggz - Add support for GGZ Gaming Zone
games-strategy/freeciv:sound - Add support for sound provided by media-libs/sdl-mixer
games-strategy/freeorion:cg - Add support for NVIDIA toolkit plugin
games-strategy/freesynd:devtools - Build development tools
games-strategy/heroes3:maps - Installs optional map data
games-strategy/heroes3:music - Installs optional music data
games-strategy/heroes3:sounds - Installs optional sound data
games-strategy/ja2-stracciatella:editor - Adds necessary file to run the editor
games-strategy/ja2-stracciatella:linguas_ru_gold - Support for russian gold ja2 version
games-strategy/liquidwar6:doc - Convert the info pages to html
games-strategy/liquidwar6:gtk - Used to display error/critical messages
games-strategy/liquidwar6:maps - Install extra maps
games-strategy/liquidwar6:ogg - Enable mod-ogg via media-libs/sdl-mixer (currently the only sound provider)
games-strategy/liquidwar6:readline - Enable interactive script shell for hacking
games-strategy/megaglest:editor - Build map editor
games-strategy/megaglest:fribidi - Enable FriBIDi support
games-strategy/megaglest:model-viewer - Build model viewer
games-strategy/megaglest:streflop - Use the library streflop. Out of synchs may occur if not enabled.
games-strategy/megaglest:tools - Build model import/export tools
games-strategy/megaglest:unicode - Use unicode strings for wxwidgets
games-strategy/megaglest:wxuniversal - Use the wxUniversal port which implements the various GUI controls by drawing them itself
games-strategy/naev:mixer - Enables media-libs/sdl-mixer sound backend in addition to media-libs/openal one.
games-strategy/openra:cg - NVIDIA toolkit plugin
games-strategy/openra:tools - Install some development tools such as editor.
games-strategy/s25rttr:glfw - Compile another video driver based on media-libs/glfw.
games-strategy/seven-kingdoms:network - Enable support for multiplayer via media-libs/sdl-net
games-strategy/ufo-ai:editor - Build map editor
games-strategy/uqm:music - download and install music files (large)
games-strategy/uqm:remix - download and install music remix files (large)
games-strategy/uqm:voice - download and install voice files (large)
games-strategy/warzone2100:qt4 - Use qt-gui/qt-opengl for backend rendering instead of sdl
games-strategy/wesnoth:server - Enable compilation of server
games-util/gslist:web - Enable the web interface
games-util/pyfa:graph - Enable support for graphs
gnome-base/gconf:ldap - Build backend which enables default mail accounts, addressbooks and calendars for Evolution to be configured using each user's LDAP entry."
gnome-base/gconf:orbit - Use gnome-base/orbit for IPC, same as in gconf-2.x
gnome-base/gdm:audit - Enable support for sys-process/audit
gnome-base/gdm:consolekit - Allow proper handling of removable media according to who is actually present on the machine.
gnome-base/gdm:dmx - Enables Distributed Multihead X (DMX) support
gnome-base/gdm:fallback - Install x11-wm/metacity as fallback in case gnome-shell greeter fails to start
gnome-base/gdm:fprint - Enables experimental fingerprint authentication using sys-auth/fprintd
gnome-base/gdm:gnome-shell - Enables a greeter based on GNOME Shell (uses OpenGL)
gnome-base/gdm:plymouth - Enable support for smooth transition from sys-boot/plymouth
gnome-base/gdm:remote - Enables support for secure remote connections
gnome-base/gnome:classic - Install gnome-extra/gnome-shell-extensions for the Gnome Shell Classic mode
gnome-base/gnome:extras - Install additional GNOME applications
gnome-base/gnome:fallback - Install gnome-base/gnome-panel and x11-wm/metacity for the GNOME 3 fallback mode
gnome-base/gnome:flashback - Install gnome-base/gnome-panel and x11-wm/metacity for the GNOME 3 Flashback mode
gnome-base/gnome-applets:cpufreq - Build cpu frequency scaling monitor applet
gnome-base/gnome-control-center:colord - Support color management using x11-misc/colord
gnome-base/gnome-control-center:gnome-online-accounts - Enable configuration panel for net-libs/gnome-online-accounts accounts
gnome-base/gnome-control-center:i18n - Enable support for enhanced input methods through app-i18n/ibus
gnome-base/gnome-control-center:modemmanager - Enable support for mobile broadband devices using net-misc/modemmanager
gnome-base/gnome-control-center:socialweb - Add support for desktop background images from Flickr using net-libs/libsocialweb
gnome-base/gnome-desktop:license-docs - Install help files documenting GNOME's licenses
gnome-base/gnome-extra-apps:games - Install Gnome Games
gnome-base/gnome-extra-apps:shotwell - Install the media-gfx/shotwell photo manager
gnome-base/gnome-extra-apps:tracker - Install the app-misc/tracker indexer and the GNOME packages that require it
gnome-base/gnome-light:automount - Use gnome-base/gvfs[gdu] for automounting of drives in nautilus
gnome-base/gnome-light:fallback - Install gnome-base/gnome-panel and x11-wm/metacity for the GNOME 3 fallback mode
gnome-base/gnome-light:gnome-shell - Install gnome-base/gnome-shell and x11-wm/mutter for the standard GNOME 3 desktop mode
gnome-base/gnome-panel:bonobo - Enable Bonobo compatibility modules for applets still not ported to DBUS.
gnome-base/gnome-session:gconf - Optional support for gnome-base/gconf configuration storage system
gnome-base/gnome-settings-daemon:colord - Support color management using x11-misc/colord
gnome-base/gnome-settings-daemon:i18n - Enable support for enhanced input methods through app-i18n/ibus
gnome-base/gnome-settings-daemon:openrc-force - Skip systemd dependency (#480336), enabling this flag will become your setup to be fully unsupported by upstream and downstream Gnome team. Do not try to enable it unless completely needed
gnome-base/gnome-settings-daemon:packagekit - Enable support for the distro-neutral package manager GUI app-admin/packagekit
gnome-base/gnome-settings-daemon:short-touchpad-timeout - Change the touchpad timeout so that it's effective for fast typists
gnome-base/gnome-shell:i18n - Enable support for enhanced input methods through app-i18n/ibus
gnome-base/gnome-shell:openrc-force - Skip systemd dependency (#480336), enabling this flag will become your setup to be fully unsupported by upstream and downstream Gnome team. Do not try to enable it unless completely needed
gnome-base/gnome-shell:systemd - Use sys-apps/systemd instead of sys-auth/consolekit for session tracking
gnome-base/gvfs:afp - Enables support for accessing AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) network shares
gnome-base/gvfs:archive - Enables support for accessing files in archives transparently via app-arch/libarchive
gnome-base/gvfs:bluray - Enable playback of Blu-ray filesystems using media-libs/libbluray
gnome-base/gvfs:fuse - Enables fuse mount points in $HOME/.gvfs for legacy application access
gnome-base/gvfs:gdu - Enable sys-apps/gnome-disk-utility integration
gnome-base/gvfs:gnome-online-accounts - Enable configuration panel for net-libs/gnome-online-accounts accounts
gnome-base/gvfs:http - Enable the HTTP/DAV backend using net-libs/libsoup-gnome
gnome-base/gvfs:udev - Enable udev base replacement code for cdda feature
gnome-base/gvfs:udisks - Enable volume monitoring using sys-fs/udisks
gnome-base/libgnome-keyring:vala - Enable bindings for dev-lang/vala
gnome-base/libgnomecanvas:glade - Enable glade support
gnome-base/libgtop:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
gnome-base/librsvg:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
gnome-base/librsvg:tools - Build miscellaneous tools
gnome-base/librsvg:vala - Enable bindings for dev-lang/vala
gnome-base/nautilus:packagekit - Use packagekit to search for programs to open unknown file types
gnome-base/nautilus:previewer - Use gnome-extra/sushi to preview files from the file mananger
gnome-base/nautilus:sendto - Enable the nautilus-sendto extension to send files to various locations/devices
gnome-base/nautilus:tracker - Add support for app-misc/tracker search
gnome-base/orbit:pic - Force libname-server-2 to be built as PIC; needed on hardened systems
gnome-extra/avant-window-navigator:gconf - Enable GConf as configuration backend
gnome-extra/avant-window-navigator:vala - Enable installation of dev-lang/vala binding
gnome-extra/avant-window-navigator-extras:gconf - Enable GConf as configuration backend
gnome-extra/evolution-data-server:api-doc-extras - Build documentation for private APIs
gnome-extra/evolution-data-server:gnome-online-accounts - Enable using net-libs/gnome-online-accounts for authorization
gnome-extra/evolution-data-server:vala - Build dev-lang/vala bindings
gnome-extra/evolution-data-server:weather - Enable optional weather calendar support
gnome-extra/file-browser-applet:gtkhotkey - Enable hotkey support via x11-libs/gtkhotkey
gnome-extra/gdesklets-core:dbus - Enable gDesklets Controls to use DBus
gnome-extra/gnome-color-manager:clutter - Use media-libs/clutter to render color gamut representations
gnome-extra/gnome-color-manager:packagekit - Enable support for the distro-neutral package manager GUI app-admin/packagekit
gnome-extra/gnome-do-plugins:banshee - Enables the Banshee (media-sound/banshee) plugin
gnome-extra/gnome-dvb-daemon:totem - Build a plugin for media-video/totem
gnome-extra/gnome-dvb-daemon:vala - Add support for dev-lang/vala
gnome-extra/gnome-games:aisleriot - Install the card game Aisleriot (Solitaire)
gnome-extra/gnome-games:artworkextra - Installs extra artwork for various games
gnome-extra/gnome-games:clutter - Install games that use media-libs/clutter
gnome-extra/gnome-games:glchess - Install Chess written in dev-lang/vala and OpenGL
gnome-extra/gnome-games:sudoku - Install the game Sudoku which uses dev-python/pygobject and introspection
gnome-extra/gnome-media:twolame - Allow encoding MPEG Audio Layer 2 (MP2) files using twolame
gnome-extra/gnome-packagekit:systemd - Use sys-apps/systemd instead of sys-auth/consolekit for rebooting
gnome-extra/gnome-power-manager:applet - Build battery monitor applet
gnome-extra/gnome-screensaver:systemd - Support sys-apps/systemd's logind
gnome-extra/gnome-system-monitor:systemd - Display sys-apps/systemd metadata, e.g. unit names, for running processes
gnome-extra/gnome-utils:bonobo - Enable applets (gdict one) still not ported to DBUS, requiring deprecated bonobo support in gnome-panel.
gnome-extra/gucharmap:vala - Enable bindings for dev-lang/vala
gnome-extra/libgda:bindist - Disable support for dev-db/firebird database which is not GPL compatible.
