vim, vim-core: upgraded packages to upstream

Upgraded app-editors/vim to version 8.2.3582 on amd64, arm64
Upgraded app-editors/vim-core to version 8.2.3582 on amd64, arm64

Used command:

cros_portage_upgrade --upgrade --unstable-ok --board=lakitu:lakitu-arm64 app-editors/vim app-editors/vim-core

The above command resulted in following errors:
 - It installs python-utils-r1 in portage-stable/eclass which differs from python-utils-r1 we currently use from eclass-overlay/eclass. Therefore, removed the eclass from portage-stable/eclass.
 - Updated the PYTHON_COMPAT in the ebuild file as it mentions 3.10 which is not supported by python-utils-r1
 - Removed crypt use_flag as we didn't enable this functionality in the past. it was resulting in error due to libsodium package which is not present in our repository.

TEST=emerge vim,vim-core, presubmit
RELEASE_NOTE=Update vim and vim-core to v8.2.3582. This resolves
CVE-2021-3928 and CVE-2021-3927.

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