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<!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "">
<maintainer type="project">
<name>Gentoo Base System</name>
<longdescription>Standard GNU file utilities (chmod, cp, dd, dir, ls, ...), text utilities (sort, tr, head, wc, ...), and shell utilities (whoami, who, ...)
<flag name="caps">Add Linux capabilities support in output of file utilities (ls, dir, ...) via <pkg>sys-libs/libcap</pkg></flag>
<flag name="hostname">Build the hostname program</flag>
<flag name="kill">Build the kill program</flag>
<flag name="multicall">Build all tools into a single `coreutils` program akin to busybox to save space</flag>
<flag name="split-usr">Enable this if /bin and /usr/bin are separate directories</flag>
<remote-id type="cpe">cpe:/a:gnu:coreutils</remote-id>