gnome-extra/libgda:canvas - Enable support for x11-libs/goocanvas
gnome-extra/libgda:http - Enable embedded net-libs/libsoup based server
gnome-extra/libgda:json - Enable support for JSON format
gnome-extra/libgda:libsecret - Enable app-crypt/libsecret support to store login credentials
gnome-extra/libgda:mdb - Enable support for Microsoft Access database using app-office/mdbtools
gnome-extra/libgda:reports - Install tools for generating graphical reports
gnome-extra/libgda:sourceview - Enable support for x11-libs/gtksourceview
gnome-extra/libgsf:gtk - Enable use of gdk in thumbnailer
gnome-extra/libgsf:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
gnome-extra/nautilus-actions:deprecated - Enable deprecated functions
gnome-extra/nautilus-sendto:gajim - Enables support for net-im/gajim
gnome-extra/nautilus-sendto:mail - Enables support for mailto using gnome-extra/evolution-data-server
gnome-extra/nautilus-sendto:pidgin - Enables support for net-im/pidgin
gnome-extra/nemo:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
gnome-extra/nemo:packagekit - Use packagekit to search for programs to open unknown file types
gnome-extra/nemo:tracker - Add support for app-misc/tracker search
gnome-extra/nm-applet:gconf - Build tool for migrating gconf settings from nm-applet-0.8.x
gnome-extra/nm-applet:modemmanager - Enable support for mobile broadband devices using net-misc/modemmanager
gnome-extra/panflute:mpd - Enable MPD support
gnome-extra/polkit-gnome:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
gnome-extra/sushi:office - Support viewing file formats such as generated by app-office/libreoffice
gnome-extra/synapse:plugins - Build support for plugins using librest
gnome-extra/synapse:zeitgeist - Add support for Zeitgeist event tracking system
gnome-extra/zeitgeist:datahub - Use build datahub for passive event injection
gnome-extra/zeitgeist:downloads-monitor - Monitor the XDG_DOWNLOAD_DIRECTORY
gnome-extra/zeitgeist:extensions - Use gnome-extra/zeitgeist-extentions to enhance the internal routines
gnome-extra/zeitgeist:fts - Enable the full text search extension
gnome-extra/zeitgeist:passiv - Use gnome-extra/zeitgeist-datahub to passively inject events
gnome-extra/zeitgeist:plugins - Use gnome-extra/zeitgeist-datasources to enable numerous packages to inject events
gnome-extra/zeitgeist:sql-debug - Enable SQL debugging
gnome-extra/zeitgeist:telepathy - Enable telepathy framework as data source
gnome-extra/zeitgeist-datahub:download - Monitor XDG download directory
gnome-extra/zeitgeist-datahub:telepathy - Telepathy logging support for 1-to-1 chats, calls and file transfers
gnome-extra/zeitgeist-datasources:bzr - Zeitgeist plugin for dev-vcs/bzr as data source
gnome-extra/zeitgeist-datasources:chromium - Zeitgeist plugin for www-client/chromium as data source
gnome-extra/zeitgeist-datasources:emacs - Zeitgeist plugin for emacs as data source
gnome-extra/zeitgeist-datasources:firefox - Zeitgeist plugin for www-client/firefox as data source
gnome-extra/zeitgeist-datasources:geany - Zeitgeist plugin for dev-util/geany as data source
gnome-extra/zeitgeist-datasources:telepathy - Zeitgeist plugin for telepathy framework as data source
gnome-extra/zeitgeist-datasources:thunderbird - Zeitgeist plugin for mail-client/thunderbird as data source
gnome-extra/zeitgeist-datasources:tomboy - Zeitgeist plugin for app-misc/tomboy as data source
gnome-extra/zeitgeist-datasources:vim - Zeitgeist plugin for vim as data source
gnome-extra/zeitgeist-datasources:xchat - Zeitgeist plugin for net-irc/xchat-gnome as data source
gnome-extra/zeitgeist-extensions:fts - Enable the full text search
gnome-extra/zeitgeist-extensions:geolocation - Add the physical location of the computer at the moment when events are inserted
gnome-extra/zeitgeist-extensions:memprofile - Memory profiling extension
gnome-extra/zeitgeist-extensions:sqldebug - debug zeitgeists sql statements
gnome-extra/zeitgeist-extensions:tracker - Notify Tracker on events
gnome-extra/zenity:compat - Installs gdialog for compatibility with older shell scripts which uses dev-lang/perl
gnustep-apps/cdplayer:preferences - Use gnustep-apps/preferences for preferences setting
gnustep-apps/cdplayer:systempreferences - Use gnustep-apps/systempreferences for preferences setting
gnustep-apps/gnumail:emoticon - Enable extra Emoticon Bundle to see smiley's in e-mail messages
gnustep-apps/gworkspace:gwmetadata - Enable the metadata indexing and searching system
gnustep-base/gnustep-back-art:xim - Enable X11 XiM input method
gnustep-base/gnustep-back-cairo:xim - Enable X11 XiM input method
gnustep-base/gnustep-back-xlib:xim - Enable X11 XiM input method
gnustep-base/gnustep-gui:speech - Audio support using app-accessibility/flite
gnustep-base/gnustep-make:libobjc2 - Enables use of the GNUstep Objective-C runtime (gnustep-base/libobjc2) with non-fragile ABI and sys-devel/clang compiler
gnustep-base/gnustep-make:native-exceptions - Enables use of the native Objective-C exception support (@try/@catch/@finally) built-in objective-c exceptions with compilers that support it
gnustep-base/libobjc2:boehm-gc - Enable Hans Boehm's garbage collector (dev-libs/boehm-gc). Not recommended by upstream
gpe-base/gpe:games - Builds and installs GPE games.
kde-base/ark:archive - Enable support for a variety of archive formats through libarchive
kde-base/cantor:R - Enable dev-lang/R backend support
kde-base/cantor:analitza - Enable kde-base/analitza backend support
kde-base/cantor:qalculate - Enable sci-libs/libqalculate backend support
kde-base/dolphin:thumbnail - Enables video thumbnails generation for kde-base/dolphin file manager.
kde-base/dolphin-plugins:bazaar - Enable support for the bazaar VCS
kde-base/dolphin-plugins:mercurial - Enable support for the mercurial VCS
kde-base/gwenview:kipi - Support for the KDE Image Plugin Interface.
kde-base/kaccessible:speechd - Enable support for the speech-dispatcher speech synthesizer
kde-base/kalzium:editor - Enable the embedded molecule editor/viewer
kde-base/kalzium:solver - Enable the equation solver
kde-base/kde-meta:sdk - Pull in developer-specific meta-packages
kde-base/kdeartwork-kscreensaver:eigen - Enable various arithmetic screensavers which use Eigen2 for computations.
kde-base/kdeartwork-kscreensaver:kexiv2 - Enable image rotation based on exif tags with libkexiv2.
kde-base/kdebase-data:wallpapers - Install the KDE wallpapers
kde-base/kdebase-kioslaves:sftp - Enable SFTP protocol support using net-libs/libssh
kde-base/kdebase-meta:wallpapers - Install the KDE wallpapers
kde-base/kdebase-startkde:wallpapers - Install the KDE wallpapers
kde-base/kdebindings-meta:csharp - Enable C# language bindings for KDE and Qt
kde-base/kdelibs:opengl - Enable OpenGL support for Plasma (GLApplet)
kde-base/kdelibs:udisks - Use udisks for block device access (e.g., automounting)
kde-base/kdelibs:upower - Use upower for power management
kde-base/kdenetwork-meta:ppp - Enable support for net-dialup/ppp.
kde-base/kdepim-runtime:facebook - Facebook service integration via net-libs/libkfbapi
kde-base/kdepim-runtime:google - Google service integration via net-libs/libkgapi
kde-base/kdepimlibs:prison - Enable support for QRcodes in contacts
kde-base/kdeplasma-addons:attica - Enable support for dev-libs/libattica
kde-base/kdeplasma-addons:desktopglobe - Enable Desktop Globe wallpaper using kde-base/marble
kde-base/kdeplasma-addons:fcitx - Use fcitx input method via app-i18n/fcitx
kde-base/kdeplasma-addons:ibus - Use ibus input method via app-i18n/ibus
kde-base/kdeplasma-addons:json - Enable JSON support via dev-libs/qjson
kde-base/kdeplasma-addons:oauth - Enable OAuth support via dev-libs/qoauth
kde-base/kdeplasma-addons:qalculate - Enable Qalculate runner using sci-libs/libqalculate
kde-base/kdeplasma-addons:qwt - Enable applets that use x11-libs/qwt:5.
kde-base/kdeplasma-addons:scim - Enable applets that use app-i18n/scim.
kde-base/kdesdk-misc:extras - Build po2xml and swappo tools
kde-base/kdeutils-meta:floppy - Install kde-base/kfloppy to format and create DOS or ext2fs filesystems in a floppy.
kde-base/kdm:consolekit - Enables support for authorization using consolekit
kde-base/kget:bittorrent - Enable bittorrent transfer plugin through net-libs/libktorrent
kde-base/kget:webkit - Enable KdeWebkit browser plugin using kde-misc/kwebkitpart
kde-base/kig:scripting - Support Python scripting
kde-base/kimono:akonadi - Compile bindings for Akonadi.
kde-base/kimono:plasma - Compile bindings for KDE's Plasma.
kde-base/klipper:prison - Enable support for barcodes/QRcodes
kde-base/kmix:canberra - Enable sound event support using media-libs/libcanberra
kde-base/konqueror:bookmarks - Add dependency on bookmark package.
kde-base/kopete:addbookmarks - Automatically add incoming urls to bookmarks.
kde-base/kopete:autoreplace - Automatically replace selected text
kde-base/kopete:contactnotes - Enables writing personal notes for contacts.
kde-base/kopete:gadu - Enable the Gadu protocol handler.
kde-base/kopete:groupwise - Enable the Groupwise protocol handler.
kde-base/kopete:highlight - Allows you to specify highlights on specific events.
kde-base/kopete:history - Enables saving chat history.
kde-base/kopete:latex - Embed latex formatted text into messages.
kde-base/kopete:meanwhile - Enable the Sametime protocol handler.
kde-base/kopete:msn - Enable "Windows live messenger" protocol support.
kde-base/kopete:nowlistening - Shows song you currently listen to in your status/etc. Bindings for many players.
kde-base/kopete:otr - Allows crypting your chat (drugs and talking nonsense are considered as good alternatives ;]).
kde-base/kopete:pipes - Send messages to external pipe.
kde-base/kopete:privacy - Filter for incoming messages
kde-base/kopete:skype - Enable Skype protocol handler (not fully functional yet).
kde-base/kopete:sms - Enable SMS sendinge functionality.
kde-base/kopete:statistics - Everybody loves statistic graphs, especially cake ones. ;]
kde-base/kopete:testbed - Enable the testbed protocol.
kde-base/kopete:texteffect - Various fancy text effects for your messages (don't ever consider writing us with this enabled ;]).
kde-base/kopete:translator - Translate incoming and outgoing messages.
kde-base/kopete:urlpicpreview - Enables in conversation pictures preview.
kde-base/kopete:webpresence - Show your status and some more information on web.
kde-base/kopete:winpopup - Enable pop-up messages sending on windows. (same as good old "net send" messages ;])
kde-base/kopete:yahoo - Enable yahoo protocol support.
kde-base/kopete:zeroconf - Enable Link-Local Messaging via the bonjour protocol.
kde-base/korundum:akonadi - Compile bindings for Akonadi.
kde-base/korundum:kate - Compile bindings for KDE Advanced Text Editor.
kde-base/korundum:okular - Compile bindings for kde-base/okular.
kde-base/krdc:rdesktop - Enable runtime dependency for net-misc/rdesktop
kde-base/krdc:telepathy - Enable desktop sharing through a telepathy client
kde-base/krfb:telepathy - Enable desktop sharing through a telepathy client
kde-base/ksnapshot:kipi - Support for the KDE Image Plugin Interface.
kde-base/kstars:fits - Enable support for the FITS image format through cfitsio
kde-base/kstars:indi - Enable support for Astronomical control library using libindi
kde-base/kwin:gles - Enable support for GLES.
