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(c) Copyright 1999 by Sir-tech Canada Ltd. All right reserved.
Jagged Alliance is a registered trademark of 1259191 Ontario Inc.
By accepting the terms of this agreement, you are granted the right by
Titan Computer, Limited to use one copy of the enclosed software program. You
may not rent or lease it, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer or modify
the software in any way.
The enclosed software program, libraries, graphics, and all written material
are the sole property of Sirtech Canada Limited and its suppliers, and are
protected under the copyright laws of the Canada and all International
This software product is sold AS IS, and Titan Computer, Sirtech,
Tribsoft Inc., its suppliers, dealers or distributors make no warranty with
respect to the performance, quality, merchantability or fitness for any purpose
of the software.
Any change, deviation or exemption from the conditions expressed in this
license agreement must be authorized in writing by Titan Computer or
Sirtech Canada, Limited.