Fix multiple CVEs in glib and glib-utils.

Introduces patches:
1. Backport !3125
   “Various fixes to normal form handling in GVariant” to glib-2-74
To fix CVE-2023-29499, CVE-2023-32665, CVE-2023-32611.

The set of first patches introduces more vulnerabilities which are fixed in

2. Backport !3163
   “gvariant: Check offset table doesn’t fall outside variant bounds and speed
   up text parsing” to glib-2-74
To fix CVE-2023-32636, CVE-2023-32643

BUG=b/301208987, b/301383832, b/301208986, b/301219422, b/301219451, b/301394701, b/301219743, b/301394621, b/301208945, b/301382032, b/301219919, b/301394702, b/301214643, b/301151645, b/301152946, b/301318568, b/301152847, b/301321855, b/301220192, b/301397146, b/301220055, b/301393170, b/301217297, b/301206803, b/301203614, b/301379067, b/301207397, b/301383831, b/301216401, b/301394620, b/301152837, b/301320043, b/301152761, b/301172478, b/301172933, b/301347449, b/301171741, b/301349120, b/301152754, b/301322359, b/301150464, b/301319883, b/301151036, b/301152815, b/301320399, b/301244156, b/301427580, b/301244157, b/301245412, b/301427579
RELEASE_NOTE=Fix CVE-2023-32636, CVE-2023-29499, CVE-2023-32643, CVE-2023-32665,
CVE-2023-32611 in glib and glib-utils.

cos-patch: security-low
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