kde-base/libkdcraw:jasper - Use media-libs/jasper to support RedOne digital movie cameras (R3D format)
kde-base/libplasmaclock:holidays - Include support for holidays in plasma calendar
kde-base/marble:designer-plugin - Enable designer plugin
kde-base/marble:shapefile - Enable support for ESRI shapefiles
kde-base/marble:zip - Enable support for reading and displaying .kmz files
kde-base/nepomuk-core:epub - Adds support for reading EPUB ebook metadata
kde-base/okular:chm - Enable support for Microsoft Compiled HTML Help files
kde-base/okular:ebook - Add E-Book support
kde-base/oxygen-icons:bindist - Additionally install the svg sources of the bitmap icons (needed for redistribution)
kde-base/perlkde:akonadi - Compile bindings for Akonadi.
kde-base/perlkde:attica - Compile bindings for dev-libs/libattica.
kde-base/perlkde:kate - Compile bindings for KDE Advanced Text Editor.
kde-base/perlkde:okular - Compile bindings for kde-base/okular.
kde-base/perlqt:declarative - Compile bindings for dev-qt/qtdeclarative.
kde-base/perlqt:multimedia - Compile bindings for dev-qt/qtmultimedia.
kde-base/perlqt:phonon - Compile bindings for Phonon.
kde-base/perlqt:qimageblitz - Compile bindings for media-libs/qimageblitz.
kde-base/perlqt:qscintilla - Compile bindings for x11-libs/qscintilla.
kde-base/perlqt:qthelp - Compile bindings for QtHelp from dev-qt/qthelp.
kde-base/perlqt:qwt - Compile bindings for x11-libs/qwt.
kde-base/perlqt:webkit - Compile bindings for dev-qt/qtwebkit.
kde-base/plasma-workspace:json - Enable JSON support via dev-libs/qjson
kde-base/plasma-workspace:qalculate - Enable Qalculate runner using sci-libs/libqalculate
kde-base/powerdevil:pm-utils - Adds support for suspend/resume the system through sys-power/pm-utils
kde-base/poxml:extras - Build po2xml and swappo tools
kde-base/pykde4:semantic-desktop - Enables Nepomuk and Soprano python language bindings
kde-base/qtruby:declarative - Compile bindings for dev-qt/qtdeclarative.
kde-base/qtruby:phonon - Compile bindings for Phonon.
kde-base/qtruby:qscintilla - Compile bindings for x11-libs/qscintilla.
kde-base/qtruby:qwt - Compile bindings for x11-libs/qwt.
kde-base/qtruby:webkit - Compile bindings for dev-qt/qtwebkit.
kde-base/qyoto:phonon - Compile bindings for Phonon.
kde-base/qyoto:qscintilla - Compile bindings for x11-libs/qscintilla.
kde-base/qyoto:webkit - Compile bindings for dev-qt/qtwebkit.
kde-base/smokekde:attica - Compile bindings for dev-libs/libattica.
kde-base/smokekde:kate - Compile bindings for KDE Advanced Text Editor.
kde-base/smokekde:okular - Compile bindings for kde-base/okular.
kde-base/smokeqt:declarative - Compile bindings for dev-qt/qtdeclarative.
kde-base/smokeqt:multimedia - Compile bindings for dev-qt/qtmultimedia.
kde-base/smokeqt:phonon - Compile bindings for Phonon.
kde-base/smokeqt:qimageblitz - Compile bindings for media-libs/qimageblitz.
kde-base/smokeqt:qscintilla - Compile bindings for x11-libs/qscintilla.
kde-base/smokeqt:qthelp - Compile bindings for QtHelp from dev-qt/qthelp.
kde-base/smokeqt:qwt - Compile bindings for x11-libs/qwt.
kde-base/smokeqt:webkit - Compile bindings for dev-qt/qtwebkit.
kde-base/solid:wicd - Enable Wicd wired and wireless network manager.
kde-base/step:qalculate - Enable the libqalculate library for unit conversion
kde-misc/kcm-grub2:hwinfo - Used to work out supported framebuffer resolutions
kde-misc/kcm-grub2:imagemagick - Create splash images compatible with GRUB2
kde-misc/kcm-grub2:packagekit - Add support for packagekit integration
kde-misc/kepas:oscar - Enables ICQ (AIM) support.
kde-misc/krusader:bookmarks - Add dependency on bookmark package.
kde-misc/networkmanagement:openconnect - Build support for the OpenConnect VPN client
kde-misc/plasma-nm:modemmanager - Enable support for mobile broadband devices
kde-misc/synaptiks:upower - Handle mouse devices correctly across suspend and resume with upower
kde-misc/tellico:addressbook - Add support for kdepim addressbook (kabc)
lxde-base/lxdm:gtk3 - Use GTK+3 instead of 2
lxde-base/lxsession:upower - Pull in sys-power/upower for hibernate/suspend support
mail-client/alot:doc - Install user manual and API documentation
mail-client/alpine:chappa - enhance alpine by applying Eduardo Chappa's patches
mail-client/alpine:onlyalpine - installs only the alpine binary, so it does not collied with app-editors/pico and/or mail-client/pine
mail-client/alpine:passfile - Adds support for caching passwords into a file between sessions
mail-client/alpine:smime - Enable support for S/MIME
mail-client/alpine:topal - Enable support for net-mail/topal
mail-client/balsa:crypt - Adds support for GnuPG encryption
mail-client/balsa:gtkspell - Use gtkspell for dictionary support
mail-client/balsa:rubrica - Adds support for app-office/rubrica addressbook
mail-client/claws-mail:archive - Enable archiving plugin
mail-client/claws-mail:bogofilter - Build mail-filter/bogofilter plugin
mail-client/claws-mail:dillo - Enables support for inline HTTP email viewing with a plugin (which depends on the www-client/dillo browser)
mail-client/claws-mail:gdata - Enable plugin for access to Google data providers
mail-client/claws-mail:gtk3 - Build support for GTK+3
mail-client/claws-mail:libcanberra - Enable sound notification in connection with USE=notification
mail-client/claws-mail:libindicate - Enable notification through DBUS in connection with USE=notification
mail-client/claws-mail:libnotify - Enable notification on the desktop in connection with USE=notification
mail-client/claws-mail:notification - Notification for new mail in different way, see also USE flags libcanberra, libindicate and libnotify
mail-client/claws-mail:pgp - Enable PGP support
mail-client/claws-mail:smime - Build plugin for S/MIME support
mail-client/claws-mail:spam-report - Enable plugin for spam reporting to various services
mail-client/claws-mail:spamassassin - Build mail-filter/spamassassin plugin
mail-client/claws-mail:valgrind - Add support for memory debugging using valgrind
mail-client/evolution:bogofilter - Build mail-filter/bogofilter plugin
mail-client/evolution:clutter - Build with clutter support for animation effects
mail-client/evolution:crypt - Enable GPG encryption support using app-crypt/gnupg and app-crypt/pinentry
mail-client/evolution:gnome-online-accounts - Enable using net-libs/gnome-online-accounts for authorization
mail-client/evolution:highlight - Enable text highlighting plugin
mail-client/evolution:ldap - Enable support for fetching contacts from an LDAP or Active Directory server using net-nds/openldap
mail-client/evolution:map - Enable support for displaying contacts on a map inside evolution using media-libs/libchamplain
mail-client/evolution:networkmanager - Allows Evolution to automagically toggle online/offline mode by talking to net-misc/networkmanager and getting the current network state
mail-client/evolution:spamassassin - Build mail-filter/spamassassin plugin
mail-client/evolution:weather - Enable optional weather calendar support
mail-client/mail-notification:gmail - Enable Gmail mailbox checking
mail-client/mail-notification:mh - Enable MH mailbox checking
mail-client/mail-notification:pop - Enable support for pop
mail-client/mail-notification:sylpheed - Enable support for MH mailboxes used by mail-client/sylpheed
mail-client/mutt:gpg - Enable support for app-crypt/gpgme
mail-client/mutt:pop - Enable support for pop
mail-client/mutt:sidebar - Use the vanilla tree + sidebar patch
mail-client/mutt:smime - Enable support for smime
mail-client/mutt:smtp - Enable support for smtp
mail-client/mutt:tokyocabinet - Enable tokyocabinet database backend for header caching
mail-client/nail:kerberos - If network is enabled, this adds support for GSSAPI login on IMAP through virtual/kerberos.
mail-client/nail:net - Enable support for network protocols (POP, IMAP and SMTP). If you only need to send mail with the local Transport Agent, disabling this will get you support for only /usr/sbin/sendmail call.
mail-client/nail:ssl - If network is enabled, this adds support for S/MIME and SSL/TLS-powered protocols through dev-libs/openssl.
mail-client/novell-groupwise-client:novell-jre - Use the Java Runtime Environment provided by Novell
mail-client/squirrelmail:filter - Enable mail-filter/amavisd-new filtering
mail-client/sylpheed:oniguruma - Use dev-libs/oniguruma for regular expression
mail-client/thunderbird:bindist - Disable official Firefox branding (icons, name) which are not binary-redistributable according to upstream.
mail-client/thunderbird:crypt - Enable encryption support with enigmail
mail-client/thunderbird:custom-optimization - Enable user CFLAGS
mail-client/thunderbird:gconf - Enable gnome2 gconf support
mail-client/thunderbird:ipc - Use inter-process communication between tabs and plugins. Allows for greater stability in case of plugin crashes
mail-client/thunderbird:lightning - Enable calendar support
mail-client/thunderbird:minimal - Remove the software development kit and headers
mail-client/thunderbird:mozdom - Enable Mozilla's DOM inspector
mail-client/thunderbird:system-cairo - Use the system-wide x11-libs/cairo Use system cairo instead of bundled.
mail-client/thunderbird:system-icu - Use the system-wide dev-libs/icu Use system icu instead of bundled.
mail-client/thunderbird:system-jpeg - Use the system-wide media-libs/libjpeg-turbo Use system jpeg instead of bundled.
mail-client/thunderbird:system-sqlite - Use the system-wide dev-db/sqlite installation with secure-delete enabled
mail-client/thunderbird-bin:crashreporter - Enable crash reporter for bugs
mail-filter/MailScanner:exim - Set mail-mta to used MTA
mail-filter/MailScanner:postfix - Set mail-mta/postfix to used MTA
mail-filter/MailScanner:spamassassin - Enable usage of mail-filter/spamassassin for spam protection
mail-filter/amavisd-new:courier - Add courier support
mail-filter/amavisd-new:dkim - Add DomainKeys Identified Mail support
mail-filter/amavisd-new:qmail - Add qmail support
mail-filter/amavisd-new:razor - Add support for mail-filter/razor
mail-filter/amavisd-new:spamassassin - Add support for mail-filter/spamassassin
mail-filter/amavisd-new:zmq - Add support for zeromq sockets
mail-filter/ask:procmail - Adds support for mail-filter/procmail
mail-filter/assp:spf - Adds support for Sender Policy Framework
mail-filter/assp:srs - Adds support for Sender Rewriting Scheme
mail-filter/bogofilter:tokyocabinet - Enable Tokyo Cabinet database support
mail-filter/clamassassin:clamd - Use the app-antivirus/clamav daemon for virus checking
mail-filter/clamassassin:subject-rewrite - Adds support for subject rewriting
mail-filter/dcc:rrdtool - Enable net-analyzer/rrdtool interface scripts
mail-filter/dspam:daemon - Enable support for DSPAM to run in --daemon mode
mail-filter/dspam:debug - Enable debugging support (don't enable this unless something needs testing!)
