mtd-utils: upgraded package to upstream

Upgraded sys-fs/mtd-utils to version 2.1.3 on amd64, arm, x86

This is required because the old v1.5.2 had a plain
makefile build system which hardcoded variables like
the following leading to failures when blcoking GCC:

CC := $(CROSS)gcc
AR := $(CROSS)ar
RANLIB := $(CROSS)ranlib

The new version adds a proper configure script which
correctly detects the compiler and only uses Clang.

One minor divergence from Gentoo upstream: Because
CrOS does not yet support EAPI v8, I had to downgrade
the ebuild to EAPI v7 which just worked. Hopefully by
the next uprev CrOS will support EAPI v8.

TEST=Local builds on x64, arm; CQ.

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