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The MAMMOTH user automatically accepts the following terms when using the program:
(1) Report errors, bugs or modificarions in the program to main author, Angel R Ortiz, e-mail:
(2) Do not redistribute the program and/or its modifications. Interested users should contact directly to the author in order to obtain a copy of the program.
(3) This license is for scientific non-profit and non-commercial use only. Any other use of this software for other purposes, alone or integrated into other software, requires the prior consent of the author.
(4) The authors do not assume any responsibility for the licensed software and its use. The author will not assume any liability
for damages occurring through the use of the licensed software; does not guarantee the suitability of the licensed software for any application; and does not provide support.
(5) Acknowledge the use of the program in scientific publications:
Ortiz AR, Strauss CE, Olmea O.
MAMMOTH (Matching molecular models obtained from theory)
An automated method for model comparison.
Protein Sci. 2002 Nov;11(11):2606-21.