mail-filter/dspam:domain-scale - Build for domain scale setups - puts data to $HOME/data/
mail-filter/dspam:hash - Enable support for the file-orientated hash driver
mail-filter/dspam:large-scale - Build for large scale setups - puts data to $HOME/data/u/s/user
mail-filter/dspam:small-scale - Build for small scale setups - puts data to $HOME/data/user
mail-filter/dspam:user-homedirs - Build with user homedir support
mail-filter/dspam:virtual-users - Build with virtual-users support
mail-filter/libmilter:poll - Use poll instead of select
mail-filter/maildrop:authlib - Add courier-authlib support
mail-filter/maildrop:tools - Install maildirmake and deliverquota tools
mail-filter/maildrop:trashquota - Count deleted messages as part of the maildir quota
mail-filter/mimedefang:poll - Use poll instead of select
mail-filter/opendkim:ldap - Enable openldap as a dataset facilitator or keys, determining domains to sign for, and any other dataset that opendkim supports.
mail-filter/opendkim:lua - Enables control over signature verification, filtering and policy to be controlled by user defined lua scripts.
mail-filter/opendkim:memcached - Add support for using dev-libs/libmemcached
mail-filter/opendkim:opendbx - Use opendbx backend to facilitate dataset driven OpenDKIM configuration options like stats, bodylengthdb, etc. against a wide variety of database types
mail-filter/opendkim:poll - Use poll() instead of select() for the provided asynchronous resolver library.
mail-filter/opendkim:sasl - Used to authenticate to a LDAP server in various ways if required.
mail-filter/opendkim:unbound - Use the unbound dnssec library to perform DKIM DNS queries.
mail-filter/postgrey:targrey - Enables the targrey patch
mail-filter/qmail-scanner:spamassassin - Build faster mail-filter/spamassassin checks into qmail-scanner
mail-filter/spamassassin:qmail - Build qmail functionality and docs
mail-filter/spamassassin-fuzzyocr:amavis - Enable support for mail-filter/amavisd-new
mail-filter/spamassassin-fuzzyocr:gocr - Enable support for the gocr OCR engine
mail-filter/spamassassin-fuzzyocr:logrotate - Install support files for app-admin/logrotate
mail-filter/spamassassin-fuzzyocr:ocrad - Enable support for the ocrad OCR engine
mail-filter/spamassassin-fuzzyocr:tesseract - Enable support for the tesseract OCR engine
mail-filter/spamdyke:tls - Enables TLS protocol for spamdyke
mail-filter/zdkimfilter:debug - Log process and signal information. Also leave the child process running for gdb examination.
mail-filter/zdkimfilter:mysql - MySQL client based statistics based storage.
mail-filter/zdkimfilter:opendbx - An alternate statistics based storage engine.
mail-mta/courier:fax - Enables fax support in the courier mail server
mail-mta/courier:norewrite - Prevents courier mail server from mangling virtual user addresses when sending
mail-mta/courier:web - Enable the web interface
mail-mta/courier:webmail - Enable the webmail interface
mail-mta/exim:dcc - Adds support for Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse (DCC)
mail-mta/exim:dkim - Adds support for DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)
mail-mta/exim:dlfunc - Install local_scan.h header to compile separate dlfunc libraries
mail-mta/exim:dmarc - Adds support for DMARC
mail-mta/exim:dnsdb - Adds support for a DNS search for a record whose domain name is the supplied query
mail-mta/exim:dovecot-sasl - Adds support for Dovecot's authentication
mail-mta/exim:dsn - Adds support for Delivery Status Notifications (DSN)
mail-mta/exim:exiscan-acl - Patch providing support for content scanning
mail-mta/exim:lmtp - Adds support for lmtp
mail-mta/exim:mbx - Adds support for UW's mbx format
mail-mta/exim:pkcs11 - Require pkcs11 support in net-libs/gnutls with USE=gnutls
mail-mta/exim:spf - Adds support for Sender Policy Framework
mail-mta/exim:srs - Adds support for Sender Rewriting Scheme
mail-mta/msmtp:mta - Enable this to install as system-wide MTA
mail-mta/netqmail:authcram - Enable AUTHCRAM support
mail-mta/netqmail:gencertdaily - Generate SSL certificates daily instead of hourly
mail-mta/netqmail:highvolume - Prepare netqmail for high volume servers
mail-mta/netqmail:noauthcram - If you do NOT want AUTHCRAM to be available
mail-mta/opensmtpd:mta - Enable this to install as system-wide MTA
mail-mta/postfix:dovecot-sasl - Enable net-mail/dovecot protocol version 1 (server only) SASL implementation
mail-mta/postfix:ldap-bind - Adds support for binding to LDAP backend using dev-libs/cyrus-sasl
mail-mta/postfix:memcached - Adds support for using net-misc/memcached for lookup tables
mail-mta/postfix:vda - Adds support for virtual delivery agent quota enforcing
mail-mta/qmail-ldap:cluster - Enable this if you want to have cluster support in qmail-ldap
mail-mta/qmail-ldap:gencertdaily - Generate SSL certificates daily instead of hourly
mail-mta/qmail-ldap:highvolume - Prepare qmail for high volume servers
mail-mta/qmail-ldap:rfc2307 - Add support for RFC2307 compliant uid/gid attributes
mail-mta/qmail-ldap:rfc822 - Add support for RFC822 compliant mail attributes
mail-mta/qpsmtpd:postfix - create user with permissions for proper postfix interaction
mail-mta/ssmtp:mta - Install symlinks for sendmail-compatible MTA.
media-fonts/culmus:ancient - Install ancient semitic scripts
media-fonts/culmus:fancy - Install fancy fonts
media-fonts/culmus:fontforge - Use media-gfx/fontforge to build fonts from source
media-fonts/culmus:taamey - Install taamey fonts
media-fonts/culmus-ancient:fontforge - Use media-gfx/fontforge to build fonts from source
media-fonts/dejavu:fontforge - Use media-gfx/fontforge to build fonts from source
media-fonts/intlfonts:bdf - Installs BDF fonts in addition to PCF
media-fonts/liberation-fonts:fontforge - Use media-gfx/fontforge to build fonts from source
media-fonts/montecarlo:bdf - Install BDF fonts in addition to PCF
media-fonts/mplus-outline-fonts:ipafont - Generates new fonts merged with media-fonts/ja-ipafonts
media-fonts/sil-charis:compact - Use more compactly spaced font
media-fonts/sil-gentium:compact - Also install more compact version of the font.
media-fonts/terminus-font:a-like-o - Changes view of letter 'a' - a looks like o (see homepage)
media-fonts/terminus-font:center-tilde - Place the '~' character vertically centered on the line instead of to the top.
media-fonts/terminus-font:distinct-l - ll2 variant with more distinctive l (lowercase L)
media-fonts/terminus-font:pcf - Install Portable Compiled Font (PCF) (required for X11)
media-fonts/terminus-font:psf - Install PC Screen Font (PSF) with unicode data (for linux console)
media-fonts/terminus-font:quote - Changes view of quotes: symmetric ` and ' instead of asymmetric one (see homepage)
media-fonts/terminus-font:raw-font-data - Install RAW font data which should be compatible with most UNIX systems (you don't need this on linux)
media-fonts/terminus-font:ru-dv - Changes view of Russian letters 'de' and 've' (see homepage)
media-fonts/terminus-font:ru-g - Changes view of Russian letter 'ge' (see homepage)
media-fonts/terminus-font:ru-i - Changes view of Russian letter 'i' - not like Latin u, but like "mirrored" N (see homepage)
media-fonts/terminus-font:ru-k - Changes view of Russian letter 'k' (see homepage)
media-fonts/unifont:fontforge - Use media-gfx/fontforge to build fonts from source
media-gfx/album:plugins - Install optional plugins
media-gfx/album:themes - Install optional themes
media-gfx/assimp:boost - Build assimp with boost support
media-gfx/assimp:samples - Build viewer library
media-gfx/assimp:tools - Build assimp tool binary
media-gfx/asymptote:boehm-gc - Enables using the Boehm-Demers-Weiser conservative garbage collector
media-gfx/asymptote:offscreen - Enables off-screen rendering
media-gfx/asymptote:sigsegv - Enables using dev-libs/libsigsegv
media-gfx/blender:3dmouse - Adds support for space navigator devices through package dev-libs/libspnav.
media-gfx/blender:boost - Enable features depending on boost.
media-gfx/blender:bullet - Enable Bullet (Physics Engine).
media-gfx/blender:collada - Add support for Collada interchange format through media-libs/opencollada.
media-gfx/blender:colorio - Enable OpenColorIO color management.
media-gfx/blender:cycles - Build cycles renderer (requires media-libs/openimageio and dev-libs/boost).
media-gfx/blender:dds - Adds DDS textures support to Blender.
media-gfx/blender:doc - Build C and Python API documentation directly from the source code.
media-gfx/blender:elbeem - Adds surface fluid simulation to Blender using El'Beem library.
media-gfx/blender:game-engine - Adds Game Engine support to Blender.
media-gfx/blender:ndof - Enable NDOF input devices (SpaceNavigator and friends).
media-gfx/blender:player - Build the Blender Player. THis requires the Game engine.
media-gfx/blender:redcode - This flag add support for RED CODE camera digital format (5K HD images *.r3d) - EXPERIMENTAL.
media-gfx/blender:tweak-mode - This flag allows you to model without confirming each translation, in particular it lets you grab with left mouse button (LMB) and not having to confirm by another click. Blender 'Tweak Mode' is similar to the 'Tweak Mode' of the Wings modeller (media-gfx/wings).
media-gfx/brlcad:benchmarks - Run benchmarks during test phase (need test option enabled)
media-gfx/comix:rar - Pulls app-arch/unrar for rar file support
media-gfx/darktable:colord - Support color management using x11-misc/colord
media-gfx/darktable:facebook - Add support for uploading photos to facebook
media-gfx/darktable:flickr - Add support for uploading photos to flickr
media-gfx/darktable:geo - Enable geotagging support
media-gfx/darktable:graphicsmagick - Use media-gfx/graphicsmagick for image importing
media-gfx/darktable:opencl - Enable opencl support
media-gfx/darktable:pax_kernel - Triggers paxmarking of main darktable binary
media-gfx/darktable:rawspeed - Enable the rawspeed backend
media-gfx/darktable:slideshow - Build the opengl slideshow viewer
media-gfx/darktable:squish - Enable thumbnail compression via libsquish
media-gfx/darktable:web-services - Add support for uploading photos to facebook and picasa
media-gfx/digikam:addressbook - Add support for kdepim
media-gfx/digikam:linguas_ha - Hausa translation
media-gfx/digikam:linguas_mi - Maori translation
media-gfx/digikam:linguas_ven - Venda translation
media-gfx/digikam:themedesigner - Build the digikam theme designer
media-gfx/digikam:thumbnails - Enable thumbnails database support
media-gfx/digikam:video - Pull in mplayerthumbs to enable video thumbnails
media-gfx/enblend:gpu - GPU support for Enblend
media-gfx/enblend:image-cache - allow for processing of large images
media-gfx/eog-plugins:flickr - Enable uploading to Flickr
media-gfx/eog-plugins:map - Enable world map display using media-libs/libchamplain
media-gfx/eog-plugins:picasa - Enable uploading to Google's Picasa Web Albums
media-gfx/exact-image:swig - Adds Swig support dev-lang/swig
media-gfx/exiv2:contrib - Build additional contrib components
media-gfx/f-spot:flickr - Enable building of the Flickr exported.
media-gfx/fim:dia - Enable DIA file support via app-office/dia
media-gfx/fim:graphicsmagick - Enable GraphicsMagick library support
media-gfx/fim:imagemagick - Use convert from media-gfx/imagemagick as fallback file opener
media-gfx/fim:xfig - Enable FIG file support via media-gfx/xfig
media-gfx/fontforge:cjk - Controls whether fontforge understands the gb12345 encoding and installs cidmap package to edit CID-keyed fonts
media-gfx/fontforge:pango - Enable pango font rendering
media-gfx/fontforge:pasteafter - Controls whether fontforge has a paste after command (Useful for making words?). This is kind of fun, but it isn't useful for normal fonts.
media-gfx/fontforge:tilepath - Controls whether fontforge has a tile path command (a variant of expand stroke) This is useful for very decorative fonts, most people won't want it.
media-gfx/fontforge:truetype-debugger - Enable truetype debugger in fontforge
media-gfx/fontforge:type3 - Build in support for type3/svg fonts containing multilayered drawing with strokes, fills, images, etc. Type3 fonts are only supported by postscript printers (not by most windowing displays). They are capable of more exotic images than normal fonts but require much more effort to support.
media-gfx/fotowall:webcam - Enable webcam support
media-gfx/freewrl:glew - Enable glew extensions
media-gfx/freewrl:java - Build and install java EAI/SAI support library
media-gfx/freewrl:libeai - Build EAI C library
media-gfx/freewrl:osc - Allows for OSC-based control and communication between multiple freewrl instances
media-gfx/gimp:smp - Enable support for multiprocessors
media-gfx/gmic:graphicsmagick - Enable support for many common image file formats using the GraphicsMagick++ library
media-gfx/gmic:opencv - Enable support for webcams using the OpenCV library
media-gfx/graphicsmagick:fpx - Enable FlashPix support with media-libs/libfpx
media-gfx/graphicsmagick:modules - Compile graphicsmagick with dynamically loadable modules
media-gfx/graphicsmagick:q16 - Set storage quantum size to 16 (~2*memory)
media-gfx/graphicsmagick:q32 - Set storage quantum size to 32 (~5*memory)
media-gfx/graphviz:X - Builds lefty front-end, builds plugin -Txlib, and enables support for x11 in various other modules (needs cairo)
media-gfx/graphviz:devil - Enables DevIL output plugin -Tdevil
media-gfx/graphviz:gdk-pixbuf - Enables gdk-pixbuf2 plugin
media-gfx/graphviz:gtk - Enables gtk+ output plugin -Tgtk (needs cairo)
media-gfx/graphviz:gts - Enables support for gts
media-gfx/graphviz:lasi - Enables PostScript output via media-libs/lasi, for plugin -Tlasi (needs cairo)
media-gfx/graphviz:qt4 - Builds gvedit front-end
media-gfx/gthumb:http - Enable webservice integration through net-libs/libsoup
media-gfx/gthumb:json - Compile code that uses the libjson-glib library
media-gfx/gthumb:libsecret - Enable libsecret support to store login credentials
media-gfx/gthumb:slideshow - Enable slideshow plugin
media-gfx/gthumb:webp - Enable support for webp image format
media-gfx/hugin:sift - automatically align images with media-gfx/autopano-sift or media-gfx/autopano-sift-C
media-gfx/imagemagick:autotrace - Use media-gfx/autotrace to convert bitmaps into vector graphics
media-gfx/imagemagick:corefonts - Use media-fonts/corefonts which is required by some commands
media-gfx/imagemagick:fpx - Enable media-libs/libfpx support
media-gfx/imagemagick:hdri - enable High Dynamic Range Images formats
media-gfx/imagemagick:lqr - Enable experimental liquid rescale support using media-libs/liblqr
media-gfx/imagemagick:opencl - Enable OpenCL support
media-gfx/imagemagick:pango - Enable Pango support using x11-libs/pango
media-gfx/imagemagick:q32 - Set quantum depth value to 32
media-gfx/imagemagick:q64 - Set quantum depth value to 64
media-gfx/imagemagick:q8 - Set quantum depth value to 8
media-gfx/imagemagick:webp - Enable webp image format support using media-libs/libwebp
media-gfx/imageworsener:webp - enable webp image format support
media-gfx/inkscape:dia - pull in app-office/dia for dia import extension
media-gfx/inkscape:inkjar - enables support for SVG jar files
media-gfx/iscan-plugin-gt-f500:minimal - Install the firmware only, and not the plugin.
media-gfx/jpeg2ps:metric - Default to A4 paper size
media-gfx/k3d:3ds - Enable support for 3D Studio models
media-gfx/k3d:cuda - Use nvidia cuda toolkit for speeding up computations
media-gfx/k3d:gts - Add Support for the GNU Triangulated Surface Library sci-libs/gts
media-gfx/kphotoalbum:geolocation - Add support for kde-base/marble
media-gfx/kphotoalbum:kipi - Support for the KDE Image Plugin Interface
media-gfx/nip2:goffice - use x11-libs/goffice to show plots
media-gfx/nvidia-texture-tools:cg - Enable NVIDIA C graphics compiler toolkit plug-in
media-gfx/nvidia-texture-tools:cuda - Enable NVIDIA CUDA toolkit support
media-gfx/nvidia-texture-tools:glew - Enable support for The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library (media-libs/glew)
media-gfx/openclipart:gzip - Compresses clip art using gzip
media-gfx/openexr_viewers:cg - Add support for nvidia's cg shaders
media-gfx/pngcrush:system-libs - Use libpng and libz provided by system
media-gfx/postr:gnome2 - Install plugin for =gnome-base/nautilus-2*. Warning: will make =nautilus-3* crash.
media-gfx/potrace:metric - default to a4 paper size and metric measurement
media-gfx/povray:mkl - Enable support for Intel Vector Math Library, part of sci-libs/mkl
media-gfx/pstoedit:emf - Enable media-libs/libemf support
media-gfx/pstoedit:flash - Enable media-libs/ming SWF support
media-gfx/pstoedit:pptx - Enable support for generating PowerPoint pptx files
media-gfx/qiviewer:webp - Build support for WEBP image format
media-gfx/splashutils:fbcondecor - Support for the fbcondecor kernel patch.
media-gfx/ufraw:contrast - enable contrast setting option
media-gfx/ufraw:fits - Enable support for the FITS image format through sci-libs/cfitsio
media-gfx/ufraw:timezone - enable DST correction for file timestamps
media-gfx/xpaint:pgf - Support for loading PGF images
media-gfx/xsane:ocr - Enable support for Optical Character Recognition reader
media-gfx/yafaray:blender - install media-gfx/blender scripts
media-libs/a52dec:djbfft - Prefer D.J. Bernstein's library for fourier transforms
media-libs/allegro:dumb - Enable media-libs/dumb module library support
media-libs/allegro:physfs - Enable physfs support
media-libs/allegro:vga - Enables the VGA graphics driver
media-libs/alsa-lib:alisp - Enable support for ALISP (ALSA LISP) interpreter for advanced features.
media-libs/alure:dumb - Enable media-libs/dumb module library support
media-libs/alure:fluidsynth - Enables Fluidsynth MIDI software synthesis
media-libs/avidemux-core:aften - Enable A/52 (AC-3) audio encoder support.
media-libs/avidemux-core:amr - Enable Adaptive Multi-Rate format support via media-libs/opencore-amr.
media-libs/avidemux-core:system-ffmpeg - Use the ffmpeg provided by the system.
media-libs/avidemux-core:vaapi - Enable VAAPI (Video Acceleration API) for hardware decoding.
media-libs/avidemux-plugins:aften - Enable A/52 (AC-3) audio encoder support.
media-libs/avidemux-plugins:amr - Enable Adaptive Multi-Rate format support via media-libs/opencore-amr.
media-libs/avidemux-plugins:faac - Enable free MPEG-4 audio codecs support via media-libs/faac.
media-libs/avidemux-plugins:faad - Enable AAC audio decoding library support via media-libs/faad2.
media-libs/avidemux-plugins:fribidi - Enable unicode bidirectional algorithm support via dev-libs/fribidi.
media-libs/avidemux-plugins:twolame - Enable TwoLAME support via media-sound/twolame, an optimised MPEG Audio Layer 2 (MP2) encoder.
media-libs/avidemux-plugins:vpx - Enable WebM VP8 Codec SDK support via media-libs/libvpx.
media-libs/babl:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
media-libs/babl:vala - Enable bindings for dev-lang/vala
media-libs/cal3d:16bit-indices - Enables use of 16bit indices
media-libs/chromaprint:tools - Build and install fpcalc and fpcollect tools
media-libs/clutter:gtk - Use gdk-pixbuf from x11-libs/gtk+ as image rendering backend
media-libs/cogl:gles2 - Enable OpenGL ES 2.0 support
media-libs/cogl:pango - Build cogl-pango library for x11-libs/pango integration
media-libs/coin:simage - Texture loading via media-libs/simage library
media-libs/devil:allegro - Add support for Allegro
media-libs/devil:nvtt - Add support for dev-util/nvidia-texture-tools
media-libs/edje:cache - Enable caching
media-libs/elementary:dbus - Enable integration with dev-libs/e_dbus.
media-libs/elementary:emotion - Add support for media-libs/emotion
media-libs/elementary:ethumb - Add support for media-libs/ethumb
media-libs/elementary:quicklaunch - Enable quick-launch support
media-libs/elementary:xdg - Enable integration with dev-libs/efreet for cross-desktop standards (
media-libs/emotion:vlc - Enable support for the media-video/vlc player backend
media-libs/esdl:image - Enable image support
media-libs/ethumb:emotion - Add support for media-libs/emotion
media-libs/evas:bmp - Support windows bitmap (bmp) image loader
media-libs/evas:eet - Support dev-libs/eet
media-libs/evas:gles - Enable gles flavor of gl instead of standard
media-libs/evas:ico - Support windows icon (ico) image loader
media-libs/evas:ppm - Support PPM image loader
media-libs/evas:psd - Support PSD image loader
media-libs/evas:tga - Support tga image loader
media-libs/evas:wayland - Add support for dev-libs/wayland
media-libs/faad2:digitalradio - Digital Radio Mondiale (warning: disables other decoders)
media-libs/flickcurl:raptor - Use media-libs/raptor for proper RDF serializing
media-libs/fontconfig-infinality:nyx - Additional style using croscorefonts
media-libs/freeglut:mpx - Enable support for multi-pointer-X. One pointer for each pointer device.
media-libs/freetype:adobe-cff - Use Adobe CFF as default font-renderer
media-libs/freetype:auto-hinter - Use the unpatented auto-hinter instead of the (recommended) TrueType bytecode interpreter
media-libs/freetype:bzip2 - Support bzip2 compressed PCF fonts.
media-libs/freetype:fontforge - Install internal headers required for TrueType debugger in media-gfx/fontforge (built with USE=truetype-debugger)
media-libs/freetype:infinality - Enable infinality options for improved LCD filtering
media-libs/freetype:utils - Install utilities and examples from ft2demos
media-libs/freeverb3:audacious - Build Audacious plugin
media-libs/freeverb3:avx - Adds support for Advanced Vector Extensions instructions
media-libs/freeverb3:forcefpu - Disable assembly code
media-libs/freeverb3:plugdouble - Build plugins in double precision mode (default is float)
media-libs/freeverb3:sse3 - Enable SSE3 support
media-libs/freeverb3:sse4 - Enable SSE4 support
media-libs/gegl:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection.
media-libs/gegl:lensfun - Enable support for media-libs/lensfun.
media-libs/gegl:umfpack - Enable sparse solving via sci-libs/umfpack.
media-libs/gegl:vala - Enable bindings for dev-lang/vala
media-libs/giflib:rle - Build converters for RLE format (utah raster toolkit)
media-libs/glfw:egl - Use EGL instead of GLX for GL context creation
media-libs/gmtk:dconf - Enable support for gnome-base/dconf
media-libs/grilo:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
media-libs/grilo:network - Enable network access for media discovery using net-libs/libsoup
media-libs/grilo:vala - Generate bindings for dev-lang/vala
media-libs/gst-plugins-bad:egl - Enable EGL support
media-libs/gst-plugins-base:ivorbis - Enable integer based vorbis decoder.
media-libs/gst-plugins-base:pango - Enable pango GStreamer plugin
media-libs/gst-rtsp-server:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
media-libs/gst-rtsp-server:vala - Add support for dev-lang/vala
media-libs/gstreamer:orc - Disable some PaX memory protections to allow plugins that use dev-lang/orc for runtime optimization to be used on hardened PaX systems
media-libs/gupnp-dlna:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
media-libs/harfbuzz:glib - Compile with GLib Unicode support
media-libs/harfbuzz:graphite - Use graphite to render complex non-Roman writing systems
media-libs/jbig2enc:webp - Add support for WEBP image format
media-libs/leptonica:utils - Install command-line utilities
media-libs/leptonica:webp - Adds support for the WebP image format
media-libs/libass:enca - Enables support for charset discovery and conversion.
media-libs/libass:harfbuzz - Enables OpenType shaping via media-libs/harfbuzz.
media-libs/libbluray:aacs - Add support for decryption of AACS
media-libs/libbluray:java - Add support for BD-J
media-libs/libbluray:utils - Install command-line utilities and examples
media-libs/libcanberra:alsa - Enables ALSA sound driver.
media-libs/libcanberra:gstreamer - Enables gstreamer sound driver. Not useful when alsa or pulseaudio is available.
media-libs/libcanberra:gtk - Enables building of gtk+ helper library, gtk+ runtime sound effects and the canberra-gtk-play utility. To enable the gtk+ sound effects add canberra-gtk-module to the colon separated list of modules in the GTK_MODULES environment variable.
media-libs/libcanberra:gtk3 - Enables building of gtk+3 helper library, gtk+3 runtime sound effects and the canberra-gtk-play utility. To enable the gtk+3 sound effects add canberra-gtk-module to the colon separated list of modules in the GTK_MODULES environment variable.
media-libs/libcanberra:pulseaudio - Enables PulseAudio sound driver that should be able to support positional event sounds. This is the preferred choice for best sound events experience and picked by default if compiled in and possible to use at runtime.
media-libs/libcanberra:sound - Install x11-themes/sound-theme-freedesktop to get sounds on Gnome and Xfce.
media-libs/libcanberra:tdb - Enables Trivial Database support for caching purposes.
media-libs/libchamplain:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
media-libs/libchamplain:vala - Generate bindings for dev-lang/vala
media-libs/libextractor:archive - Enable archive support using app-arch/libarchive
media-libs/libextractor:gsf - Enable OLE2 (MS Office) plug-in support using gnome-base/libgsf
media-libs/libextractor:magic - Enable magic support using sys-apps/file
media-libs/libextractor:midi - Enable MIDI support through media-libs/libsmf
media-libs/libggi:vis - Enables sparc vis support for libggi
media-libs/libgnome-media-profiles:twolame - Allow encoding MPEG Audio Layer 2 (MP2) files using twolame
media-libs/libgpod:gtk - Enable ArtworkDB support
media-libs/liblastfm:fingerprint - Build the lastfm-fingerprint library
media-libs/libmp4v2:utils - Install command-line utilities
media-libs/libpng:apng - support unofficial APNG (Animated PNG) spec
media-libs/libpostproc:mmxext - Enable mmx2 support.
media-libs/libpostproc:pic - Force shared libraries to be built as PIC (this is slower).
media-libs/libquicktime:schroedinger - Enable Dirac video support (an advanced royalty-free video compression format) via libschroedinger (high-speed implementation in C of the Dirac codec)
media-libs/libraw:demosaic - Enable support for external interpolation algorithms
media-libs/libsdl:audio - Control audio support (disable at your own risk)
media-libs/libsdl:joystick - Control joystick support (disable at your own risk)
media-libs/libsdl:ps3 - Build the PS3 video driver
media-libs/libsdl:tslib - Build with tslib support for touchscreen devices
media-libs/libsdl:video - Control video support (disable at your own risk)
media-libs/libsdl2:audio - Control audio support (disable at your own risk)
media-libs/libsdl2:fusionsound - use FusionSound audio driver
media-libs/libsdl2:gles - include OpenGL ES support
media-libs/libsdl2:haptic - Enable the haptic (force feedback) subsystem
media-libs/libsdl2:joystick - Control joystick support (disable at your own risk)
media-libs/libsdl2:tslib - Build with tslib support for touchscreen devices
media-libs/libsdl2:video - Control video support (disable at your own risk)
media-libs/libvpx:postproc - Enable additional post processing filters
media-libs/libvpx:sse3 - Enable optimization for SSE3 capable chips
media-libs/libvpx:sse4_1 - Enable optimization for SSE4_1 capable processors (Intel Core 2 Penryn and later chips)
media-libs/libvpx:ssse3 - faster floating point optimization for SSSE3 capable chips (Intel Core 2 and later chips)
media-libs/libwebp:experimental - Build with -DWEBP_EXPERIMENTAL_FEATURES
media-libs/libwebp:swap-16bit-csp - Enable byte swapping for 16 bit colorspace
media-libs/lilv:dyn-manifest - Add LV2 Dynamic Manifest support. See
media-libs/lv2:plugins - Enables examples plugins.
media-libs/mash:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
media-libs/mediastreamer:amr - Use of AMR Narrow Band codec plugin
media-libs/mediastreamer:filters - Enable compilation of filters
media-libs/mediastreamer:g726 - Support g726 codec
media-libs/mediastreamer:g729 - Use g726 codec plugin
media-libs/mediastreamer:ilbc - Use of iLBC (RFC3951) codec plugin
media-libs/mediastreamer:ntp-timestamp - Turn on NTP timestamping on received packet
media-libs/mediastreamer:opus - Enable opus codec support
media-libs/mediastreamer:ortp - Enable usage of net-libs/ortp
media-libs/mediastreamer:pcap - Enable usage of net-libs/libpcap
media-libs/mediastreamer:silk - Use silk (skype protocol) codec plugin
media-libs/mediastreamer:video - Enable video support
media-libs/memphis:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
media-libs/memphis:vala - Add support for Vala
media-libs/mesa:bindist - Disable patent-encumbered ARB_texture_float, EXT_texture_shared_exponent, and EXT_packed_float extensions.
media-libs/mesa:classic - Build drivers based on the classic architecture.
media-libs/mesa:egl - Enable EGL support.
media-libs/mesa:g3dvl - Enable video decode acceleration support for Gallium3D.
media-libs/mesa:gallium - Build drivers based on Gallium3D, the new architecture for 3D graphics drivers.
media-libs/mesa:gbm - Enable the Graphics Buffer Manager for EGL on KMS.
media-libs/mesa:gles - Enable GLES (both v1 and v2) support.
media-libs/mesa:gles1 - Enable GLESv1 support.
media-libs/mesa:gles2 - Enable GLESv2 support.
media-libs/mesa:llvm - Enable LLVM backend for Gallium3D.
media-libs/mesa:opencl - Enable the Clover Gallium OpenCL state tracker.
media-libs/mesa:openvg - Enable the OpenVG 2D acceleration API for Gallium3D.
media-libs/mesa:osmesa - Build the Mesa library for off-screen rendering.
media-libs/mesa:pax_kernel - Enable if the user plans to run the package under a pax enabled hardened kernel
media-libs/mesa:pic - disable optimized assembly code that is not PIC friendly
media-libs/mesa:r600-llvm-compiler - Build the LLVM based r600 shader compiler.
media-libs/mesa:shared-dricore - Enable sharing of common code for classic DRI drivers.
media-libs/mesa:shared-glapi - Enable sharing of common code for the OpenGL API.
media-libs/mesa:vdpau - Enable the VDPAU acceleration interface for the Gallium3D Video Layer.
media-libs/mesa:wayland - Enable support for dev-libs/wayland
media-libs/mesa:xa - Enable the XA (X Acceleration) API for Gallium3D.
media-libs/mesa:xorg - Enable the Xorg state tracker for Gallium3D. This is not required for OpenGL acceleration in X.
media-libs/mesa:xvmc - Enable the XvMC acceleration interface for the Gallium3D Video Layer.
media-libs/mlt:compressed-lumas - Compress the luma files in png.
media-libs/mlt:frei0r - Build the module for media-plugins/frei0r-plugins
media-libs/mlt:kdenlive - Build support for media-video/kdenlive
media-libs/mlt:lua - Build SWIG bindings for Lua
media-libs/mlt:melt - Build the melt commandline tool
media-libs/mlt:python - Build SWIG bindings for Python
media-libs/mlt:rtaudio - Builds rtaudio consumer for native audio support on multiple platforms.
media-libs/mlt:ruby - Build SWIG bindings for Ruby
media-libs/mlt:swfdec - Use media-libs/swfdec for reading .swf files (Macromedia Flash) instead of libavformat.
media-libs/netpbm:rle - Build converters for the RLE format (utah raster toolkit)
media-libs/openal:alstream - Build and install the FFmpeg based alstream example utility
media-libs/opencolorio:pdf - Install extra documentation in PDF format
media-libs/opencv:cuda - Enable NVIDIA Cuda computations support
media-libs/opencv:eigen - Enable usage of dev-cpp/eigen for computations
media-libs/opencv:ipp - Enable Intel Integrated Primitive support
media-libs/opencv:opencl - Add support for OpenCL
media-libs/opencv:testprograms - Build and install programs for testing OpenCV (performance)
media-libs/openimageio:colorio - Use media-gfx/opencolorio
media-libs/openimageio:opencv - Use media-libs/opencv
media-libs/openimageio:tbb - Use dev-cpp/tbb
media-libs/opus:custom-modes - Build with custom-modes.
media-libs/opusfile:fixed-point - Enable fixed-point arithmetic operations
media-libs/opusfile:float - Enable floating point arithmetic operations
media-libs/opusfile:http - Enable http connections
media-libs/phonon:vlc - Install VLC Phonon backend
media-libs/phonon:zeitgeist - Add support for Zeitgeist event tracking system
media-libs/phonon-gstreamer:network - Enable network streaming support via libsoup
media-libs/portmidi:test-programs - Install various example programs
media-libs/quvi:json - Enable support for JSON output
media-libs/raptor:json - Enable support for JSON parsing
media-libs/sdif:ftruncate - Enables usage of ftruncate v. truncate
media-libs/sdl-image:webp - support loading WEBP images
media-libs/sdl-mixer:fluidsynth - Use media-sound/fluidsynth for MIDI support
media-libs/sdl-mixer:midi - basic support for MIDI files
media-libs/sdl-mixer:mod - basic support for MOD files
media-libs/sdl-mixer:playtools - Install playwave and playmus tools (useful for testing)
media-libs/sdl-mixer:smpeg - Use media-libs/smpeg for MP3 support
media-libs/sdl-mixer:wav - support WAVE files
media-libs/sdl-sound:physfs - Enable physfs support
media-libs/sdl2-image:webp - support loading WEBP images
media-libs/sdl2-mixer:fluidsynth - Use media-sound/fluidsynth for MIDI support
media-libs/sdl2-mixer:midi - basic support for MIDI files
media-libs/sdl2-mixer:mod - basic support for MOD files
media-libs/sdl2-mixer:playtools - Install playwave and playmus tools (useful for testing)
media-libs/sdl2-mixer:smpeg - Use media-libs/smpeg for MP3 support
media-libs/sdl2-mixer:tremor - enable OGG Vorbis music via libtremor
media-libs/sdl2-mixer:wav - support WAVE files
media-libs/sge:image - enable sdl-image support
media-libs/silgraphite:pango - Enables the pango-graphite pango module.
media-libs/spandsp:fixed-point - Enable fixed point support
media-libs/svgalib:kernel-helper - Build the helper kernel module
media-libs/swfdec:alsa - Use ALSA for audio output
media-libs/swfdec:doc - Build documentation
media-libs/swfdec:ffmpeg - Use media-plugins/gst-plugins-ffmpeg to enable Flash video support. Necessary if you want to use sites like youtube
media-libs/swfdec:gstreamer - Enable media-libs/gstreamer to support various media input formats. i.e. audio (mp3) and video (flv)
media-libs/swfdec:gtk - Enable GTK+ convenience library while is necessary for all GTK+ apps using swfdec (gnome-extra/swfdec-gnome and www-plugins/swfdec-mozilla)
media-libs/swfdec:pulseaudio - Use media-sound/pulseaudio for audio output
media-libs/taglib:asf - Provide support for Microsoft's 'advanced systems format' media container.
media-libs/tremor:low-accuracy - enable 32bit only multiply operations
media-libs/vips:fits - Enable support for the FITS image format through sci-libs/cfitsio
media-libs/waffle:egl - Enable EGL support
media-libs/waffle:gbm - Enable support for the Generic Buffer Manager (gbm)
media-libs/waffle:wayland - Enable Wayland support
media-libs/x264:10bit - Set output bit depth to 10, this may not be compatible with all decoders
media-libs/x264:interlaced - enable interlaced encoding support, this can decrease encoding speed by up to 2%
media-libs/x264:opencl - Add support for OpenCL.
media-libs/x264:pic - disable optimized assembly code that is not PIC friendly
media-libs/xine-lib:bluray - Enable playback of Blu-ray filesystems using media-libs/libbluray
media-libs/xine-lib:dxr3 - Enable support for DXR3 mpeg acceleration cards.
media-libs/xine-lib:flac - Build the media-libs/flac based FLAC demuxer and decoder. This flag is not needed for playing FLAC content, neither standalone nor in Ogg container (OggFLAC), but might have better support for exotic features like 24-bit samples or 96kHz sample rates.
media-libs/xine-lib:fusion - Enable support for the Fusion audio sub system
media-libs/xine-lib:gtk - Build the gdkpixbuf-based image decoder plugin.
media-libs/xine-lib:imagemagick - Build the ImageMagick-based image decoder plugin.
media-libs/xine-lib:mad - Build the media-libs/libmad based mp3 decoder. This mp3 decoder has superior support compared to the one coming from FFmpeg that is used as a fallback. If you experience any bad behaviour with mp3 files (skipping, distorted sound) make sure you enabled this USE flag.
media-libs/xine-lib:mmap - Use mmap() function while reading file from local disks. Using mmap() will use more virtual memory space, but leaves to the Kernel the task of caching the file's data. mmap() access should be faster, but might misbehave if the device where the file resides in is removed during playback.
media-libs/xine-lib:truetype - Use media-libs/freetype for font rendering and media-libs/fontconfig for font discovery. Enabling this USE flag will allow OSD (such as subtitles) to use more advanced font and to more easily select which font to use. The support for TrueType fonts in xine-lib is still experimental, and might not be as good looking as the bitmap fonts used with this USE flag disabled.
media-libs/xine-lib:vaapi - Enables VAAPI (Video Acceleration API) for hardware decoding
media-libs/xine-lib:vdr - Build the VDR plugin
media-libs/xine-lib:vidix - Enable support for vidix video output.
media-libs/xine-lib:vis - Adds support for SIMD optimizations for UltraSPARC processors.
media-libs/xine-lib:xvmc - Enable support for XVideo Motion Compensation (accelerated mpeg playback).
media-libs/xvid:pic - disable optimized assembly code that is not PIC friendly
media-plugins/audacious-plugins:adplug - Build with AdPlug (Adlib sound card emulation) support
media-plugins/audacious-plugins:bs2b - Enable Bauer Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural headphone filter
media-plugins/audacious-plugins:cue - Support CUE sheets using the libcue library
media-plugins/audacious-plugins:fluidsynth - Support FluidSynth as MIDI synth backend
media-plugins/audacious-plugins:gtk3 - Link against version 3 of the GIMP Toolkit instead of version 2 (x11-libs/gtk+)
media-plugins/audacious-plugins:midi - Build with amidi-plug (MIDI synth) support
media-plugins/audacious-plugins:scrobbler - Build with scrobbler/LastFM submission support
media-plugins/audacious-plugins:sid - Build with SID (Commodore 64 Audio) support
media-plugins/banshee-community-extensions:lastfmfingerprint - Enable support to ientify your music automatically, using the online service.
media-plugins/banshee-community-extensions:lirc - Enable the remote control plugin (uses app-misc/lirc)
media-plugins/banshee-community-extensions:lyrics - Enable support for automatically fetching lyrics
media-plugins/banshee-community-extensions:mirage - Enable the Mirage plugin which automatically, and intelligently generates playlists for you
media-plugins/banshee-community-extensions:telepathy - Enables the Telepathy plugin which lets you to share and stream music with IM buddies
media-plugins/banshee-community-extensions:zeitgeist - Build the plugin to inject events to gnome-extra/zeitgeist
media-plugins/frei0r-plugins:facedetect - Enables building of facedetect plugin, which depends on media-libs/opencv
media-plugins/frei0r-plugins:scale0tilt - Enables building of scale0tilt and vectorscope plugins, which depend on media-libs/gavl
media-plugins/gkrellmpc:threads - Use separate thread to init connection (unsafe)
media-plugins/grilo-plugins:daap - Enable dmap support through net-libs/libdmapsharing
media-plugins/grilo-plugins:flickr - Enable Flickr support
media-plugins/grilo-plugins:gnome-online-accounts - Enable net-libs/gnome-online-accounts support
media-plugins/grilo-plugins:tracker - Build support for content discovery using the app-misc/tracker indexer
media-plugins/grilo-plugins:vimeo - Build support for Vimeo content discovery using net-libs/libsoup and dev-libs/libgcrypt
media-plugins/grilo-plugins:youtube - Build support for YouTube content discovery using dev-libs/libgdata
media-plugins/gst-plugins-a52dec:orc - Use dev-lang/orc for runtime detection of CPU MMX/MMXEXT/3dNow! capabilities to pass down to a52dec library.
media-plugins/gst-plugins-gl:libvisual - Enable visualization effects via media-libs/libvisual
media-plugins/gst-plugins-meta:http - Enable http streaming via net-libs/libsoup
media-plugins/gst-plugins-meta:libvisual - Enable visualization effects via media-libs/libvisual
media-plugins/gst-plugins-meta:opus - Enable Opus audio codec support
media-plugins/gst-plugins-meta:vpx - Enables vp8 codec support using libvpx, required to play some HTML5 videos
media-plugins/kipi-plugins:expoblending - Build the expoblending plugin, which requires media-gfx/hugin
media-plugins/kipi-plugins:gpssync - Build the gpssync plugin, which requires media-lib/libkgeomap and thereby marble
media-plugins/kipi-plugins:linguas_ha - Hausa translation
media-plugins/kipi-plugins:linguas_mi - Maori translation
media-plugins/kipi-plugins:linguas_tt - ?? translation
media-plugins/kipi-plugins:linguas_ven - Venda translation
media-plugins/kipi-plugins:mediawiki - Build the mediawiki export plugin
media-plugins/kipi-plugins:mjpeg - Add mjpeg suppport
media-plugins/kipi-plugins:panorama - Pull in dependencies needed by panorama plugin
media-plugins/kipi-plugins:redeyes - Add redeyes removal suppport
media-plugins/kipi-plugins:videoslideshow - Build videoslideshow plugin
media-plugins/kipi-plugins:vkontakte - Build plugin for
media-plugins/mediastreamer-ilbc:20ms-frames - enable 20ms frame size (default is 30ms). Some VOIP providers such as Gizmo5 (aka Sipphone) require the codec to be compiled with the 30ms setting.
media-plugins/mythplugins:cdr - Allows MythMusic to burn CD-Rs
media-plugins/mythplugins:exif - Allows MythGallery to read EXIF data from photos
media-plugins/mythplugins:fftw - Adds visual effects to MythMusic when playing back music
media-plugins/mythplugins:mytharchive - Allows you to archive recorded content to CD or DVD
media-plugins/mythplugins:mythbrowser - Adds a web browser within MythTV
media-plugins/mythplugins:mythgallery - Adds a picture viewing gallery within MythTV
media-plugins/mythplugins:mythgame - Adds a frontend to various ROM emulators within MythTV
media-plugins/mythplugins:mythmusic - Adds the ability for MythTV to act as a music player
media-plugins/mythplugins:mythnetvision - Adds the ability to view netvision devices within MythTV
media-plugins/mythplugins:mythnews - Adds a news viewer within MythTV
media-plugins/mythplugins:mythweather - Adds weather information within MythTV
media-plugins/mythplugins:mythzoneminder - Adds support for zoneminder (requires a server with the appropriate mythtv daemon somewhere on the network).
media-plugins/mythplugins:raw - Allows MythGallery to view photos saved in RAW format
media-plugins/vdr-burn:dvdarchive - DMH DVD - Archive
media-plugins/vdr-burn:projectx - Enables support for media-video/projectx
media-plugins/vdr-dvdconvert:projectx - Enable support for media-video/projectx
media-plugins/vdr-epgsearch:tre - Add support for unlimited fuzzy searching with help of dev-libs/tre library
media-plugins/vdr-graphtft:graphtft-fe - Install external x11 remote frontend
media-plugins/vdr-graphtft:theme_avp - graphTFT Alien vs. Predato theme
media-plugins/vdr-graphtft:theme_deepblue - graphTFT default theme
media-plugins/vdr-graphtft:theme_deeppurple - graphTFT Deep Purple theme
media-plugins/vdr-graphtft:theme_poetter - graphTFT Poetter theme
media-plugins/vdr-graphtft:touchscreen - Enable Touchscreen support
media-plugins/vdr-music:4mb-mod - Enables support for modded FF-Card to 4MB ram or softdecoder
media-plugins/vdr-music:ff-card - Enables scrollmode on FF-Card
media-plugins/vdr-music:graphtft - Enable support for media-plugins/vdr-graphtft
media-plugins/vdr-music:hd - Support for HighDefinition OSD on softdecoder( e.g xineliboutput, vdpau, ehd )
media-plugins/vdr-pvr350:yaepg - Enables full support for the output format of media-plugins/vdr-yaepg
media-plugins/vdr-softdevice:mmxext - enables MMXExt support
media-plugins/vdr-streamdev:client - Compile the VDR plugin vdr-streamdev-client that acts like a dvb-budget card
media-plugins/vdr-streamdev:server - Compile the VDR plugin vdr-streamdev-server that allows remote systems to access the DVB cards used for the local VDR
media-plugins/vdr-text2skin:contrib - Install user contributed scripts
media-plugins/vdr-vdrmanager:stream - Add support for streaming Video to Android client
media-plugins/vdr-weatherng:dxr3 - enables lower osd color depth for dxr3 cards
media-plugins/vdr-xine:yaepg - Enables support for the plugin vdr-yaepg (showing scaled video besides OSD)
media-plugins/vdr-xineliboutput:libextractor - Use media-libs/libextract to gather files' metadata in media-player
media-plugins/vdr-xineliboutput:vdr - Compile the vdr output plugin to use local or remote xine as output
media-plugins/vdr-xineliboutput:xine - Compile the xine input plugin for displaying vdr video and OSD
media-radio/ax25-tools:X - Enable some X based configuration tools.
media-radio/fldigi:hamlib - Enables support by the Hamlib amateur radio rig control library to get/set frequency and mode of the ham radio in use
media-radio/tucnak2:ftdi - Enable support for FTDI USB chips
media-radio/tucnak2:hamlib - Enables support by the Hamlib amateur radio rig control library to get/set frequency and mode of the ham radio
media-radio/unixcw:ncurses - Enables building the curses based morse code tutor program 'cwcp'.
media-radio/xastir:festival - Enable text to speech synthesizer
media-radio/xastir:gdal - Support for some further map formats
media-radio/xastir:geotiff - Install geotiff support. Allows using USGS DRG topo maps or other types of geotiff mapes/images
media-radio/xastir:graphicsmagick - Use graphicsmagick instead imagemagick for rendering
media-sound/abcde:id3tag - Support ID3, ID3v2 tagging of audio files
media-sound/abcde:normalize - Add support for normalizing audio file volume levels
media-sound/abcde:replaygain - Support for Replay Gain metadata, for relative volume adjustment
media-sound/abcm2ps:pango - Use the pango library to render fonts with non-latin characters
media-sound/alsa-utils:libsamplerate - install utils that use libsamplerate (e.g. alsaloop)
media-sound/alsa-utils:minimal - omit utils that rely on extra packages (e.g. alsaconf and alsa-info)
media-sound/alsa-utils:ncurses - install utils that use ncurses (e.g. alsamixer)
media-sound/alsaplayer:id3tag - Enables ID3 tagging with id3tag library
media-sound/amarok:daap - Enable the scripts for music sharing through DAAP. This flag adds dependencies on www-servers/mongrel to allow sharing of the Amarok music collection through DAAP protocol. Please note that turning this flag off has no effect on DAAP browsing.
media-sound/amarok:embedded - Use libmysqld, MySQL embedded server library. Try disabling this if you encounter -PIC related in amarok, it will make amarok rely only on standalone MySQL server.
media-sound/amarok:lastfm - Enable streaming services support through media-libs/liblastfm
media-sound/amarok:mp3tunes - Enable mp3tunes integration
media-sound/amarok:mtp - Enable support for libMTP (Plays4Sure) devices access through libmtp
media-sound/amarok:ofa - Use media-libs/libofa to compute MusicDNS acoustic fingerprints (used by MusicBrainz)
media-sound/amarok:utils - Build the utils - old media-sound/amarok-utils
media-sound/amsynth:dssi - Enable support for DSSI Soft Synth Interface
media-sound/aqualung:ifp - Enable support for iRiver iFP portable audio players
media-sound/aqualung:lua - Enable support for programmable title formatting with dev-lang/lua
media-sound/aqualung:mac - Enable support for decoding Monkey's Audio files
media-sound/aqualung:podcast - Enable podcast support
media-sound/aqualung:systray - Enable system tray support
media-sound/ardour:lv2 - Add support for Ladspa V2
media-sound/ario:audioscrobbler - Enable song tracking via
media-sound/ario:idle - Enable experimental support for MPD's idle command to reduce bandwidth and cpu usage, requires MPD 0.14
media-sound/asunder:mac - Support for creation of Monkey's Audio files (APE)
media-sound/asunder:opus - Support for creation of Opus files
media-sound/audacious:chardet - Try to handle non-UTF8 chinese/japanese/korean ID3 tags
media-sound/audacious:gtk3 - Link against version 3 of the GIMP Toolkit instead of version 2 (x11-libs/gtk+)
media-sound/audacity:id3tag - Enables ID3 tagging with id3tag library
media-sound/audacity:libsoxr - Uses media-libs/soxr as audio resampling library: Better quality than the included resampler and much faster than libsamplerate while keeping almost the same quality.
media-sound/audacity:midi - Enables MIDI support
media-sound/audacity:sbsms - Enables sbsms library support for pitch and tempo changing
media-sound/audacity:soundtouch - Enables soundtouch library support for pitch and tempo changing
media-sound/audacity:twolame - Enables twolame support (MPEG Audio Layer 2 encoder)
media-sound/audacity:vamp - Enables vamp plugins support (Audio analysing plugins)
media-sound/banshee:bpm - Build beats per minute detection extension
media-sound/banshee:cdda - Build with audio CD support
media-sound/banshee:daap - Build with Daap support
media-sound/banshee:karma - Build with karma support
media-sound/banshee:web - Enable support for plugins that access web-based services such as Amazon and wikipedia (requires net-libs/webkit-gtk)
media-sound/banshee:youtube - Enable the Youtube plugin
media-sound/beets:beatport - Enable support for API
media-sound/beets:bpd - Enable support for media-sound/mpd server emulation
media-sound/beets:chroma - Enable support for acoustic fingerprinting plugin using (media-libs/chromaprint)
media-sound/beets:convert - Enable support for the convert plugin which makes it possible to transcode files
media-sound/beets:discogs - Enable support for the discogs API plugin
media-sound/beets:echonest_tempo - Enable support for writing the BPM of a track into its metadata
media-sound/beets:lastgenre - Enable support for importing music genres from tags
media-sound/beets:replaygain - Enable support for Replay Gain metadata calculation during import
media-sound/beets:web - Enable embedded webserver support through dev-python/flask
media-sound/cantata:online-services - Enable support for online services (Jamendo and Magantune)
media-sound/cantata:phonon - Enable support for Phonon
media-sound/cantata:replaygain - Enable ReplayGain support, for relative volume adjustments.
media-sound/clementine:box - Enable Box support
media-sound/clementine:dropbox - Enable Dropbox support
media-sound/clementine:googledrive - Enable Google Drive support
media-sound/clementine:lastfm - Use liblastfm for fetching song info, scrobbling and radio streams
media-sound/clementine:moodbar - Enable moodbar support
media-sound/clementine:projectm - Build with ProjectM visualization
media-sound/clementine:skydrive - Enable Skydrive support
media-sound/clementine:system-sqlite - Use the system-wide dev-db/sqlite installation
media-sound/clementine:ubuntu-one - Enable Ubuntu One support
media-sound/clementine:wiimote - Enable support for Wii remote
media-sound/cmus:cdio - use libcdio for CD support
media-sound/cmus:cue - enable CUE sheet parsing
media-sound/cmus:discid - enable reading the ID of the inserted CD
media-sound/cmus:pidgin - install support script for net-im/pidgin
media-sound/cmus:wma - add support for Windows Media Audio
media-sound/csound:beats - Build the beats score frontend
media-sound/csound:chua - Build the chua opcodes
media-sound/csound:csoundac - Build the CsoundAC extension module
media-sound/csound:double-precision - Use double-precision floating point for audio samples
media-sound/csound:dssi - Build the DSSI opcodes
media-sound/csound:fluidsynth - Build the fluidsynth opcodes
media-sound/csound:image - Build the image opcodes
media-sound/csound:keyboard - Build Virtual MIDI keyboard
media-sound/csound:linear - Build the linear algebra Opcodes
media-sound/csound:luajit - Use the lua just-in-time compiler dev-lang/luajit instead of dev-lang/lua
media-sound/csound:portmidi - Build the PortMIDI I/O module
media-sound/csound:samples - Install the HRTF datafiles for use with hrtfmove, hrtfmove2, hrtfstat, hrtfearly, and hrtfreverb
media-sound/csound:stk - Build the stk opcodes
media-sound/csound:tcl - Build the tcl interface and clients
media-sound/csound:utils - Build stand-alone executables for utilities that can also be used via `csound -U`
media-sound/darkice:aacplus - AAC+ encoding via media-libs/libaacplus
media-sound/darkice:opus - Enable Opus audio codec support
media-sound/darkice:twolame - Build with twolame support
media-sound/decibel-audio-player:gnome - Adds Gnome media keys support, so you can control Decibel using hotkeys.
media-sound/decibel-audio-player:gnome-keyring - Adds support for storing your password using gnome-keyring.
media-sound/denemo:fluidsynth - Enable Fluidsynth MIDI software synthesis
media-sound/denemo:portmidi - Enable support for the portmidi backend
media-sound/dir2ogg:mac - Add support for decoding Monkey's Audio files
media-sound/dir2ogg:wma - Add support for wma files through mplayer
media-sound/ecasound:lv2 - Add support for Ladspa V2
media-sound/ecasound:oil - Use dev-libs/liboil for inner loop optimizations
media-sound/fapg:xspf - Enable support for saving XSPF playlists.
media-sound/flacon:mac - Add support for Monkey's Audio files
media-sound/flacon:replaygain - Support for Replay Gain metadata, for relative volume adjustment
media-sound/flacon:tta - Add support for True Audio encoding
media-sound/freewheeling:fluidsynth - compile with support for fluidsynth
media-sound/frescobaldi:portmidi - Enable media-libs/portmidi support
media-sound/gejengel:audioscrobbler - Enable track submission on
media-sound/gimmix:cover - Enable cover art fetching
media-sound/gimmix:lyrics - Enable lyric fetching
media-sound/gmpc:unique - Enable single instance support using dev-libs/libunique
media-sound/gmpc:xspf - Enable support for reading and saving XSPF playlists
media-sound/google-musicmanager:log - Enables advanced logging through dev-libs/log4cxx
media-sound/gpodder:webkit - Enable the webkit rendering engine for HTML episode shownotes
media-sound/herrie:http - Enable http streaming
media-sound/herrie:xspf - Enable support for reading and saving XSPF playlists
media-sound/hydrogen:archive - Use libarchive instead of libtar
media-sound/jack-audio-connection-kit:coreaudio - Build the CoreAudio driver on Mac OS X systems
media-sound/jack-audio-connection-kit:cpudetection - Enables runtime cpudetection
media-sound/jack-audio-connection-kit:pam - Add basic realime configuration via sys-auth/realtime-base
media-sound/jalv:gtk2 - Adds support for GTK+2 in addition to GTK+3 controlled by the gtk useflag.
media-sound/jalv:gtkmm - Adds support for dev-cpp/gtkmm: C++ interface for GTK+2
media-sound/kid3:acoustid - Enable support for acoustic fingerprinting plugin using (media-libs/chromaprint)
media-sound/kwave:opus - Enable Opus audio codec support
media-sound/kwave:phonon - Enable playback via Phonon
media-sound/lame:mp3rtp - Build the mp3-to-RTP streaming utility. **UNSUPPORTED**
media-sound/lmms:fluidsynth - Enables Fluidsynth MIDI software synthesis plugin.
media-sound/lmms:stk - Enables STK Mallet plugin.
media-sound/lmms:vst - Enables the VeSTige plugin to run VST plugins through Wine.
media-sound/mangler:espeak - Text to speech engine
media-sound/mangler:g15 - Logitech g15 lcd support
media-sound/mangler:opus - Codec specialized for speech ove